tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 27

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 27

byD.C. Roi©

Jason put the game away, then he and Karen walked upstairs holding hands. They went directly to the spare bedroom and, when they got there, they immediately moved into each other's arms and shared a deep, passionate kiss. While they were kissing, Jason began unbuttoning the buttons down the front of Karen's dress. When it was opened all the way, he slid it down over her shoulders and tossed it aside.

Karen helped him out of his jeans and T-shirt, and then they were in the bed, lying naked in each other's arms. Jason found the contact of Karen's bare, warm flesh against his so extraordinarily pleasurable that he felt a shudder race through him and his penis immediately became erect. He couldn't believe he'd gotten so turned on just from having her snuggle against him.

Lying on his side, he pushed himself up on his elbow and began exploring her body. He touched her carefully, as if she was super-fragile. While his fingers trailed gently over her silken skin, he leaned over her chest and drew one partially rigid nipple between his lips, then he began to lash it with his tongue. He got that nipple as rigid as he could, then he shifted his attention to the other one.

"Oh! Oh, God, my darling!" Karen groaned when he began to suckle her nipples. Her hands tangled in his hair and she tugged on his head, pulling his mouth tighter against her breasts. He continued to adore her chest with his lips for what seemed like an eternity, kissing first one breast, then the other, then back again to the other nipple. All the while he did it, Karen groaned and mewled with joy and her body twisted and strained feverishly, rubbing against him, arousing him, too. "So good! Oh, my darling, you're making me feel so good!" she cried.

Jason continued to pay homage to her finely molded body. He felt her skin ripple as his fingers and lips moved over it ever so lightly. He was determined to touch every inch of her, to know her as completely as possible, to give her as much pleasure as it was possible for one person to give another. He was only too aware that their time together was coming to an end and he wanted to savor as much of the time they had left as he could.

Karen's moans and cries grew louder while Jason continued to caress, kiss, and explore her body. When it seemed like she couldn't stand any more, he would stop and look at her passion-flushed face, watch the way she was twisting and turning with need, and allow her to calm down a little. Then he'd begin all over again, skillfully using the knowledge he'd gained over the past few days to arouse her to still greater heights of need.

Karen grew more and more impatient and, soon, she let him know that. "Please, my darling! Oh, please! I need you!" she begged, pulling at him.

Jason rolled atop her and, as his legs slid between hers, he was startled when he felt his erect penis sliding into her. A powerful shudder went through both of them as he plunged deeper and deeper into her clutching, rippling opening. He couldn't believe it! He was there! In her!! He'd entered her as if that was exactly what was supposed to happen, which it was, of course. It was incredible! As he lowered his hips slowly and sank deeper into her, warmth and delight roared through him, threatening to overwhelm him, sending him to the very verge of control. Desperately, he fought back the intense need to come and began to move his hips, sliding his erection in and out of her.

Apparently their joining it had the same powerful effect on Karen that it did on Jason because, only seconds after he entered her, he felt her body stiffen under him. "Yes! Oh, darling! Yes! Yes! I can't wait! Oh, Jason! I can't wait!" she cried. Her body began to shudder violently and cries of passion erupted from her. "Yes! Oh, darling, yes! Yes!" she cried, her body bucking against his.

Karen's wild movements and the incredible caress of her channel on his erection drew Jason with her into a joint explosion of bliss. "Karen! Oh, God, Karen!" he moaned when he exploded.

When, at last, they were finished, Jason rolled off her, onto his back.

He was surprised when Karen rolled over and began kissing him, hugging him, and babbling excitedly. "I love you! Oh, my darling, I do love you!" she gushed.

"I love you, too," he told her, kissing her gently. "I never knew making love could feel this wonderful," he said, and kissed her again.

Karen wasn't about to let him alone. Her hands caressed him and he felt himself responding powerfully. There was no way he could not respond when she touched him. Her gentle caresses and touches were driving him wild and soon had made him hard again.

"My goodness, Jason, I do believe you've gotten another erection!" Karen exclaimed, sounding a little surprised, but delighted, too. She wrapped her slim fingers around his sticky, swelling rod, as if she needed to verify what she was seeing.

"Uh! It sure does feel that way," Jason groaned. "God!"

Karen began to stroke his swelling shaft and he got even harder. "I don't believe this!" she exclaimed. Her hand started moving up and down faster and faster on his swollen penis.

"Ah! Ah! Oh!" the young man moaned. "You...Ah!...are too much!"

"I...I want more!" Karen gasped. Eagerly, she straddled his hips and guided the tip of his erection to her opening. When it was in position, she sank down onto him. "Oh! Oh, Jason!" she moaned as his erection slid up inside her. She began moving her hips, riding him.

Jason, delighted, watched her breasts bob and jiggle as she worked herself up and down on his blood-engorged wand. After observing for a second or two, he reached up, gently cupped her breasts in his hands and began flicking his thumbs over her nipples.

Karen's groans of delight grew more impassioned and her hips began to move even faster. "Oh, God, my darling! It...it feels like you're in me all the way up to my throat!" she moaned. Her motions became even more frenzied. Her knees pressed against his sides, her hands gripped his arms, and her bottom slapped against his thighs while she rode him frantically. "My, God! Jason! Oh, God! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Oh, yes!" she cried when she experienced another wonderful, wild explosion of delight.

"Karen! Oh, God, Karen! I love you!" Jason groaned, erupting powerfully into her once more.

When, at last, there was no more pleasure for them to share, Karen collapsed on top of Jason and lay like that, wrapped tightly in his arms. His penis, still rigid, remained sequestered in her still-rippling channel. As they lay there, holding each other, it softened and slid out of her.

Karen raised her head, looked down at Jason, and giggled. "That tickled!" she said, then she kissed him.

"It did tickle, didn't it?" Jason replied and squeezed her to him.

Karen pressed herself against the young man so fiercely he wondered if, somehow, she was trying to absorb his body into hers. She didn't seem to be able to get close enough to him. Finally, she rolled off him and they lay side by side, looking at the ceiling. "Jason?" she asked softly.

"What?" he responded.

"Tonight...what we did, it was really wonderful..." she whispered.

"It's always wonderful when we make love," he said.

She rolled on her side so she was facing away from him. He immediately slid over, put his arm around her, and pulled her back against him. "I love you, Karen," he said.

"I love you, too, Jason," she murmured.

Jason's hand was resting on one of her breasts. He began toying with the nipple, which immediately started to swell and grow.

What he was doing to her made Karen squirm, which caused her bottom to caress his penis, which, much to his surprise and hers, began to respond. "God! That feels wonderful!" she whispered.

"I hope so," Jason said.

"Do...do you want to...to make love again?" she asked. She continued to squirm her bottom against him. It was having a noticeable effect, but not as much of one as it might have earlier.

"If you want to," he said.

"Ah...I...I don't want you to be disappointed," Karen said softly, "but...well, I'm exhausted."

"Me, too," Jason said. "Why don't we get some sleep? Maybe in the morning, when we're rested?" he suggested.

Karen yawned. "Sounds wonderful to me," she said sleepily.

Jason turned off the lights and, with Sylvia's mother cuddled against him, they quickly fell sound asleep.

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