tagLesbian SexT & Tammy's Long Kiss Good-Bye

T & Tammy's Long Kiss Good-Bye


Hi, my name is T (obviously an abbreviation) and this is my last story in the T & Tammy trilogy. I think reading the others first will make this story better for you but I hope this one is enjoyable by itself if you choose not to. As with my other stories, this is written to please my horny husband and hopefully you the reader as well.

My stories are intended to make you hot, not to get an A in Creative Writing 301. If you feel compelled to make a comment on my syntax or character development, please save it for someone who cares. If however, you want to comment on how hot or not the story was for you, PLEASE do so. Some of you people need to get fucked more often!

I've really enjoyed writing these stories and even more, the response they've generated. My dear husband's response has been to "almost" keep my pussy and ass fully satisfied. Some of you readers have generated very warm sensations in my nipples and pussy by responding with hot comments and e-mails, keep it up!! Finally, my own response has been to be reminded of how much I love to eat pussy and suck tit!!! Excellent returns for my efforts.

As readers of my prior stories know, these stories are about events that occurred while I was in college 20 years ago and spent about a year in a wonderful lesbian relationship. Ladies, if you have a man in your life, even if you haven't been with another woman, make up a story about being with a girl and see how hard your man's cock becomes. For those ladies who just love pussy and tits and have no desire or need for cock, suck some tit for me!!

The past stories were about specific single events or time periods but this one will be a swirl of pussy, tits and orgasms, some of my very favorite things! It's also about what you'll do or let someone do to you when you're addicted to cumming!!

Six months or so into our relationship, Tammy owned me. I mean she owned me from my toenails to the brunette curls on my head, especially my wet pussy and aching tits. They say that men think about sex every few minutes and that's the way I was around Tammy, I couldn't be near her without my pussy getting wet.

I'd had my share of cock before Tammy and loved to be fucked but I just couldn't cum with a guy and Tammy had opened the glorious world of mind blowing multiple orgasms for me and all I wanted was more and more. I was truly addicted to what she could do to me.

Of course Tammy knew what she'd created and took full advantage. I'm sure some of the things she did were because of lust for me, some were obviously about power over me, and some were just fun for her (and usually for me).

By this time it was late spring and we'd planned to take a long weekend camping trip with several other people. I got wet every time I'd think about the trip because I couldn't take my mind off what Tammy and I had done on our last camping trip (prior story). I don't know if it was good or bad karma but as the time for the trip approached, it seemed that one by one, people were dropping out.

Finally, it was just Tammy, myself and another girl named Cheri. She made a brief appearance in my first story but up until this trip had just been a casual friend. She was our age and very pretty with a cute little nose, luscious lips and reddish blond hair. She was about my size and had a tight little ass and perky tits.

Being a tit lover, I'd already noticed on several occasions that she never wore a bra and while her tits weren't nearly as big as big-tit Tammy, they were about the same size as mine and stood out firmly from her chest. I'd also noticed that her nipples seemed to stick out a mile when they got hard. Oh yeah, I'd been looking!

That spring, Cheri was between boyfriends and had made a few comments about how horny she was getting. I think Tammy decided, since it was just going to be the three of us on this camping trip, that she was going to see if her seduction techniques worked as well on someone else as they had on me.

Since it was down to the three of us, I agreed to drive my small pickup truck on the trip. As we got ready and loaded our camping stuff into the back, I quickly noticed that Tammy was up to something because she was touching Cheri every time she had a chance. They were little touches, nothing blatant and I was sure that Cheri had no idea what was happening but I sure did.

My head was a swirl of emotions. Part of me was pissed, how could Tammy be doing this? Didn't she feel the same things for me that I felt for her? Part of me was screaming YEAH BABY, another pussy to eat! The bigger part of me realized that for all the physical pleasure Tammy and I gave each other, we both still wanted children and a "normal" life and this wasn't going to last forever so why not enjoy this for what it was.

I guess I quickly realized that the "another pussy to eat" feeling and the "normal life" feeling were for the moment consistent with each other so as my pussy got wet and my nipples started to harden, I started casually touching Cheri also. Tammy looked at me and winked as she slowly ran her tongue around and over her lips.

