tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 19

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 19

byD.C. Roi©

Actually, Brenda didn't go to bed as soon as Jason would have liked. When they got back in the house, Sylvia's mother suggested they play a game of "Trivial Pursuit." They wound up playing several games, none of which Jason won. While they were playing the last game, Sylvia arrived home and went to bed. After the game was finished, Brenda pushed her chair back, yawned, and said, "I'm bushed, I'm going to bed. See you guys in the morning." She gave Jason a wink her mother didn't see, then got up, and left the room.

"I guess I'll go to bed, too," Jason said.

"Me, too," Karen said.

Jason helped put the game away, and then the two of them walked up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, Karen surprised Jason by pulling him into her arms, hugging him, and giving him a gentle kiss. "I'll see you in a few minutes, my darling," she murmured. Then she released him and they made their way to their separate bedrooms.

Once Jason was in his room, he quickly stripped off his clothes and climbed into bed. He knew Sylvia's mother would join him, but he expected her to wait until the girls were asleep before she did, so he was surprised when, just moments after he'd gotten in bed, he saw his bedroom door opening. "She's early tonight," he thought. "I wonder why." He kept looking at the door and was surprised and delighted when he saw Karen. She had on a pure white cotton nightgown and, in the bright moonlight streaming in the bedroom window; she seemed to glow as she closed the door and started across the room toward him.

"I hope you don't mind," she whispered as she neared the bed. "I couldn't wait until the girls went to sleep. I had to be with you."

"Heck, no, I don't mind!" Jason whispered in reply. "God, you look beautiful!"

"Do you really think so?" Karen asked as she peeled back the covers and slid into bed next to him, still wearing the white nightgown.

"That nightgown is really pretty," Jason murmured as she snuggled her body, covered with soft cotton, against him.

"I know it isn't as sexy as some of the things I've worn for you, but I thought you might like it," Karen said, and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

"It's gorgeous," Jason said. "You looked like an angel coming across the room just now."

"Oh, Jason!" Karen giggled and ran her fingers through his hair. "You certainly know exactly what to say, don't you?"

Jason shrugged. "I'm just telling the truth," he replied. He laid his arm over her and she snuggled against him. He was surprised that the sexual intensity that usually characterized her coming to him didn't seem to be there tonight, but he wasn't disappointed. He found that just having her in his arms was nice enough. At least for now.

"You and Brenda were outside talking for a long time," Karen said. "What were the two of you talking about? I hope she wasn't teasing you about Sylvia the way she's been doing ever since you got here."

"Ah...no...she wasn't," Jason replied. He wasn't quite sure how he would handle it if she kept asking him about what he and Brenda talked about. Heck, he couldn't lie to Brenda, how could he lie to Karen? "Ah...we...we were just, you know, talking about stuff," he stammered.

Sylvia's mother traced her finger over his jaw. "What kind of stuff?" she asked.

"Ah...you know...just stuff," he said.

"Jason, why are you being so secretive?" Karen asked. A frightened look appeared on her face. "Oh, God, don't tell me she suspects something. Is that it, Jason? Does Brenda suspect something?"

Jason wasn't sure what to do. Should he tell her or shouldn't he? What would she do if she knew the truth? How would she handle knowing that her daughter knew all about them? He decided the truth was the best response. "Ah...yeah...she...she does suspect something," he said slowly. "Ah...the other night she...well, she asked me how come I was acting so depressed when that Duke guy showed up. She asked me the same thing again tonight."

"Oh, my, God!" Karen whispered. "What...what did you tell her?"

Jason decided that he might as well get it over with. He knew he'd never be able to lie to her. "I told her the truth," he said.

Karen's eyes widened. "The...the...the truth?" she stammered. "Jason...Oh, God! Are...are you saying you...you told Brenda about...about us?"

"Ah...yes...I did," Jason admitted. "I mean, she kinda had it figured out already, but, well, since she had, I figured lying to her wouldn't work."

"Oh, God!" Karen exclaimed. She rolled onto her back and lay there, staring at the ceiling for a while. "How...how did...did she react?" she asked, finally.

"Actually, I think she said, 'I'm sure as hell not gonna tell Dad. It would serve him right after the way he's treated her,' or something pretty close to that," he said.

"You mean she wasn't upset?" Karen asked, sounding surprised.

"Did she act upset when we were playing 'Trivial Pursuits'?" Jason asked. "She knew then, remember?"

