tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 14

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 14

byD.C. Roi©

Jason had just about fallen asleep when he heard the sound of the bedroom door opening. Immediately wide-awake, he lay there, waiting. He heard the rustle of clothing, then he felt the bed moving. He gasped softly when he felt Sylvia's mother's body pressing against his. Her nipples, already stiff, bored into his back and her pubic hair tickled his bottom as she molded her hips to the back of his.

"Jason, are you still awake?" she murmured.

Jason nodded and whispered, "Uh-huh."

She began to trail her fingers lightly over his body and her caresses caused the same reactions they always did. "You seemed upset when we got home," she whispered. "Was it because of Duke?"

Once again, Jason nodded and whispered, "Yeah."

"My darling, you needn't be upset about him," she murmured. "He's a boor, a complete jerk. He's been making passes at me for years and I've been turning him down just as long." She bent and kissed his shoulder gently. Her fingers stole down onto his chest and began to tease his nipples, which quickly grew hard as little rocks. He trembled as she toyed with them. "Jason, you have to understand, I never violated my marriage vows before you came along. I'm still not sure I understand what made me do the things I did the night you got here."

"Are...are you sorry you did?" he asked. "You know, I mean what you did with me?"

Karen shrugged and looked thoughtful. "I suppose I should be," she replied. Her fingernails traced down over his belly, leaving a trail of tingling flesh. He felt her shaking her head. "No, I'm not sorry, not one little bit." Her body wriggled against his, as if she was trying to absorb him into her. "You've made me feel more wonderful than I ever dreamed it was possible to feel."

Jason moaned softly when Karen's slim fingers wrapped around his erection and she began stroking it gently. "Oh, my darling, you want me, don't you?" she murmured ardently. She kissed his shoulder again and laid one slim leg over his. "I want you, too. You can't imagine how much."

Actually, Jason had a pretty good idea how much she wanted him; probably just as much as he wanted her. He wanted to touch her, too, so he turned so he was facing her. Immediately his hand reached out and slid onto one of her breasts. His thumb made contact with her nipple, which he already knew, was stiff. Karen's eyes widened and she moaned softly. Her hand again found his erection and began stroking it. He gently cupped her other breast in his free hand and began tendering it the same attention he was giving its mate.

"Oh, my darling!" Karen whispered. "You have such a wonderful way of touching me!" Her lips were parted slightly. Jason leaned forward and kissed her lightly. Their initial light kiss ended, but was immediately followed by another one, which was followed by yet another, each becoming more passionate than the last.

Jason's hands began to move gently Karen's silken skin, gliding over the delicious curves of her hips and onto the incredibly taut mounds of her buttocks.

Karen's hands had left his erection and once again began teasing his erect nipples, just as he had teased hers. Then they slid down and, just as he'd clutched her bottom, she clutched his and pulled her against him.

Jason loved how it felt to have Karen's breasts pressing against his chest while they held each other tightly. Their kisses continued, broken only when there was a need to breathe, or when one of the other wanted to kiss or caress some other area of their partner's body. They kissed and licked each other's necks, shoulders, and cheeks. Jason managed to plant kisses on the dimples on either side of Karen's mouth, while she slid her tongue into his ear, an action that felt so fantastic he gasped and shuddered. Since it felt so good when she did it, he tried it, too. Her response was to giggle softly and bite him on the shoulder.

Slowly, wonderfully, they continued to drive each other wilder and wilder with need. Then, once more, Karen's slim fingers encased Jason's rigid penis and she began rubbing up and down. Jason shuddered and his breath came in short, sharp gasps. He bent his head and took one her breasts into his mouth and began to suckle the turgid nipple while he rolled her other nipple between the thumb and forefinger of his other hand. He kept that up for a while, hearing her soft moans and feeling tremors of delight sweeping through her. Then he slid his hand down between them, over her flat stomach, to the edge of her pubic hair. His hand kept going and suddenly one of his fingers slid inside her.

"Oh, darling, I can't wait, I need you!" Karen whispered. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Jason got to his knees and crawled between them, his erection dangling under him. When he felt the tip of his engorged shaft make contact with her wetness, he shuddered. Karen, wriggling underneath him, reached between them and guided him into her. The minute he entered her, Karen began humping her hips up at him, urging him to plunge deeper. She was panting and fingers dug into his buttocks. After a few strokes, they stopped moving and lay still, with his erection buried in her. They once again began to kiss and caress each other. It was a very warm night and they'd been exerting themselves quite a bit, so when Jason went to kiss Karen's breasts, he found her chest sweaty and tasted the perspiration on her breasts when he licked each of them.

