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Sweet Torment


Perhaps it is because she is so tiny (4' 10", 90 pounds), or perhaps it is because my cock is so big (10 thick inches), but my ladyfriend Carol loves nothing more than to control my erections as well as my orgasms. She decides when, where, why,and how much we will be sexually involved. And ,strange to say, I've come to love this control .. Carol is a fine looking woman with red hair half way down her back and flashing green eyes. her petite figure ,though mature now ( she is 38), is breathtaking, with firm little a-cup tits,and full hips. She keeps her pubic area clean shaven and her puffy pussy lips are huge for such a little gal.

A typical sex session will begin with her entrance into the living room where i might be watching T.V.Without a word or a glance she will present herself to my eyes wearingsomething skimpy and semi-transperant. She always leaves the vital areas covered peaking my interest. Carol will then sit down across the way from me and begin a slow, steady series of informal poses each designed to reveal,yet still conceal, her sexuality. Finally, when I can stand it no longer, I will slowly walk over and sit next to her. We begin to kiss.No words pass between us as we gently brush our lips together and slide our tounges inside eachothers mouth. Instictively I reach for her breasts only to have her firmly grasp my hand and remove it very swiftly. A moan of desire and frustration escapes my lips, but not for the last time. Carol then takes her tiny ,delicate hand and begins an exploration of my crotch area, through my jeans, until she finds what she is looking for: my erect dick straining against the pant's material. At full erection my cock will be pressed against my thigh, its outline clearly visible. Carol will feel its form ,cooing and praising its shape and size, telling me how much she wants to fuck it and make it come.

But not quite yet. She continues to kiss my face and neck ,her hands never leaving my entrapped,straining cock except to, bit by bit ,remove her own clothing. Soon she is totally nude. Her small sexy body will then climb into my lap ,and arms around my neck, legs on each side of mine, she will begin a slow dance staring fiercely into my eyes, her red hair wildly flowing over her back and chest. In this posistion she is completely exposed to me, each and every aspect of her glorious little body available to my gaze. Her bare pussy is obviously very excited,wet and open. After several minutes of this dance she removes herself from my lap and still staring into my eyes orders me to strip. Needless to say, it takes me about two seconds to do this, my cock springing into view fully erect, red and wanting. I stand before her knowing from past experience not to make any moves as she is in control. She walks around me sizing me up,so to speak. A touch here and there-but never my cock-and an occasional comment is all i get from her. She loves my muscular chest and thighs -i work out a lot just to hear her praises-and her hands trace their form, pinching and running her fingernails over and around.

Again I moan in frustrated ecstasy. She stops in front of me and blatantly watches as my now dripping penis stands at full attention. Placeing her hand upon the head she pulls it forward, wickedly twisting it before releasing it with a snap againsy my belly. She gives a small laugh as i yelp in agony. "Follow me",are the only words she says as she walks toward the bedroom. I follow watching her ass and outrageously thick thighs sway before me (She works out with the Stepmaster every day and her thighs are the most muscular part of her body; it also makes her pussy incedibly tight!). Once in the bedroom she reclines on the bed and tells me to sit in a chair nearby. She then instructs me that I'm not allowed to touch my cock or balls(although the rest of my body is permissible) and certainly may not orgasm unless and until she gives the O.K. A whimper of defeat tumbles from my lips. Again she laughs ,obviously relishing her power and control. Her beautiful naked body rolls and twists and poses upon the bed giving me erotic views of her tiny form. She begins to play with herself pulling at her erect nipples until they stand out distinctly from her sweet little tits. My cock is still quite hard, all 10 inches in plain sight. After many minutes she stops her teasing movements and comes off the bed and kneels in front of me. Very gently she takes my cock in her hand ,and then reminding me again not to come, she places about half of my erection into her hot mouth. My brain explodes from the pleasure. I begins to softly cry and moan,calling out her name over and over.

With a wicked intensity she sucks and licks and bites my penis.I want to come so badly but know that if i do she will punish me by withdrawing future favors. Soon she stops ,returning to the bed. She reaches into a table drawer retrieving a slim, small ,phallic-shaped vibrator. It is the exact opposite of my own cock, being only maybe 4 inches long. But its power is mighty as revealed when she turns it on. The mechanical noise fills the room and makes my head spin. Then for the next hour or so my sweet lover brings herself to orgasm over and over right before my eyes. I plead and beg her to allow me to join her, and display my swollen cock trying to tempt her...but,no. After her last orgasm,exhausted ,she beckons me to her side. I cuddle close to her hot,damp body. It is soft and feminine. I kiss her neck and face and shoulders. She takes her left hand and strokes my hair. Her right hand grasps my penis, squeezing it until more precome oozes out making it slick. She fondles it for a few minutes as i moan into her chest. Then she stops and releases my cock, kissing my forehead as she turns out the light. It is then I feel the full force of her control as she tells me to go to sleep . My mind and body are hers in sweet torment.

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