tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 12

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 12

byD.C. Roi©

"Where are we going?" Jason asked as they walked along the road behind the cabins that surrounded the lake.

"You'll see when we get there," Karen replied, chuckling. "Try to enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air."

"All right," Jason replied. He wasn't anywhere near as enthusiastic about their walk as Sylvia's mother seemed to be. He'd never been much for doing outdoor stuff, and now especially, he would much rather have stayed at the cabin where there were lots more fun things to do than walk in the woods.

"So, Jason, do you really want to be a lawyer?" Karen asked as they strolled down the road next to each other.

Jason shrugged. "It's one of the things I'm thinking about," he replied. "I know the stuff Mr. Dooley said about lawyers is true about some of them, but I don't think all lawyers are crooks. Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer and he wasn't a crook."

Karen chuckled. "You should have used that line with Milton," she said. "Although knowing him, he'd have probably replied that Lincoln was the last honest lawyer the country has ever seen."

"Well, there have been other honest lawyers since Lincoln," the young man said. He laughed. "But you know, I'm not sure I could tell you who they are. So it's probably good I didn't use that line. I mean when you think about it, Richard Nixon was a lawyer, wasn't he?"

Karen laughed. "Yes, I guess he was." She found the young man's sense of humor and quick wit endearing.

They talked about the things Jason did in school and his job, and about his family, too, although he found he felt a little ashamed admitting to Sylvia's mother that he and his folks lived in a mobile home.

"My parents lived in a mobile home when I was first born," she said, surprising him. She laughed gently. "Back then, they called them trailers and, sometimes, people called us 'trailer trash.' My father was a mechanic and he was trying to keep a little garage going, so we didn't have a lot of extra money when he first opened it. Daddy's garage did turn out to be pretty successful, and we eventually moved into a house. I think I was a freshman in High School when we did.

"And actually, when Milton and I were first married, we didn't have that much money, either. Not until Milton's business began to be really successful. You should have seen the little apartment we lived in. The problem is, once you have more money than you know what to do with, you sometimes forget what it's like for those people who barely have enough."

Jason looked at Karen with interest. He was a little surprised to learn that her background wasn't all that different from his. For the first time, he found himself looking at her as a person, not just a sex partner. And, much to his surprise, he liked what he saw. She wasn't just attractive on the outside; she was a really nice person inside, too. "It's too bad she's so much older than I am," he thought. "She's really neat."

They had gone about a half-mile when Karen stopped. "Come on," she said, gesturing toward a path that ran into the woods. "We're going that way."

"What's that way?" Jason asked. He'd never been in the forest before and wasn't sure how safe it was. He'd read about forests and knew there weren't any really dangerous animals in the Poconos, but there were snakes, even poisonous ones. And he'd always been scared of snakes, even the garter snakes that occasionally showed up in the lawn of the mobile home park where he and his family lived.

"You'll see," Karen replied. She started up the path.

Jason looked around. Then, because Sylvia's mother knew where they were going and he didn't, he followed her. Walking close behind her along the narrow path, he couldn't help but notice the way her rear end twisted and her well-formed buttocks moved as she walked. He soon discovered that watching the undulations of her very nice backside was causing his penis to stiffen and bulge out the front of his pants. Not only did that cause him some difficulty walking, he also wondered what Karen would think if she saw the effect that she was having on him.

By the time they arrived at their destination, Jason was out of breath and his legs hurt. He'd walked farther today than he'd walked in a long time. He looked around and saw that the place where Karen had taken them. It was a spot where two high rock ledges met at an almost perfect right angle. A small waterfall tumbled from the junction of the two ledges and the falling water had formed a little pool in the bed of rock at the base of the ledges. The pool had a small, sandy beach, which was bordered by grass that was so short it was almost like a lawn. The thick forest canopy shaded a lot of the area. As he looked around he could hear no sounds, save for those coming from the forest. The spot was the most quiet and restful place he'd ever been and he immediately understood why Karen liked coming there.

Karen saw him looking around and smiled. "Now, isn't this nice?" she asked. "Aren't you glad I brought you here?"