At last neither of them could stand being still any longer. Jason began to move again, slowly withdrawing his erection, then sliding it back in. At the same time, Karen began rotating her bottom under him, whimpering softly. Her legs rose and clutched him with such force that he couldn't move and her fingers dug into his sweaty back. Again, they lay still for a few seconds. Then, gradually, they began to move once again. Each of Jason's thrusts was answered by one of hers. His erection plunged deeper and deeper into her until he could almost feel their pubic hairs tangling.

Sylvia's mother pulled his head down to her as their bodies worked easily against each other. "Oh, my darling!" she sighed. "Oh, darling, yes! Just like that! Oh, darling, I need you so much!"

Jason's erection slid in and out and she responded ardently. They moved in synch with each other with what felt like perfect timing. Karen seemed to know just what and when to make moves that added little extra bits of ecstasy to what he was feeling and, judging from the way she was responding, he was having exactly the same effect on her. Their sharing of passion continued and he was surprised that, given how turned on he was, that he seemed to have an endless ability to plunge into her without coming. They kissed again, their lips and tongues joining hungrily; it was as if the kisses and union of their bodies were more important than breathing.

"Harder, now, my darling, harder!" Karen whispered and, in response, Jason began to slam into her with more force. "Yes! That's it! That's it!" she gasped. He pulled his erection almost all the way out of her, and then he drove it home. He did that again and again. Her legs again wrapped around him and, a few seconds later, he could feel her fingernails clawing his back. Her breath caught, then her body went rigid. "Yes! Oh, God, yes! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Yes!" she hissed. Held in place by her slim legs, Jason couldn't move. He lay there, trapped inside her, while she experienced one delightful convulsion after another. Finally, she relaxed and her legs dropped away from him.

Jason, who hadn't come yet, lay still, letting both of them rest for a few minutes. He was still hard, though, and desperately needed release. When he could bear lying still no longer, he began to stroke again, moving slowly and gently. Karen purred with delight while he kept sliding in and out of her in a steady rhythm. Sweat rolled down over his face and dripped onto the woman lying under him, then he felt Karen slide her hands down to his buttocks again and pull on him, urging him deeper. He lowered his hips to hers and was holding the rest of his body off her on out-stretched arms while he moved in and out, in and out, over and over again, until at last he felt the churning inside his loins that told him his release was near.

Jason was stunned by the power of what he was feeling. In all their previous love-making sessions - with the possible exception of the time they'd made love by the forest pool - he'd never come close to feeling the way he felt right now. Before that, his release had come on quickly and vented itself in a wild outburst. Not this time. It built and continued to build, feeling so excruciatingly wonderful he had to stop because pleasure was verging on pain. Then, finally, he could bear it no longer. "Karen, Karen, Oh, God, Karen!" he moaned.

"Yes, Jason, darling! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!" Karen cried, her arms wrapping around him, her hips crushing against his, tremors wracking her lithe body.

His strokes grew slower and deeper, then he exploded. The flood of hot juices felt like fire pouring though him and the surges that accompanied it continued for longer than he'd ever remembered them. Even after it was over, instead of disappearing, echoes of the wonderful sensations continued to ripple through him. Slowly, he felt himself softening, then it was finally over. Spent, he pulled his nearly soft penis from her and rolled onto his side next to her.

Karen rolled over to face him and, when he reached out his hand to caress her face, he realized the sheets beneath them were sopping wet.

Karen pressed her face against his hand and stroked his face gently. "Oh, darling, that was...that was...I can't begin to describe it," she murmured.

"It was...it was like heaven!" Jason whispered. "Karen, I...I lo..."

Karen put her fingers on his lips, stopping him. "No, my darling, you mustn't say that. You...you can't say that," she murmured, her eyes filling with tears. "You mustn't. I...it isn't possible."

Jason didn't want to stop making love, even though he knew they'd both had orgasms unlike any they'd shared before. He slid his fingers down over her belly, found the cleft between her legs, and slid two fingers into her. It was hot and slippery with their blended fluids. Karen moaned and fell back against the sheets.

While his left hand was busy between her legs, his right hand reached out to her breast and, as he ran his palm over the silky flesh, her nipple grew rigid against it. He continued to slide his fingers into her and rub his thumb over her clit while she uttered guttural sounds and her head rolled back and forth on the pillow. Her legs clamped around his hand tightly, then she began clenching and unclenching them while he continued to tease her. "Oh, my darling, that's so wonderful...so wonderful!" she moaned.

Karen surprised him a few minutes later by giggling; "Something's come up again."

Jason, who had been so engrossed in what he was doing to her to even notice what was happening to his own body, looked down. There it was, jutting like a thick flagpole from his middle.

