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Sweet Surrender


I walk to the bar, looking at my watch noticing I am a bit early, so I decide to have a drink while I wait. After getting the attention of the bartender, I get myself a cold draft and a margarita for her. Paying the man I turn and watch the door waiting for my princess to arrive cuz I have an eventful night planned for her and I.

Seeing the door open, I see my vision appear standing there like the goddess she is. She is looking around but doesn't see me at the bar but the look on her face shows me that she knows, feeling my presence. As she looks around for me, my eyes drift down her sexy body seeing the outfit I requested her to wear, a black mini-skirt with a loose sweater. She sees me and walks towards me eyes lowered, as she reaches me I hand her the margarita and nod. She drinks it down slowly. Still no words have passed between us.

I stand and without a word start walking towards the elevator she quickly moves to my side as we reach the elevator doors she pushes the up button. My hand slides down and slips under her mini and my rough hand gently glides along her silky soft bare ass (no panties as I requested). My hand moves back to my side; I look at her with a twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face. I see a small smile move across her face.

The door opens I walk in and she follows, I push the button and off we go. As the elevator moves up I reach into my pocket and grab the key to the room holding it out for her to take. She takes it and holds it tight. As the door opens we move out and down the hall walking toward the end of the hallway, she puts the key in the door unlocks it and opens it. She moves to the side and I pass by. As she enters I reach up and take her coat and bag and place them on the rack.

She stands there very still and quiet eyes lowered. I slowly walk around her eyeing her all over pointing to the floor she quickly drops down on her hands and knees. There still have been no words spoken between us). Standing in front of her I bend down placing my hand under her chin raising it so she can see me smiling softly. I say "close your eyes my pet". She does exactly as she is told I move my hand from her chin and move around behind her reaching down taking a hold of the bottom of her mini and flopping it up onto her backside revealing her very sexy ass to me.

I drop my pants and move behind her, taking my hands and softly rubbing her soft ass, then smacking it firmly hearing her let out a small moan. Reaching for my semi-hard cock I slowly run the head all over her ass then sharply smacking it again, again another moan a little louder this time. Taking a hold of her hips I begin to grind my cock against her pussy feeling her wetness becoming more and more apparent knowing she can feel my growing hardness.

Taking my hands and slowly running them up her sides up under her sweater softly rolling her nipples between my finger tips hearing the little noises escaping her lips I quickly pinching her nipples sharply hearing her squeal out in pain just as quickly I softly caress them again I hear a deep moan. Now sliding my hands to her shoulders grasping them firmly just as my hips thrust in hard allowing my hardness to penetrate her tightness driving it deep hearing her let out a loud deep moan.

Slowly rotating my hips letting my hardness circle around inside her, then getting into a slow rhythm of long deep thrusts pulling back on her shoulders as I drive in with my hips. Listening to her sounds I begin to pick up speed now thrusting harder and faster making sure that each thrust hits bottom, filling her completely. Now sliding one hand over and grabbing a hand full of hair snatching her head back as my thrusts get harder and faster her moans getting alot louder with my free hand I raise it and bring it down firmly on her ass (SMACK) hearing her cry out in pleasure/pain and begin to move like a wild animal. She yells out "may I cum PLEASE!!!"

I smack her ass firmly again as I say yes. Her body begins to shudder and shake as I feel her pussy pulsate hard and fast her screaming out "OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING!!!!" her body moving fast trying to push herself harder onto me, my cock pounding in and out fast and hard, the pleasure is overwhelming. My balls tighten and unload, shooting my cum deep into her hot pulsating pussy, milking my cock for all it is worth. I release her hair and glide my hands down her back softly caressing.

Sliding my cock out, I stand up walking around in front of her she quickly kneels back, gently takes my cock and slowly starts licking and sucking the head and shaft. One hand moves down to her cheek very softly caressing it then moving it to her chin lifting it so her eyes would meet mine." You have done well my pet you may go and clean yourself and relax by my side." She raises and softly says thank you master. I softly kiss her on the lips then she leaves only to return in a few minutes.

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