"Yeah, it's really neat," Jason replied. "That pool looks like it would be a good place to swim."

Karen nodded and said, "Yes, it is. It's a lovely place to swim, although the water is a bit cold sometimes." She looked around and smiled softly. "I found this place shortly after we bought the cabin and I love it so much I've been coming here ever since, except in the winter. I don't know why, but I've never told Milton or the girls about it, and I've never seen anyone else here. I've always been surprised about that. I mean, it's such a lovely place, I can't imagine other people wouldn't want to visit it, too." She chuckled softly. "It's my private place. Sometimes I go skinny-dipping when I'm here," she added, blushing a little.

"You swim here naked?" Jason asked, surprised.

Karen smiled and nodded. "Of course. I've never seen another soul here in all the years I've been coming here," she said, and added an embarrassed laugh.

"Is it fun?" Jason asked. "Skinny-dipping, I mean."

Karen smiled and nodded. "I enjoy it," she said. "I used to feel terribly daring, swimming in the nude out here, but after all the years I've been doing it, it doesn't feel as daring as it used to. Especially since I've always done it alone." She took the knapsack from Jason, opened it, and pulled out a tablecloth. She spread that on the grass, then she started to take some food items out of the basket.

Jason kept thinking about what she'd said about skinny-dipping and, the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to try it. "Want to go swimming before we eat?" he asked.

Karen, who was kneeling next to the tablecloth, paused from what she was doing, looked up at him and smiled. "Would you like to do that, my darling?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'd really like to," Jason replied eagerly. "And if we're gonna do that, we probably ought to do it before we eat, don't you think? I mean..."

Karen's smile broadened and she raised her hand to silence him. "You don't need to convince me, my dear," she said softly. "I would love to go skinny-dipping with you." She stood up and began peeling off her clothes.

Jason wasn't sure what to do. Even though he'd seen Sylvia's mother naked more than once this weekend, he found watching her take her clothes off here in the outdoors surprisingly arousing. It evoked new feelings, too, feelings he couldn't quite identify other than that it felt different than it had before. At the same time, he found that he was feeling funny about taking his clothes off in front of her. Apparently it was one thing to be naked in the house and another thing entirely being naked outdoors.

He tried to watch Karen undress while he took his own clothes off but, when he pushed his pants down, he lost his balance and wound up jumping around in a kind of clumsy one-legged dance to keep from falling. Before he could get his balance and finish taking his clothes off, he heard splashing. He turned toward the pool and saw Karen's slim back as she waded into the water. "Her bottom looks a lot better when she's walking naked than it does in jeans," he thought as he gazed at her while he stood on one foot, holding a sneaker.

Karen waded out into the pond and dipped under the clear blue water. When she stood up again, only her head and shoulders showed.

Watching Karen disrobe had restored the erection he had developed on the walk up to the pool and, as Jason walked down to the edge of the water, he could feel his rigid penis bobbing and swinging up and down and around in circles with each step.

Karen stood in the water, watching him, her eyes glued to his middle, with a bright-eyed smile on her face. He felt like trying to cover himself with his hands, or a bunch of leaves or something, but he didn't.

"It's a little chilly, but it isn't bad once you get in," Karen observed, her eyes still twinkling.

"OK," Jason said. He didn't care if the water was cold. He wanted to get his erection out of sight. Given all the things they'd done with each other, he had no idea why having Sylvia's mother see him naked was suddenly making him feel so embarrassed, but it was. He walked slowly into the water, which wasn't that cold and, as he moved into deeper water, his erection disappeared beneath the surface.

Karen grinned at him and giggled. "You know, Jason, certain parts of your body made some very interesting movements when you were walking toward the pool," she chuckled.

"If we ever do this again, I'm gonna get in the water first, so I can watch you," Jason retorted. He splashed water at her.

Without warning, Karen jumped toward him, grabbed his head, and let her weight push him under the water. Jason came up sputtering and disoriented and lunged at the place where she'd been standing, but only wound up going under water again because she wasn't there. When he surfaced again, he heard her laughing and turned around, looking for him. She had swum out into the middle of the pool. The one athletic activity he was good at was swimming and he swam toward her. She started to swim away, but he quickly overtook her, grabbed her by a slim ankle, and pulled her under the surface of the pool.

