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Oliver Bennett vs. Adrian Graham

Dedicated to Princess Nina-Rose (You've found that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. Congratulations!)

Merry Christmas Folks!


"Oh fuck, fuck..." Oliver gasped as he felt fingers wrap around his cock, jerking him with sure strokes. "Adrian..." He breathed, opening beautiful green eyes which were glazed with lust to gaze up into the intense amber eyes above him.

"Let go, baby." Adrian whispered as he rocked his lower body, plunging into Oliver faster, deeper and harder, his thrusts growing more frantic. His compelling eyes, which were dilated from breath-stealing bliss, never left Oliver's lust-filled eyes even once. "Come for me."

Raw whimpers spilled from Oliver as his entire body locked into that moment of exquisite tautness that came before release. Their eyes remained locked together. And then Oliver felt it...a warm tightening inside his chest, a feeling so overwhelmingly intense it rendered him breathless. And at that very moment...that split second just before he fell off the edge, Oliver Bennett knew he'd lost his heart to Adrian Graham. Shit!

Ropes of thick cum exploded from Oliver's cock onto his belly in long hard spurts, some going above his head to splash against the headboard. His mouth opened in a silent scream as his body convulsed violently on the bed. He'd never come so hard...ever.

"Oh my God." Oliver gasped as he tried to take deep breaths. His cock was still spurting onto his stomach. "God..." He felt so overwhelmed with emotions it felt as though his chest might explode along with his cock.

And looking down at the man lost in so much pleasure, Adrian was awed. Goddamnit, Oliver was something to behold when he came. He wished he could hold off his own impending orgasm and keep his cock within the nerve-rich tissue of Oliver's channel for a while longer. But he didn't stand a chance against those mind-blowingly sweet contractions around his cock. He felt his orgasm start in his lower back, race up and then down his spine, slam into his balls, and then explode through his cock.

"Fuck." Adrian roared as he gave in to his own urgent release, filling the condom with his hot cum. When the last spasm faded, Adrian collapsed partially onto Oliver. "Gonna fucking kill me Olly." He murmured breathlessly. He was feeling satiated and utterly boneless. When Oliver didn't respond with his usual flippant comeback, Adrian leaned up on his hand and looked down at Oliver's flushed face. His eyes were closed. "Hey, you okay?" Adrian whispered.

Oliver nodded and then opened his eyes. "I'm fine."

Adrian stared down into beautiful green eyes. Those eyes never ceased to amaze him. They were eyes which pulled a person into them. And that was exactly what it had done the first day he'd laid eyes on Oliver. Oliver hated it when he was called beautiful but...those eyes, that face, his sexy model-like body, and even his sandy blonde hair with its casual messy haircut, made the man simply beautiful. And as if that wasn't enough, those dimples just made Oliver so fucking adorable. Adrian tenderly brushed away the wet lock of hair that had fallen over Oliver's eyes and closed the gap between them to touch his mouth to Oliver's. Then he gave him a kiss so sweet a shiver passed through both of them. When he released Oliver's lips, Adrian ran his thumb slowly against his lower lip, almost as if he was trying to lock them into memory.

Adrian gently pulled out of Oliver, shifted onto his back and got rid of the condom. He then reached for the hand towel on the bedside table and tenderly wiped the cum off Oliver, himself and the headboard. When he was done he flopped onto his back beside Oliver and flung his arm across his eyes, trying very hard not to feel guilty. Both men lay there in silence, each lost in thought till Adrian's cell phone started ringing. He didn't need to pick up to know who was calling. He sat up on the bed and picked it up.

"Hey." He said softly but the surprise in his voice couldn't be masked. After listening for a while, smiling the whole time, he stood up. "I'll be there soon." He slowly placed the phone on the bedside table and then turned to look down at the gorgeous man on the bed. "I have to go."

Oliver nodded but didn't move. He watched as Adrian walked towards the en-suite bathroom, admiring his gloriously tight body. The man's muscles were hard, well defined, boldly masculine and undeniably virile. Adrian Graham was sexy as fuck. With a sigh, Oliver rolled out of bed and reached for his sweatpants and t-shirt. After pulling them on, he headed for the bathroom, knowing instinctively that Adrian needed him.

