tagNovels and NovellasSylvia's Mother Ch. 36

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 36

byD.C. Roi©

Jason was surprised when he woke up alone in the big bed the next morning and, for a second he felt disappointed. Then he smelled coffee and knew where Karen had gone. He got up, slipped on his jeans and T-shirt, and went downstairs. When he walked into the kitchen, he found her at the counter, wearing what looked like the shirt to a pair of men's pajamas. It especially delighted him that the shirt just barely covered her wonderful bottom.

When she saw him, Karen turned, wearing a delighted smile on her face. "You left all of my things here," she said.

Jason smiled and nodded. "I hoped you might get to wear them again," he said. He'd left all of her clothes in the master bedroom closet and dresser, although he did have all of her ex-husband's things taken out.

He took a couple of steps across the kitchen and she moved toward him and pulled him into a passionate embrace. Her hands clutched at him as she pressed against him. Their lips joined and they kissed hungrily.

"Last night was so unbelievable!" she gasped when the kiss ended. "Jason, darling, I do love you."

"And I love you, more than you can imagine," he replied.

Karen reached up and caressed his face gently. "I want to make you some breakfast," she said. "Would you like some? I see you've managed to stock some things in the freezer. There are some of those egg replacements and some sausage, I could make scrambled eggs and sausage."

"Sounds good to me," Jason replied.

She turned to the counter, intending to begin working on something for them to eat. But, as she leaned forward to get something, the shirt exposed one of her delightful buttocks. It was more than Jason could take. He stepped behind her and ran his hands lightly over her bottom and up under her top until they were holding her breasts. He shivered with delight when he felt her nipples boring into his palms.

"Oh, darling..." Karen groaned and shuddered. She pressed herself back against him and wriggled her bottom against his swollen penis. "I...I suppose we can eat a little later," she murmured.

Jason, holding her against him, burrowed his face under her hair and began kissing her neck, cheeks, and ears while she gurgled with delight and continued to rub her bottom against him.

Karen turned in his arms and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "We...we should go back...up...upstairs..." she murmured, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"We don't have to worry about being caught any more," Jason replied, his voice quavering with passion.

"You...you're right, I guess we...Oooo!" she moaned when his hands again slid onto her breasts. Slowly, they sank to the floor and made love. It wasn't the long, slow lovemaking they'd shared the night before, but it was intense and loving. Once more, they shared a shattering orgasm and, when it ended, Karen kissed him tenderly. "I don't ever want to lose you again," she said. "I...I love you, Jason."

"You'll never, ever lose me again," Jason replied seriously.

Later, after they finally managed to make breakfast, they got dressed and were sitting on the sofa, talking. Karen was wearing a navy cotton sweater with a deep V-back and a form-fitting white Lycra stretch twill mini-skirt that displayed her wonderful legs to Jason's avid gaze. Under it, all she wore was a thong bikini. He knew that because he'd watched her get dressed. And, much to his surprise, he found watching her get dressed was a very stimulating experience.

Karen's legs were folded under her and her head lay on his shoulder, her soft hair tickling his cheek. One of her slim hands gently toyed with his thigh. "Do you have any idea how wonderful it feels to be here with you again?" she asked. "And it's even more special because this time there's no guilt."

Jason smiled and nodded. "Based on how I feel, I think I have a pretty good idea," he replied.

Karen sighed. "There...there is so much we need to...to catch up on," she said and snuggled tighter against him. "I have a feeling you may have been understating how well you've done financially. I mean, I know what the price we asked was, how on earth could you afford to buy this place?"

"Actually, this place and my truck are all I've spent my money on that doesn't give me any income," Jason said, "I invested the rest of it in the computer stores, some income property, one business, and stocks and bonds."

Karen leaned back and looked at him. "What business did you invest in?" she asked.

Jason grinned at her. "M.D. Industries," he said. "I own a 51 percent share."

Karen's eyes widened in surprise. "You...you bought Milton's company? And you put in the new manager, the one who has done so well with it?" she asked.

Jason nodded. "I met Joe Bartlett when the conglomerate bought out Biggie Burger. Everyone said he was a sharp manager, and I guess they were right, huh?" he said.

