tagBDSMSweetness Ch. 01

Sweetness Ch. 01


Lately I'd had sex on the brain, ever since coming to stay with my step-mother actually. I'd turned 18 earlier in the summer and when Dad announced he would be leaving the country for a month long business trip I'd been happy at the thought of having the house to myself. When my step-mother called out of the blue, though and asked me to come visit her I thought that might be fun too so I agreed to go. My biological mother died when I was very young and my step-mother came into the picture when I was about 10. Then a few years ago she and my Dad split up and she moved out to California. She continued to visit me and called me often and we kept in touch although I'd never been out to visit her until now. Before she called to ask me to visit she emailed me a bunch of pictures of her and her new husband at their house. The husband looked kind of rough, I knew he was into motorcycles and he looked the part. Big and paunchy but somehow manly and muscular looking too. He towered over my step-mom who was pretty and petite and there was something about the way he looped his arm across her shoulders, resting his big hand across her breastbone that made him seem almost threatening. His hair was long and dark with a long braided goatee as well.

She looked happy enough but seemed to be melting into him as well. She'd grown her almost white-blonde hair out since I'd seen her and she looked younger with the shoulder length bob. She'd always taken pride in her body and a bikini top showed off her perfect, perky, B cup breasts and the smooth tanned expanse of her tight abs. At 37 she looked easily 10 years younger. I guess, looks can be deceiving in more ways than just age too because Jake's faded jeans, Harley t-shirt, and biker boots didn't exactly jibe with the three brand new cars in the driveway behind them or the nice house that the pictures portrayed. Apparently, Jake had opened his own bike shop years ago and it had paid off. Cindy, my step-mom had met him about 6 months ago and married him within a few weeks.

So, long story short, I'd flown in last week and I'd had sex on the brain ever since. Jake seemed to watch me a little too long when I'd walk around the house. His eyes lingered on my boobs and butt and he liked to make suggestive little joking comments often about boys I'd left behind, what a heartbreaker I must be, etc... I'd felt uncomfortable about this at first but Cindy often joined in, chuckling, and giving me a hug and assuring me Jake was "just poking fun, honey, don't mind him." So, I tried to relax and enjoy their fabulous house. I had a huge room with a private bath all to myself. There was a sunken hot tub on the back deck, a pool as well, and just a short walk to get to the beach so I spent a lot of time that first week laying out on the deck, swimming in the ocean, and soaking in the hot tub with Cindy at night. Jake had been working a lot and often didn't come in until I was about ready for bed but this week was to start his vacation and he'd be off work for the next couple of weeks. Last night I'd dreamed that I was having sex, but I couldn't quite make out with who. In the dream I didn't seem to want to open my eyes and sometimes I felt sure I was with my ex boyfriend but sometimes I was sure it couldn't possibly be him bringing out those feelings in me. When I woke up in the morning my nipples were sensitive and my loose fitting boxers were twisted and bunched between my legs and soaking wet. I quickly masturbated and got dressed in a bathing suit as I intended to lay out for a bit before either jumping in the pool or walking down to the ocean. My suit was pale pink and one of the briefest ones I owned. I was trying to get a tan over as much of my body as I could so I'd been opting for a few string bikinis trying to get maximum exposure. I twisted my long dark hair up in a knot on top of my head and glanced in the mirror. At 5'8" I was at least 4" taller than Cindy and while I was naturally thin, my boobs were well over a full cup size larger than hers. Her full B's were cute and perky and my barely D's were full and round and thankfully still high and firm. I'd shaved my pussy completely upon arrival when I realized how much time I'd be spending in a bathing suit and I couldn't help but notice when we shared a quick shower at the beach that Cindy had done the same. I'd always compared myself to her and admired the way she took such great care of her body, skin, and hair.

The weather was perfect if a little overcast. Hot enough to enjoy the sun and later a swim but not at all humid even though rain loomed in the forecast. I was loving the California weather. I took time to rub sunscreen on my front and stretched out on my back. Hopefully, Cindy would join me in a while so she could do my back when it was time to turn over. I was dozing lazily, listening to the birds, and some kids playing down the street when I felt and heard movement at my side. I was surprised to see Jake plop down on the chaise next to me. I'd forgotten he would be home. He was in a swimsuit too and obviously intended to sunbathe with me. His shorts were of the boxer brief type, and even though he had a bit of a paunch the bulge beneath it was quite impressive.

