tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 03

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 03

byD.C. Roi©

The movie ended shortly before they arrived at the cabin. Sylvia was still asleep and, finally, her mother let go of Jason's hand, mainly because she was crying at the movie's ending and had to wipe her eyes and blow her nose. After she finished doing that, she told Jason the movie's happy ending always made her cry.

By the time Sylvia's father turned off the highway onto a fairly wide dirt road that led into the woods, Jason's erection had begun to subside a little; a situation he was quite grateful for.

The van rumbled along the dirt road while Jason peered out the big windows, looking for the deer and bears Sylvia told him lived the woods. He didn't see any. They drove through an opened gate and, for the first time, Jason saw cabins. Actually, he wouldn't have called them cabins; they were houses, huge houses. Beyond the ones on the left side of the van, he could see the lake.

Finally, they turned into a driveway and stopped. Jason gazed in amazement out the window at the huge, two-story log cabin they were parked in front of. "Jesus, Sylvia's father must really make good money," he thought, awed by how large the cabin. "Otherwise how could he afford all the stuff they have?"

They got their stuff out of the van and lugged it inside. Jason found that the inside of the "cabin" was even more awe-inspiring than the outside. Just inside the door was a stairway, to the right of that a door led into a room that looked like a library or den. To the left, an archway opened into a kitchen some restaurants would have been proud of. It was filled with every conceivable appliance and had a gleaming copper hood over the range.

"What do you think?" Sylvia asked him.

"It's awesome," Jason said.

Sylvia smiled. "Grab your suitcase and come on," she said, "I'll show you the upstairs."

He followed her up the stairs. "These are my parents' rooms," she said, indicating a pair of doors opposite the top of the stairwell.

Jason was surprised. Both doors were open and each of the rooms held what looked like a queen-sized four-poster bed. "Do-do your folks sleep in separate bedrooms?" he asked. He never knew married couples did that. His parents didn't and his mother always said they never would.

"Yeah," Sylvia replied. "Mom says Dad snores and tosses and turns too much and keeps her awake." She chuckled. "Of course, Dad claims it was his idea because Mom has cold feet and kept rubbing them against him and waking him up." She turned to her left and led him down a short hallway to another doorway. "This is the room you'll be using," she explained. She walked into the room.

Jason followed her in and looked around, his amazement growing even more. The room was not only huge; it had a king-sized four-poster bed in it. "This-this is the guest bedroom?" he asked. The guest bedroom was bigger and fancier than his parents' bedroom at home.

"Yeah, it's neat, isn't it?" Sylvia said off-handedly, as if everybody had a guest bedroom like this one. She turned to him and smiled. "Put your stuff down, I'll show you my room and Brenda's." She smiled. "And where the bathroom is, too."

She led him back down the hallway, past the doors to her parents' bedrooms. Beyond, on the right were two doors. "That bedroom is mine," Sylvia said, indicating the first doorway. "The one down the hall is Brenda's. That door..." She pointed to a door on the left-hand side of the hall. "...is the bathroom. There's a tub, a Jacuzzi, and a sauna in there, along with the usual bathroom stuff."

"Oh, wow!" Jason exclaimed. He'd never expected anything like this. He thought he'd be staying in a little cabin, maybe sleeping in a sleeping bag on a cot.

"Come on," Sylvia said, "I'll show you the downstairs now."

In addition to the kitchen and den, the downstairs featured a huge living room with picture windows that faced out on the lake. Along one wall was a huge fireplace. The entire downstairs had wide pine board floors, covered with braided rugs, and the furnishings looked almost too expensive to sit on. There was a large-screen TV, and what had to be the biggest stereo set Jason had ever seen. Speakers were scattered all around the room. "Is-is that one of those surround sound stereo systems?" he asked.

"Yeah, it's my father's toy," Sylvia replied. She made a sour face. "It really puts out awesome sound, but only when he's not here. He hates rock and roll and won't let me play it when he can hear it."

They walked to the picture windows and looked out. There was a fairly good-sized lawn in front of the cabin, and where it met the lake there was a cement wall. Attached to the wall was a large dock that had seats on it and a railing around it.