We finally left in the late afternoon with Cheri riding in the middle between Tammy and me. My pickup was a 5 speed and as I drove and shifted, I made sure to "accidentally" touch whatever part of Cheri was closest. At the same time, Tammy couldn't speak without touching Cheri to emphasize whatever she was saying. It was almost like a contest between us with Cheri not realizing she was the prize.

This was almost a 3 hour trip and we hadn't gone 30 miles before guys and sex became the main topic of conversation. As normal college age girls, sex was a huge part of our lives and Cheri, describing how much she missed her former boyfriend's cock, soon had us all squirming in the seat. The thing was, as much as Tammy and I loved being with each other and the things we did to each other, we both still loved cock.

While Cheri was a casual friend, she was still close enough to us to know that neither of us was dating. She asked us how we could stand being without cock for so long. I squirmed as I thought about Tammy and I fucking each other with the handle of her hair brush (my 2nd story) and about all the other things Tammy had found to fuck my tight little pussy with.

Tammy laughed and replied, "Cheri, T's pussy is so well fucked she can barely walk sometimes."

Cheri was obviously confused and looked at me as she said, "Really, I didn't know you were dating anyone T."

I squirmed as I tried to think of a reply and before I could Tammy answered, "Oh, my pussy stays well fucked also, you don't really need a guy to get fucked Cheri!"

Because of Tammy's almost constant efforts to have her left hand touching some part of Cheri, her hand now rested on the inside of Cheri's thigh near her knee. Before Cheri could question further, Tammy slowly ran her hand down the inside of Cheri's thigh almost to her pussy and said, "I'll bet your little pussy really needs to be fucked doesn't it sweetheart, what if I could solve that problem for you?"

Given how horny she was and the warm feeling of Tammy's hand so near to her pussy, the only way poor Cheri could respond was a loud moan. Tammy smiled in triumph as she turned toward Cheri and with her right hand slowly reached to cup Cheri's nearest tit. As she squeezed it, she slowly slid her fingers over Cheri's jean clad pussy.

I could barely drive as I watched Tammy seduce Cheri. My pussy was flooding as I remembered the first time Tammy's hands roamed over my body. Cheri was moaning louder as Tammy pulled and squeezed her tit, pinching her long nipple with her fingers. Tammy caught my eye and said, "Help me baby."

Tammy turned further so she could put both of her hands on Cheri's tits and I quickly moved my right hand down and started rubbing Cheri's pussy through her jeans. Cheri was grinding her pussy against my fingers and she naturally put her arms between our legs so she could rub both of our pussy's with her hands.

I quickly realized that there was no way I was going to be able to keep driving. Tammy and Cheri were kissing and it looked like Tammy's tongue was touching Cheri's tonsils and between watching them, driving and Cheri frantically rubbing her hot hand against my pussy, I was barely seeing the road.

I noticed a sign for the next exit coming up on the Interstate but it was still 2 miles away. I think that was the longest 2 miles I've ever driven. As we finally reached the exit ramp, I pulled off and immediately turned into the first road I came to. Luckily for us, we were surrounded by farm land, it was almost dark by now and this must have been a road going out to some desolate fields because no one came by while we were there.

Since I'd been concentrating on making the exit and finding a place to pull over, I hadn't been watching Tammy and Cheri. As I stopped and turned off the engine, my eyes immediately focused on one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. Tammy had unbuttoned Cheri's top and was sucking and licking her beautiful tits. Cheri's nipples looked like they were at least an inch long and reminded me of the eraser on a big first grade pencil.

God it was such a hot sight to watch Tammy suck Cheri's tits! Watching two other people have sex was something that I hadn't experienced and I remember that I just froze in awe for awhile as I stared open mouthed at my own private porn show.

Finally I snapped out of my trance as Tammy looked over at me and winked. My mouth watered as I anticipated sucking one of those hard long nipples between my lips. I quickly turned in the seat so I could latch onto Cheri's left tit. The feelings of having two mouths sucking on her tits and two hands rubbing over her pussy must have been pushed Cheri over the edge because she suddenly began a screaming orgasm.

Her entire body tensed as her orgasm built and her hand that she had been using to rub against my pussy squeezed down on my pussy with her thumb on over my slit and her long fingers pushing up against my asshole. The harder I sucked on her tit, the harder she squeezed against my jeans. My pussy and little asshole both loved the attention and I spread my legs wider to give her all the room I could.

