tagLesbian SexSwing Choir Competition Ch. 02

Swing Choir Competition Ch. 02


Author's Note: All characters are at least 18 years of age, so there.

CHAPTER 2: The Long Dark Bus Ride of the Soul

In the back seat of a school bus headed from one of the city's Catholic high schools to the other, Megan Orr was starting to get seriously hot and bothered. She'd just gone over every detail of what had been the hottest sexual experience she'd ever had at the time (and still ranked a close second). That, coupled with the vibration of the bus seat underneath her, had started her motor, and she was afraid there was going to be no stopping it short of running to a bathroom and giving herself a quick orgasm.

As Megan tried to clear her head of all the erotic thoughts that were running through it, she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. Her seatmate, Peg Bachman, had earlier complained of horniness--and, while Megan was lost in her memories, had apparently decided not to wait for a bathroom to take care of her problem. Peg's hand was up inside her skirt, moving slowly between her legs. The skirt was still mostly in place, hiding exactly what Peg was doing, but the general intent was pretty obvious. Just a few minutes ago, Peg asked me when the last time I got laid was. If she only knew the details of what happened then, I'll bet she wouldn't be quite so open around me...

It had been the weekend after Megan's incredible sex with Ben. Sure enough, he and Sue Johnson had gotten back together again, as evidenced by the time Megan had seen them holding hands in the hallway. She'd done her best to ignore the pair, but got the feeling she was being watched--and it turned out it was by Sue. The dirty look Sue was giving her could only mean one thing--she knew about Megan and Ben. Quite frankly, Megan decided, she didn't care. Let the bitch be pissed at her--she'd get over it soon enough, if Ben was giving her anything like what he'd given Megan.

That Sunday afternoon, Megan was home alone when the doorbell rang. Looking out the window, she saw that it was Sue. "What the hell does she want?" Megan asked herself. Against her better judgment, she went downstairs and answered the door.

As soon as the door was fully open, Sue slapped her, stormed inside, and slammed the door shut behind her.

"What the fuck is your problem, bitch?" Megan yelled, rubbing her cheek.

"That was for fucking my man, slut," Sue shot back.

"He wasn't your man at the time, according to him."

"How do you figure--he'd just fucked me!"

Shit, so that was Sue I was tasting on his cock, Megan thought. She wasn't sure if that turned her on or disgusted her.

"I couldn't figure out why he was in such a hurry to get rid of me after we did it that evening, so I hung around until you showed up. I was looking through the windows while you fucked him."

"Look, Sue, he told me that you might get back together. He didn't say anything about fu--having sex with you."

"Well, of course he didn't. He's a guy, for Christ's sakes. If he'd told you that we were back together, you wouldn't have put out for him!"

"So I'm sorry, already."

"Yeah, I'll just bet you are. He fucked the shit out of you, I'm sure that makes you real sorry!" Sue was still standing right in front of Megan, and now she reached out and shoved her against the wall. "Why'd you stop sucking his cock?" Sue asked.


"Why'd you stop sucking his cock? You were really getting into it, then all of a sudden you pulled away with this surprised look on your face."

Oh, shit. The reason Megan had pulled away was that she'd realized the strange taste on Ben's cock was that of another woman's pussy. But I really don't want to tell her that...

As it turned out, she didn't need to. "You stopped because you realized that you could taste me on his cock, didn't you?" Sue asked, moving closer, still holding Megan against the wall. "He didn't have time to shower between when I left and you got there, so there must have been quite a bit of my juices still left on him. Did you like it?"

Megan didn't say anything. She tried to move away, but Sue shoved her back against the wall. "I said, did you like it?"

"Yes," Megan heard herself whisper. Shit, did I just say that? Why the hell would I say that? I didn't like it--did I?

Sue smiled. "I thought you did. Most girls would have made some excuse to go rinse their mouth out if they thought they were tasting another girl's pussy, but you just kept right on going. Hell, I'm surprised you didn't suck him some more."

"I thought about it, but I wanted him to fuck me," Megan's voice said, again without conscious input from her brain. Shut up shut up SHUT UP! she screamed at herself.

"Mmm, I'll just bet you did. You wanted him to fuck you hard, didn't you? And he did, didn't he?"

Megan just nodded.

