tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 09

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 09

byD.C. Roi©

Jason and Karen set to work making dinner. It was good they'd halted their lovemaking when they did because, shortly after they started working on dinner, Brenda showed up. She was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans and smelled faintly of horses.

"Where are Dad and Sylvia?" she asked, looking around.

"Your father called and said he had to go home and tend to a business emergency," her mother replied curtly.

"Oh, Jeez," Brenda said, rolling her eyes. "Not again. So where's Sylvia?"

"She and her friends went to the Overlook earlier this afternoon," her mother explained. "I'm not sure when she'll be back."

"The Overlook, huh," Brenda said, grinning. "Want to bet Paul went along, too?" She looked at Jason and reddened. "Ah...sorry, Jason, I..."

"Don't worry about it," Jason said. "I could have gone along, but I decided not to."

"How come?" Brenda asked. "It's really neat up there. You can see for miles. It's one of the best views around."

"I'm not much for hiking in the woods," Jason replied. "And I kind of got the feeling that Sylvia didn't really want me to go."

"Yeah, I bet she didn't," Brenda replied. "Especially since Paul's showing interest again. Did you guys notice that my sister's stopped wearing those silly black outfits she's been wearing?"

"Yes, we did," her mother responded. "Brenda, isn't there something else we can talk about?"

"OK, Mom," Brenda said. She picked a piece of tomato out of the bowl of salad Jason had prepared and ate it. "I was gonna ask Dad if we could stay a couple more days. They've got a guy coming in who's a real expert in training horses and I was kind of hoping we could stay so I could hear what he has to say."

Sylvia's mother paused and looked thoughtful. She turned to Jason. "Is there any reason why you have to go home tomorrow night, Jason?" she asked.

Jason could barely contain himself. If they stayed at the cabin longer, it would mean he'd have more chances to make love with Karen. He wouldn't mind that at all. "I don't think so," he said. "I don't have to work again until Friday night. I have to call my folks and ask them, though."

"Why don't you do that?" Sylvia's mother said. "I'm sure Sylvia won't mind, given what seems to be happening. You can use the phone in the living room."

"OK," Jason said. He called his parents who, as he expected, had no problem with him staying a few days longer.

"Are you behaving yourself?" his mother asked him.

"Aw, Mom, of course I am," he replied. "I'm being good." "You'd have a cow if Sylvia's Mom told you how well I've been behaving," he found himself thinking and felt his face growing warm.

"Well, then, I think you should stay," his mother said. "You could use a break. When do you have to work again?"

"Friday night, I'm closing," Jason said. He'd found a part-time job at a local fast-food outlet.

"Have fun and we'll see you Friday, then," his mother said.

"They said I could stay," he announced when he walked back into the kitchen.

"That's wonderful," Sylvia's mother said.

When dinner was ready, the three of them sat down to eat. "Sylvia's just going to have to make do with whatever is left over," her mother commented as they ate.

Sylvia finally showed up just before the rest of the family, and Jason, were finished eating. "I'm sorry I'm late," she said, blushing. "We stayed up at the Overlook longer than we planned." She pulled up a chair, sat down and began eating.

"Your father had to go back home because there was an emergency at work," her mother told her.

"Does that mean we'll have to go home, too?" Sylvia asked. She looked and sounded a little apprehensive.

"As a matter of fact, we'll be staying a few days longer than we planned," her mother replied. "Your sister wanted to attend some special training at the stables and Jason's parents said it was all right for him to stay, so we'll probably be here until Thursday, or maybe Friday morning."

"Neat!" Sylvia said, smiling. She went back to eating.

Both of the girls retired to the living room and turned on the TV after they finished eating. Jason stayed in the kitchen and helped Sylvia's mother clear the table and get the dishes cleaned up.

"Let's hope those two go to bed early," she whispered as they worked.

"Ah...yeah...it would be great if they did," Jason replied.

After dinner, they four of them got into a card game and played for quite some time, although the girls seemed miffed that Jason was the only one who seemed to be able to win.

Finally, after the fourth game, Sylvia stretched and yawned. "I think I'm gonna go to bed," she said. "I'm really beat. And I'm supposed to meet the kids at the lodge in the morning."

"Me, too," Brenda said. "Eunice is coming to pick me up about eight. I better get some sleep, too."

"Why don't you go up, too, Jason?" Karen said after the girls left. "After we give them a chance to get to sleep..." She smiled at him knowingly.

"Ah...yeah, sure," Jason replied. He got up, went upstairs, peeled off his clothes, and slipped into bed, then laid there, waiting for Karen to come visit him. The longer he laid there, the more his level of anticipation rose. After what seemed like ages he began to get sleepy. He was fighting hard to stay awake and about to lose the battle when he heard the door opening. His excitement surged as he looked in that direction. Karen stood in the doorway, back-lit by the hall light. He looked at her and couldn't breathe. "My...God!" he gasped.

The light from the hallway was shining through the diaphanous negligee‚ Sylvia's mother was wearing and highlighted her lean, wonderful body.