Karen emerged from the water still grinning and made another grab for him, hoping to duck him again. This time Jason saw it coming and managed to dodge her. He grabbed her and she struggled in his embrace, trying to get free. While they grappled with each other, her body brushed against his erection several times and, then his hand fell on one of her breasts. He began stroking it and squeezing it.

Karen took advantage of the fact that he was distracted and moved away from him. "Thought you had me, didn't you?" she giggled.

Jason started toward her and said, "I still owe you for that first ducking."

"All right, no more ducking," Karen gasped. "Okay?"

"Actually, I'm about ready to eat," Jason said. "How about you?"

"I guess we've done enough swimming for now," Karen said.

Jason swam to shore ahead of his companion, waded out of the water, and waited for her to join him. This time he got to watch her. As she emerged from the water, Sylvia's mother's breasts bobbed up and down on the surface at first. When they were fully exposed, they jiggled delightfully as she moved toward him.

He couldn't take his eyes off her as she advanced toward him. The sway of her hips and the way her breasts danced with each step she took enthralled him. There was no way he could have stopped looking at her.

Karen seemed to be ignoring his adoring gaze, but the slight smile that gently curved her lips and the flush that had spread over her lovely nude body was evidence that she was aware he was watching her avidly. Gracefully, she sat down on the blanket and took bags of sandwiches and some cold drinks out of the knapsack. Sitting cross-legged, she extracted her sandwich from a sandwich bag and started to eat it.

Jason sat down on the tablecloth opposite her and got out a sandwich, too, but the view he had of Karen distracted him so much he found it hard to eat. The position she was sitting in left her vagina gaping. He had an unobstructed view of the moist, pink flesh between her legs and his reaction to what he saw made him tremble. He noticed that, while they ate, she was looking at his swollen penis, too, although she was being a lot more circumspect about it than he was.

When they finished eating, Karen cleaned up the remains of their lunch, stashed them in the knapsack, and stretched on the blanket. Jason stretched out beside her. Their bodies were close, but not touching. For a few seconds they lay there silently, aware of the sexual tension growing rapidly between them. Finally, Karen broke the silence. "You know...you're the first person I've ever brought out here," she said softly.

"How come?" Jason asked.

Karen shrugged. "I've been wondering that myself," she replied. "And I'm not quite sure that I like the answer I get."

Jason was puzzled by her reply. He turned on his side, facing her, and asked, "What do you mean?"

Karen took a deep breath. "Ever since Friday night, I've been trying to tell myself that what you and I have been doing is having sex, nothing more," she said very softly. "You know how I've been trying to explain things to you?" Jason nodded. "Maybe, even, I've been trying to warn you about...about..." she continued.

"Yeah, I remember. You told me you didn't want me falling in love with you," Jason said. "But what has that got to do with you bringing me here?"

Karen sighed deeply. "Well..." she said slowly, almost wistfully. "I'm beginning to think that maybe I was warning the wrong person."

It took a few seconds for the meaning of what she said to sink in to Jason's mind. When it did, his eyes widened and his heart began to pound. "You mean...are you saying...are you trying to tell me...?" he stammered.

Sylvia's mother remained lying on her back and shook her head. "I'm not sure what I'm trying to say, my darling," she murmured. "All I know is that, somehow, by bringing you out here, I believe I've crossed some kind of boundary. And, unfortunately, it's a boundary I'm not sure I should have allowed myself to cross. I don't know what that means, except that I have a feeling it doesn't mean a happy ending. And that concerns me."

"Why can't it mean a happy ending?" Jason asked. "I mean, if what you're saying is that you care for me, that's no problem. I care for you, too. A lot."

Karen turned her head and looked at him through eyes filled with deep sadness. "I know you think you do, my darling," she said, with sadness in her voice. "But...well..." She turned her head away from him.

For a few more moments they again lay on the blanket next to each other, each lost in their own thoughts.