"And then you finished him off with your mouth. Why'd you do that?"

"Because I wanted to taste myself on his cock." Megan decided that since she'd already admitted far too much, she might as well just admit everything. "I wanted to taste his come and mine together."

Sue nodded. "I thought so. Was it good?"

"Mmmm, yeah."

Sue was silent for a moment, thinking. "Did Ben ever tell you why we broke up?"

"No, he said he didn't want to talk about it."

Sue laughed. "I'll bet he didn't. He couldn't take the chance that anybody would hear about it."

"Hear about what?"

"That the stud quarterback didn't want to fuck two girls at once."

Megan was sure she'd heard that wrong. "You mean he wanted to do two girls and you wouldn't?"

"No, shit-for-brains, I mean I wanted to fuck another girl with him and he dumped me because of it."

"Wow," was all Megan said. The thought that there was a guy out there who wouldn't leap at the chance to get with two girls at the same time was a hard thing to wrap her mind around--it was something all three of her boyfriends had managed to bring up in the course of what they considered to be casual conversation. And the thought that a girl would bring the topic up first was almost as strange to her.

"I had to tell him I only brought it up because I thought he would want it before he'd take me back," Sue said. "Which, before you showed up at his house last weekend, really sucked, because I figured it meant I wouldn't have a chance to fuck another girl."


Sue grinned. "Well, what better way to even the score with Ben than to cheat on him with the same person he cheated on me with?"

"OK, Sue, this is just getting weird now--"

"Shut up," Sue ordered gently. Slowly, she slid the hand that was holding Megan's shoulder down until it was over her right breast. As she slowly rubbed it back and forth, Megan could feel her nipple start to harden. Sue brought her other hand up to Megan's left breast, and soon its nipple was stiffening, as well. Shit, Megan thought, I always was a sucker for having my boobs played with...

Sue moved closer. "Listen, Megan," she said, her voice lacking the edge it had had since she arrived. "I realize I've been playing it a little rough here today, but it's not like I really want to rape you or anything. So I'm gonna give you a chance to call the whole thing off."

Megan considered. Just a few minutes ago, if she'd been asked what she'd have done in a scenario such as this, she would have said that she'd call the whole thing off without a second thought. The problem was, just a few minutes ago she hadn't been this turned on. Something about this whole scenario was causing some serious humidity down below her waist, and it didn't take her long to decide that she wanted to see where all this was going to go. She reached out, grabbed Sue's long blonde hair with both hands, and pulled the other girl close. "Don't you dare stop," she whispered. Then she kissed Sue hard.

It was hard to tell from that close, but Megan thought Sue almost looked surprised for a second. Just to make sure she got the message, Megan slipped her the tongue.

From that point, as the kids say, it was on.

Sue quickly decided that Megan's boobs had gotten enough attention, and moved one hand around to grab her ass, and the other down the front of her sweatpants. "Oh, fuck," Megan whispered as she felt the other girl's fingers rub her pussy through her panties.

"Jesus, girl," Sue asked, "do you always get this wet just from having your titties rubbed a little?"

"Not usually," Megan admitted.

Sue took the hand that had been squeezing Megan's ass, and used it to yank one side of her sweats down. She quickly stuck that hand down inside Megan's panties and used her other hand to yank the other side of the sweats down. Leaning there against the wall next to her front door, kissing another girl, that girl's finger on her clit, and her sweats down around her knees, Megan did the only thing she could--she came. It was a small one, the kind that only served to turn her on even more, but a good one nonetheless. Her knees buckled, and Sue grabbed her to hold her up.

"Holy shit," Sue whispered. "I hope you're not done."

Megan kissed her again. "Not even close. But maybe we should find a better location to continue?"

"Sounds good to me. Which way to your bedroom?"

"Follow me." Megan started for her room, but quickly realized that her sweats and panties were still around her knees. She quickly stripped them off, and got rid of her shirt as she hurried for the stairs. As she started up the stairs, she turned to see if Sue was following her, and was surprised to see the other girl still standing in the same spot. "Coming?" Megan asked, with as much of a double meaning in her voice as she could manage.

