tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 32

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 32

byD.C. Roi©

After they drank the hot chocolate Brenda made, all three of them went upstairs.

"I think I should check on Sylvia," Karen said when they reached the top of the stairs.

"Let me do it," Brenda said. "If she's still awake, which I doubt, I can probably handle her better than you can." She walked to her sister's room, opened the door, and disappeared inside.

Jason and Karen stood next to each other, looking at the open doorway, until Brenda reappeared.

"She's out like a light," Brenda said. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to bed." She turned, walked down the hallway to her room, and disappeared inside.

Karen grabbed Jason's hand. "I think we should go to bed, too, don't you?" she said softly.

"Ah...yeah," Jason replied.

When they reached Jason's bedroom, Karen took a deep breath, then she began undoing the fasteners down the front of her pajama top. When they were all open, she said, "Jason!" very softly.

The young man, who had been headed for the bed, turned around. His face flushed and his eyes widened when he saw Karen shrugging out of her pajama top.

Karen stood across the room from him and, as he watched her, she shrugged her shoulders and the soft white pajama jacket slid down her arms and fell silently to the floor. She smiled and, moving slowly, pushed the pajama bottoms down and stepped out of them.

Jason could feel his body responding to the sight of her lovely nude body. "Karen, what...what are you...doing?" he gasped.

Karen looked him directly in the eyes. "I don't want to talk, Jason," she said softly. "I want you to make love to me until we can't do it any more!" While he stood there, wide-eyed, with his mouth agape, she walked to the bed and laid down, then she stretched her arms out to him. "What's taking you so long, Jason?" she asked.

Jason stripped his clothes off and he staggered across the room. When he reached the bed, he tumbled on top of Karen and his lips immediately went to her protruding nipples while her hands sought his erection.

"Take me, Jason! Take me now!" Karen groaned, pulling at him as he lay on top of her.

Jason raised his hips, then lowered them. Without assistance, his rigid shaft slid into her warm, damp channel.

"Yes! Oh, yes! Yes!" Karen groaned when she felt his erection entering her. "That's what I need! That's what I want you to do to me!"

Jason, unable to lie still, began to move his hips and as their hips worked against each other, they rode breaking waves of jubilation. Their bodies strained together, exchanging the utmost in erotic sensations and seeking more.

Karen surprised Jason by how quickly she came. "Yes! Yes! Oh, Jason, yes!" she cried. "Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Take me! Take me!"

"Karen! Oh, God, Karen!" Jason cried when he felt his torrid juices exploding into his partner's rocking, twisting body.

Finished, Jason rolled off Karen, onto his back, and lay there, gasping for breath. He could barely comprehend what had happened and was surprised when she immediately slid down and began to run her hands over his body. Then she grabbed his penis. He uttered a groan of delight as she insistently stroked his come-slick organ with one hand, while the other rolled his balls and her fingers teased his scrotum.

Jason groaned with delight and arched his back, pushing his hips up off the bed. "Karen...my God! What are you doing to me?" he moaned, his hips twisting and turning. "God!"

Karen's response was to take his re-erecting penis in her mouth.

"Ah!" Jason gasped. He clawed at the bedspread with his fingers as wave after wave of delight, induced by Karen's fervid ministrations, swept over him like waves crashing on the beach. The feelings she was giving him were so intensely wonderful he could barely stand them. "Ah!" he groaned, "Karen! Oh, God, Karen! I...I'm gonna come! It...it feels too good!"

When she heard his passionate grown, Karen let his erection slide from her mouth. Then she slid up, on top of his body. He felt his erection sliding against her belly as she moved over him and a ripple of delight went through him. She rocked her hips, caressing felt the rigid pole with her slick labia, and Jason experienced another tremor of bliss. He slid one hand between their writhing bodies, grasped his erection and, with some difficulty, managed to get the flared purple tip between the lips of Karen's dripping opening.

Karen, who seemed to be more aroused than he could ever recall her being, seemed to him to be moving instinctively, barely aware of what she was doing. As her body writhed atop his, Jason's shaft slid into her and when it did, he felt her shudder with exhilaration.

She sat up and, when she did, his hands went to her chest, clamped around her breasts, and he began rubbing her nipples, sending even delight into her while his swollen prod rubbed the super-sensitive walls of her furrow.

"Oh! Oh, darling!" she moaned, her hips rocking out of control. "Yes, darling! Oh, God! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Yes!"