Sylvia's mother appeared from the kitchen and smiled at Jason. "Well, Jason, are you all settled in?" she asked.

"Ah...yeah...I-I took my stuff upstairs, anyhow," he replied. "This place is awesome!"

Sylvia's mother smiled at him. "I suppose it is pretty fancy, for a cabin," she said. "We've been coming here so long, I guess we don't really notice any more. It's just 'the cabin' to us."

Sylvia's father walked in from the kitchen. "I called the Inn," he said. "They're really booked tonight. If we want to get something to eat tonight, we better get going."

Everybody turned and started for the door. "You mean you have that fancy kitchen and you eat out?" he asked Sylvia as they walked.

"It's kind of a tradition," she said. "Mom told him she hates to have to cook after riding up here, so the first night we're here, we always go out to the Inn at Loon Lake for dinner. It's a neat place. And the food's good. You'll like it."

They piled into the van and headed for the inn. This time, since there was room for him on the sofa in the rear of the van, Jason sat there with Sylvia. Her mother kept looking back at them, though, and smiling at him. Sylvia didn't say much, and didn't act much like she wanted to snuggle, but then she never did. "This is so weird," he thought with some irony as they rode down the highway, "Sylvia's mother has paid me more attention so far today than Sylvia has on the last couple of dates we've been on."

When they got to the Inn, which appeared to be an old hotel that had been restored, they went inside and were quickly seated. Sylvia's father sat at one end of the table, Sylvia sat at the other, Brenda sat on one side, and Sylvia's mother and Jason sat opposite her.

"Doesn't Sylvia even want to sit next to me? If she doesn't, why the heck did she invite me up here, anyhow?" the young man wondered as he sat there, studying the menu. It looked like the things he hoped might happen while they were here were getting farther and farther from the realm of possibility. He jumped when Sylvia's mother gently laid her hand on his arm.

"What are you going to have, Jason?" she asked.

"Ah...I-I don't know for sure," he replied. "There's a lot of stuff here that sounds good. I'm not sure what I want."

"Well, I'm going to have a martini," Sylvia's father snorted. He signaled the cocktail waitress, who came over and took orders from all of them for drinks. The young people all had sodas and Sylvia's mother ordered a glass of white wine. "If you're going to drink, Milton, I better stay sober so I can drive us home," she said, frowning at her husband.

"Jeez, Karen," Mr. Dooley replied. "I work hard all week, I deserve a break sometimes, don't I?"

"I know, dear," Sylvia's mother said, "Of course you do. Jason thought her tone just a little condescending.

"Christ, Karen, you complain every time I have a drink," Sylvia's father continued, using a whining tone that surprised Jason. "I wish for once you'd lighten up a little. I mean it isn't like I'm a drunk or something. If I was, we wouldn't have all the stuff we have, would we?"

"I guess I shouldn't be such a bitch about your drinking, should I?" Sylvia's mother replied, with more obvious sarcasm in her voice this time.

Sylvia's father looked at Jason. "So what do you do in school, Jason?" he asked.

"Do?" Jason replied, a little puzzled by Sylvia's father's question. "Ah...what do you mean, sir?"

"I mean, do you play sports, anything like that?" Mr. Dooley asked.

Jason felt his face getting warm and knew he was blushing. "Ah...no, sir, I-I'm not very athletic," he said. I-I'm president of the debating club and I belong to the computer club."

"Jason was the one who started the computer club," Sylvia advised her father.

"Yeah, you guys who know computers, you're going to rule the damn world one of these days," Sylvia's father said. He shook his head. "I hadda hire some guys who know that damn computer stuff for my business and I gotta pay them damn good money, too. You know computers, kid, you're gonna do all right. You gonna go to college after you graduate high school?"

"I hope to, sir," Jason replied. "I've sent applications and I'm working on applying for some scholarships."

The cocktail waitress brought their drinks and set them on the table. Mr. Dooley picked his martini up and drank over half of it in one swallow. "Yeah, you better get some college under your belt if you want to get ahead these days," he said. "You do that and some poor shit like me's gonna have to go in hock to pay you to do his computer work for him."

