tagMind ControlSweet Talk Ch. 05

Sweet Talk Ch. 05


Chapter 5

Lily Anna groaned as she slowly became aware of the bedroom surrounding her. She desperately wanted to hold on to the feelings that had been flooding through her as she slept. She could not remember what she was dreaming, but was overwhelmed by the inescapable sense of loss at waking up. She was getting used to sleeping nude and finding her fingers buried in her hot soaking channel when she woke up. She felt denied and frustrated, all the more so as she realised that today she would be back at work. She wanted to stay home and finger herself, and she pouted. What a silly girl she was becoming, always needing to give attention to her pussy. She didn't feel very grown up this morning, she just wanted to play some more. How was she going to get through the day? Her fingers took out her frustration as they worked vigorously at her slit. She needed to cum before she got dressed and headed off to the office. She would be starved all day, so she needed release now. Her childish tantrum drove her to a quick orgasm and finally she could get herself up and into the shower.

As she walked back into the bedroom she continued to finger herself while deciding what she was to wear. Lily Anna was finding it harder to make decisions this way, but she realised now that she just had to accept the bimbo slut part of her, even if she was going to suppress her while she was at work and among friends. Instead of thinking about what she had to get done today, her mind was preoccupied with the thought of sitting at her desk and being unable to play with herself during the day. She thought perhaps if she wore a short skirt, then if her fingers needed to do a bit of walking then there would be nothing to get in the way. She donned some heels too. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought it did look a little girlish, not her usual professional suit, but still nothing wrong in a change at least for one day.

As Lily Anna walked out the front door her arousal collapsed. She felt relieved, "I am not such a ditz after all. I still have control," she thought as she skipped off to the garage.

At work Lily Anna found she could concentrate without difficulty, and got ever such a lot of work done. She thought back to the previous evening and how her hypnotist said he would help her to concentrate. How was she ever going to survive without hypnosis now? She was so happy with the way he looked after her, all her concerns of yesterday had evaporated. She worked steadily all morning. Jane Mortimer came by to see how she was progressing. This particular contract had to be out the door by the end of the day, and Jane was responsible for keeping the work to time. Truth is, she was more worried about her own ability to get the report done than Lily Anna's part, and that riled her. She wished that Lily was not quite so good at her job, then she would feel less threatened.

"Hmm. You seem to have made good progress. Keep up that good work, but don't forget we need this piece completed by four o'clock today."

"Thank you Ms Mortimer."

Jane Mortimer turned back towards Lily Anna, shocked both by what she had just said and her deferential tone. She was piqued by the thought she was being sarcastic.

"Ms Mortimer? Since when have you called me Ms Mortimer?"

Lily Anna looked puzzled a moment, as if she had been surprised by what she had just said too.

"I don't know. It just seemed the right thing to say."

This didn't seem like an adequate explanation to Lily Anna, but she couldn't think of anything else to say. Jane stood looking at her with a steady eye and then averted her gaze towards the ceiling as she contemplated what she had just heard.

"OK. From now on, Lil, you don't mind me calling you Lil do you, you call me Ms Mortimer. It shows suitable deference."

She turned and left the office without waiting for any answer. Lily Anna had not even had time to think about Ms Mortimer calling her Lil. She felt a bit humiliated by the way she had been dealt with. At the same time, she felt a tingle in her pussy, which reminded her how neglected it had been all morning. Well if Ms Mortimer was pleased and she herself felt excited by her deference, then there was nothing to worry about. It could only help her get on in the long term.

It was lunchtime and Lily Anna decided to go off and find some lunch. Having been reminded of her pussy, Lily Anna wanted to give it some attention. She hated not having the freedom to finger herself. She had had so many orgasms yesterday and now she was not allowed even one. It seemed unfair. She needed something to titillate her, just to get her through the day. She wasn't going to let it interfere with her work, but during her break there was no harm. She thought about what to do and suddenly found herself outside a seedy looking porn shop with racks of lurid magazines. Well she had never been in such a shop before, but this certainly was a place to get some titillation. She went in, on a whim, and was soon searching the bookshelves. It was as if she were looking for something specific, but she didn't know what. She went back and forth among the shelves until suddenly she stumbled on the very thing: "The Adventures of an Office Girl." It was perfect – packed with sexy stories set in an office like hers. She paid for it and left, her mind still a bit in a daze.