Jason felt Karen shaking and quivering. Her movements were so frenzied he was afraid she'd tear his penis from his body. He looked at her face and saw that it was slack with passion, bobbing limply on her lovely neck. She clutched his arms fiercely and her fingernails bit into his skin. Her cave gripped his erection, rippling, squeezing as his deeply embedded erection caressed it as a result of her frantic movements.

"Yes! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Yes! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Ahh!" Karen moaned, her body straining.

When she came, so did Jason, his explosion torn from him by hers. "Yeah!" he groaned. His neck arched and his hips rose off the bed as what remained of his essence gushed into Karen's vibrating body. "Oh, God, Karen! Oh, God!"

Her lust spent, Karen collapsed atop Jason, too weak to move. She felt his arms encircle her, and his lips softly kiss her on the neck.

Jason lay there, holding Karen, who lay limp on top of him. His penis, which he feared might never get soft again, was still lodged in her.

After a few minutes, Karen pushed herself up on her arms and looked down at Jason. "I can't believe you're still hard!" she exclaimed, sounding surprised to feel his erection still in her.

"Ah...I...I'm not sure I'll ever get soft again!" Jason replied. He groaned softly when she moved her hips, making his erection lash her insides once more.

"Well..." Karen murmured. Her face went slack as passion began to spread through her once more. "...as long as you're hard, and in the right place, we might as well take advantage of it, right?" She increased the pace with which her hips were moving. "Oh, yes!" she murmured. "That's what I need! Oh, yes!"

Jason grabbed his partner's hips and began lifting his hips, driving deep into her. She responded by driving herself down against him with surprising force, given the fierceness of their earlier unions.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Karen groaned as the young man's indomitable wand pistoned into her. "Jason! Jason! Oh, Jason! Take me! Take me!"

Jason continued to hold her hips and watch her tiny breasts bob and jiggle as his frantic movements rocked her.

"Ah! Oh, Jason! Oh, Jason! Oh, Jason! This feels so goo! So good! Oh, Jason! Oh, Jason! Don't ever stop! Don't ever, ever stop! Ah! Ahh! Ahhh!" Karen screamed as still more explosions of bliss jolted her.

"Uh! Uhh!" Jason groaned as he came yet again, with spasms so intense they were almost painful.

Once again, when she finished, Karen collapsed atop him.

Jason didn't move. He couldn't. He was too used up. Even though the last thing he wanted to do was go to sleep, he couldn't keep that from happening.

Sometime later, Jason awoke and discovered, much to his relief, that it was still dark. Karen was nestled against him, with her back to him. He wasn't sure whether she wanted to make love again, but he sure did, and he began to.

"Jason...I..." Karen murmured. She shuddered when the young man slid his hand down from her shoulder, onto her breast.

"Do you want to make love again?" he asked as his fingers trailed lightly over her breast. "Please, Karen, we don't know when we'll get to do this again, do we? I want to make love to you again."

Karen laid there for a few moments while Jason's hand moved gently over her. Then she rolled over so she was facing him, put her arm around him and pulled him to her. He moved into her embrace and their lips met.

When the kiss ended, Jason bent his head down to Karen's chest and sucked one of her rigid nipples between his lips. She moaned ecstatically, her body arched, and her hands pressed against his head against her. "Oh, darling! Oh, darling! Oh, yes! Oh, Jason! Yes! Yes!" she cried while the young man's lips and roaming hands bestowed tender caresses on her.

Jason was determined to make this, possibly the last time he would have a chance to make love to Karen for a while, maybe forever, an experience she'd always remember. He knew he was turning her on because of the way she was moaning and writhing as he touched her, and he continued to do the all things he knew aroused her. While he caressed her, he felt his penis grow harder, and begin to throb. He wanted to put it in her, to experience the wonderful feelings he knew he'd get when he did, but that would lead to the end of their time together, and he wanted to prolong their time as long as he could. He continued caressing her, even though he could hardly wait!

Karen slid her hand down between them and touched the tip of the young man's engorged shaft.

"Oh, Karen! Oh God! Oh God!" Jason groaned as thrills rushed through him when she began stroking his erection gently. The hot, fleshy lance Karen's was caressing pulsed and jerked as she slid her hand softly up and down the veined shaft.

"Ahh!" Jason groaned when Karen began kissing his chest. She lashed his nipples with her tongue and he shuddered and moaned that what she was doing to him was making him crazy. Her lips and hands continued to rouse him, just as his were rousing her. Each gentle caress, each light touch, each kiss raised their level of need to higher and higher and planes.

