Swimming, Sun, Sister

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Brother and Sister get intimate pool side.
8.3k words
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Hi. This is my first ever story, please enjoy. It got a little longer than I expected at the outset. Please let me know if you enjoyed it and if you have any constructive criticism I'd appreciate it! I know the plot might be a little common but it's one of my favorite settings, so I thought it would be the easiest to start with. Again, Enjoy!


On the couch opposite me, lying face down, with her head turned towards the back rest was my sister. It was hard not to look her over. She was wearing a tiny pair of blue shorts that ended at the bottom of her ass cheeks and a loosely fitting white crop top that ended just above her ribs. I didn't believe I was perv'ing over her, more, appreciating. At eighteen years old, she turned heads where ever she went. Large green eyes, and a great smile. Almost every time I looked at her I thought she should be in magazines. She loved keeping active and working out at the gym, which had helped her develop into most guys' ideal body shape. Curvy. My eyes roamed over her, starting from her slightly wavy, shoulder length brunette hair, to her fairly large breasts squashed beneath her. Her oh-so-perfect ass sculpted from hours of squats, down to her hamstrings and calves. I also knew she had a fantastically flat stomach. She'd really out done herself. At 5ft5, she was probably my favorite height as well. I often went to gym with her and was constantly impressed by how strong she was.

Because we often trained together, we were fairly used to having each other's eyes on us. She's been training handstands lately and often gets me to hold her legs while she's upside down, or catch her on the way up, which means her ass is often in my face. Again I don't think I'm perv'ing, but in those tights she really does look great.

My sister lifted her head and angled it on a cushion so that she could see the T.V again. We were both watching it without really watching it - more just to pass time than anything else. We were on holiday now and our parents had gone away without us. Protests at our university had pushed back our exam schedules and our parents couldn't change the booking down at the coastal resort they'd planned on taking us all to, so they went and we stayed. It was quite a downer. Most of our friends had also gone away and we found ourselves, just 3 days in, wondering what to do.

I was still letting my eyes wonder and as I was passing back over my sister's ass she lifted her head, turned it and looked at me, with a question on her lips, she started "D-". I reacted as quickly as I could but I wasn't sure she hadn't seen me. Blushing a little, I tried to act normal. She picked up where she left off as if it were a stutter and looking back towards the T.V. said nonchalantly, "Do you wanna go hang out by the pool? Maybe swim a little? It's pretty hot, but I get pretty bored swimming by myself." I wondered if I'd seen a small smile on the corner of her mouth while she was talking. I decided she definitely had seen me. Oh well. It probably wasn't the first time she'd caught me whether I knew it or not and judging by the smile maybe she appreciated it considering how hard so worked, her brother or not.

"Sure, let me go get changed" I said, and heaved myself up off the couch. Heading upstairs to my room I noticed she hadn't followed me so I looked through the window overlooking the pool. She must have had her bikini on under her clothes because she was already out there in a red bikini, bending down to lay a towel down on one of the loungers in the sun. I noticed how nicely tanned she was and again my eyes were attracted to one place. "Her bum really is perfect".

I watched for a minute as she turned around and sat down. She started rubbing sun cream on her arms and shoulders, then focused on the tops of her exposed breasts. I was holding my breath. She then leaned forward, giving me a great view of her chest and started on her upper legs, spreading them apart as she worked in the cream. I started feeling the familiar feeling of blood building in my penis as my eyes roamed over her costume clad pussy. I shook my head to break my concentration and remembering to breathe, wondered what was wrong with me. "Staring at my sister's vagina? Really Jake?" With one last glance I moved on to my cupboard to find my costume. I took my time to let my semi deflate a bit more and headed downstairs.

As I stepped outside I looked in the windows of the lounge opposite me and caught my reflection. Feeling the sun on my body, I looked at myself in the reflection and appreciated my own physique which I felt was pretty good. Not huge like some guys in the gym but fairly muscular and toned. I flexed my abs a little and stood a little straighter, moving slightly to get a good lighting. "Nothing like vanity", I told myself.