"Milton, I wish you'd watch your language when we have guests," Sylvia's mother scolded. "You know I don't like it when you talk like that." She reached out and caressed Jason's arm with her hand. "I bet your father doesn't talk like that in front of company, does he, Jason?"

"Ah...well...I-I don't mind, really I don't," Jason replied. "I mean, like Mr. Dooley says, we are on vacation and all, so..."

Mr. Dooley smiled, nodded, swallowed the rest of his martini in one gulp, and signaled the cocktail waitress that he wanted another one. "You seem like a pretty good kid, Jason," he said. He turned to Sylvia. "At least he's not an arrogant, muscle-bound shit like that Paul guy you were hanging around with last summer."

"Father!" Sylvia exclaimed. Her face turned bright red.

Brenda giggled softly, delighted by her sister's embarrassment.

Sylvia's mother leaned closer to Jason. "See why I don't like it when he drinks?" she whispered.

"So, when you go to college, what are you gonna study?" Sylvia's father asked Jason. "Sylvia's tellin' me she needs to go to college, but she doesn't have any idea what she wants to study. You ask me, I think the only reason a woman ought to go to college is to get herself a rich husband. She'll need a rich one, too, if she wants to be supported in the style I support her."

"Father!" Sylvia exclaimed, and got even redder. "That's...that's not why I...why I want to go to college...and...and you know it."

"I'm not exactly sure what I'll major in," Jason replied. He was surprised Sylvia's father's actions; especially the way he put his daughter down. His parents never treated him like that. "I was thinking about pre-law, actually."

The cocktail waitress had set another martini in front of Mr. Dooley, who slurped half of it down, then frowned at Jason. "Pre-law, huh?" he snorted. "You're lookin' at the right business you wanna make a lotta money. Damn lawyers make their money at everybody else's expense. Damn bunch of leeches, sucking the life outta working stiffs like me; you wanna know the truth. Buncha blood-suckers is what they are. Best thing that could happen to this country of ours would be to put all the damn lawyers in a goddamn concentration camp."

"I understand how you feel, sir," Jason said politely. "I have to admit that some lawyers do kind of go overboard. On the other hand, some of them do perform a public service."

"Yeah, right," Sylvia's father snorted. "You mean like the assholes that got O.J. Simpson off? What kinda public service did they perform, turnin' a killer loose? The problem with this country is there's too damn many lawyers, that's what it is."

"My goodness, you are grumpy tonight, Milton," Sylvia's mother said. Her hand slid gently up and down Jason's arm. "Have you ever been to the Poconos before, Jason?"

Jason was disturbed by Sylvia's mother's caress, but was glad she'd changed the subject. "Ah...no...no ma'am," he replied. "I...ah...my folks talked about coming up here camping, but we never managed to find the time to do it."

Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the waitress, who took their order. She was a brassy blonde wearing a black sweatshirt and the tightest jeans Jason had ever seen.

After the waitress walked away, Sylvia's mother squeezed Jason's hand and said, "I'm not sure how she gets those jeans on, never mind how she walks in them."

"Hey, you got a butt like hers, you ought to show it," Sylvia's father commented.

Sylvia's mother shook her head and sighed.

Jason, who could feel himself blushing, looked across the table at Brenda, who giggled. He turned to Sylvia, who was redder than she'd been before. "Isn't there something else we can talk about besides our waitress's tight jeans?" she asked. "Something more adult."

Before they could embark on another course of conversation, a slim, casually dressed man with thinning hair and a dark moustache walked up to their table. "Milton, Karen, girls, how are you?" he asked. "I figured I'd see you tonight."

"Good evening, Bert," Sylvia's mother said. She turned to Jason. "Bert, I'd like you to meet Jason. He's Sylvia's guest. Jason, this is Bert Winters, he owns the Inn."

"Nice to meet you, Jason," the man said.

"Ah...nice to...to meet you, too, sir," the young man replied.

"Polite young man," the owner commented, smiling. "Don't see many of those around any more."

The owner chatted with Mr. Dooley and, while he did, Sylvia's mother continued to touch and caress the young man. "The food they serve here is really quite good," she leaned over and told him. "I think you'll be surprised. The first time we came here, I wasn't sure I'd like it...I mean, it does look a bit like a dive from the outside, doesn't it?"