Did I ever mention, I LOVE to suck tit! Other than my husband's cock, nothing else in the entire world has such a wonderful texture and feel to it as you pull and suck it into your mouth. My tongue was swirling over her aureole and I could have sucked on that big hard nipple forever and been a very happy girl but finally Cheri started to come back down from her orgasm.

She hadn't said a word in almost 15 minutes since she had asked me about who I was dating. She finally looked down at both of us still sucking on her wonderful tits and weakly laughed as she said, "Now I get it, who needs a guy when you have friends like you guys!" Tammy and I both giggled in response.

As I continued to suck on Cheri's tits, she lifted her ass so Tammy could pull off her jeans and panties. Since we had so little room in the cab of my pickup, I jumped out and spread a couple of our sleeping bags out in the pickup bed. Cheri climbed naked into the back and lay down with me and before Tammy could get up with us, I already had my tongue buried in Cheri's pussy.

It was so hot, knowing that my tongue was the first to lick her pussy. She tasted so good, just a little different than Tammy but still delicious. Her reaction to my tongue licking into her pussy and up her slit to her clit was equally hot. She rose up on her elbows so she could watch me. She moaned as I licked and she said, "God that feels so good."

As she lay there with her legs spread wide, I paused to look up at her as I gently sucked her clit and she quickly pulled my face into her with both of her hands behind my head. She moaned, "Oh T, suck my pussy, I want to cum again." My position between her legs left my ass sticking up into the air just like Tammy liked it and it took her seconds to peal off my jeans and panties and bury her face into my pussy from behind.

As Tammy licked up my slit, she ran her tongue swirling over my asshole and shivers ran through me. She felt me shiver and whispered, "Did you like that baby?" I moaned my reply. My position and moaning response evidently caused Tammy to decide to explore some new territory because I suddenly felt one of her fingers being slowly shoved into my ass. I jumped because she'd never done that before and I was immediately scared that she was going to hurt me.

She whispered, "Don't worry baby, I wouldn't hurt my little girl." My fear quickly melted away as a startling new sensation spread from my tight little asshole up into my belly. I actually started to push back against her finger because it felt so good. As she fingered my ass, she continued to lick up my pussy but I suddenly realized she had stopped when I felt her shove what felt like a cock into my wet pussy.

As I've documented in my other stories and my horny husband will attest, I have difficulty in concentrating on doing something when someone else is doing something to me. I love to suck his cock but it's difficult for me to give it the proper attention if he's eating me. The same was true with Tammy, eating her while she ate me was always difficult (sounds tough doesn't it) because I would loose my concentration on her pussy as she ate me and my brain focused on the sensations coming from my pussy.

I realized that I wasn't giving Cheri the attention she deserved and as I gently sucked and pulled on her clit with my lips, I shoved 3 fingers quickly into her pussy and started finger fucking her as fast as I could. As I did that I said, "Cum for me Cheri." The poor baby instantly started to cum (my goal) and as she did, my fingers kept fucking her but my mind instantly shifted back to the blond behind me (yeah, I'm selfish, so what).

As I refocused on my ass and pussy, I immediately noticed that I was getting a royal fucking. As my brain had focused temporally on Cheri, Tammy had managed to get at least 2 fingers into my ass and evidently her brush or several fingers into my pussy. I couldn't help myself and started begging her, "Fuck me baby, fuck me hard" as I pushed back against her fingers. The sensations coming from both areas were overwhelming and I starting bucking back against her as a scream escaped my lips and I started to cum.

Oh Baby, it felt sooooo good! Tammy was yelling, "Cum for me bitch, squeeze my fingers with your tight little asshole." I was in seventh heaven, a sweet juicy pussy in front of me and Tammy fucking me to beat the band in my ass and pussy. My orgasm seemed to explode through my body and eventually I collapsed onto Cheri with Tammy's fingers still in me. As I lay there kissing Cheri, I couldn't help wiggling my ass back against Tammy's fingers.

This prompted my lover to see what more she could do to me and she said, "You liked having your ass fucked didn't you baby?" Like wasn't the right word, I LOVED having my ass fucked! As I lay there on Cheri, we started to kiss with more passion as Tammy sloooowly fingered my ass and pussy. I could feel her fingers rubbing against each other with only the small amount of tissue between my vagina and colon separating them. She said, "Does my little whore want to cum again, do you want your ass fucked again baby?"