After a while, Karen turned on her side and faced Jason. He gazed into her still-sad eyes, and then he bent and kissed her softly. While their lips were pressed together, he cupped one of her breasts gently and began rotating his hand, letting her nipple stiffen against his palm. She moaned softly into his mouth and shuddered. The kiss became far more passionate, almost as if they were starting to fuse at the lips. He reached down between them with his other hand down, and slid it between her legs onto vagina, then he slid his fingers inside the cleft between her labia and stroked them up and down, gently and softly. She lifted one leg and laid it over his hip, giving him the freedom to more fully explore the area between her thighs. And, after she did that, she slid her hand down between them and wrapped it around his erection.

Sylvia's mother closed her eyes while Jason's caresses continued. She had a satisfied smile on her face and, as he looked at her, he realized that, somehow, what they were doing this time didn't feel the same as it had when they'd done it before. He wasn't sure what had changed or when the change had taken place, but what this time making love to her felt different than any of the previous times they'd made love. Touching her felt different, and having her touch him felt different, too. Then it hit him. What they were doing now really was making love. What they'd done before - even though it was wonderful - was just having sex. The realization shook him a little.

Karen continued to fondle and caress his erection and, as she did, his pre-come oozed out and made the movement of her hand up and down on the swollen shaft easier and easier.

Jason was shaken by the feelings - something he thought had to be close to rapture - he experienced while he continued to touch and stroke Karen's breast and vagina. He couldn't believe how wet she had gotten. His finger probed into her and his thumb found her clit. While he slid his finger in and out of her, he rubbed his thumb across her clit, using light strokes. Her hips started to squirm and rotate in little circles and she pressed against his fingers and moaned softly.

Karen's hand, moving up and down on his erection was driving him to levels of pleasure even higher and more fantastic than those he'd experienced with her before. He could feel the pressure building and building in his loins with each gentle stroke.

Her hips began rotating faster and her thighs pressed in and out against his hand with a steadily increasing pace. She moaned louder and thrust her hips against his hand with an almost frenzied motion. She put her hand behind his head, pulled his face toward hers, and pressed her mouth against his. As the open-mouthed kiss went on and their tongues dueled, their moans of bliss were muffled in each other's mouths.

When the kiss ended, Jason urged Karen to roll onto her back, then he leaned over her and lowered his mouth to one of the firm, yet soft mounds adorning her chest. He licked across the pebbly surface of her hard nipple and the surrounding brown ring of her areola. She arched her back upward a little, pushing her breast up to his mouth. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and sucked in much of her spongy flesh as possible into his mouth. He continued to adore her breast with his mouth, licking over the entire surface, giving it a loving tongue bath. She responded with a series of soft, yet urgent, "Uh-huh!" sounds Jason had heard before but, somehow, they sounded different, more intense, now.

While he suckled her breast, his other hand continued to caress her between her legs. His fingertips traced over the little swollen knob at top her opening, then slid down and entered her. He began moving them in and out of her, sliding them into then withdrawing them from the tight clasp of her rippling vagina.

Karen continued to gently stroke and squeeze his rigid penis. His hips began to work against her hand much like hers were working against his. He began to slide his erection in and out of the ring made by her palm and slim fingers. It seemed as if they'd been arousing each other for hours, but it also seemed as if neither of them wanted the wonderful feelings they were giving each other to stop.

At last, Jason couldn't stand it any more. As much as he loved what they were doing, he had to have her! He shifted position so he was kneeling between her legs and felt his erection brush against her wet, gaping opening. Holding the rigid rod by its base, he swept it up and down through her slick channel, then he placed the tip at her opening and, with a gentle thrust of his hips, began to press it into her.

Although Jason wanted Karen more than he ever had, he also found himself filled with feelings of tenderness toward her that were almost as overwhelming as the pleasure he and she were sharing. He put his hands on the tablecloth on either side of her lithe body and lowered himself until his belly was pressed against hers. At the same time, he slowly and gently pushed his erect penis all the way into her torrid tunnel. Shivers of pleasure rippled through his body, flowing from the point where their bodies were joined out to the rest of his body. Even the roots of his hair were tingling.

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