tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSydian: The Grad Dresser

Sydian: The Grad Dresser


He was a grad student. Some thought brilliant; he simply worked hard. In undergraduate school, in spite of his slight stature, he had been a ferocious athlete. Now in between the mustiness of archives and the lugging of tomes back and forth across campus, he still found time to keep the body toned—nothing spectacular; simply hard and defined…

He was almost at the end of his studies—one paper, comprehensives and then he was out….There was, however one potential problem: Cragg. The eminent Professor Cragg, bane to all grad students, and particularly those that he could not coerce….On more than one occasion the two had had words—contending interpretations….Cragg showed his displeasure with grades that barely met passing at the graduate level….So Cragg's appointment to his comprehensives committee, and this last pending paper were some cause for concern….

Not so much a cause that they precluded a night out. What do grad students do on nights out? Pretty much what the rest of us do….they drink, they party, they club….Our student was no different—not much of a drinker—he loved the clubs and the parties….

Heading out of the library and on to the main streets a hawker pushed a flyer into his hands: ‘the most beautiful creatures—in all their glory—amazing breath-taking—and naked!!!! FREE with this flyer.' ‘Hmmmmm,' he thought, this might take his mind off of things….

Well after the sun went down—closer to the beginning of the new day—he found himself standing at a boarded over door, the front to a dilapidated building, hesitating….the pounding of the beat was enough to draw him in…. ‘Alice, through the looking glass' he was….

It was a space….and a world, which astounded him. The space was utterly techno….the dilapidated façade had been a front for an astounding display of light and texture—he thought he had entered the set for some neo-Goth, science-fiction set—cast of—well—hundreds maybe….and, they were there….Incredible. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Stunning…. And, oh yes—naked…. The only thing that the flyer hadn't pointed out—or had he missed it?—is that they were all better hung than he….

He had always wondered about this part of the world…. It held a certain fascination…. And even as he backed toward the exit, sure he was in the wrong place, there was a certain excitement—he was semi-hard…. ‘Careful, Hun,' she whispered huskily as he backed into her. ‘You don't want to get me too excited our first date….,' the laugh was soft and shallow. He turned to apologize and just froze…mouth open….

‘You might want to close that,' she breathed. ‘There are more than a few girls here who know how to fill it.' There was a soft chuckle. She was shorter than him, even in her stilettos. She was slender, but tight—toned. And she had a rack that defied imagination. ‘Yep,' again that husky, breathy voice, ‘they're mine. Best money can buy—34c,' as she followed his line of sight. She was the color of dark copper, with a short-cropped, twisted head of hair to match. The eyes blazed an iridescent green….the nose broad and haughty; and lips, a slashed scarlet that even Angelina would have lusted for…. Then it trailed down her thigh like seven inches of thick, sleeping snake…. ‘Whoa, Boi,' she whispered. ‘First time, huh?'


She gripped his hand…. ‘C'mon. Sit for a minute.' She guided him to a booth. He had the presence of mind to ask what she was drinking. Apple martini for her; coke for him…. She giggled, ‘so you thought that we were all imaginary creatures, huh?' He could feel the warmth of her naked thigh against his pant-leg radiating heat….his cock inching its way to hardness down the inside seam…. Where he had stared, open-mouthed when he bumped into her, he couldn't bring himself to look at her now. ‘You are a shy one. We don't get too many black student-types in here….mostly the professors.' His head snapped round to her pretty face. ‘What?' he said. She stared back quizzically. ‘Black guys don't come in much….' ‘No…. You said something about ‘professors'…. ‘O…they love us,' she replied with a smirk….

He allowed his eyes to leave her and let his gaze shift round the room. This wasn't some seedy dive. It was an elaborately choreographed space: bars, booths, doors that led…he could only imagine. And then these—these ‘women'—fetishes in fetish garb…..beautiful with all that cock…. This place took loads of creativity….

Then the clientele. She was right. Few students; even fewer black guys; but, lots of tweeds. Unbelievable! And then the incomprehensible! Not even a picture would have confirmed this—not terribly far away, seated on the edge of a booth cushion, cock out, grinding against the ass of an incredibly gorgeous, incredibly black lap dancer, was none other than the inimitable, Professor Cragg! Cragg waxing the ass-cheeks of this black huni, while he stroked her huge, hard cock and pulled her thick nipples….

She followed his line of sight again…. ‘Damn! She's fine ain't she? I'd back up for her any minute….She only comes in here every so often. The rumor is she's actually a lawyer or somethin'…gets her kick every now and then dancing….'