"I guess they were," Karen said. "I'm so glad my attorney had me ask for stock in the company instead of support. I'm not sure how I'd have lived otherwise."

Jason pulled her onto his lap, into his arms, and kissed her. She returned the kiss avidly. He teased her lips with his tongue and she returned the lingual caress. Her hands tangled in his hair, pulling his mouth against hers.

He began to caress her back, most of which was exposed by the deep Vee of her sweater, and he felt her skin move, wave-like as his hands glided over it. He teased the back of her neck, then combed his fingers through her soft, fragrant hair.

Their kiss finally ended and both of them pulled back, gasping for breath, and stared at each other. Jason slipped the sweater over her head while Karen feverishly opened his shirt. Then, with their upper bodies bared, they resumed their kissing and caressing. Before Jason could do much of anything, her lips went to one of his nipples and she began kissing it and sucking it erect. "Oh!" he groaned. His body twitched in response to her sudden, intensely pleasurable caress. His hands moved over her naked back, savoring the warmth, smoothness, and softness of her, then stole into her hair, pulling her to him.

Karen's lips continued moving on his chest, blazing a trail of heat to his other nipple and drew it, too, out to a stiff peak.

"Damn, you make me feel so good!" Jason whispered into her hair, his throat thick.

Karen stopped what she was doing and leaned back, gazing into his eyes. Her eyes were bright, her lips red, and her breasts, capped by those luscious hard nipples, moved in and out on her heaving chest. Jason cupped the delectable globes in his hand, his thumbs going to the hard tips, then he gently began kneading and teasing them. Karen's eyes closed, a lovely smile curved her lips, and her head lolled back.

"Ah!" she whimpered, pressing her body against his seeking hands. "Love me, Jason! Love me!" Her hand stroked his face, caressing his lips with feather-light touch.

Jason captured a hardened nipple with his lips.

"Oh!" It was Karen's turn to moan and jump as pleasure coursed though her lithe body. Her hands again tangled in his hair and she pulled him against her. "Yes! Yes! Oh, God, Jason, yes!" she murmured, her voice tremulous with passion. Her impassioned plea sent ripples of pleasure through him.

Jason transferred his attentions to her other breast, noting she seemed to be having a hard time breathing. He held his head still, maintaining just the slightest pressure on her stiffened bud, allowing the movement of her breathing to thrust it in and out of his mouth. That seemed to delight her.

"God, Jason, that feels so wonderful!" she murmured, "More! More! Do it more!"

Jason began caressing her arms, shoulders, and belly with his free hand, and felt the heat radiating from her. She jumped and jerked more and more under his touch.

"Oh, darling!" she moaned. "You make me feel so wonderful!"

"Let's get more comfortable," Jason suggested. He undid the zipper at the rear of her skirt, and slid it down over her incredibly slim hips and off. Wearing just the scanty bikini, she presented him with a spectacular vision of erotic beauty.

With a groan of delight, Karen came into his arms and again their mouths sought each other and joined. Their tongues thrust and parried, then withdrew and dueled again. Charges of electric pleasure arced between them. He wanted to devour her!

They needed to breathe, so their kiss ended. Gently, Jason ran his hands up and down Karen's arms.

"Oh!" she moaned as his hands reached her shoulders, then slid across her chest, stroking, outlining, then teasing her nipples. They were so erect and hard!

"Unnhh!" Karen murmured. Her body shook as his hands caressed her.

Jason moved his caresses to her abdomen, which was flat, but soft. He kept his touch feathery, moving his hand everywhere. Her body vibrated in response. He laid her flat and moved into a position that allowed him to kiss that lovely body. His lips explored her navel and her hands again enmeshed themselves in his hair.

"Mmmm!" Sounds of enjoyment continued to escape from Karen's lips. "God, Jason! That feels so good! I...I've missed how wonderful you make me feel! I've missed it so much!"

Jason moved all the way down and took one of her feet in his hand, then he began stroking, kissing, and tickling his way up her leg, leaving no area of skin untouched. Lightly, his fingers moved over her, along with his lips. He could hear Karen gasping and murmuring with joy while his lips and hands filled her with warmth and pleasure.