"Hey." I said, and glanced away before he caught me checking out his package.

"Hey, sweetness" he responded. "Soaking up some sun?"

"Yeah, it's great out here." I glanced over and he was unapologetically checking me out, lingering as usual on my boobs.

"It really is great out here," he chuckled. "The view is aaaaamazing." He drawled out this last and whistled a little at the end.

I knew I blushed and had no idea what to say.

"Where's Cindy," I asked nervously.

"She's running some errands." Jake drawled lazily. "It doesn't make you nervous to be here alone with me does it."

Yes, I wanted to scream but I just shook my head no and giggled a little. I wasn't at all convinced he was joking but I figured it was safest to act as if he was.

"Good, good, I wouldn't want my little Megan to be nervous."

My little Megan! The way he said it shot a little thrill through my body and I was shocked to realize that I was starting to enjoy his flirtation. I remembered Cindy saying he was harmless and decided to try to relax. With a deep sigh, I spread my arms and legs a little to get more comfortable and closed my eyes. I knew he was still watching me but unless I was willing to confront him I figured I'd better just get used to it.

"You're gonna end up with tan lines, you know?" Jake said softly.


"Don't you and Cindy usually go topless out here? I know she doesn't have any tan lines."

I opened my eyes and glanced over. He'd rolled over on one side so he faced me directly, still staring and drinking in my body.

"Well, sometimes I do when I'm out here alone and Cindy and I did the other day but usually I just wear a small bikini like this one."

I knew I sounded nervous and I was starting to get pissed. He was obviously trying to make me uncomfortable and I was letting him. I knew he was playing with me and I now I didn't want to give in to him."

"It's a shame." he sighed.

"What?" I asked, my voice sharp.

"The tan lines, that's all. A woman's skin looks so much better nice and smooth.

"Well, if you'd go in..." I trailed off, knowing I sounded a little bitchy now.

Jake just laughed. "I'm not going anywhere little girl. It's my house. I know girls your age are insecure about their bodies." He laughed again, clearly amused with himself. "Now, me, I've seen a thousand tits and I've enjoyed most of 'em but if you think yours are so much more special than all the rest, just keep 'em under wraps. Some day you'll have the confidence, like Cindy has, to show 'em off. Shit, if Cindy was here she'd tell you the same thing."

Now, I was fuming. Part of me knew he was egging me on but the bigger part of me wanted to prove him wrong.

"I wasn't taking my top off out of respect for Cindy but if you're so convinced she wouldn't care then I have no problem going topless."

With that I sat up and with a quick tug behind me I pulled my top off and tossed it on the table between us.

Immediately my nipples, which are very much on the large and thick side, stiffened and I glanced over just in time to see Jake suck on his bottom lip and knew I'd just given him exactly what he wanted.

"Very nice," Jake murmured. "Like I said, I've seen a lot but those are something special alright."

Finally, he settled onto his back and closed his eyes and I sneaked one more quick look at his package before settling back myself and closing my eyes against the bright sun.

We lay there for awhile in companionable silence and I didn't open my eyes again until I heard him rustling around and getting up off his chair.

"I'm going in for a drink. You want anything?" He was standing right next to me, his hairy leg barely brushing my thigh and the bulge in his shorts definitely looked bigger than it had before.

"Just a bottle of water," I squeaked, startled by his proximity. "Thanks."

"I'll do your back if you want to flip over when I get back."

Good idea, I thought as he walked into the house. I need to flip at some point and this way he won't be able to stare at my bare boobs. I got up and readjusted while he was gone so that I wouldn't have to stand up in front of him and I was laying flat on my stomach by the time he returned. He didn't say a word as he set down a bottle of water for me and a beer for him and picked up the bottle of Banana Boat sunscreen I'd used earlier.

I felt a quick cold splash in the center of my back and gasped out loud.

"Sorry, sweetness, I couldn't resist."