"Hey Muscle-head! Take your time why don't you, I'll just be over here burning by myself." I looked over at my sister who to my dismay had watched all of my vain display. "Looking pretty good there big bro, if only you had a girlfriend to show it off to." she said with a smirk on her face as I moved towards her and the loungers next to her. Blushing a little because of being caught and what I took as a compliment, I thought it only fair I return it because, lying on her back, one leg bent up at the knee and one hand shading her eyes from the sun was probably the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen in person. "This really is unfair." I thought to myself as I felt the feeling in my groin again. Moving quickly I threw my towel down and sat down while saying jokingly "You're also looking really good Steph, I've got to admit. The only thing you need now is to fix your personality and you'd be perfect!" She wasn't expecting the insult which caused her smile to scrunch up into a slight scowl, "Ouch... what was that for? Besides there's no such thing as perfect." She said, leaning back and closing her eyes, a small smile showing she knew I was joking.

I didn't reply but instead, while staying hunched over to try hide my semi erect penis, I dipped my hand into the pool and cupped some water, then half squatted in order to make like I was reaching for the sun cream on the other side of my sister's lounger, careful not to drip on her yet. I reached over and grabbed the cream but as I came back up I pressed my hand on her stomach, surprising her with the cold water and sudden touch. She shrieked and squirmed under me turning on her side. With my hand losing contact she now took me by surprise, causing me to lose my balance. I fell forward and onto her. We were both laughing as she tried to push me off of her and I began to fumble around pretending like I couldn't get up while intentionally being clumsy and pushing her hands and legs away instead of letting them help me off her. Unfortunately for me, my cock didn't mind the contact and was no longer a semi.

While still laughing she then used some colorful language and told me to get off. Again using her body, I tried to push myself backwards into a squat to try and hide my erection. I looked around and considered my options, because in my messing around I'd shifted to now be down at the bottom of her lounger, and with my chair to her right I'd have to walk towards her to get back there, and I couldn't really duck walk back there in the current squat. That would be too suspicious and more likely draw more attention to it. I didn't want my sister to see my hard on. Especially when it was obvious it was from her. Instead, I tried to just run for the pool which was to the right of my lounger, as fast as I could. I sprung up, ran for it and before the edge jumped and plunged in. As I was in midair I heard a quiet "oh..." from my sister behind me. "I guess my efforts were in vain" I realized as I played the scene in my mind. I imagined I must have turned as I got up and given her a broadside view. I hung around underwater holding my breath for as long as possible as I tried to hide my embarrassment.

I swam around for a little and did a couple laps, not looking at her afraid to make eye contact. She was probably lying there with her eyes closed half a sleep but my imagination kept running to the scene of making eye contact and her confronting me about what a disgusting person I was and how I'd betrayed her trust, I mean, who gets turned on by their sister! Eventually I reasoned with myself. If she was going to get upset she either would have left by now or shouted at me already. Maybe she understands I can't control it, whether or not I was actually turned on by her. Worrying so much had let my erection subside somewhat, so with that I decided to get out the water. I rearranged myself in my shorts to make sure and headed for the stairs. I walked over, thinking about splashing her again but I decided against it. I grabbed my towel, and started drying myself while heading towards the house.

"You're not going inside already are you?" I cringed a little as I heard her voice from behind me, feeling the door to my escaping this awkward situation closing right in front of me. "We only just came out and I haven't even swum yet... will you at least put cream on my back before you go?" "Her tone sounded normal" I thought as I turned around and tried a smile. "S-sure thing." I stammered as my voice caught in my throat.

She rolled over on to her stomach as I walked over. I kept my towel with me as a form of defense as, standing over her, I could only imagine and feel one thing happening now. My cock immediately began to grow again. "The contact from before has really gotten me excited. At least I'm behind her this time..." I thought to myself. Trying to act normal, a plan came to mind which I thought would at least guarantee me time behind her which in and of itself would stop her from seeing my erection. "How about a back massage at the same time?" I said shakily, not feeling all that confident remembering that she'd probably seen the outline of my erection just 10 minutes ago. "Ooh... that sounds great! Look at you! Suddenly being the best brother ever. Keep this good behavior up and maybe I'll make dinner." I could see the smile on the corner of her lips as she shuffled to get comfortable.

I started off to her left, because her head was turned to the right. Sitting on the side of the lounger I reached over her for the cream again and applied some to my own shoulders before getting started telling her I didn't need to get burned anymore more than she did! I squirted some more into my hands and reached across and began on the middle of her back. Because I sitting side on to her level with her bum, I guessed I'd move up shortly onto her shoulders. I spread the cream around slowly with my palms and then digging into the now soft muscle along the sides of her spine with my thumbs, the rest of my fingers running over her ribs. She shivered as I did this the first time with her ribs being a little ticklish. I continued a few more times going as high as I could but missing out on her far right shoulder blade. I was consciously not going too close to her ass trying to avoid even thinking about it and how damn delicious it is.

