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Swimming Hole


It was an usually hot day for this time of year. As such James had headed out of town to try to escape the heat. Following the river to see where it came from. He had only arrived a few weeks ago on assignment from his job. Hiking along the river he found a stream feeding it with cool spring water, and chose to leave the path to follow it. It led to small waterfall about a mile beyond the river, which made a small, clear pond. Perfect for swimming. After a quick dip, he laid out on the rocks next to the waterfall in the shade.

A he lay there he noticed a young woman from town, about his age, come wandering in. As if she had always known about this place. She walked up to a flat rock, and let her dress drop around her knees. He had seen her around town, but had not approached her. He had been warned she was trouble. She seemed oblivious to his being there. In her Bikini, that barely covered her large breast, and g-string bottom that showed off her toned legs and hips. She turned and bent to move the dress out of the way, putting he back side on display for him. Not a tan on line her body. He knew what was likely to happen next. As he tried to decide how or if to draw her attention to the fact he was there, she suddenly turned and looked his way.

She cocked her head to the side as she looked at him from across the pond. Smiling a crooked smile that worried him. Like she was up to no good. But god, her breasts her were so perky, and she was not thin, but very fit. With just a touch of a belly. He watched, unable to control his thoughts of what he wished to do her, as she swam across the lake, and rose out of the water.

Water running down her body in mini rivers, he nipples hard and pushing against the bikini from the cold water. He could see she was shaved. The look in her eyes was what he could avoid. She just stood there, over him, looking down, with a look like she could eat him alive. Eyeing him, looking him up and down, taking in his near naked body. Not saying a word for what seemed like an eternity.

"What are you doing on my land? "She said with such authority, huskiness, sexiness in her voice. What her body had started between his legs, her voice and eyes finished. He as fully aroused, and she had not even touched him. He knew she had noticed, and that she had smiled when he got more aroused at her voice.

"I am new, and didn't know it was your land. There were no signs posting it. I can go if wish". He said hoping she would ask him to stay. Almost needing it. He wanted her so badly. But yet, he knew she was trouble, could see it written all over her. In her fierce eyes, the way she stood over him, quiet, calm, in control.

"No, I think I may enjoy having company, if you are willing to do as I wish. To satisfy my needs"

A groan was all he could manage at first. This woman was trouble. But it just may be worth it. Finally he got out a "As you wish"

She leaned over, gently twisting his nipple, just enough so he could feel it, "you will address me as Miss when you speak to me. Do you understand?" as she let go and gave it the nipple a slap that sent a shiver through him.

"As you wish Miss, as you wish" he barely managed to get out. As she was sliding her hands along his body, as if sizing him up. Her hands running up and down his thighs, chest, arms, neck, abs. Fingers just ever so lightly brushing not actually touching his nipples or rock hard penis. His balls forgotten all together. This went on forever it seemed. He wanted to beg her to just take him.

"Stand and strip. Let me get a good look" He did as he was told. His manhood standing at attention, every muscle tight, he was tall and thin, but well built, with good definition. Of large stature where it mattered most as well. She continues taking him in, feeling him all over. But now gently kissing him, caressing his body. When he tried to reach out and touch her he was punished, by a light spanking, twisting of his nipple or a touch to hard love bite. She would put his hands back at his sides.

"Did I give you permission?" she would ask, and if he did not answer he would be punished again. This went on until he finally stopped trying. His left nipple was starting to throb, and his ass was getting red. He had never been treated this way, and was both intensely aroused and ashamed. How could let a woman treat him this way.

"Take off my bikini, but do not touch me, and do not use your hands."

"Yes Miss, but how can I do that?"

"Oh, I am sure you will think of a way to please me, that is if you wish to get your reward."

"Reward miss?"

"Yes, if you please, you may decide how you will come. If not, I decide IF you come, understand?"

"Yes Miss, I understand."

Something told him that unlike most of the girls he had met, this woman would be able to take him, whole, and let him finish as he liked. He had every intention of pleasing her. In anyway she wished. He thought for a second, and then slowly and carefully started pulling at the strings to the top of her bikini with his teeth. Taking the bead in his teeth and pulling, he got the top around her neck undone, and then the one around her back. He could feel her breathing harder as he did this. Could see she really had no tan lines, and her breasts were perky, but not overly so, and looked like he could taste them. Took so much control to not just take one in his mouth.

He then got on his knees to remove the bottoms, which were easier. More beads on the end of the strings meant is was easier to grab them with his lips and teeth. He could smell her sweet smell when he got close, a gentle scent, almost like home, or fresh baked cookies. As her panties fell off, he chose to kiss her sex gently.

Bad idea he realized quickly. As his head was yanked back by the hair.