‘What about the old guy?' ‘Him,' she laughs. ‘He's a regular. ‘HH—‘Hung Harry'….loves black ass…black cock even more….'

His head began to spin as he analyzed the possibilities…. Could he use this?…. How? ‘Blackmail'…. He toyed with it….looked round the crowd again. Then quickly decided no…. They all knew each other. They were a fraternity and this was their house. He had to be more creative….

He had hardly noticed that she had placed his hand on her inner thigh…. Hadn't noticed until the cock grew in his hand…. She pivoted his chin toward her, licked her lips, and said, ‘You really ought to try it….'


His eyes took in the room once more. ‘HH' dry-humping and stroking his black lap dancer. But in more remote corners, even hotter activity. She eased closer. Her hand slid round his cock and pumped through the pants-leg….he thought he would faint…. Again, ‘You really ought to try it, Boo….' ‘Try what?' he heard his own disembodied voice murmur…. ‘I love having my lolly licked….and sucked, Boo….' With that she pushed up out of the booth, mounted the cushions of the seat, and straddled over him. She made her offering, and he accepted greedily….

Seven inches that slept, grew to nine or ten, big, pretty dark inches. For his first time, he didn't do badly…. She coached him….didn't hurry him…didn't gag him…until the final minutes when she couldn't hold back…. the final minutes, when he learned to match her rhythm, when he comprehended that lust is as much about giving as it is receiving….when he allow his hands to spread the cheeks of her ass, used her own sweat and the moisture of her asshole to penetrate her. First, with one finger…then two….then he took over the rhythm….she gave up control. That was when she gagged him….pushed herself deep into that new, hot mouth….found the back of his throat… and gave him her hot, sweet, sticky cream. The full load. As much as he could handle before it back-flowed round her still hard cock and through his lips….

She climbed down from over him, put her mouth full over his and forced her full, snaking tongue to the back of his throat. He could fill the vibration of her ‘mmmmmmm-ing' as she lapped her sweet cream back. She retracted her tongue from inside his mouth and licked her sperm from his lips…. She cooed huskily, ‘That was very good for your first time, Boo…so good, I'm not even gonna charge you….' She broke into peals of laughter at her own joke…. ‘Just joking, Boobi,' she said breathlessly…. ‘You get mine anytime you want,' hands and knees on the booth cushion, planting another loud, cum-laden kiss on his cheek….

At the exact moment there was a loud crack. She winced and jumped as the leather-clad palm smacked her left cheek…. ‘Breaking in another one I see. Looks like he has potential too'…. ‘Sydddddd!!!,' she shrieked; jumped up and wrapped her arms round the neck of her assailant in a bear-hug. The two exchanged kisses and pecks like younger and older sister…. She was quite dark—darker than he, maybe half an inch shorter than the copper-colored girl, but just as amply endowed. The slender body was cut. And her cock, flaccid, was as large as the one he'd just sucked. Her face an exquisite African mask, topped by short, blond, nappy hair, and accented by cobalt blue lenses…. She was stunning—black blonde, in a white leather corset and bolero, long white leather gloves, and white thigh boots….nothing more save the tops of the white stockings that peeked over the cuffs of the boots….

‘Here. This is for you, Avia-girl.' She pressed a sheath of bills—nothing less than a twenty—into his companion's hand.

Avia's eyes grew bigger and misty…. ‘Sydd, you're always so good to us…..,' her voice trailed off as the dark woman put a finger to her lips….

‘I've got all I can use, Babi…. No cause to be greedy. Besides, HH was feeling quite generous. All the old goat talks about when I dance for him is fuckin' me or me suckin' his cock….neither of which are likely propositions. Buuuuuut…as propositions, the lucky girl is going to damn-sure get almost anything she wants….'

‘Soooooo, who's ‘studly' here? I like his look, and his vigor…but don't worry, Hun….he's too young for me….,' Sydd said with a laugh. Introductions all round. Then he realized that she was the big-cocked beauty Cragg had been working—or on second thought, who'd been working Cragg….he offered to buy her a drink. A cappuccino was her answer; for all of them, away from here…. ‘Go put on your clothes, Avia. I'll get my wrap…. Looks like you've just been ‘adopted', Jr.' she winked as she turned on her heel….


Monday morning. The note in his cubby indicated that Cragg wanted to conference with him. After Friday night and spirited conversation and not a little sexual innuendo with two incredible black ‘women'…conferencing with Cragg was bound to bring him back to earth….