"I guess you're right," Karen whispered. "She certainly didn't act any different than she usually does." She rolled on her side to face him again. "Why on earth did you tell her?" she asked.

Jason shrugged and said, "I'm not sure, really. First of all, she pretty well had it figured out before we ever started talking. I guess neither of us was as good at hiding our feelings as we thought we were. And I'm not very good at lying. My Mom says it shows on my face when I do. Why do you think I told you about all this? I can't lie. When I do, it's so obvious I might as well be wearing a flashing sign saying 'Liar!' on my forehead." Sylvia's mother giggled at his comment. "And beside all that, I think Brenda should know. She's kinda nice and I do trust her."

"But how am I going to face her now?" Karen asked. "I mean, knowing that she knows..."

"Don't act any different," Jason said, tracing her face with his finger. "She loves you. I'd say she loves you a lot from the way she talked. And she's not angry with you...or me."

"God, this is so unbelievable!" Karen murmured.

"She said something else, too," Jason ventured.

"What was that, my darling?" Karen asked.

"She said she thought you might be a little in love with me," he replied.

"Oh, darling!" she exclaimed.

Jason cupped his hand around the back of her head and began gently urging her face toward his. Then his lips came in contact with hers. The kiss began gently, but didn't stay gentle for long. The longer their lips were joined, the more fervent their oral caress became. Karen's arms slid around Jason's neck and her tongue thrust into his mouth.

As they continued to share kisses, each one more fervent than the last, Jason fumbled open the buttons down the front of her nightgown. He heard her gasp when he slid his hand inside the soft cotton garment, onto her bare flesh and cupped one of her breasts. "Oh! Oh, Jason!" she moaned. Her nipple hardened against his palm and she pressed herself against him.

Their feverish exchange of kisses finally ended, but Jason's hand remained on Sylvia's mother's breast, his thumb stroking her nipple gently. She leaned back and looked at him, then she began to run her hands over him, keeping her touch feather-light, teasing, tantalizing.

"Oh! God, Karen! That feels awesome!" Jason whispered passionately while her hands moved lovingly over his body.

Karen took her time, touching him everywhere. Everywhere, that is, save for his erection, which jutted proudly from his loins, pointing at the ceiling. Her soft caresses continued, reducing the young man to a quivering, lust-maddened figure groaning and twisting on the bed.

Jason reached for her. "Please! Oh, God, Karen, I need you!" he moaned.

Sylvia's mother slowly straddled Jason's body and slid her body up his. Then she pulled her knees under her, raising her hips. He grabbed her nightgown, which she still had on, and pulled it up while she reached between them, grasped his erection, and slid the tip slid between the lubricant-drenched lips of her vagina. When she did she shuddered and gasped with delight.

Jason's hips rose off the bed. "Ah!" he groaned. "Oh, God, Karen, please! Please!"

Karen began to lower herself onto him and he could feel her shuddering with elation while his hard, throbbing penis slowly moved into her. At last, her pubic hair mingled with his and, when it did, their pubic bones began grinding involuntarily.

Karen pushed herself upright and sat atop Jason, not moving. It was clear to him as he looked up at her that she loved the sensations that were originating at the point where their bodies were joined and sweeping through both of them with growing intensity. After savoring those delights for a few moments, she started rocking her hips. "Slowly," she murmured, "Tonight we're going to do it slowly and make it last!" Even though that was what she said, Jason wasn't sure she could do it. Her body, like his, was filled with need and trembling violently.

Murmuring softly, Karen began moving her hips up and down slowly, allowing him to slide almost all the way out, and then slowly absorbing him back into her. Jason loved it. It was slow-motion delight. Inside him, joy was building slowly, wonderfully, touching every fiber of his being! He couldn't believe how sweet it felt as the walls of her clutching tube slid along the sides of his rigid pole, sending an unending stream of glorious sensations coursing through him.

Then Karen stiffened and he knew she'd lost the battle. He watched her face change and felt her body go into violent spasms as her orgasm began, bursting forth deep inside her, then spreading out, delightfully sweeping over her, overwhelming her. "Oh, Jason! Oooo!" she cried. Her coolness and self-control vanished and her body went wild. More wild sounds of passion erupted from her as she rocked madly atop him.

"Unnhh! Unnhh!" Jason roared when he felt himself erupting into her like a human volcano.

When her orgasm finally came to an end, Karen's wild motions finally calmed. She lowered herself atop Jason and, snuggled in each other's arms, they fell asleep.

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