In the bathroom, Adrian threw the hand towel into the laundry basket, washed his cock and then just stood there staring at this face in the mirror. What the fuck had he gotten himself into, he asked himself for the umpteenth time. His heart was pounding so hard he was scared he might be coming down with something. Why should it be so difficult to pursue some happiness? He deserved it like any other human being, didn't he? Adrian saw Oliver enter the bathroom and dropped his head to stare down at his hands. He'd gripped the basin so tightly his knuckles had gone white. When he felt Oliver's hands wrap around him from behind, he let out a deep breath and leaned against him. He needed him so bad. They hadn't been together for long but Oliver kept him sane. He kept him grounded. He'd become his rock. Oliver had filled a hole inside him that Adrian hadn't even known was there.

"It shall be well." Oliver said softly, sensing the struggle going on within the man he'd just realized he loved with all his heart. He felt him trembling and wished he could take his pain. But Oliver had his own pain to deal with too. He wanted Adrian for himself...just for himself. But that was not possible so he had his own burden. He rested his head on Adrian's back and held him till his trembling subsided.

Oliver unwound his arms from around Adrian and pulled a towel from the drawer. Then he turned Adrian to face him and proceeded to wipe the water from this crotch. Then leaving the towel on the marble counter, he took Adrian's hand and drew him back into the bedroom. Oliver sat on the bed and watched as Adrian pulled on his clothes. And as he watched him, Oliver had to suppress the moan that threatened to burst from his throat. Dr. Adrian Graham was not only compellingly gorgeous, he was also sexy as sin.

Adrian was absolutely, completely, totally male and utterly yummy. From his beautiful silky black hair, his strong handsome face, the broad expanse of his shoulders, muscled chest, flat firm stomach, his strong firm muscled thighs, flanking that startlingly massive cock, his long masculine legs dusted with dark hair, right down to his toes...he was a work of art. And Oliver had never seen a man look sexier in a suit. Adrian was one sexy hunk. Oliver's eyes lifted up to meet Adrian's amused ones when he heard him clearing his throat loudly.

"Done looking? 'Cause I want to sit and wear my shoes." Adrian drawled, a smoldering look in his eyes." At Oliver's embarrassed groan Adrian laughed. "You know if you continue to look at me like that it's going to create problems don't you?"

"Fuck you Adrian." Oliver muttered, looking away from Adrian's mockingly handsome face. He still watched as he pulled on his shoes.

Oliver never got tired of watching that hot specimen of male body. And as if Adrian's good looks was not enough, he was a brilliant doctor who had accomplished so much for himself he was respected and admired by everyone who knew him. It was not surprising his hospital was one of the most patronized private hospitals in the country despite how expensive it was. Oliver felt he was lucky to even hold the man's attention for five minutes. Although they always made sure not to draw attention to the fact that they were together, Oliver lived for the moments he got to spend with Adrian. Who wouldn't? The man was an amazing person...both in and out of bed. Oh he had it real bad, Oliver thought chuckling and drawing Adrian's attention to him.

The corners of Adrian's mouth lifted slightly in a smile as he stared at Oliver. "Do I want to know?" He asked in that sexy voice that never ceased to melt Oliver.

"No." Oliver said drawing a chuckle from Adrian.

Adrian picked up his car keys and cell phone and went to pull Oliver off the bed and into his arms. "Fuck, I'm missing you already." He groaned. "Till tomorrow." He said, still not letting go of Oliver.

Oliver nodded, knowing very well that Adrian was not going to wait till the following day to get in touch. He would find a reason to call or text him during the night. Oliver never complained. He looked forward to those moments. It felt good to know Adrian was thinking about him even when he was with...her. Oliver sighed.

"See you tomorrow." Oliver said, rising onto his toes to kiss Adrian softly on the mouth. "Drive safe." He said quietly as he sat back on the bed.

Oliver watched the sadness on Adrian's face as he nodded and headed out the door. When he heard the front door close, he buried his face in a pillow and let out a scream. Oliver Bennett never pictured his life like that...being a side chic...twink...man....whatever. He never dreamt he would be a home wrecker. Jason, his best friend had warned him never to call himself a home wrecker but that was what he was. Adrian was a married man for fuck's sake. What they were doing was wrong. But he couldn't bring himself to call it quits no matter how hard he tried. Oliver had always been a just person...well till he laid eyes on the sexy doctor for the very first time. It had felt like he'd been hit by a thousand volts of electric energy. Oliver remembered that day as if it was just the day before...