Up onto her velvet-smooth thighs, along the silk-encased Vee of her sex, he slid his hands, then he followed the waist of those scanty underthings to her side and down the other leg, worshipping her gorgeous body with touches and kisses.

It seemed as if hours were passing as Jason made love to her. He was erect and wanted her badly, yet he restrained himself. He wanted to build her to the most intense peak of pleasure he'd ever given her.

An eternity of sensual delight passed before Jason eventually arrived at Karen's other foot. When he finished his attentions to that, he ran his hands up the outside of her legs, back to the narrow waist of the pretty, scanty, underthings she wore.

"Oh, God, Jason! You're driving me crazy!" Karen moaned.

Jason left the silky covering in place and touched her through it, caressing the area it covered with light, circular movements of his fingers. He got her to turn on her belly and worked on the soft skin of her rear, loving the sensuous appearance the scanty garment gave it.

"You're making me feel all tingly inside!" Karen whispered, while her body continued to writhe under his insistent caresses.

Jason rolled her on her back, slid his hands over her belly, then between her legs, feeling the wetness that had begun soaking through the filmy garment.

"Oh!" Karen groaned. Her body jolted when his fingers found her erect clit through the sheer fabric. "Take them off! Please, Jason!" she begged. "Take them off and touch me!" Her back arched, delivering her center to his touch.

Slowly, tenderly, Jason did just that. He slid the negligible garment down the sweet columns of her legs, leaving her totally nude, legs splayed, pubic hair glistening with the dampness of excitement. He moved between her legs, put one hand on each hip, and leaned forward. As he neared her, he could feel her tense, then he kissed her belly button.

"Oh!" she moaned, trembling with anticipation.

Across Karen's flat, lean belly - which was covered with skin that was so satiny smooth and warm - his lips and tongue moved. From side to side, and down, his caresses ventured.

"Please!...Please!..." Karen murmured fervently.

Her beseeching stirred him, but still Jason held back and continued the deliberate pace he'd set for himself. Slowly, his lips descended her nubile form. Her back arched and her hips rotated, her body joining her mouth begging for his touch.

"Oh!...God!...Please!...Please, Jason!" Karen's desperate pleas continued.

Slowly, Jason continued, his caresses moving toward where he wanted to go.

"Oh!" she groaned.

His lips were on her pubic hair now. Straining, her hips twisting, she offered her treasure to him. From side to side, from the valley where her legs and body joined, across the soft brown curls, to the other side, his lips and tongue explored, loving, seeking, touching.

"Oh!...Oh!...Oh, Jason, please!" Karen whimpered. Her body shook as his lips and tongue touched, then engulfed her nerve-filled, erect bud. Jason sucked it as deeply into his mouth as he could, then holding her buttocks in his hands; he began punishing it with his tongue.

Karen's body shook and she grabbed his head and pulled it against her as his tongue slid down off her clit, between her labia, opened her, then slid inside her.

"Oh!" Karen moaned and her hips bucked, as if she were trying to take all of him inside her. "Oh!...Oh!...Oh!" Her passionate moans continued as Jason worked her over avidly with his lips and tongue. He licked and sucked, and teased her opening, making her wetter, driving her to higher and higher levels of need, giving her more and more pleasure.

Without taking his mouth off her vagina, Jason slid a hand up her thigh and began touching areas left uncovered by his oral attentions. Then, gently, he inserted a finger between her swollen labia and thrust it into her.

"Oh, yes!" Karen's hips rocked upward, off the sofa. Jason wrapped his lips around her clit and began rhythmically sucking, while at the same time he was pumping his finger in and out of her. He could feel the walls of her inflamed vagina begin to tighten around his intruding digit and sensed the onset of the clasping, rippling effect that signaled her orgasm.

Suck and thrust. "Oh!" Suck and thrust. "Ah!" Suck and thrust. "Oh!"

Karen's arched back forced her sex against his mouth while she responded wildly to what Jason was doing to her. Her legs clasped his head, mashing his mouth tighter against her, and still he continued, his finger delving into her, his lips and tongue punishing her, while she worked her middle against him.