"Take me again, my darling!" Karen whispered. "I need you again!" Before he could move, she rolled him onto his back, got onto her knees and straddled him. He looked up, past her breasts, and could see her smiling down at him. Gently she slid forward until his erection was rubbing against her labia. She began to rock her hips slowly, bathing him with the slippery, warm juices oozing from her. As she moved, her breasts bounced enticingly, so he reached up and took hold of them. She lifted her body and he felt the warmth of her opening engulf tip of his swollen penis, then she lowered herself slowly, agonizingly, and took him back inside her. Jason groaned with delight and felt himself shuddering.

Karen stayed still for a few moments, while his hands played over her breasts, teasing her nipples, then she bent down and kissed him. Their lips pressed together while their tongues darted back into each other's mouths. Her nipples bored into his chest. Jason wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him while their tongues dueled.

After a few delicious moments, their lips parted and she pushed herself back up, so their bodies were at right angles. Then, moving ever so slowly she began to lift her hips, allowing him to slide out of her. He could feel her labia caressing his shaft as it slid from her snug opening and felt coolness as the air wafted over the part she left exposed. When only the head of his swollen organ remained in her grasp, she lowered herself quickly. Over and over she repeated the movement; the slow, tantalizing upward slide, followed by the crashing, wonderful plunge back onto him.

Jason grabbed her bottom and, as she moved up and down he could feel her muscles tensing and letting go. Every move she made was pure ecstasy. His eyes were squeezed almost shut and his hands dropped onto the bed. Then he felt her stiffen and heard her exclaim, "Oh, yes! Oh, my darling yes! Yes! Oh, God yes!" When her orgasm exploded, he could feel her vaginal walls contracting around his deeply embedded erection. It felt as if she was milking him. The longer the glorious caresses of her body continued, the less control Jason had. He grabbed her bottom again and crushed her against him when he, too, let loose with a second explosion, one even more intense than the first had been.

Even after his erection finished sending out his juices, it remained hard, buried deep inside Sylvia's mother's body, which continued to grasp it and caress it lovingly. It would just be holding him for a second or two, then there would be a sudden rippling. It continued as, for what seemed like ages, she slowly wound down from the intense orgasm she'd enjoyed. He had no idea how long it took, but it seemed like ages before those wonderful, gentle surges of pleasure stopped.

Karen finally allowed herself to fall forward, on top of him and, when she did, Jason held her against him and roll so they were lying on their sides, facing each other. He slid back a little farther and her hand brushed over his penis, which was still hard.

Karen looked at him. "Did...didn't you come?" she asked fearfully.

"I sure did and it was awesome," Jason replied.

"Then...then why...?" she stammered, clutching his still-rigid organ.

"I don't know," Jason replied, shrugging.

"More..." she murmured. She rolled onto her belly, hugging a pillow, and pulled her knees up under her, lifting her lovely bottom up in the air. "Take me again, my darling!" she whispered. "Please, my darling, take me again!"

Jason slid down to her feet and stared at Karen's perfect bottom. Then he slid forward so he was lying on top of her, until his erection was nestled in the valley between those firm, beautiful mounds. He moved his hips, stroking his erection between them while he leaned down and kissed her gently on the neck. A soft sigh came from her when his tongue began to tease her ear and she began rocking her hips, her movements matching his.

He continued to nuzzle her neck and ears while at the same time his hips kept up their own movements. Eventually, he pulled back far enough so that his erection had room to drop and, the next time he moved his hips forward, he felt it sliding into her once more. Still leaning over her back, he reached under her and cupped her breasts while he shoved his erection as into her as deep as he could. He plunged steadily into her, still clutching her breasts, then he felt Karen run her fingertips along the bottom of his penis as it slid in and out of her. It was wild and unexpected and felt so good he almost came when he realized what she was doing, but instead, he shoved himself back into her and remained still until he'd calmed down enough to continue.

The time he spent calming down didn't help much. After just a few more strokes, he felt his insides churning again and, no longer able to control himself, he began lunging into her, driving her face against the pillow, making her breasts, which were still clutched in his hands, jiggle and the nipples tickle his palms.

Although the feelings he got when he came were so intense they were almost painful, little or nothing erupted from him. "Oh, God! Oh, God, Karen! Oh, God!" he cried as waves of pleasure washed over him.

At the same time, her back almost seemed to go into wave-like movements and, inside her; the now familiar rippling on his embedded organ began again. "Yes, my darling! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Oh, yes! Yes!" Karen whimpered as she, too came.

Spent and exhausted, they lay next to each other, nested like spoons, with Jason's now-limp penis pillowed between Karen's buttocks. He wrapped his arm around her waist and, before they knew it, they had fallen sound asleep.

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