It hadn't been love at first sight. More like lust. Oliver had literally gasped for breath when he first laid eyes on Adrian. The man was breathtakingly gorgeous. He looked to be in his early-thirties. He was about six' two, had jet black hair cropped low and the most intense eyes Oliver had ever seen. Even as he fought for breath like a fish out of water, he couldn't tear his eyes off Adrian Graham. Of course he automatically reached for his ventolin inhaler and pretended to take a hit so that the people around wouldn't know the truth behind his gasp. Oliver groaned when he realized that his pathetic action had rather attracted Adrian's undivided attention. That was obviously the doctor in him.

"Better?" Adrian came closer to him and asked in that sexy voice of his, his eye full of concern and yet so soft. And in that very moment, Oliver had been a goner.

"I'm fine, thanks." Oliver had responded breathlessly, fighting the urge to shake off the gentle hand on his elbow that was causing his insides to go all fluttery. It didn't help matters when Adrian pulled out a chair for him and sat beside him. Oliver had to suppress a groan.

They were in the conference room of Adonna Hospital, which was adjudged one of the twenty most luxurious and expensive hospitals in the US. It was a private facility offering top-notch medical and surgical services. One would definitely feel as though they'd checked into a five-star luxury hotel the moment they entered Adonna Hospital. Patients who could afford were accommodated in deluxe suites with huge bathrooms, large LED flat screens, in-room minibar, massage, personal stylist and even a celebratory cocktail party for ten people. Even single rooms came with their own LCD flat screens, telephone, internet connection and private nurse services. Adonna Hospital was guaranteed to make anyone's stay feel like a pampering medical holiday, with world-class amenities. It was no wonder the hospital grossed an average of one million dollars a year, from renting out its deluxe hospital rooms. And it was owned by Dr. Adrian Graham, who Oliver was there to have a meeting with. Infolink, one of the best ICT firms in the country, had been contracted by Adonna Hospital to completely change the hospital's ICT infrastructure and replace with new software for their operations.

Oliver and his colleague and best friend, Jasper, both senior managers at Infolink, had been assigned to handle the contract. Jasper, who had been the one dealing directly with Adrian since inception of their contract, had a family emergency so Oliver had to quickly step in for their final meeting. Emergency or no emergency, they had to meet the deadline. Their meeting that day was to go over the framework for the final time and get Adrian to sign off, before Oliver and his team started the work the next day. They also needed to tell Adrian exactly what they needed to enable them do their work thoroughly. For instance in order to successfully install the latest high-tech equipment, they needed the maximum corporation of the staff. Oliver also wanted to introduce himself to Adrian before he showed up to start work the following day. After all, he was a very big and important client. What Oliver hadn't anticipated was meeting a man who would turn his insides to mush with just a glance.

Oliver was gay. He'd known he was since he was fourteen. He'd been the typical nerd but fortunately for him, he'd never been bullied in school because of his looks. His beautiful face, coupled with his tall, slender and graceful body, made him look so adorable the kids just loved him. Even the jocks and bullies in school were so impressed with his brilliance and sweet gentle nature that they never bothered Oliver Bennett. To top it off, he'd been an only child so had been dotted on by his parents. He'd gotten a full scholarship to MIT and had graduated top of his class. His job was waiting for him even before he'd completed school. Oliver had been hired by the biggest ICT company in the country and had made the firm even more rich with his smartness and innovation. At the age of twenty-eight, Oliver had more money than most people his age.

Due to the nature of his work, his love life had virtually been nonexistent. Yes, he'd been with men before. But he could count the number of men he'd been with on one hand. And that was not because men didn't find him attractive. He was a handsome man...one who radiated a vulnerable sensuality to which men...and women alike responded helplessly. Oliver just didn't have time. Jasper had gotten married right after school and already had a kid so Oliver made sure he stepped in for him whenever necessary, to enable his friend have some time for his family. Oliver didn't have any problem with doing more than his share...he loved his job. Till he saw Adrian for the first time, he hadn't been with anyone in almost seven months. 'There are more important things' was what he always said whenever Jasper or his mother told him to take his love life seriously. After all, he was only twenty-eight. And for a man, life was supposed to begin at forty...right?