She sat in a café eating her lunch and reading one of the stories. It was great, all about little Katie who was only 5' 1" with a mass of auburn curls that bounced around her ears as she walked. Lily Anna read of her adventure when the guys in the office had glued a wooden phallus to her office chair when she was out. She came back to find this pole waiting for her and all the guys pretending to be working as they caught glimpses of her over their papers. She sensed their giggling as she shook her head. Boys will be boys! She tried to remove the pole, but it was stuck fast. Just then their boss entered the office. She swung round to notice him looking towards her and making his way across the office. She had to think fast, so she jammed herself in the seat behind the pole – there was not much room, but just enough. To hide the pole from view she had to drape her skirt over it. As she sat and pretended to be getting back into her work she could feel the stiff rod press against her clit. Ooh it made her feel all tingly. She liked the feel and almost unconsciously started to rock her hips slightly to feel the strength of the hard pole slide up and down over her incredibly sensitive button. Her boss leaned over her and started talking about things written on the paper he had placed on the desk in front of her. She had to lean forward to read what he was pointing at. All the time the hard wood inflamed her. She tried to concentrate, she really did, but soon her mind could only keep hold of the way this stick was making her feel. God she felt horny. She wanted to finger herself, but with her boss leaning over her like this she didn't dare. Eventually he left and little Katie, face flushed, leaped up and rushed to the loo. She had some urgent business of her own to attend to! Lily Anna was equally aroused imaging the guys in her office doing that to her. She could fantasise only too clearly what rubbing herself against that stiff pole that everyone knew was hidden under her skirt, would do to her. She was feeling really horny, but just like little Katie, she couldn't do anything about that in such a public place. Before she knew it, it was time to rush back to her desk. She buried the mag in her top drawer and was soon back working.

Upon arriving home, Lily Anna started to think about how sexy and horny she had felt all day. It seemed so unfair that she had to deny herself for so many hours. Thank goodness she had bought that mag, the stories, she realised, were silly but they reminded her that at the end of the day she would be allowed to play again. As these thoughts passed through her mind, Lily Anna was busily dropping her clothes. She wanted to relieve the pressure. She worked furiously at her clit, but her arousal wouldn't grow until she felt herself stupid and foolish struggling to make herself cum. Then suddenly a dam burst within her. All the pent up tension of the day flooded through her and onto the kitchen floor. Finally she felt the relief she needed. Lily Anna felt tearful at what she had become. Somehow her whole being was revolving around her need to feel pleasure. She was consumed by it, and the more she was consumed the worse she felt about herself.

Lily Anna picked herself off the floor and went to the computer. She found the author waiting for her and she wanted to escape these feelings of inadequacy that seemed to be growing within her. She wanted to escape, and she new this was the man who could help her escape.

[SlipsInsideHer]: Hi! You going to tell me about your day?

And she did. She told him about how hard she had worked, she thanked him for reinforcing that message. She would never have been able to achieve so much without his help.

[SlipsInsideHer]: I'm just glad you found my hypnosis helpful.

[LilyAnna]: Oh yes! It is amazing. I don't think I could get by without it now!

Lily Anna then described her interaction with Ms Mortimer – funny, even at home it now seemed more natural to refer to her by her surname. She explained how her supervisor had reacted and yet how odd it was. In the end she realised that it would only benefit her career if she impressed her supervisor.

Then she went on to tell him about getting the porn magazine. She was a bit embarrassed to admit this to him. Yet somehow it all just tumbled out.

[LilyAnna]: I don't know why I went and bought such a smutty thing

[LilyAnna]: I never would have before.

[SlipsInsideHer]: It seems your bimbo side is very strong. Now you have awoken it, it is not content to play just at home.

[LilyAnna]: I know.... I wanted to finger myself in the afternoon, every time I remembered those stories.

[LilyAnna]: I kept picturing myself as stupid little Katie who people took advantage of

[LilyAnna]: and that just made me feel more excited!

[SlipsInsideHer]: So did that make you want to finger yourself all the more?