I took a second to try readjust my penis and pants as it was a blaringly obvious tent after just sitting down. Doing so I left two finger prints on the front of my trunks with the sun cream. "I'm really not making my life any easier now am I?" I thought.

I went back to my sister who had wondered where my hands had gone and had turned her head to see that I was still there. She was now facing the left with her eyes closed. I looked back at my crotch and decided it wasn't really noticeable versus normal bunching of pants with my knees up. "Close one..." I moved up slightly and began working on her shoulders and neck. My hands working over the smooth, sun tanned skin, my eyes not leaving the trail my hands were making in their wake. My fingers got caught on her bikini strap which made her offer to undo it, so I sat back while she reached behind her. As the straps came loose they fell to the sides and I could now see the side of her breast pushing out from underneath her. My cock was really out of control now, hurting slightly from begin so hard. Getting hornier and hornier, a plan came to mind. With each stroke across her back I subtly let my hand wander further over the far side of her of her body and eventually I made contact with the side of her breast. I thought I heard a slight moan at the moment of contact but I couldn't really be sure. Maybe it was my imagination.

I was getting a bit nervous about her lack of reaction when after did this a few times before she flinched and said "Hey big bro, your hands feel really, really, good but watch where you're touching..." I stammered a quick "oh sorry sis I couldn't really see what I was doing." and changed my plan of action.

I stood up and moved above her on the lounger, sitting down just ahead of her magical ass, my legs straddling her with my bum on hers. She didn't say anything, so I continued. I watched her bite her bottom lip as I dug my fingers in to her shoulders, "Oohh... sh- Ahhh" - She gave pleasurable moans and sighs every now and then as I really worked her muscles and my hands occasionally returned to her ribs and the sides of her breasts, trying my luck.

My cock was now resting along with my balls more or less along the middle of her back, each time I leaned forward to apply pressure it pressed into her back. I watched my shorts for a while, hoping that once this was done I'd be able to grab my towel and make a run for it while shielding my erection, wondering if she could feel it and know what it was - I hoped not! She startled me by suddenly saying "Thanks bro, that was amazing! I feel so relaxed, but you haven't put cream on my lower back yet, please don't forget."

My breath catching in my throat again I coughed out an "Ok". I lifted myself and shuffled backwards, and nearly let out a sigh, or a moan, or a torrent of cum, as I felt my balls and cock run over my sister's ass. "This is getting seriously dangerous now" I told myself. I need to get out soon. What I didn't tell myself was that I by this point, I was seriously enjoying myself. Touching my sister like this was sending me into another dimension of horniness.

I repositioned myself just behind her ass. I glanced down, fortunately seeing that, with my cock being so erect, it was clearing her magnificently rounded butt cheeks. I got some more sun cream and leaned forward to work on her lower back. As I did so however, my cock fit right along the ridge of her cheeks. Fortunately, I thought, my thighs are also against her ass so I hoped the contact was being hidden a little. I nearly stopped in my movements but thought that'd be a clear give away and carried on. But as I leant further forward I unintentionally pressed into her harder and whether she meant it or not, I felt her ass cheeks flex around my shaft. My shaft against her rosebud separated only by two thin pieces of clothing. Again I nearly moan but manage to stifle it. "There's seriously no way she doesn't realize what's going on right now. Is she just pretending she doesn't notice to avoid the awkward situation? I can't believe this is happening." I look down again and there's a large wet spot of precum on the front of my trunks forming due to how excited I am. Close to panicking, I shift forward on my knees and lift my ass into the air so that I'm not sitting on her anymore and quickly finish up her back.

"Alright, my hands are starting to cramp, that's all for now." I say hastily as I reach next to me for the towel. "Mmph" I hear her almost grunt in response. "I guess you enjoyed that then?" I look at her face for some kind of response and see a lazy smile form on her lips while her eyes are still closed. Using the opportunity I jump up and went for the pool again, knowing the cool water will get rid of my erection.