Sue grinned. "I sure hope so." Megan stood and watched as Sue started stripping her clothes off as she walked across the house. First her jeans, revealing skimpy red panties; then her T-shirt, revealing both that she wasn't wearing a bra and that her breasts, despite being slightly larger than Megan's, didn't really need one; and finally the panties, revealing a thin "landing strip" of blonde hair just above her pussy. Sue saw where Megan was looking and stopped, standing with her legs spread apart. "Ben's always after me to shave it completely, but I figure, what's the point of being a real blonde if you can't prove it?" She threw her panties at Megan, who was struck by the clearly visible wet spot on the front.

"Jesus, girl," Megan said, echoing Sue's early comment to her, "do you always get this wet just from grilling other girls about their sexual encounters and then making them come?"

"Beats the hell out of me--I've never done it before."

Megan turned and started up the stairs, adding a little extra swing to her hips since she knew Sue was watching her. She went to her room and laid down on her bed facing the door, legs spread wide and hanging over the edge. As an extra little bit of stimulation for Sue, she brought the blonde's panties up to her nose and took a sniff. Not bad, she had to admit.

"Fuck," she heard Sue whisper from the doorway, "that is so hot. Don't move." Around the panties, she saw Sue cross the room and kneel between her legs...

And then she felt the first touch of Sue's tongue on her pussy, and knew that nothing would ever be the same again. "Oh, shit, that's good. It's so fucking good, Sue."

Sue agreed, although she didn't bother to say so out loud, because doing so would have required her to stop what she was doing, and she was enjoying it far too much to stop. She teased Megan by exploring around her lips until they were open and oozing juices, then finally took pity on the other girl by moving up to her clit. "Oh, fuck," Megan moaned. "Fuck, yeah, just like that. Make me come, Sue, make me come, make me COME!"

And come she did. It was even better than the huge orgasm she'd had the weekend before with Ben. It was, she had to admit later, the best orgasm she'd ever had with another person. And it wasn't even going to be the last one of the day. "Don't stop," Megan begged, "dear God, Sue, don't stop."

Sue stopped, but only long enough ask, incredulously, "You're going to come again?" She was working Megan's clit with a finger, though, so Megan forgave her.

"Oh, God, I hope so," Megan told her. "I need to come again--I'm still so fucking horny!"

Sue lowered her head back between Megan's thighs. As her tongue once again made contact with Megan's clit, her finger slipped slowly downward. It slid easily into Megan's pussy, and she groaned. Taking a cue from that, Sue slid another finger in next to it, and proceeded to slowly work them in and out. "Fuck, yeah," Megan moaned. She'd never been a big fan of being fingered by guys, but this was different--not the usual rough "finger-bang" of a teenage boy, but a slower, more sensual movement. Of course, the fact that she was dripping wet now, as opposed to barely even moist by the time guys wanted to get their fingers in there, might have had something to do with it too.

Megan could tell that another orgasm was building up, and apparently so could Sue, because she chose just that moment to do something new. Megan's clit was as hard as she could ever remember it being, and sticking out prominently enough that Sue had no trouble wrapping her lips around it and sucking on it. Megan screamed as the orgasm hit her, and Sue kept on sucking until she was sure that Megan was done.

"Holy shit," Megan said after several minutes, "that was unbelievable."

Sue climbed up onto the bed next to Megan, on her hands and knees, her head hanging over Megan's. "Thank you." She leaned down and kissed Megan. Megan kissed her back, enjoying the taste of her own pussy on Sue's lips.

"No, no--thank you," Megan said. "I'd love to return the favor, but there's just one little problem--I don't think I can move."

Sue grinned. "No problem there," she replied, and climbed on top of Megan so that her pussy was just above Megan's face. I've heard the expression "sit on my face," Megan thought, but I figured it was just a figure of speech. She reached up with one finger and traced it between Sue's lips. They opened easily, glistening with wetness, and she followed them all the way up to Sue's clit. Sue gasped as Megan started moving her fingers in tiny circles. "Ben loves it when I do this," Sue explained. "He's always going on about how it's not cool to go down on a girl, but the harder I shove my pussy down on his face, the harder his cock gets." She moaned. "God, I love doing that."

"Well, go ahead, then," Megan told her. "Shove your pussy down on my face."