[LilyAnna]: Yes. I don't know how I resisted. I just wanted to feel horny.

[SlipsInsideHer]: which sounds as though you were.

[LilyAnna]: In a way I liked it, being horny at the office – as long as it didn't affect my work.

[LilyAnna]: Oh my God. I am becoming such a slut. I never used to be like this.

[SlipsInsideHer]: You never dared allow this side of yourself any expression.

[SlipsInsideHer]: It's ok as long as we only play at home, isn't it?

[LilyAnna]: Yeah, but what would people think if they knew?

[SlipsInsideHer]: you worry too much about that

[SlipsInsideHer]: I'll bet your boss was thrilled with your work today

[LilyAnna]: yes, I guess so

[SlipsInsideHer]: so what's the problem with letting your inner slut out at home?

[SlipsInsideHer]: it has to come out somewhere

[LilyAnna]: nothing I guess, I'm just so exhausted

[SlipsInsideHer]: that I can fix, ready?

[LilyAnna]: ok, put me under

[LilyAnna]: I've been looking forward to this all afternoon

[LilyAnna]: maybe we can play later?

[SlipsInsideHer]: rustling trees

[SlipsInsideHer]: rustling trees

[SlipsInsideHer]: rustling trees

[SlipsInsideHer]: rustling trees

[SlipsInsideHer]: rustling trees

[SlipsInsideHer]: and your scale, what does it show?

[LilyAnna]: 2

[SlipsInsideHer]: good girl. So quick to fall into my hypnosis now

[SlipsInsideHer]: so irresistible

[SlipsInsideHer]: you love floating in my words, don't you?

[LilyAnna]: ys

[SlipsInsideHer]: good girl. But you worry too?

[LilyAnna]: abt what im becoming.

[SlipsInsideHer]: about becoming like the office girl?

[LilyAnna]: about needing fuckc myself

[SlipsInsideHer]: I understand, it is natural to resent this newly discovered part of you

[SlipsInsideHer]: you want things as they were, don't you?

[LilyAnna]: not sur

[SlipsInsideHer]: If your bimbo side could be buried once again, no more fingering, no more sweet cums?

[LilyAnna]: but luv my cumms

[SlipsInsideHer]: and you luv fingering yourself too?

[LilyAnna]: yss

[SlipsInsideHer]: So while your bimbo slut pushes herself into your life, it is natural to resent her

[SlipsInsideHer]: but she gives you such pleasure too, doesn't she?

[LilyAnna]: y

[SlipsInsideHer]: Now lets try a visualisation, see if it helps

[SlipsInsideHer]: Don't type anything. Lift your hands and grasp your breasts. Lean forward in your chair. I want you to imagine that you are at the office, and these hands belong to one of your colleagues. He is behind you and has reached around to get both his hands full. You are standing still, you can feel his presence behind you, feel the warmth of his hands against your tender flesh. You do not really like this colleague, he is too sure of himself. Yet you feel yourself leaning forward, compliant, pushing your breasts into his hands. You are not turning, you do not say anything. You wonder why you are just standing there letting him cup your breasts, why you help him by pushing yourself forward, offering him your tits. You know that is how he thinks of them, yet you have lost control. You love the fact your breasts are appealing to him, you love the attention, you feel your pussy tingling in anticipation. You love the not knowing what he will do next, and you relax in his control, but your heart is racing {w+}. Pull on your nipples and imagine him pressing your buttons {w+}. You are feeling turned on by the public display, you wish it were somewhere private, you wish you weren't letting others see this side of you, you wish you didn't like this, you wish you were strong enough to turn around and slap him. Yet you do desire this, you want to watch helplessly as he turns you on, manipulates you, you do not want to lose that throb in your groin his agile fingers are creating {w+}.

Push you ass into the back of the chair and lean forward more as your fingers squeeze and tug at your nipples. Feel yourself press against him, imagine the back of the chair is his groin. Feel his hardness against the small of your back. You can feel your pulse race, the blood pumping in your forehead {w+}, your hands squeeze at your tits, you know you don't like him, you know you are behaving like a slut in a very public place. Yet all you can think of is wanting his cock inside you. You can feel your pussy lips are open as you press them against him, feel your wetness coating your opening as you tilt your head right back {w+}.