I moaned, "GOD Tammy it felt so GOOD, fuck my ass baby, fuck it hard." I had shifted over onto Cheri right leg so that my right leg could rub against her pussy as I rubbed my pussy against her leg. Our kissing became more frantic and we were pulling and squeezing each other's tits. Ms. Tammy was generating wild and wonderful feelings from my ass and pussy and Cheri could see and feel how hot I was getting.

Tammy was loving my reactions also and started describing what she was seeing and feeling. I could tell by her voice how hot she was. She said, "Baby you should see my fingers sliding in and out of your asshole. It's so tight against my fingers and I can feel my fingers in your pussy from your hot ass." I could only moan louder in response.

Tammy had started something that day that continues 20 years later. My husband and I were married over 10 years before he seriously approached me to try anal sex. Because of my experiences with Tammy, I was more than willing to try his big cock because I knew what pleasures she'd given me. Believe me ladies, I CRAVE his cock in my ass and if you have a patient lover, I can almost promise each and every one of you reading this that you will love anal sex if you give it a chance. The key is a patient lover!

It wasn't much longer before all the sensations coursing through my body pushed me over the edge. Kissing this beautiful woman as she sucked hard on my tongue, squeezing her wonderful tits as she squeezed mine and grinding against each others pussy's were all wonderful and hot and would have led to a wonderful orgasm. Adding those sensations to what Tammy was doing to my ass and pussy generated an orgasm that I can remember to this day.

It was overwhelming; an LSD trip couldn't have caused me to trip out any more that Tammy's fingers did. My eyes rolled back into my head and all I could see were beautiful lights flashing through my head. My brain was overloaded with the explosion of mind numbing sensations flowing from my pussy and ass up through my belly and into every corner of my being. I was screaming Tammy's name over and over.

I finally slumped onto Cheri again and both she and Tammy thought I had passed out. It seemed like forever and finally my mind and body slowly came back to the present. I was weak but managed to say, "Thank you baby, that was the biggest one yet"! Tammy laughed, we had both learned that some of my orgasms could be better termed explosions but this one really was an earth shaking experience and I was immediately filled with a need to return this pleasure to Tammy.

Cheri was eager to return Tammy's favors also and we both quickly stripped her of her clothes. As Cheri pulled down Tammy's black panties, her tongue followed the waist band and Tammy moaned as Cheri licked over her clit and then down her slit into her pussy. That was fine with me because Tammy's big tits were softly calling my name.

As I've mentioned in other stories and briefly in this one, Tammy had 36D tits with huge aureoles and one of my favorite things on earth was to have one of them completely filling my mouth. I alternated between Tammy's big tits as Cheri enjoyed her first taste of pussy juice.

Tammy was panting and had one hand on the back of my head pushing as much of her tit into my mouth as she could while her other hand pushed against the back of Cheri's head pushing it further into her pussy. It wasn't long before our combined efforts led Tammy to a mind blowing orgasm and Cheri lapped up all of Tammy's sweet juice.

As she came down from her orgasm I continued to suck her tits and bite her hard nipples. She squealed as I pinched them between my teeth. I whispered, "Baby, I'm going to have your ass before we leave here." She moaned in response and I asked Cheri to switch positions with me.

As I tasted my baby's sweet pussy, I pushed up against the back of her thighs so she would raise her legs. As she moved her cute little asshole came into view. I was able to lick over her clit down her slit and into her pussy and finally swirl my tongue into that tight little button asshole.

God this was so hot and her response was even hotter. I could tell she loved it just as much as I had. As my tongue swirled over her ass and my mind absorbed the different textures of her asshole, I also thought about how "dirty" and "kinky" this was and my pussy started to flow with juice.

As usual my mind was trying to wrap around another new concept in sexuality that Tammy had exposed for me. Tammy obviously changed a young girl who couldn't cum with a guy's cock into a lesbian sex addict. She had taught me to crave her juice and her tits. She had taught me to crave the taste of her tangy piss as I would lick it off her after she had pissed and of course, she did the same for me. She had just shown me how hot a threesome was and now we were entering a new domain and my asshole still tingled from her earlier attention.

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