After a while, Karen's muscles relaxed and her cries softened. He continued doing what he was doing, enjoying the movement of her body and the rippling of her vaginal wall on his finger. Her legs unlocked and fell from him, thumping to the bed. The movements of love, though lessened, continued.

"Oh!...That was so nice!...So nice!" she murmured, then was still. He gave her succulent middle a last kiss, then sat up.

Karen lay there, her eyes closed, breathing softly, completely limp. Her breasts, topped by half-erect nipples, rose and fell with her steady breathing.

Jason got up, stripped off the rest of his clothes, then he laid down next to her. Karen murmured softly, but didn't open her eyes. There was a satisfied smile on her lips.

Immediately, his body afire with need for her, he bent and teased a nipple with his lips.

"Oh!" she moaned in response to his new erotic assault. The nipple rose into his sucking lips, hardening, growing. Having restored that one to full life, he moved to the other one, arousing it, too.

His hand slid over Karen and Jason cupped her passion-soaked vagina, then he slid his index finger into her. Her hips rose in greeting.

"Oh!" Another soft moan erupted from her and her body began to move sinuously as his finger probed her insides. He could feel heat returning. More insistently now, his own urgency driving him, he re-awakened her passion and stirred her to new heights of passion and need.

His finger probed deeply while his lips moved from one rigid nipple to the other. She writhed and moaned, her hands clutching at him.

"I want you, Jason! I want you! Please, Jason! Take me! Please take me! I want you!" Karen cried out her need, pulling at him. "Oh, God, darling, I need you so desperately!"

Jason's penis was erect and throbbing, as hard as it had ever been. The level of sensitivity was unbelievable! Just the air moving over it as he climbed between her legs teased and stimulated his swollen shaft as if someone was touching it! He knelt before Karen's altar of love and surveyed the sight before his eyes. Her vagina was open, wet, red, and swollen; begging him to enter. Her hips moved slowly up and down and her beautiful eyes, filled with passion, implored him to possess her! Her slim, lovely arms beckoned to him.

"Please, Jason! Please! Take me! Oh, please, my darling, take me!" she begged.

Jason slid forward, then his body jerked when his hot hardness contacted her soft, open wetness.

Karen grasped him, guided the rigid shaft into her, and he thrust it home. A cry of joy gushed from her and her hips bucked up to meet him.

Jason supported his weight on his arms and drove into her. She braced her feet on the bed and forced herself up to meet him. Again, as they'd done so many times, their bodies strained together, plunging, writhing, pounding, drawing pleasure.

Intense spasms of joy swept through Jason as jets of his warm cream spouted from his wildly pulsing organ, filling her, bathing her insides. He ground against her, while what seemed like endless supplies of his fluids gushed into her.

Karen screamed out in delight when the hot blasts of his fluid splashed against her womb. Her fingers dug into his buttocks and her legs wrapped around his. It was as if she wanted to meld herself to him permanently. He couldn't ever recall her responding to him more urgently.

Their lusty attack on each other finally slowed, and as Jason held himself above Karen, watching as her features relaxed and her eyes closed. Still hard, still embedded deep inside her, he rotated his hips.

Another spasm of pleasure shook Karen and she bucked against him. "Oh!" she moaned, then relaxed again.

Still hard and buried in her, Jason lowered himself and kissed her. Then, feeling himself begin to soften, he pulled out and rolled off her.

"Oh!" Karen gave him a look of disappointment.

Jason lay next to her, watching her, devouring everything about the way she looked, trying to etch it indelibly on his memory. He reached out and tickled her face tenderly, bringing a smile of pleasure to her face.

"Mmmm!" she purred. "I almost forgot how gentle you are when you touch me."

Jason had been thinking about something ever since they went out to dinner the night before. He decided to act on his thoughts. "Want to get married?" he asked.

Karen's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. "Wha...what?" she stammered.

Smiling, Jason kissed her on the tip of her nose. "I want to marry you," he said. "The sooner the better."

It took a few seconds before Karen could get her mind working again, but when she did, she grabbed him, yelled, "Yes!" and kissed him fiercely.

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