tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 01

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 01

byD.C. Roi©

Jason Weeks didn't usually dream, but tonight he was dreaming. And what an incredible dream! Waves of intense pleasure swept over him, the result of someone's touching his penis with a light, wonderful touch. It felt as if his organ had grown as hard as a rock. He'd never experienced anything like this when he was awake nor had he imagined, in any of his sexual fantasies, that anything could feel as wonderful as what was happening to him in his dream!

He could feel his dream-lover's lips and tongue lovingly caressing the swollen, throbbing shaft and head of his penis, which felt harder than it had ever been! What was happening to him felt so real! He'd never had a dream like this one before! His dream-lover stroked him, licked him, kissed him, and wrapped her lips around the arrow-shaped tip of his swollen penis; and he responded mightily. He couldn't lay still. His hips rocked, his erection was throbbed, and his heart was pounding. If only this was real and not a dream!

Then he realized it wasn't a dream. He was awake, in a bed in the guest bedroom of his girlfriend Sylvia's parents' cabin, and someone really was giving him a blowjob!

The question was; who was doing it? Jason laid there, gasping for breath; his eyes squeezed tightly shut, wondering. Was it Sylvia? Had she gotten up and sneaked into his room? Maybe it wasn't Sylvia, maybe Brenda felt so sorry for him she decided to... No, it couldn't possibly be Brenda. That meant it had to be... No, it couldn't be Sylvia's mother, could it? He wanted to open his eyes and find out who was doing these wonderful things to him, but he was afraid to. What if it was really a dream?

His dream-lover lay down on the bed next to him, rubbing her body against his legs and erection. Whoever was doing the wonderful things to him was wearing something silky; Jason could feel the contrast between the cool, slippery material and the warmth - almost heat - of the woman's skin. He still found it almost impossible to believe this was real. Women really didn't do things like this, did they? It was only in porno movies that things like this happened.

The more Jason lay there thinking about what was happening, and the longer it continued, the more powerfully aroused he became. Sexually inexperienced, he had little in the way of control. "Oh, God! Oh, God! Ohhh!! Ohhh!!" he moaned, unable to remain silent, then he felt fingers on his lips.

"Sh!" his dream-lover whispered while her hand continued to stroke his erection gently. "Shhh!"

Jason, lying there with his eyes closed, tried to place the voice he'd heard, but couldn't. It could be anyone, but there were only three women in the house, so it had to be Sylvia, Brenda, or Sylvia's mother. Unless he really was dreaming all this, then all of the wonderful things he was experiencing were just a figment of his imagination. But how could he be imagining how wonderful he felt? How could a dream feel so real? It had to be real. It just had to!

Jason gasped and, despite his best efforts to keep still, a long, soft, impassioned moan escaped though his clenched lips when he felt his dream lover's lips wrap around the head of his pulsing erection once more, then begin to slide downward. At the same time, her hands gently fondled and rolled his swollen testicles. "Oh, God! I can't stand much more of this!" he thought. His hips rocked upward involuntarily, thrusting his erection deeper into his dream-lover's mouth. "Jesus! I'm gonna come!"

Then, wracked by waves of pleasure more intense than anything he'd never experienced in his young life, he was coming and, much to his surprise, he felt his dream-lover sucking on him and swallowing his exploding juices. "Oh, God! Oh, God!" he thought as powerful sensations caused his body to tremble and quiver. "This can't be real! I have to be dreaming!"

At long last the wondrous sensations began to dwindle and he felt his erection, still cradled in his dream-lover's mouth, begin to soften. When even the small after-shocks of joy he was enjoying finally ended and he was totally limp, she removed her mouth from him and gently kissed the tip of his now-flaccid penis. Only then, needing desperately to find out whether what had happened to him was real or not, did he lift his head, open his eyes, and look down toward his groin...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Eighteen year-old Jason Weeks was having what could best be described as one of the most confusing days of his young life. He was excited and filled with anticipation, but at the same time he was experiencing considerable anxiety. His girlfriend, Sylvia Dooley, had invited him to spend a weekend with her family at their vacation cabin in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains, which was not in the least a bad thing. In fact, next to Sylvia going out with him, it was the best thing that ever happened to him. Sylvia was a very pretty girl who was quite popular; even though lately she had been affecting what Jason - an avid fan of old TV shows - couldn't help thinking of as an "Addams Family" style of dress. Sylvia was slim, very attractive, had black hair and wide, arresting gray eyes. In the past year, she had begun to dress in black, almost always wore long skirts, had her shoulder-length hair pulled back in a tight bun. She'd avoided getting a suntan and always wore dark, almost black, lipstick and black nail polish. She looked a lot like the Morticia Addams character; although Jason thought Sylvia was a lot prettier.

What he found even weirder - although he wasn't complaining - was that not only had she agreed to go out with him, she was allowing herself to be thought of by her friends in school as his girlfriend. Ever since Jason first got to know Sylvia - back when they were both freshmen - she was one of the "in-group" of girls. She was a cheerleader who only dated jocks and never even seemed willing to admit that kids like him existed.