"What do you think you are doing? Did I tell you to do that?"

"No Miss," He panted, " I just wanted to please you".

"You can please me by doing as I say, but since you are so eager, lets us see what you can do"

At that she shoved his face between her legs, soft, smooth, damp from her swim mixed with her juices. He could feel her pearl growing hard as he gently teased it with his tongue. Going between sucking on it, licking it, and flicking it. She was moaning, and now had a river almost between her legs. He could feel as she started to come, her legs quivering, her contractions around his tongue when he slid it inside her, her ragged breathing and moans of pleasure. He kept his head there as she fell onto the rock, with a grace only she could have had at that moment. Her back arched her breast, body so beautiful on display for him, she had now shame about it. Was purely enjoying the moment, every last vibration of it as it went through her body. He then continued this again and again. Stopping fro time to time to change positions, or she wanted a break, or to have a drink, making her come over and over. Every time was a site to behold. She would lose herself in the feeling, the moment. Moaning, growling, grabbing him, pushing him into her, grabbing her nipples, oh how sexy it was to watch. To see her eyes as she came, the pure joy and ecstasy in it.

"You shall do I suppose" she said as she yanked his head back again, with out warning. She then shoved him into the water, laughing at him. Clearly having enjoyed what he had done. Diving in after him, he saw the wet spot left on the rock, and how tight her body was. She clearly took care of herself, but was not afraid to eat. God he wanted to touch her so badly. To feel what her skin felt like under his skin, how it felt to taste her breast.

Swimming to him she wrapped her arms around him. "So slave boy, what would be you reward if you use your sword as well as you tongue?"

"Only for you to take me in your mouth, all of me, to allow me to finish there."

"Well, we will have to see if you last that long. You may not come until I tell you. Come early and no reward, understand?"

"Yes, Miss, may I touch you to please you?"

"Yes, you may."

At that he started to explore her body, kissing, licking, caressing, pinching, paying attention to how she reacted to every touch. Slowly leading her to the edge of the pond. Pushing her against the warm rocks, the waterfall showering them both with a mist. There was a shallow ledge, at just the height for her to sit on and him to stand and still be at the right position to tease them both with his erect head just touching her. Gently swaying in the water, teasing her, as he focused on her nipples. He head thrown back, eyes closed, breathing hard as she focused on his touch. He teased her by pushing him self just into her, but only the tip. Her hips trying to move forward to get more of him. He could feel her trying to pull him from inside. The moans of pleasure and want. Ever so slowly he entered her. Partly so he would not come, as she felt so tight, warm, wet, and partly to tease her. As he kissed and caressed her he continued to slowly go in and out, her body trying hard to hold him inside her. Her moans growing louder. Her arms trying to hold him close, so he could not leave her. "please, make me come, I will reward you, just do it, please" she moaned/grunted. Barely able to speak so bad was her need. " As you wish Miss" With that he started going faster, harder until he could feel her body contracting, hear her moans change into ones of pure release. Almost animal like. He back arched, nipples hard as rocks, whole body seeming to feel it in waves.

He lost is as she came, spilling himself with her, in her. She was just so tight and sexy, and oh, god he just could not control himself. He let loose with a roar as she was finishing herself. Which set her off anew. Eyes wide with surprise, she had not expected that. They collapsed, laying half in, half out of the water. To spent to move, or speak. His head on her shoulder, both looking up, watching the clouds.

He had started to drift off, in a peaceful bliss, although not the reward he had wanted, it was an amazing and powerful orgasm. He could not complain. But was awakened by her hand on his skin, her lips kissing his inner thigh. "I do believe I owe you a reward" she said. "But I came", "I know, but it pleased me, and I promised"

Knowing when to keep his mouth shut he leaned back, and closed his eyes. Feeling her fingers trace his nipples, arms, belly, and her lips, tongue slowly find there way to his member. Now just starting to regain life. She took it in her mouth, all of it, sucking on it, and he grew to fill her mouth, and then her throat. Moaning. He tongue doing a lazy lapping as she gently and slowly went up and down. Hand finding his balls, and stimulating them. Going between sucking on the whole thing, to just the head, until he was about to come. He could feel it building, could see her looking up at him, wanting to please him now.

He put his hand on the back of her head, wrapping his hand in her hair, knowing he was pulling it and not caring. He guided her head, showing her how hard, fast, deep, he liked it. Oh did she feel good. He slammed her head down hard, as he came deep in her throat. Holding her there as he came. Feeling her throat contract as she swallowed him. Feeling her moan in pleasure. He groaned as he finished, letting go of her hair. She licked him clean looking up at him with those big eyes. She was Trouble all right.

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