I swim around again, diving and picking up leaves, trying to pass the time while my erection subsides. Occasionally stealing glances at my sister who seems completely content and hasn't moved a muscle. I'm starting to wonder what kind of effect the massage had on her.

My cock's relaxed a bit and I decide I've had enough sun. I jump out the pool and start walking towards the house again while drying off, this time there's no protest from my sister. I went upstairs to my room and glanced out the window to the pool again. "Oh my god" I say out loud as she's still lying there, barely moving, only she's rolled on to her back and must have forgotten that her top was off. I can't believe my eyes. Her breasts are fantastic - medium sized pink areolas and nipples. Her breasts must be a C-cup at least guessing by how they still have size while flatted by gravity. Her beautiful skin glowing in the afternoon sun with only a slightly difference in tan between her now exposed breasts and the rest of her exposed skin. While watching her I think about what I was doing earlier and how my feelings towards my sister had changed in less than an hour. I went from mild appreciation of her body as a brother to completely lusting after her. "Holy shit, you're going to hell... you want to fuck your own sister."

I bring my mind back to focus and look at my sister properly again. She's rolled over again onto her stomach, maybe she realized that she's not wearing her top. As I look though I realize that something looks a bit weird about how she's lying. "It looks as if she's lying on her hand! No way!" I shout inside my head. I move closer to the window and watch. I can make out small movements from her arm. I almost start laughing. I really can't believe that I'm watching my sister touch herself right after I gave her a massage. "She must have been as turned on as I was through that whole thing! Holy shit..." I watch for a minute longer and of course my cock is now raging in my pants. I squeeze it slightly, but since she's still face down I can't see much besides her arm moving a little. I decide I should rather give her space since I still haven't come to terms with my sudden lust for her, and masturbating while watching her seems like crossing a line.

I pull myself away from the window and head to the bathroom and decide to take a cold shower to calm myself down again. I get in and huff and puff as my body gets used to the cold water. I keep replaying the scene in my head, watching her beautiful breasts rise and fall as she breathed and her hand moving inside her bikini bottoms. I imagine she hadn't rolled over and that she pulled her bottoms to the side exposing her pussy while she gave it attention. The cold water hasn't helped my erection. I can't get my mind to focus and I'm not sure how much time as passed. Suddenly I hear a knock at the door with my sister shouting through the door, "Jake? Are you nearly done? I really have to use the toilet. Can I just come in quickly? You won't look right?"

Taken aback, I stammer a response "Ah... ye- yeah sure. I'll put my head under the water." I turn the hot tap on a little as I hear the door open. "Thanks so much Jake, I thought I was going to burst, you were really t-taking your time." I hear her stutter mid-sentence after entering the room. Glancing through the frosted glass door, I see her blurrily step into the room in her red bikini, the top back on and holding what looks like a towel and she steps across the room to the toilet out of my field of view. Misted up or not, I realize that standing sideways to the opaque door has again let my sister see the outline of my erect dick. I turn away all too late.

I honestly try not to listen to her by having the water run over the head and I hear her on the way out as the door slams shut. Honestly, I get a bit annoyed by that. Relieved though, I relax and my mind drifts back to the scene outside.

I give up my mental battle, my cock is so hard and it's not going down. I close my eyes and lean back against the wall and start to earnestly masturbate while thinking about my half naked sister. I imagine I'm watching my sister again through the window. She's pulled her bottoms to the side and licks and sucks the tips of her fingers and starts working on her clit. I can see as she runs her hand in small circles, her face - a look of complete lust and hunger to reach climax. I watch as she moves from her clit down to her opening and slowly dips a finger in. I'm pumping my cock furiously as I imagine she slides her finger lightly up and down her lips before slowly pressing in. I watch as her back arches and her mouth opens as she realizes the extent of how alive her body feels, she tilts her head backwards following the arch in her back, her fingers now moving in and out of her pussy, the other hand rubbing her clit, she opens her eyes and looks directly at me and smiles - and with that I can't hold it anymore. I carry on wanking my cock as cum blasts against the wall in front of me. My eyes are still closed as I go down on a knee, grunting and completely exhausted by the strength of my orgasm. I hear the door click open and my sisters voice "Sorry - left my towel earlier." My head shoots up towards the door while my hand freezes on my cock, only to see her blurry form near the door, she slips out and I hear it close again. The only problem was that I didn't see her cross the room to get the towel.