Sue didn't need any more urging. She lowered herself expertly so that her clit made contact with Megan's outstretched tongue. Megan did her best to do exactly what Sue had done to her, and--judging by the various noises of pleasure that Sue was making--figured she was doing a pretty good job. It wasn't long before Sue grabbed Megan's hair and pulled her face deeper into her pussy, yelling, "I'm gonna come!" Megan felt each of Sue's spasms as though they were own. When Sue was done coming, though, she continued to hold Megan's head solidly between her legs. "Don't stop," she pleaded, "I think I'm gonna come again. Oh, fuck, I've never come more than once before. I don't know if I can take it, but it's so good. So fucking good, Megan. Shit, I'm so fucking close..."

Megan knew what to do. She moved her head just slightly so that she could suck Sue's clit into her mouth, doing the best she could to treat it like a tiny cock. Sue screamed, long and loud, and then collapsed forward onto the bed, nearly cracking her head on the wall.

They lay there in silence for several minutes, until Sue looked at the clock next to the bed and said, "Shit, I've got to get going--I've got a date with Ben tonight." She looked Megan right in the eye and smiled. "I think he's going to have to settle for a blowjob tonight--today, this pussy belongs to you."

"Uh, thanks," Megan said, confused. "I think."

Sue put her panties back on, pulled them tight into her crotch, and then took them back off and handed them to Megan. "Here's a little souvenir for you, just like the one you left Ben last weekend."

As she came back to the present, Megan thought, I just wish I hadn't enjoyed that "little souvenir" so much. To try and keep herself from drifting into the memories of what she'd done with Sue's panties, she decided to check on what Peggy was doing.

Peggy was still playing with herself, and looking increasingly frustrated. Megan looked out the window and recognized where the bus was. "Hey, Peggy," she whispered. "You'd better hurry up--we'll be there in about five minutes."

"Shit!" Peggy replied, taking her hand out of her skirt and banging her head against the seat.

"What's wrong?"

"You ever had one of those days where you just couldn't get yourself off?" Peggy asked.

Megan thought for a moment. "No," she said.

"Then you're lucky. Every once in a while, I'll want to whip off a quick one, just to take the edge off, and I just can't make it happen. Usually, it's before what I think is going to be a hot date, and I'll think about calling the guy and telling him not to even bother coming to pick me up, because I won't be much fun, but somehow I know that if he's involved, I'll be able to finish the job."

"So what you're saying is that you need a little help."


Megan had an idea, and didn't stop to think about it. She reached over and stuck her hand up Peggy's skirt. "How's this?" she asked, as she found Peggy's panties still conveniently pushed to the side, allowing direct access to her pussy.

Peggy gasped and bit her lower lip. "Not bad," she admitted. She closed her eyes--probably trying to imagine that it's some guy doing this to her, Megan thought--and spread her legs as wide as the skirt would let her. Megan concentrated on Peggy's clit, using all the knowledge she had from years of masturbation and that one encounter with Sue, and managed to make Peggy come in just over two minutes. Peggy did her best to keep her orgasm quiet, so much so that Megan wasn't even sure she'd come until she relaxed completely and grabbed Megan's arm, pulling her hand away from her pussy. "Fuck," Peggy whispered, "that was good. Thanks."

"No problem," was all Megan could think of to say.

Peggy reached inside her skirt, presumably straightening her panties, and laughed as she pulled her hands out. "Damn, feels like things got a little wet down there." She reached into her purse, grabbed a tissue, and wiped her fingers with it. "You want to clean up?" she asked, holding the tissue out.

Again, Megan went with her first instinct and didn't think about it. "No thanks," she replied, bringing her hand up to her mouth and sucking Peggy's juices off her fingers.

Peggy's eyes got wide. "Damn, girl, I didn't realize you were that into the girl/girl thing."

Megan pulled her fingers out of her mouth and shoved them between her legs. "I'm not. I mean, at least I don't think I am."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Peggy said softly, putting a hand on Megan's shoulder. "It's OK. Listen, after our first performance, let's get together and talk about this, all right?"

"All right."

The bus pulled up in front of the school, and stopped. Peggy and Megan got up and made their way down the aisle to the door. Just as Peggy stepped off, she turned to Megan and winked. "Besides," she said just loud enough for Megan to hear, "I still have to return the favor..."

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