And then I realized my mistake as he began massaging the lotion into my back. He wasn't able to see my boobs anymore but I'd just given him carte blanche to touch me intimately. His hand moved in firm flat strokes across my upper back and shoulders and I felt myself relaxing even though I was nervous as well. His hands moved lower, across my lower back and then wrapped around my sides moving up from waist to armpit where his fingers dug deeply into the sides of my boobs which were squished flat beneath me. I felt a quick electric jolt to my pussy and realized again what a mistake this had been. He slowly worked the lotion into my whole back and kept coming back to my sides and the bit of boob that he could reach over and over. His hands eventually dragged lower, skimming the top of my bathing suit bottom before dragging across it and working more lotion into the backs of my thighs. His hands spread and molded the flesh of my thighs and as he worked his fingers deep into my inner thigh they also brushed my pussy.

"You're gonna end up with a pale ass too, you know."

"It's okay Jake, I'm not taking my bottoms off!"

"Don't be a bitchy little baby, Megan. I'm just trying to say, one of these days you're gonna have a cute little pair of thong underwear on and your whole ass is gonna be white and spoil the effect."

Now, here's the thing. I knew he was manipulating me. I knew he just wanted to see my ass. The thing was that I was now so turned on that I wanted to play along!

"Fine, Jake, can you untie them for me?"

"Abso-fucking-lutely, sweetness!"

A half second later his fingers had plucked the side strings to untie them and with a quick jerk the whole little triangular piece of fabric was laying on the table with my top.

Then his hands were back where they'd started, rubbing lotion into my thighs, working up toward my now exposed ass and then they were molding the firm cheeks. We were clearly beyond putting lotion on my skin. Each hand held a globe of my ass firmly and rotated them apart. With my legs spread to the edges of the lounger I knew this gave him a completely unobstructed view of my pink little asshole and probably a pretty good view of my pussy as well.

My face burned as he continued to manipulate my tender flesh and I couldn't help but squirm under his ministrations. I could feel my pussy getting wetter, juices collecting and spreading the closer he got to my inner thighs again and suddenly all I cared about was that he touch me there, that my aching pussy found some relief. I squirmed lower trying to reach his hand which still lingered on my inner thigh.

I could hear him chuckling softly as I rotated my hips and I could hear my breathing getting deeper and heavier.

I finally got my wish when Jake picked up the bottle of lotion and with a fresh dollop on his finger he started at the base of my tailbone and dragged it maddeningly slowly down, over my tight asshole, smearing lotion all the way, then lower across my pussy and all the way to my clit. My body jumped when his finger finally came into contact with my clit and Jake's other hand found my ass, pressing me firmly back down to the chaise while his thick index finger, now slick with my juices rubbed soft little circles around my engorged clit.

I was moaning out loud now and couldn't seem to stop myself.

With one hand still circling and pinching my clit Jakes other hand moved lower and an equally thick finger began circling and rubbing lotion all around my ass hole. Part of me knew he was going to invade that virgin territory but I still gasped and bucked against him when he began slowly working his finger in a little at a time. When his finger was fully engulfed in my ass he pulled it just as slowly out before plunging it in again. At the same time his fingers left my clit and found my soaking wet pussy. He easily worked one finger into my tight hole and quickly added a second. With a finger in my ass and two in my pussy I felt fuller than I'd ever felt with my ex-boyfriends dick and I was groaning out loud and rocking my hips, trying to work his finger or the chair, anything against my now neglected clit.

"God, you are a hot little piece of ass," Jake said, thrusting a third finger into my already full pussy.

I was going crazy with the need to come and I would have done anything at that moment that he asked of me.

"You want to come, little girl?" he asked his voice deep right against my ear.

"Yessss" I whispered, squirming madly beneath him.

"Good girl, but first you have to give Daddy a hand, don't you think? It's not fair for you to have all the fun, right?"

"Mmm-hmmm" I mumbled mindlessly as he suddenly pulled all of his fingers from my body and pulled me to a sitting position on the side of the chair in front of him.

I found myself face to face with the now clearly enormous and fully engorged bulge in his tight shorts.

"I helped you out of your bottoms, sweetness, I think it's time you returned the favor."