Karen seemed to be delighted by his response. She closed the door behind her and started toward the bed. "I take it from your response that you like my outfit?" she murmured.

Jason nodded. "I've never seen anything that beautiful!" he whispered.

Sylvia's mother walked over to the bed and sat down next to him. "I'm glad you like my nightgown, Jason," she said. "I intend to make you feel very, very good tonight. Now, be a good boy and lay back."

Jason did exactly as he was told. He was unable to take his eyes off the glorious apparition before him. He shook as Sylvia's mother's hands slid the covers down, then began to move over him, her touch feather-light, teasing, tantalizing.

"Oh, God, that feels so good!" he whispered as her hands moved over his body. She touched him everywhere except for his erection; which stood rampant, pointing at the ceiling. She continued her caresses, reducing him to a quivering mass of flesh, groaning and twisting on the bed.

When he didn't think he could stand any more, Sylvia's mother ceased her caresses and stood up. Standing in the glow of the moonlight, she slowly let the robe she was wearing slide down over her shoulders and drop to the floor.

Jason reached for her. "Oh, God, please, Karen!" he moaned.

Smiling gently, Sylvia's mother stepped back a step, then she slid one of the straps of her negligee off one shapely shoulder, then the other one. Slowly, clinging to her curves as if it hated to leave them, the filmy garment slid down her body.

Jason was almost insane with need. He wanted to jump off the bed, grab her, and ravish her, but he couldn't move. He thought she was beautiful and desirable before, but the way she looked now, and what she'd just done, made her seem even more so. Again, he reached for her.

Sylvia's mother moved slowly back to the bed and climbed onto it. Then she straddled Jason's body. She slid her body up his, then she got to her knees and Jason felt her hand grasp his erection. He gasped when he felt the tip slide between the humid lips of her vagina. "Ahh!" he groaned. "Oh, God, Karen, please! Please!"

Jason felt Sylvia's mother shudder when his hardened, throbbing penis began to slide into her body, filling her, thrilling her! Then her pubic hair mingled with his and their pubic bones began to grind together.

Once she had him all the way in her, Sylvia's mother sat atop Jason, not moving. He could feel wild sensations sweeping through him, even though they weren't moving, and loved it. Then she started rocking her hips gently.

"Let's do this slowly," she murmured. "It feels so delightful I want to make it last!"

Jason heard her words, but wasn't sure they could manage. Her body, like his, was trembling violently with need.

Karen continued the gentle rocking of her hips, causing his erection to caress her insides and Jason, lying under her, couldn't believe how sweet her actions felt. The walls of her clutching tube slid along the sides of his rigid pole, massaging him wonderfully, sending glorious sensations coursing through him, filling him with warmth and delight. This was wonderful! It was slow-motion delight; joy building slowly, wonderfully, touching every fiber of his being!

Jason allowed Sylvia's mother to set the pace and was a bit surprised when he felt her stiffen.

"Oh, Jason, darling! I'm there! I...I can't wait any longer!" she cried. Her self-control vanished and her body went wild. "Feels so...so good! So good! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Yes! Yes!"

His lover's ascent to bliss drew Jason along with her. "Unnhh! Unnhh!" he groaned, erupting into her like a human volcano.

After she finished, Sylvia's mother laid atop Jason and, without either of them intending to, they fell asleep.

A bit later, Jason woke up, turned his head, and saw Sylvia's mother lying next to him on her side, with her back to him. He still found it hard to believe all that had happened to him in the past two days, even as he gazed at the curve of her naked back and the rounded curves of her firm buttocks and legs. As he surveyed her lovely body, he felt himself growing hard.

He turned on his side and slid against her. When he did, his rigid penis insinuated itself into the cleft between her nether cheeks. He nuzzled her neck and felt the warmth of her silken skin against his lips and smelled the fresh scent of her hair.

Sylvia's mother moaned softly and pressed her bottom back against him. He slid his hand down onto one of her breasts and felt the nipple erecting against his palm.

"Oh, Jason!" Sylvia's mother groaned. She stretched and tightened her bottom around his blood-engorged wand. "It looks as if someone's wide awake again!"

Jason found the position they were in absolutely wonderful. The pressure of her buttocks on his erection was a new sensation and was making him wild. He was surprised how many new and different ways they seemed to come up with. He began to move his hips and was surprised how good it felt to have his erection sliding between her buttocks. It felt a lot better than he would have thought it would. In fact, it felt so good he was afraid if he kept it up too long, he might come without ever being in her!

"Oh, darling..." Sylvia's mother purred. Her body was quivering in response to his insistent caresses; "...do you have any idea how incredible that feels?"

"Ah...yeah...I-I sure do!" Jason replied while he continued to thrust his rigid penis between her buttocks. He felt the brushing against her anus and when it did, she gasped. "I wonder what it would feel like to put it in there!" he thought and shuddered. That would be far wilder than anything he'd done with her so far. He thrust again, making her tremble as the tip of his erection moved toward the base of her vagina.

"Oh!" Sylvia's mother moaned again.