It did not go well…. In effect, Cragg's summons was to tell him that he found his work, up to that point, inadequate: and his attitude insufferable. When he retorted, that there was nothing wrong with his work---that he led his peers in every subject, Cragg's cold response was ‘True…I suppose then that it is your attitude that colors my assessment of your work; and your inability to show the proper deference to your superiors…. In any case, it will be a cold day in Hell…. Show yourself out….'

Doors slam. Even spring winds are cold…. He headed straight into it. Headlong into a biting, winded drizzle that hid his tears. He rounded the corner, head down and plowed right into her before he knew it. ‘Hold on! Dammit!' she growled as briefcase and files spilled from her hands and littered the wet sidewalk.

‘I'm….I'm sorry….' He stammered as he staggered and bent to help her retrieve the materials.

‘You should be more careful,' she hissed. ‘You really need to watch where you're going!' There was a loud sigh. And then he started sobbing. For the first time, she looked up from the clutter. There was something vaguely familiar. Her tone softened…. ‘Are you hurt?' His head still down, he shook it ‘no.' She put her soft gloved hand to his chin and raised it…. ‘Jr!.... ‘What on earth is the matter?' Gathering her things from the pavement, she helped him to his feet; clutched his hand and looped it through her elbow…. ‘Come with me….'


The coffee shop was warm and intimate…a little small. She was greeted as they walked through the door: ‘Evening, Sydd. The regular?'

‘Evening, Zack. Yep, s'pose so….a double espresso for my ‘little brother,' here….'

‘Family, eh Sydd? Family's always good.'

Sydd guided them to her favorite spot in the rear; an observation point—a side window to the street; a clear view of the door. She loved to watch…. She sat him down. Waited for their coffees. And then repeated her question: ‘What on earth is wrong with you, Babi-boi?'

He un-loaded with Cragg. Sydd listened, arched brows arched even more; steepled finger tips kissing pursed lips. Then she spoke. ‘So….how many years of education; how much was sacrificed to get you here? Do you have a plan?' He shook his head ‘no,' again. ‘Are you really as good as you say you are?' He reached into his soggy book-bag and pulled out a letter of recommendation from the provost dated Monday of the previous week. It told all that was necessary of his achievement and potential. ‘Soooooo,' she breathed slowly, ‘here's what we're gonna do….'

She pulled out her cell as she ushered him from the shop…. ‘Avia…. My place in an hour. OK? See ya, Sweets….'


Sydd waited for Avia to arrive. Then, she hatched the plot. Avia was all giggles; he, on the other hand, was incredulous. ‘What?!!! You want me to do what????'

Sydd looked at him sweetly, then not so sweetly…. Acidly, she asked, ‘Do you want the degree? How much does it mean to you? You decide….Avia and I have work to do….' She turned, left the room with Avia in tow.

A bit later, Ms. Copper-top padded softly back into the white room. Energizer Bunni in slow motion. The gray ‘wife-beater' tucked into equally gray and baggy sweat-pants did nothing to hide the figure on that 5-5 frame. She snuggled up next to him in the corner of the sofa; said nothing as she took his hand in hers; her head gently on his shoulder. The panorama was the shoreline, and from a floor below the penthouse, a distant foreign country….

‘Hi,' she said softly…. He looked down into her face…. Today's eyes were a hazel; a perfect match for all the copper. Here was a real mystery for him; but that would have to wait—another time….

‘She send you?' he asked.

‘No,' again softly. ‘She's done with that. It's your decision. Your clock. Though I guess it's tickin' fast….'


Softly in his ear, making the hair on the back of his neck rise, ‘I had fun the other night…. Not just in the club, but at coffee the most. The talk. You treating me like I knew something rather than like I was just some lap-dance ho….' Her voice trailed off, then started again as her hand dropped to his lap…. ‘But I owe you…. I've been wanting to do this ever since you bumped into me….' She worked his thigh…. ‘I want you to know how good you made me feel, Boo….want to show how good you can feel….' The hardness all in her hand; thread-bare grad-school jeans a darker blue and growing where pre-cum pooled from her expertise…. ‘Besides,' she flicked her tongue in his ear; he winced and his hips rose…. ‘You'll never know when this technique might do you some good….'