Jason, who was eighteen and a senior in high school, was as far from being a jock as a person could get. He was tall and stocky, wore his light brown hair cut very short, and was quite shy. On the positive side he was on the honor roll, was president of the school debating team, a member of the national honor society, and a founding member of the computer club. The worst marks he got were in gym class, which he hated because all the other boys, especially the jocks, picked on him for being a wimp.

"I don't like those muscle-bound oafs," Sylvia told him on the occasion of their first date. "I much prefer men with substance; men with intellect, men like you, Jason."

Even though Sylvia did act a little odd, she was intelligent and Jason enjoyed her company. He liked it even more that some of the jocks she used to date were jealous of him.

The jocks wouldn't have been nearly as jealous if they'd known more about his relationship with Sylvia. One of the things he'd been looking forward to when she let him know she wanted to go out with him was the chance to have his first sexual experience. The fact that he was still a virgin at eighteen bothered him and was a situation he dearly wanted to correct. But, after a torrid necking session at the end of their first date, Sylvia stunned him by announcing she had decided to adopt a lifestyle of celibacy.

"You, of all people, understand, don't you, Jason?" she'd said, looking very sincere and vulnerable. "I mean, someone with your intellect and maturity certainly understands that lasting relationships have to be built on more than sex. You do understand what I'm talking about, don't you?"

At the time Jason was sporting the biggest, hardest erection he'd ever had in his life. He'd just been kissed more passionately than he'd ever been kissed in his life, and feeling Sylvia's lean body rubbing against him had him to the point where he was afraid he'd come in his pants. Still, he didn't want to take the chance of losing her so he took a deep breath and said, "Ah...Jeez...yeah Sylvia, I-I understand. You-you're right. I mean, ah...what kind of jerk thinks a relationship can be based on nothing but sex?"

Sylvia smiled and caressed his face with her slim fingers, teasing him lightly with her long, black-polished nails. "I knew you'd understand," she said. "That's one of the reasons I wanted to go out with you." She made a sour face. "You're different, nothing like the guys I used to date. All they ever wanted was sex."

"Shit, I wouldn't mind a little of that," Jason thought ruefully. He was not at all thrilled by what Sylvia told him. But, because he figured he'd never have a chance to go out with anyone as attractive as she was again, he tried to act as if he understood her point.

They'd been dating for about two months when, while they were sitting at a table in a local fast-food restaurant one night, she surprised him. "My parents said you could come along up to our cabin in the Poconos, if you want to," she said, almost off-handedly.

"You mean...like for the whole weekend or something?" Jason replied. He was thoroughly confused and surprised. He hadn't yet met her parents. He had seen her father, who was on the school board, at the high school and thought he might have seen her mother, but he didn't remember what she looked like. He read the local papers and knew Sylvia's Dad had the reputation of being strait-laced and extremely politically conservative. Jason had never been able to figure out why, if her father was as conservative as everyone said he was, Sylvia was such a Bohemian.

Sylvia at him smiled sweetly. "Of course for the weekend, silly," she said. "Our cabin is huge. We have plenty of room. And the cabin's on a lake, so we can swim and have a lot of fun."

"Ah...sure, why not?" Jason said, fighting to keep the excitement out of his voice. Her mention of swimming caused it to occur to him that he might get a chance to see Sylvia in a swimming suit. Maybe even a bikini! "Who...who all is going?"

"Just my parents, Brenda, and us," she replied, "Why?"

"Ah...no reason," he said. "I-I was just wondering." He wasn't pleased to hear that her younger sister, Brenda was going along. Brenda was a year younger than Sylvia and was quite a bit heavier than her sister, but was still quite attractive. Jason had thought Brenda was a nice girl, but he was afraid she'd be hanging around with him and Sylvia and might get in the way of anything happening. He kind of hoped the invitation to the cabin might mean Sylvia was having second thoughts about the stupid celibacy thing.

"Do you have to ask your parents?" Sylvia asked.

"Ah...yeah, I guess so," he replied. He did have to ask permission, but he was sure his folks would let him go. Even though Sylvia's folks and his traveled in different social circles, he doubted there would be a problem. He was sure his parents would let him go. "I...I'll ask them tonight, when I get home, and I'll call you," he told her.

Sylvia gave him a warm smile. "Wonderful," she said, and laid her hand on his. "I hope they let you go. We'll have a wonderful time."

A tingle went up Jason's arm. "Does she mean what I hope she does?" he wondered, hoping fervently she did.

His parents gave permission for him to go. On the afternoon they were supposed to leave, he packed his things in a small overnight bag, kissed his mother, and walked the two miles from the mobile home park where he and his parents lived to the part of town where Sylvia's house was. He was very self-conscious about the difference between his family's social status and the Dooleys', and didn't want them to have to pick him up at home and see where he lived. He was also worried about what meeting Sylvia's parents would be like. He had never met or seen Sylvia's mother and wondered what she looked like. Did she resemble Sylvia, or did she look more like Brenda? And what kind of person was she? What about Sylvia's father? How would he take having Sylvia's boyfriend along? The closer he got to Sylvia's house, the more worried he got.

He arrived at the house, a two-story brick veneer with a huge, well-kept lawn, walked up on the front porch, took a deep breath, and rang the doorbell.