"Do you like this?" Jason asked. He captured one of her rigid nipples between his thumb and forefinger and began rolling it gently.

"Oh! Yes!" Sylvia's mother replied. "It's heavenly!" She raised her leg and hooked it back over his. "That's what I want!" she groaned when the tip of his erection slid between her juicy vaginal lips and began to enter her. "There, that's better, much better!" She slid her hand through the rich thicket of her pubic hair and guided the tip of the young man's erection so that when Jason thrust forward, it slid all the way into her. "My darling!" she moaned, "Oh, my darling!"

Jason felt her hand on his erection, and then he felt warmth and dampness engulf it as it entered her body. He began moving his hips and felt the spiral of delight begin.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!" Sylvia's mother chanted, "Take me! That's it, Jason! Take me! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!"

Jason did just that. At the same time he moved his hand from her breast to her groin, found her clit, and began stroking it while he plunged into her.

"Oh!" Sylvia's mother cried, enraptured, "Oh, yes! Oh, yes!"

Jason felt the signals that warned him his body was preparing to unleash itself. Deep inside him, pulsations began; excitement swelled, blossomed, and grew, filling his whole being.

"Karen! Oh, God! Karen, I'm gonna come!" he cried, then his thick cream came blasting out of his throbbing wand.

"Yes, darling! Yes!" Sylvia's mother cried as her lover's torrid fluids splattered her insides, taking her over the top. "Come, Darling! Come! Take me! Take me! Yes! Oh, yes!"

Afterward, they lay on their sides looking at each other. Sylvia's mother kissed Jason and stroked his face lightly with her fingers. "You make me feel better than I ever believed it was possible to feel," she whispered.

Jason blushed.

They snuggled against each other a little longer, enjoying the warmth of having their bodies in contact. Finally, Sylvia's mother rolled on her side and propped herself up on her elbow.

"We need to talk, young man," she said.

Jason rolled on his side, facing her, and asked, "About what?"

"We need to talk about what's been happening between us," Sylvia's mother said. "I've never spend a more delightful few days in my life, but what we're doing could lead to problems for both of us if we're not careful." She reached out and laid her hand on his face gently. "I know this isn't the most pleasant conversation we could have, my love, but we do need to get some things straightened out."

Jason, puzzled, asked, "Like what?"

"Well, how do you feel about me?" Sylvia's mother asked.

Jason really hadn't thought about it. "I-I'm not sure," he replied. "I guess I like you. A lot. A whole lot! I mean..."

Sylvia's mother nodded and said, "I hope this doesn't sound as if I'm conceited, but I don't want you to start thinking you're falling in love with me."

"Would that be so bad?" Jason asked. "I mean..."

"It would be terrible," Sylvia's mother said. "First of all, I'm married. Second, I'm old enough to be your mother. And third, I have a daughter who's your age. Two of them, in fact."

"Yeah, I see," Jason agreed. He still wasn't exactly sure why they had to talk about this stuff.

"You look puzzled, my darling. Why?" Sylvia's mother asked.

"Well, how come we need to talk about this?" he asked.

"Because I want to make sure both of us understand what's going on, Jason," Sylvia's mother replied. "I care for you and I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't hurt me," Jason replied. "How could you?" He started to caress one of her breasts.

"Uh..." Sylvia's mother stammered. "Because, ah..." She looked flustered as his maddeningly delightful caresses continued.

"You, my darling young man, are impossible!" Sylvia's mother said. She pushed Jason onto his back and began to caress and stroke him. Her lips moved down over his body and onto his penis. She loved how it swelled and grew in her mouth.

"God!" Jason groaned. "My God! That feels so good!" His hips turned and twisted as thrills roared through him.

Sylvia's mother continued to pump his erection with her hand as she moved to straddle his legs. Then she raised her hips, and, still holding onto his shaft and dropped down, impaling herself on him.

"Oh! Oh, my darling!" she hissed. "What am I ever going to do when you aren't here?"

"I don't know, but keep doing that now!" Jason groaned. His hips rose off the bed, forcing his shaft farther into her warmth and wetness. "Just keep doing that! Oh, God, does that feel awesome!"

Sylvia's mother continued to ride him, her hips rising and falling and Jason found he had a spectacular view with Karen on top. Her breasts bobbed and bounced as she rode him, her rigid nipples drawing imaginary circles in the air.

Jason reached up and cupped the jellied orbs in his hands, his thumbs rubbing the tips. Karen's head lolled back, her eyes closed, and her mouth hung open while gasps and groans of excitement poured from her.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried after she'd been riding him for a while. Her face went slack and the movements of her hips became more and more frantic. Her hips whipped back and forth. "Oh, God! Oh, God! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Oh, God! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Oohh!"

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Jason groaned in reply as he blasted his spend into her, "Me, too! Me, too!"

When her passion was spent, Sylvia's mother collapsed atop Jason again. After giving him a warm kiss, she rolled off him, onto her side.

They snuggled into a fond embrace and, locked in each other's arms, drifted off to sleep.

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