"Ah...yeah...I-I guess so," Jason said. He was embarrassed because Sylvia's mother's touches were making his penis hard again. That certainly was the last thing he expected to have happen this weekend. "I wonder if she has any idea what she's doing to me?" he wondered.

"Yeah, the food really is good," Brenda added. She was watching her mother with a bemused look on her face. "What did you order, Jason?"

"Ah...I-I'm getting the baked stuffed shrimp," he replied.

"Me, too," Brenda said. "The stuffing they put in it here is really good. It's got crab meat in it."

"Ah...what are you having, Sylvia?" Jason asked.

"Broiled scallops," she replied, a bit curtly, sounding almost distracted. She seemed to be looking past him, toward the entrance.

Jason glanced over his shoulder and saw a big, handsome, well-built young man wearing snug jeans and a tank top standing just inside the door. The muscles in the guy's upper chest were well developed and the tank top fit him like a second skin. His blonde hair was cut very short and he had a look of superiority on his face, as if he expected every female in the place to be looking at him. He smiled in their direction then started walking toward the table. Jason's heart sank. Was this some old boyfriend of Sylvia's? He turned to her and saw that she had an odd half-smile on her face and he began to feel even glummer.

"Hey, Sylvie," the guy said. "How ya doin'? Ain't seen you since last summer? How ya been?"

"Ah...I-I'm fine, Paul," she replied, acting and sounding flustered. "How...how are you?"

"Fantastic, just like always, babe," the guy replied, grinning. "What's with the outfit, you in mourning or something?"

"Paul!" Sylvia replied, sounding indignant. "What's the matter with how I'm dressed?"

"You'd look better in a tank top and short-shorts," the boy said. "Hey, gotta go. You gonna be up all weekend?"

"Ah...yes...I..." Sylvia stammered.

Jason observed the interchange with some concern and confusion. He'd never seen Sylvia act like this in all the time he'd been dating her. Apparently she felt something for this Paul guy. She hadn't even introduced them. He had a feeling his weekend wasn't going to be nearly as much fun as he hoped it would.

"Don't worry about him," Sylvia's mother said, her mouth close to his ear. "He was just a summertime romance Sylvia had last year." Her hand fell on his leg, very near his swollen penis, and she gave him a squeeze.

"I'm not so sure she's over him, judging from the way she's acting," Jason thought. "Jesus, why the hell did he have to show up?"

The owner finished his conversation and drifted off to talk with other patrons and the waitress brought their food. They ate silently, especially Jason, who was feeling pretty overwhelmed by gloom at that point.

After they finished their meal, they headed back to the cabin. Fortunately for Jason, his erection had softened while they were eating, and since Mr. Dooley had finished a total of four martinis and his wife was driving. That meant she wouldn't be touching him and giving him another one, which he didn't mind, especially since it looked like there was no chance in hell he'd have an opportunity to relieve the pressure in his groin this weekend...or maybe ever, given how his luck with women seemed to run.

When they got back to the cabin, with his wife's help, Mr. Dooley went upstairs and went right to bed.

"You guys want to play 'Trivial Pursuits'?" Brenda asked her sister and Jason.

Sylvia shook her head and, with a far-away look in her eyes, said, "I think I'm going to bed, too." Without even saying "good-night" to Jason, she turned and went upstairs.

"I guess I'll play a game with you, Brenda," Jason said dejectedly. "Looks like Sylvia's not interested in spending any time with me."

Brenda got the game out and set it up on the kitchen table. Then she and Jason sat down and began to play.

"Sylvia and Paul had a real hot thing going a couple of summers ago," Brenda said. "It was after he broke up with her for some dizzy blonde who was visiting a family that has a cabin down the road that she told me she was swearing off jocks forever."

"Oh," Jason said. He wasn't sure why Brenda was pouring salt on his wounds by telling him this. He already felt bad enough.

"I'm sorry she hurt you," Brenda went on. "You're a nice guy. I told her she shouldn't lead you on, but she never listens to me. She should have never invited you up here this weekend."

"Yeah, I guess," Jason mumbled.

They played a couple of games, which Jason lost then they, too, went to bed.

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