A slim, attractive woman who looked like she might be in her late twenties answered the door. She had blonde hair worn cut very short and was wearing a snug-fitting black top that had a wide neckline and a loose, ankle-length black skirt. The woman, who had gray eyes so incredible Jason couldn't help but stare at, smiled at him. When she did, he noticed that dimples formed on either side of her mouth. In a soft, husky voice, she said, "You must be Sylvia's friend Jason; the young man who's coming to the cabin with us." She extended a slim, graceful hand. "I'm her mother. I'm so pleased to meet you, Jason."

"God, I can't believe she's old enough to be Sylvia's mother," Jason thought as he shook hands with the attractive woman, whose hand was, he noted, very smooth, soft, and warm. "Ah...yeah...I-I'm Jason," he stammered. "I-I'm pleased to meet you, Mrs. Dooley."

"Please, call me Karen," Sylvia's mother said. "I think 'Mrs. Dooley' makes me sound so old, don't you?"

Jason was very aware that she hadn't released his hand. He took a deep breath and replied, "Ah...OK, Mrs., um, Karen. I-I guess it's OK to call you that, if that's what you want." He wasn't so sure. His parents were very strict about him not calling adults by their first names. But since Mrs. Dooley - Karen - said it was all right, he supposed it was.

Sylvia's mother gave his hand a squeeze and, still holding it, turned and lead him into the house. "Sylvia, dear, your young man is here," she called.

"I'm almost packed, I'll be right down, Mother," Sylvia called from somewhere else in the house. It sounded to Jason as if her voice was coming from upstairs.

"Have a seat, Jason," Sylvia's mother said, leading him to the sofa by the hand she still held in hers. She gave him a warm smile. "You look nervous. I can assure you there's nothing for you to be nervous about." She sat down and tugged him down on the sofa next to her.

Jason noticed that, when Sylvia's mother sat down, the movement caused her top to lift a little and expose the bare skin of her belly, which looked surprisingly flat and smooth for a woman who'd had two children. "Ah...I-I...it's just that...you know...I've never met you folks before and...um...well, it really is nice of you to invite me to your cabin," he stammered.

Still holding his hand, Sylvia's mother smiled and patted it with her other one. "You are such a well-mannered young man," she said softly. "So unlike the boys Sylvia used to date. I'm glad she's setting her sights a little higher these days."

"Ah...thank you, Mrs. Do...Karen," Jason responded. He tried to smile but wasn't sure he'd managed. He looked at Sylvia's mother, who was still gazing at him intently with those startling gray eyes. Even though she had to be almost twice his age, she looked quite a bit younger, more like Sylvia's older sister than her mother. And, judging from the way she looked in the tight top, she had a pretty good body, slim, but nicely curved. Her hands were slim, the fingers long, and her nails were red, not black. He felt a bit uncomfortable under Sylvia's mother's gaze. He was even more disturbed by the fact that she was still holding his hand, but he wasn't sure what, if anything, he should do about that.

"We'll be leaving as soon as Milton gets back from gassing up the van," Sylvia's mother said. She chuckled softly. "That is, if Sylvia's ready by then."

Jason heard footsteps coming rapidly down the stairs, and then Sylvia walked into the living room. She had on a form-fitting black T-shirt and equally snug black slacks. Over it hung a vest of some kind that dangled almost to her feet. As usual, her hair was pulled back into a tight bun at the back of her head. She was carrying a suitcase and had a knapsack slung over her shoulder. She set both of them down and turned toward the sofa. "Hi, Jason," she said in the off-handed manner she usually used with him. "You're early." If she noticed that her mother was holding his hand - or cared - she didn't indicate that.

"Ah...I-I figured it was better if I was early," Jason said, "seeing as how I had to walk and all."

Sylvia's mother caressed the back of his hand lightly with her long red fingernails. "You didn't have to walk over here," she said. "We'd have been happy to come pick you up at your home."

Jason's family weren't "touchy" people, so he wasn't used to the kind of physical contact he had been experiencing with Sylvia's mother who, he was sure, was just being nice to him. The problem was that her caresses were beginning to have an unwanted and potentially embarrassing effect on him. They felt really good, so good he could feel his penis thickening in response. "Jesus, I sure hope I don't get a hard-on!" he thought, but that's exactly what was happening. "Ah...um...I didn't want you to...you know...have to go out of your way," he mumbled.

Their conversation was interrupted when they heard the sound of a vehicle coming up the driveway. It stopped, and then a horn sounded. After just a few seconds, the horn sounded again.

Sylvia's mother patted Jason's hand one last time, released it, and stood up. "Well, I guess Milton's here," she said. "And, lo and behold, Sylvia's ready, too. Will wonders never cease?"

Sylvia's sister Brenda appeared from a doorway, dressed in a faded sweatshirt and worn jeans. "Hi, Jason," she said softly.

"Hi, Brenda," he replied.

"Dad says you guys better get in the van right now or he's leaving without you," Brenda said.

Sylvia's mother turned to Jason and gave him a warm smile. "Come on, Jason, let's go," she said softly.

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