Now put your hand down to your cunt and press two fingers against your opening. Imagine it is his cock, suddenly free and at your entrance. You can feel it hot and wet with your juices sliding across your slit. Imagine yourself in that short skirt you wore today, but now you realise that as well as making yourself available to your fingers at the office, it also makes you available to him. Imagine he knows all this too, he knows your secret, he knows how hot and available you have made yourself {w+}. His cock is there under your skirt, pressing at that shaved pussy of yours, feeling your wetness cloy to his rod. You know you don't like him, but you know you cannot deny him. You are a stupid office girl that can't say no {w+}. You have not been degrading yourself when you think of yourself as a stupid slut, you have just been accepting what is already there. Now you realise what you are, because you stand there swallowing in frightened anticipation, knowing you want his cock. It doesn't matter who he is, you need that cock inside you and you have made yourself available so that he can take advantage {w+}.

Press your fingers at your slit and press your cunt down over them. Feel your compliance as they push at your lips, feel their eager parting to make way for your fingers, picture his cock throbbing with energy, pulsing as it plunges inside you. Feel your surrender as you drive yourself onto him and feel the wetness gluing you both together. Tell yourself that although you do not like this slut, you have surrendered yourself to her {w+}. Then as you pound yourself up and down on your fingers, driving them into your cunt, shout out as you cum {w+}{w+}: "I love this fucking horny slut!"

Lily Anna screamed out the words as her hand ached under the pounding she had been giving it. Her mind exploded with the imagery, and she knew just who at the office she had allowed herself to surrender to. She hated herself as she came down from her orgasm, she felt ashamed of letting him so publicly fuck her, yet mingled with these feelings were the powerful aftermath of a fantastic cum. Her body radiated with excitement and at last she understood. She needed to let go of trying to be someone she was not. This horny slut was her, and no matter how humiliating this realisation was to her, it made her so fucking hot. Giving herself to her boss would not have been nearly as powerfully erotic, because she wanted him anyway. It was the feelings of abandon when she made herself available to people she didn't like, when control was wrested from her that drove her to sexual extremes.

[SlipsInsideHer]: did you have a good cum that time?

[LilyAnna]: oh lawdy, fuckn fantastic. I get it now, sily fight myslf

[LilyAnna]: cums r beter when stop fitin

[SlipsInsideHer]: and you're feeling much better now you understand that, aren't you?

[LilyAnna]: much

[SlipsInsideHer]: Each time you think badly of yourself, just accept it. This is what you are becoming. You don't like it perhaps, thinking of yourself so dumb

[SlipsInsideHer]: but the more you give in to what you are becoming, the more able you are to accept it, the more pleasure you get from that hot cunt of yours.

[SlipsInsideHer]: That is what is holding you back from pleasure, fighting these thoughts, the bimbo side of yourself.

[SlipsInsideHer]: Yet the more you give in to your nature, the more able to feel aroused you will be, the quicker you will cum and the more explosive your cums will be.

[SlipsInsideHer]: Each time you will know that you are accepting the dumb bimbo side of yourself, the more real she will be, and the more dumb you will realise you are becoming.

[SlipsInsideHer]: Although you will not like it, the more you accept drifting into this bimbo, the more fucking hot it will make you

[SlipsInsideHer]: and the more hot you become, the more you will need to reach that peak once again.

[SlipsInsideHer]: You will realise it's natural for your cunt to control you, and your need for pleasure as often as possible will rule you, and the more you will give in to those needs.

[SlipsInsideHer]: so in a few moments you'll awaken rested

[SlipsInsideHer]: and ready to play, won't you?

[LilyAnna]: yes

[SlipsInsideHer]: and no cumming unless I say so, right?

[LilyAnna]: ok

[SlipsInsideHer]: awaken on the count of 5

[SlipsInsideHer]: 1

[SlipsInsideHer]: 2

[SlipsInsideHer]: 3

[SlipsInsideHer]: 4

[SlipsInsideHer]: 5

[SlipsInsideHer]: awake

[SlipsInsideHer]: better?

[LilyAnna]: much better thanks

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