"Wahh!" Jason groaned. His hips arched off the bed when Karen slid down and took his erect penis into her mouth. It didn't take long before he was totally out of control. His hips twisted and turned and his hands roamed aimlessly over Karen's body as he tried vainly to caress her, to give her as much pleasure as she was giving him.

Finally, Karen let his erection slide out of her mouth and slid up next to him. She took him in her arms, tilted her face toward his, and covered his lips with hers. The passionate kiss caused more lightning bolts of passion to arc between them and their bodies writhed against each other, demanding.

Then the kiss ended. "Make love to me, now, Jason!" Karen cried, pulling him on top of her and guiding his erection to the soaking lips of her vagina as she did. She shuddered as it slid into her, filling her.

"Oh God!" Jason groaned. "I...I don't believe it!! I'm too turned on. I...I'm gonna come!"

"Shh!" Karen whispered. She kissed him gently and tightened her arms around him to keep him from moving. "Lie still for a minute, my darling. Just hold me and don't move."

Quaking with excitement, Jason did as she requested and found, much to his surprise, that he did calm down a little. When he was calmer, Karen relaxed her embrace and he began to move again.

Karen lay there while Jason's engorged piston slid in and out of her, causing delectable friction that sent delight racing through both of them and drove them toward the heights of rapture they so much wanted to share. She couldn't lie still long, though, and soon was moving against him as urgently as he was moving against her. Then, like a thousand skyrockets exploding at once, an incredibly sweet orgasm tore through both of them. Her body writhed and bucked and moans and cries of joy issued from her.

"Oh! Karen!!" Jason cried, his hips going wild. "I...I can't wait. I can't wait! Oh God! Oh God!"

His heated fluids gushed into Karen, who was surprised to feel herself plunging into ecstasy once more. She couldn't talk, couldn't think, all she could do was strain against him, her body seeking every wonderful sensation it could get. "Uh! Uhhh! Jason!" she cried. "Oh, God, Jason! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Her body strained wildly against her young lover's.

Slowly, ecstasy faded to pleasure, then pleasure to contentment. Jason lay atop her, resting on her breasts, too weak to move. His penis softened slowly, then slid out of her and, when it did, he rolled off her.

Jason rolled off and lay on his side, looking at her, sorrow in his eyes.

Karen kissed him. "Jason, that was so wonderful!" she told him. "I'll always cherish this time we've had together. Always! You are such a wonderful lover! And such a wonderful young man, too. I...I'm really going to miss what we've had."

Jason looked at her and felt a terrible sadness. He had a feeling she was trying to get him to understand that this would be the last time they would ever get together. "So are you," he said softly. He covered her mouth with his and kissed her hard.

The next morning, they got up early and rushed around, getting things ready to go home, with little help from Sylvia, who was a bit hung over and pouting because, as she kept insisting, they had "ruined her life" by threatening to call the police the night before.

When, finally, their entire collection of luggage was packed in the car and they were ready to go, Sylvia's mother locked the cabin and gave the car keys to Brenda. "I think you better drive, Honey," she said. "I didn't sleep very well last night."

"How come you won't let me drive?" Sylvia grumped.

"After the condition you were in last night, Sylvia," her mother said, frowning, "I'm not sure I ever want you to drive again."

Sylvia glared at her mother, then she got in the front seat on the passenger side. Jason and Karen got in the back seat. Brenda got in, started the car, and they started for home.

Karen fell asleep not long after they started and, shortly after she did, so did Jason. By the time he woke up, they were pulling into the driveway of the Dooley home.

"Look at that, Dad's waiting for us," Brenda exclaimed as she braked the car to a stop in front of the three car garage behind the huge house. "Hey, Mom, wake up, we're home! And believe it or not, Dad's waiting for us. Must be he really has something important to talk about, huh?"

Sylvia got out of the car without saying anything and stomped right past her confused-looking father and into the house.

"Isn't it nice that Sylvia's mood has improved?" Brenda snorted cynically as she got out of the car.

Her mother woke, stretched, and looked at Jason. "I...I guess it's time for us to say 'good-bye,' isn't it?" she said softly.

"Yeah, I...I guess so," Jason said dejectedly.

"I'll never forget what we shared," she said softly. "Never."

"Me, either," Jason replied. He was fighting back the urge to cry.

Sylvia's mother looked out at her husband, who was pacing back and forth, looking impatient. "I really do have to go, my darling," she said softly. "And please, promise me you'll never hate me."

"I...I couldn't forget, not ever," Jason replied.

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