tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 29

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 29

byD.C. Roi©

Jason got up once he was sure he and Sylvia's mother were alone in the cabin, showered, dressed, and went downstairs.

Karen was at the kitchen table, putting things into the knapsack they'd used the two other times they'd gone to the pool and smiled at him when he walked into the kitchen. "I thought I was going to have to come up and get you," she said.

"I just figured I'd wait until Sylvia and Brenda were gone," he replied. "Looks like you're planning on spending the whole day at the pool."

Karen smiled at him, nodded, and said, "As much of it as we can. Are you ready to go?"

"I sure am," Jason replied.

They left the house and walked slowly up the road to the path that led through the forest to the hidden pool. Jason was excited about going to the pool, and what he knew would happen when they got there, but he was almost as sad as he was happy. After all, today could very well be the last day he and Karen would get to spend together for a while, maybe even for a long time. He noticed she was quieter than she usually was and wondered if she was thinking the same things he was.

She was wearing a pair of snug-fitting faded blue jeans, a white T-shirt with a wide neck opening, and she had a denim jacket on over that because the morning air was a little chilly.

Jason's outfit was a lot like hers, jeans, T-shirt, and instead of a jacket, he had on a sweatshirt.

And, for the first time since their trips to the pool had begun, Karen held his hand as they walked up the road behind the cabins. It was almost as if she didn't care if someone saw them acting like lovers. Of course, since it was Thursday, there were few other people there to see them, so the risk probably wasn't as great as it could have been at other times.

"I hope it warms up," Jason commented. "It's pretty cold for skinny-dipping."

"It is kind of cool this morning, isn't it?" Karen agreed. "Isn't water usually warmer than air in situations like this?"

"I think that applies to standing bodies of water, like lakes and the ocean," Jason said. "With the way the water flows into that pool, I'd guess it changes entirely every hour or so."

Karen laughed. "You do know a lot about a lot of things, don't you?" she chuckled. "Well, if we can't swim because the water is too cold, we can at least have our picnic."

"We should have brought a sleeping bag or something," Jason said. "At least then we'd have something warm to snuggle up in."

"That would be nice, wouldn't it?" Karen replied and gave his hand a squeeze.

The sun was out, though, and it was growing warmer. By the time they reached the pool, Jason had shed his sweatshirt and Karen had taken off her jacket. They found a spot, took out the blanket packed in the knapsack, and spread it out, then they sat down next to each other and stayed there for a while, watching the waterfall, not saying anything.

"We're both thinking the same thing, aren't we?" Karen said softly after a while.

"You mean we're both thinking about how this might be the last time you and I get to come up here, don't you?" Jason said.

Karen turned and looked at him, her gray eyes filled with sadness. "Yes, that's what I was thinking," she said softly. "And I was also thinking that I really don't want it to be our last time."

"Me, either," Jason replied.

"I...I wish I could tell you what will happen once we leave here," Karen said, "but I can't. I know what I want, but I don't know how to..."

Jason stopped her in mid-sentence by pulling her face to his and kissing her. The kiss, as all their kisses seemed to do, immediately grew wild. They clung to each other desperately and their hands began to roam over each other's bodies while their tongues entwined.

The kiss wound on and grew hotter and hotter. While it did, their caresses turned into frantic tugging and pulling at clothing and, the next thing Jason knew he was lying atop Karen and his erection was sliding into her snug, warm opening.

"Oh! Oh, yes!" she moaned, clutching at his bottom. He still had most of his clothes on and so did she, but the important parts of their bodies were both bare and joined. "Please, my darling! Oh, please!" she moaned as she pulled on him, urging him deeper into her.

Happily, Jason responded to her pleas. He shoved his erection as far into her as it would go and, when their pubic bones met, he began rotating and rocking his hips, making his swollen penis lash around inside her. He would have made longer thrusts, but her grip on his bottom was so tight he couldn't. Even so, what they were doing felt wonderful. His insides were churning and he could feel the rippling of her vaginal canal along his embedded shaft. "Oh, God, Karen!" he groaned.

"Now! Oh, darling, now!" Karen cried. Her grip tightened and her body went into a series of rippling movements. "Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Huh! Yes!" she huffed as she came.

Jason had learned that there was no way he could be in her when she was coming and not come, and that's what he did. "Oh, God!" he groaned as he felt his fluids jetting into her, accompanied by the ripples of joy he'd come to love so much.

When they finished, he remained atop her, his partially hard erection still in the grasp of her still-rippling tube. He supported most of his weight on his arms and legs, bent down, and kissed her gently. "God, that was awesome!" he murmured once the kiss ended.

Karen smiled up at him. "It was awesome, wasn't it?" she replied. "I...I didn't intend to get so out of control, but...well...I have to say I'm not sorry I did."

"Me, either," Jason said. He kissed her on the nose, then he pulled out of her and rolled onto the blanket next to her. And, as he gazed up at the sky, he realized it had gotten darker. "Uh...we could be in trouble here," he said.

"What's the matter, darling?" Karen asked.

"It's gotten awful cloudy," he replied. "You think it might rain?"

Karen looked up at the sky. "My goodness," she said. "It does look like there's a storm coming, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, and it could be a big one, judging from how those clouds look," Jason said.

"We'll never get back to the cabin in time," Karen said, sounding a little frightened.

"Is it safe to be out in the woods if there's lightning and thunder?" Jason asked.

"I think I remember hearing that you should never take shelter under a lone tree near the top of a hill," Karen replied. "I don't remember hearing anything about being in the forest. Maybe we should get our things together and start back." She pulled her jeans up, then she sat up and began stuffing things back into the knapsack.