She managed the jeans down around his ankles; gripped him at the base and kissed him hard and deep before she got to her knees on the soft flokati…. ‘Mmmmmm…. I knew I had a winner, but I didn't know how much of one.' She pulled the ‘wife-beater' up over her head and behind, and let eight, thick, magnificently proportioned, black inches slap to rest in the valley between her equally magnificent titties. A large, thick, clear dollop of pre-cum hit the flat of her upper chest, splattered, then re-grouped to slide coolly between the two thick-nippled mounds. She pressed them from either side to encase his hot flesh….to make it even hotter….

She looked up at him…he was going into the fog as she tit-fucked him…. She cooed, ‘Yeh…they're mine. All mine. But I been thinking. Maybe, they should be yours too….' Her hot breath washed over the cool of the pre-cum now constantly leaking from his slit. Then, no other words, she engulfed him….

Avia had thickly coated and glossed her full, plush lips before she re-entered the room…. Her intent was two-fold: first, more than anything else, she wanted him. And she literally wanted to mark him; leave her color on him. She wanted to possess him by pleasure—if only once…. ‘Silly,' she told herself, as the idea of ‘love' flitted through her head…. Second, she needed to teach him….

She pursed her lips extremely tight—‘tighter than any asshole; tighter than any pussy, or hand,' she told herself—and forced her hot mouth slowly, gruelingly over that pretty, black cock…. There was a delicious pain to all this that he had never anticipated…he had never anticipated how anyone on their knees, doing this could be in control…. He moaned loudly, very loudly, as she forced him into the hotter spaces of her mouth, inch, by slow inch…. He moaned so loudly that he thought his own voice was not his…. Through the mist she caused, he thought he saw another figure in the far doorway, standing….leaning against the jamb, smiling and stroking….

She pushed him all the way to the back of her throat, and felt his hairs tickle her nose as she twisted her mouth on his base…. Then slowly, with twists, her mouth rose back up the shaft to the crown. As he tried to push back into her mouth, she gripped his thighs, pushed down on him and exerted full control. The head was her prize….

And she worked it. First she seized the base of the crown with her teeth, gently but firmly. Her tongue swirled round the head of his cock. She flogged him with it, sucking all the while…. He focused. The pretty face and that beautiful mouth was more than he could take…. He moaned—it seemed even louder than all those before—he tried to tighten his sphincter as she spread the cheeks of his ass and penetrated him….the long, smooth digit opened him up by knuckles. He tried to thrust up but she continued to pinion him. She fucked his ass with the finger—‘One's enough, for now,' she thought—and his cock with her exquisite mouth…. He thrashed; it was over—‘resistance was futile'…. Just as he sought to release himself, to surrender, she plugged his cum slit with her tongue and sucked harder; pushing and pulling her finger in and out of his ass….

He roared as he erupted into her molten mouth….then, she let him pump….let him fuck her sweet, hot mouth like it was pussy or ass….the sweetest pussy or ass he had ever experienced…capable of incredible feats…. She let him pump til he tired himself out and went slack in her mouth. Then, she gently sucked a bit more…cleaning him…..

She looked up at him, smiled; raised herself to his mouth and share his seed with him….

From the door: ‘Unhh. Unhh. Unhh….You two are something else…. Young people….' Sydd was still hard as she walked from the room. Over her shoulder: ‘Clean yourselves up. Dinner in fifteen.'

The shower was quick and intimate. He knew he wanted to explore more….she only shyly giggled. They stepped out. He toweled her; she him. She handed him a plush, white terry robe; she put on a black one that highlighted that coppery glow…. ‘Yeh, Ms. Copper-top,' he whispered to himself as he sheepishly followed her to the dining room….

Another panoramic view—like Sydd, now sitting at the table in her sweats; all white—hoody and pants, a pair of flops separating carefully pedicured toes from the buffed wood floor…. The smile was absolutely radiant as she hissed through it: ‘You two….' Shook her head again and motioned them to the table….

Dinner was silent, except for looks….across the skyline, furtively at each other. He was noticeably uncomfortable…. Sydd reached cross the table, her hand atop his gently, and spoke first. ‘It was supposed to be like that.' She turned to look at Avia…. ‘She wanted to give to you….genuinely give to you….but you needed a lesson as well.'

‘A lesson,' he mused as he felt the heat rose to his face….

‘Yes a lesson…maybe two. Avia showed what great skill she possesses and how it can be used. Who was in charge?' Before he could speak, she said, ‘You certainly don't suppose it was you….' A statement more than a question. ‘She took from you; controlled you in the process of your pleasure—of giving you pleasure. You should think on that power—but not too long….' ‘Avia,' she stood; the two of them began to remove the dishes from the table…. ‘You'll help next time….'

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