My hands moved up mechanically and pulled the snug cotton down. I kept my eyes cast down as I pushed the shorts all the way to his ankles and watched him casually kick them away. Bringing my eyes back level I gasped as the largest cock and heaviest balls I'd ever seen materialized in front of them. Not that I'd seen a lot in person, mind you, but like any internet addicted American teen I'd done my fair share of searching for porn. Jake's cock was about 8" long which I guess is about average but it was thicker around than my hand could reach, the head even thicker and the overall affect just made it look huge. I was surprised to see that his balls which hung low and heavy were shaved clean. I'd brought my hands up instinctively and was now stroking it one hand over the other as Jake brought his own hands down around my sides and began massaged my boobs, pulling the nipples out from my body and then twisting them, almost painfully, until letting go and letting them spring back before doing the same thing all over again.

"Use your mouth, sweetness, I want to see my cock sliding into your pretty little mouth."

Without hesitation I took him in my mouth and managed to slide most of the way down before his cock hit the back of my throat and I began backing up. He let me work at this pace for a moment before his hands wrapped around the back of my head and as my mouth moved down his shaft he began pressing his cock even deeper, trying to work it into my throat. Initially, I panicked a bit and tried to pull back but his hands kept pressing me back and although I gagged a few times and heard him chuckling above me I worked on relaxing and swallowing until suddenly in one fell swoop with lots of pressure from him on the back of my head I found that my nose was pressed firmly against the clipped public hair above his cock and my bottom lip and chin rested squarely on his shaved balls. He held me there for a moment until I felt I was going to start struggling for breath and then he pulled me by my now loosened hair completely off his cock. He pulled me up so that I was standing crushed to his chest. My head resting just under his chin and he tilted my face toward his, his mouth covering mine, his tongue plunging deeply into my mouth, forcing me to respond in kind. As we kissed deeply he held me tight against him with one hand while the other roamed my body, cupping my tit, rubbing roughened fingertips across sensitive nipples, cupping my ass and then sliding a finger up through my dripping wet pussy.

Breaking our kiss, he half walked and half dragged me to the big round lounger under an umbrella a few feet away. The outdoor bed was padded and he lay down heavily across it, dragging me down with him so that my legs straddled his and then he pushed me up, his cock standing straight up just in front of my belly.

"Ride me, sweetness, shove my cock into your tight pussy, and ride me until you come."

Our bodies were slick with sweat now and my arms shook as I raised myself up and repositioned my pussy over his cock. I tried lowering myself gently but Jake had other ideas and he grabbed my hips and forced me down hard, impaling me on his cock in one swift movement.

I threw my head back and groaned gutturally. After that he let me set the pace and I fucked him slow and steady at first then faster as I got closer to coming. The whole time he pinched and pulled at my tender nipples, urging me on, every once in awhile pausing in his assault on my breasts to give me a couple of quick hard slaps on the ass which always made me clench my pussy even tighter over his dick.

I came first, my whole body shaking, my eyes squeezed shut, my breath shallow and heavy and still he pumped beneath me, watching me come. He slowed as my body calmed and my breathing returned to normal.

"Beautiful, baby, just beautiful." He was smiling smugly now. "I just knew you were going to be a hot little slut as soon as I saw you."

I just stared him in the eye, still rocking on his throbbing cock. He was right after all, I'd just fucked him with only the slightest provocation, my own step-mother's husband. Somehow I couldn't really work up any regret just yet. I still felt too good.

"Take a break from riding, sweetness." He pushed me off him and helped reposition me the way he wanted. "Lay here and let Daddy do some of the work." He arranged me so that I was on my back with my head hanging off the edge of the raised outdoor lounger.

He stood over my head, spreading his legs slightly and I saw suddenly what he wanted as he slid his cock which was perfectly aligned with my upside down mouth, into it's willing wetness. In this position he had all the control as he fucked my mouth and with the back of my head pressed against the padded bed his cock slid easily down my throat as he pumped unmercifully. All I could do was try to breathe in time with his strokes and work on my gag reflex. Once he got a good rhythm going and I was using my hands to steady his thighs his hands found my nipples again, crushing them between strong fingers and then massaging my entire tits in his massive hands. I wouldn't have thought it possible but I found myself feeling turned on all over again and without giving it any thought I allowed one of my hands to snake down to my exposed and well-fucked pussy. As my fingers worked busily at my clit Jakes suddenly began slapping my tits, watching them redden and wobble as his cock pistoned in and out of my mouth and throat.

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