Jason pulled his pants up, too. Then he stood up and began folding the blanket. "Yeah, maybe..." he started to say. He didn't get to finish his comment because suddenly a clap of thunder that sounded as if it had come from directly above them boomed through the forest. A brilliant flash of lightning followed the loud thunderclap, then huge raindrops began pelting down on them.

They quickly got their things in the knapsack and started back down the path. Once the rain began falling, it came in torrents, drenching them. When they came to a thick grove of pine trees, Jason grabbed Karen's arm and stopped her. "Maybe we should take shelter under those pines until the rain slows a little," he said. "It's coming down so hard we can barely see where we're going. Usually this kind of rain stops after a few minutes."

"All...all right," Karen said.

They made their way to the grove of pines and found that, although some rain still fell on them, it was quite a bit less than the torrent that had been drenching them on the path.

Another loud clap of thunder boomed through the forest and another flash of lightning lit the area up brighter than if it had been full sunlight. Karen jumped and began to shake.

Jason took her in his arms and held her against him, very aware of their cold, wet clothing. "Don't be scared," he said. "We'll be safe."

She pressed her face into his chest and wrapped her arms around him. He could feel her trembling. "I've always been frightened of thunderstorms," she murmured. "They...they're so...so...elemental and powerful."

Jason kissed the top of her head. Her hair was drenched and matted against her skull. "I used to be scared of them when I was real little," he said. "But one night I saw some lightning bolts. They fascinated me. Next to tornadoes and hurricanes, thunderstorms are nature's most powerful actions. Since then, I've kind of liked them." He hugged her. "As long as I'm safe."

Karen leaned back in his arms and looked up at him. "Do you really think we're safe?" she asked.

Jason shrugged, and felt her press back against him when another boom of thunder and flash of lightning happened. "I would feel safer if we were indoors," he admitted once the din from the storm ended.

"Maybe...maybe we...we should just go back to the cabin," Karen said, clinging to him.

"OK," Jason said. "It looks like the rain's letting up a little." He released his hold on Karen and, reluctantly, she let go of him. They stepped apart, he looked at her, and a smile formed on his face.

Karen gave him a puzzled look. "What are you grinning at?" she asked.

The rain had drenched both of them and their clothing was dripping with water and clinging to them. Jason wasn't sure how he looked but Karen's blouse had become nearly transparent and the chilly water had stiffened her nipples, so he thought she looked pretty good. Surprisingly good, actually.

She saw where he was looking, glanced down, and her face turned red. "Oh, God," she exclaimed. "Give me that knapsack, Jason. I have to put my jacket on. I can't go walking down the road looking like this. I...I might as well be nude. Besides, I'm cold."

"I can tell," Jason said softly. He stepped toward her, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her. "Maybe I can do something to warm you up," he said after the kiss ended.

"Jason, what on earth are you talking about?" Karen asked. "Come on, give me the knapsack so I can get my jacket."

"Actually, I thought maybe I could warm you up so you won't need the jacket," Jason said, "at least not right now." He knew what he wanted to do was crazy, but something drove him to at least try. He reached out and began opening the buttons on Karen's blouse.

"Jason...it's raining and there's thunder and lightning, what are...Oh! Oh, God!" Karen stopped talking and began to groan when he spread her blouse open, bent, and began suckling her already-rigid nipples. "Oh, Jason...Oh, God, darling!" she murmured, clutching his head against her chest and shuddering.

Jason continued to suckle her nipples and, while his lips were busy with that, he began fumbling with the clasp at the waist of her jeans. Soon the drenched jeans were sliding down her legs, baring her middle. He slid his hand up between her legs, into the wetness of their earlier joining.

"Oh!" Karen groaned when he began caressing her vaginal lips and clit while he continued to adore her breasts with his lips and tongue. "Oh, darling, this is...it's so crazy!" she murmured as she clung to him, barely able to stand because her legs were now trembling so hard.

Eventually, after he'd caressed and suckled her while she was on her feet for a while, they both wound up on their knees. Jason continued nursing on Karen's breasts with his mouth. Now he had one finger plunging into her while his thumb rubbed over her clit, though, and she was gasping with delight, no longer even aware of the storm, which still raged around them.

Jason was hard as a rock and wanted desperately to take her, but he wasn't quite sure how to accomplish that. He could spread the blanket out, but it was probably soaking wet, and he'd have to stop touching her to do that and the last thing he wanted to do was stop touching her.

Eventually, Karen solved the problem for him by falling onto her back. He fumbled his jeans open while she continued to moan and reach for him. Then he leaned forward and she grabbed his arms and drew him on top of her. When he was over her, she reached between them, grasped his swollen penis, and inserted the tip into her opening.

"Take me, my darling! Yes! Oh, yes!" she groaned, lifting her hips upward, seeking him. "Please, my darling, take me!"

Jason plunged into her and, frantically, their wet; slippery bodies began working against each other. Lightning and thunder continued to boom and flash around them while even more powerful bolts of bliss crackled between them as they toiled against each other. Their coupling was wild and feral, almost animal-like, yet somehow it was also loving. While their bodies strained on a blanket of wet pine needles, Karen whimpered cries of delight and endearment and Jason did the same.

"Oh, God, I can't wait!" Jason groaned when he felt his body coiling and experienced the spasms he knew would send his fluids bubbling into Karen's body. "I...I can't wait!"

"Don't wait! Oh, darling, don't wait!" Karen shouted in reply. Her hands clutched his buttocks, hauling him into her, and she wrapped her legs around his. "Take me, darling! Now! Oh, God, darling, take me now! Now! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Now!"

Hearing her words and feeling the quivering of her body was all it took for Jason. Groaning, he let himself go and his fluids began gushing into her. Neither of them noticed it, but at almost the exact second they came, another loud clap of thunder rocked the woods.

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