So his reaction to Adrian Graham had shocked Oliver like nothing ever had. But for his brilliance at what he did, that meeting would have been a disaster. Eventually, they'd agreed on the parameters and work had started the following day. Oliver's team had been all over the hospital, installing what they had to. Oliver himself had been given an office in the hospital where he was to work from. Apart from the fact that he needed peace to concentrate on the part he was working on...which was the main server, he was bent on completing before time.

The first time Adrian came to Oliver's office to ask him how the work was progressing, Oliver had stared at him for a moment without answering. His belly tightened and his hole twitched as he stared, unable to tear his gaze away from the hot male standing at the door. Was it even legal for a man to be that mouthwateringly sexy? The man exuded a powerful sexual magnetism that made Oliver's insides quiver with lust.

"Oliver?" Adrian prompted with an amused smile.

"Oh...yes. Yes, everything is on course." Oliver almost groaned when he felt the heat traveling up his neck and onto his face. Shit! Adrian remained at where he stood, his eyes sweeping the room. "Was there something you wanted?" Oliver croaked, looking down at his laptop.

"Nope. Just checking up on you." Adrian responded, leaving the doorway and moving into the office till he got to where Oliver sat.

When he stretched his neck to look on the screen Oliver was staring at, Oliver almost groaned at the instant need that slammed into him. Adrian smelt divine. Oliver knew he had to get the man away from him before he disgraced himself when his breathing began to speedup. With a choked sound he sat back in his seat and looked up at Adrian.

"Don't you have lives to save or something?" He asked sharply and then almost bit off his tongue at his tone. Damn, he sounded rude. He hadn't meant to though.

With a chuckle, Adrian raised his hands with both palms out in a gesture of peace. "Sorry if I'm being nosy." He said. "I just find it fascinating that you can even understand what you're looking at that's all. Didn't mean any harm. I'll get out of your hair." And with that Adrian had stepped out of Oliver's office.

Oliver had groaned, running his fingers through his blonde hair in frustration. What the fuck had he done? Adrian was for the duration of the project, his employer for fuck's sake. Talking to him like that had been totally out of line. Shit! But he'd panicked. Just seeing that face had been enough to give him a delicious thrill within...and it had scared him. And as if that wasn't inappropriate enough, he'd wanted to do more than just look at the man. He'd wanted those sexy lips on his, those hands on him, that body rubbing against his, that cock which he just knew would be big and beautiful, fucking deep into him till...

"Fuck..." Oliver swore darkly, getting to his feet. He was so hard his cock could have drilled holes in hard concrete with cheeky ease. Shit. Shit. Shit.

He needed to get laid, he told himself. He needed to feel a big hard cock plowing deeply into him. As a total bottom, simply jacking off was not satisfying enough. It had been too long. Why else would he lust after a married man? Yes he'd seen the wedding band on Adrian's finger that day in the conference room and had felt so guilty for lusting after a married man. Oliver had always thought it was the most stupid thing to lust after a straight guy. He'd vowed never to ever make that mistake. So why the fuck was he still lusting after the man even though it was obvious he was very married and very straight? He'd overheard him telling someone just a day earlier that his wife and kids were doing great. So Adrian was obviously very straight. Oliver looked down at his tented cargo pants and went back to his seat, taking deep breaths to bring his body under control. Thanks to his current contract, he didn't have the time to go get laid. He didn't have any choice but to hold in his lust till Adrian's job was done. He prayed the man stayed out of his way till he was done and out of there.

But unfortunately for Oliver, his prayer didn't work as Adrian made it a habit of popping into his office every day to ask how the project was going. Adrian however made sure never to attempt to look at whatever Oliver was doing on his laptop again, obviously assuming that had rubbed Oliver the wrong way on his first visit. Despite himself, Oliver began looking forward to those short visits. He began to talk to Adrian more, explaining exactly what he was doing. They soon became completely at ease in each other's company and began to talk about other things besides their mutual interest...which was the job Oliver was doing.

Oliver realized Adrian was a very lovely person. Despite the fact that he sometimes had a faraway look in his eyes...almost as if he was sad, he was great company. The first time Adrian had brought a Chinese takeout for them to eat after work, Oliver had been surprised but very grateful. He hadn't eaten anything since morning. He'd gotten to a crucial point in his build-up and had been so engrossed he'd totally forgotten he hadn't eaten. They'd shared the food in his office whilst talking sports. They both loved soccer. After the meal, Adrian packed the boxes and headed home, leaving Oliver to get back to his work.

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