tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSwimming at the Lake

Swimming at the Lake


While in college, my girlfriend, Karen, and I were camping with her parents and two sisters, her uncle and aunt, and their two kids. It had taken two hours to drive to the campsite after school on a Friday, and we had all spent the evening setting up camp and cooking dinner. We all fell fast asleep pretty early from the combination of tiring days at school or work and the work of getting setup. I cuddled her before bed, and we both were asleep with no hanky-panky.

The next day after breakfast, several of us, including her parents, went swimming at the lake in the campground. I was wearing a pair of cutoff shorts, and she had on a tee shirt over a bikini top and bikini bottoms. I spread sun block on my arms, legs and face, while she did the same. Then she helped me cover my back, and I returned the favor. I made sure that I got under the edges of the suit, though not enough to raise an eyebrow from anyone on the beach.

"Thanks, Jack. I don't want to get burned today," she said with a smile, "Let's go get wet!" Then she ran into the lake with lots of splashing with me close behind. We swam around awhile, as her family members settled in to reading and talking on the beach.

Karen was a big, beautiful young woman, all curves and smiles. Her broad face had the accent of prominent cheekbones; her breasts were very large with fat nipples, and her hips flared wide, making her nice big butt well-proportioned. Her dark brown hair reached past her shoulders. She also had a mischievous bent to her personality, which often got her into trouble.

I was lanky and thin and about six feet tall. My golden brown hair had reddish highlights in the summer from the sun and reached my collar. I could be funny and silly, but often worried about what others thought.

We cavorted in the lake water; once we got chest-deep, her generous endowments floated up, buoyant as all get out. "Hey, my personal floatation devices have inflated. I'm safe from drowning now," she said playfully, though quietly enough that only I could hear her.

"Yes, but are you safe from me?" I replied with a wicked grin as I closed with her.

She giggled and made a half-hearted attempt to get away from me. I caught up to her and gave her a big hug and a kiss. She hung her arms around my neck and continued the kiss after I had intended to stop. We were neck-deep by now, far from anyone else, and she encircled my waist with her legs. Being only about forty feet from shore, I got a little nervous when she started flexing her pelvis and thus rubbing on my groin.

"What about the people watching, especially your parents?" I asked nervously, though my flagpole was quite hard now.

"No one will notice. We're just playing out here and cuddling," she replied and then increased the speed of her grinding on my engorged cock.

Well, they were her parents, and if she wanted to chance it, who was I to argue. So, I ran my hands up her chest under the tee shirt and squeezed her large tits before flipping the bikini off them. I played with her already engorged nipples, which she always loved. She kissed me again passionately and thrust her tongue through my lips. She then released my waist and fiddled with the zipper on my cutoffs, extracting my rigid penis through the fly. I reached down while she was doing this and pulled her bottoms to one side with one hand and guided her hips toward mine with the other.

She wrapped her legs around me again, and I adjusted my tool so it was poised at her cunt. She pulled with her heels in my ass, slamming me into her sex. I groaned into her mouth, which muffled it. I moved one hand to her nipple and the other to clutch her ass and aid her in pumping on my steel. The water made her pussy feel much different than when she is simply wet from excitement, more friction without the feeling of being dry. She humped me vigorously without making too much motion, which would be noticeable to those on the beach. The cool liquid kept me from prematurely spurting into her, since I was supercharged from the danger of exposure.

My lust was in overdrive, and I switched my hand from her tit to her ass and just pulled her rhythmically into my body. I kept this up for quite awhile with my penis alternating between the cool water and her molten hot pussy. Her tongue kept circling and strumming mine until she suddenly pulled stiffly with her feet and held me at my deepest penetration of her sex. I could feel the undulating muscles of her cunt walls squeezing my dick as she climaxed, moaning loudly into my mouth. My delightfully tortured cock could not take the stress anymore, and my balls pumped their payload down my member. I repeatedly jerked into her, getting even a little deeper, as my spunk squirted into her canal. My eyes rolled into my head and I snorted to catch my breath through my orgasm.

We both came down from our heights of pleasure, and the low temperature quickly reduced my manhood to the consistency of a wet noodle. My organ slipped from her as she released my torso from the vice-like grip of her legs. I opened my eyes to look at her and saw her lusty grin.

"That was lovely, my dear," she said with a purr. She glanced over my shoulder and then returned to looking me in the eye. "And I don't think anybody noticed." She kissed me and quickly ran her tongue through my lips and out.

Then we set about rearranging our clothes under the surface, me putting my cock back in my cutoffs and very carefully zipping them up, and she jostling her large tits into her bikini top under her shirt. Once we were fit for public viewing, we separated and continued our roughhousing in the lake. After about ten more minutes, we splashed to shore. Her mom looked up from her bodice-ripper romance novel and said, "Hey, are you kids ready for lunch?" I watched Karen, and we both restrained our laughter, since her mom had definitely not seen us doing anything unusual.

"Sure, Mom. Let's go and see what's in the cooler," she replied to her mom. They both got up and headed back to camp. I watched Karen's ample hind end jiggle in her suit and grinned at what we'd just done.

I just luxuriated on the beach, thanking my stars for the luck in finding a woman like Karen.

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