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Tabbi Get It and Likes It


Although I take a little license with my stories, they are all based on my true wife. She has slowly become a little promiscuous over time. It of course began with a fantasy that we shared during our own sex and developed from there. At first she was afraid to do anything outside of our marriage for real and planned to keep it a fantasy. With the ideas built up in her head, she eventually felt like she had permission to try it. Her first several times were more like cheating than anything else. With me out of town and her exceptionally horny she eventually gave in to someone she knew. Afterwards she wasn't comfortable with the reality, so she didn't tell me for several months. She still isn't a regular slut wife, but it does happen now and then.

I have a friend, Rick, who has been hot for my wife for a long time. It seemed more of a joke at first when he used to respectfully tell me that he would like to bath her with his tongue. I admit that I always found his teasing rather erotic, but I couldn't see my wife giving in to him. Soon this teasing became a regular discussion between Rick and me. He could tell that I wasn't offended, so he continued to bring it up.

Rick would tell me how cute Tabbi is and that he bet she was a wild hot ride in the bed. Tabbi IS pretty cute. She's about five feet and barely a hundred pounds. Her hair is just below her shoulders, brown, and wavy. Her stomach is flat, and her butt is cute and round and all but flat. Her tits are pretty normal Cs. In fact, you can see a picture of my wife here on our profile. She is very much a girl and keeps her finger and toe nails brightly painted. When I shave her, I shave it all, but Tabbi sometimes leaves a little strip above her pussy. She knows she is hot and has no problem with having attention.

I was pretty turned on with one of the conversations with Rick and decided to admit it. I went so far as to tell him that I didn't mind if Tabbi was with someone, but I couldn't imagine it in reality. He said he thought that she might, but he was concerned that she might get mad at him if he tried something and she didn't want it. I encouraged him to take it slow and try doing small things with her while I was out of town. Who knows where it might lead? He agreed and planned to do just that. Next time I was out of town I called Rick and encouraged him to come up with something, but he was still too shy about it. He wanted to first try bumping in to her somewhere and wanted me to let him know if she was going to be out.

The next day Tabbi called to tell me that the water heater must be out. I encouraged her to call Rick. She didn't want to, so I told her I would have him call her and come check it. Tabbi agreed to that.

Rick was excited and comfortable with that as an ice breaker. It turned out that he only had to reset a breaker. Tabbi mentioned to him that she was about to shower, because she wanted to see a concert sponsored by our town that would be held at a pavilion where we kept our boat. She planned to watch the show from our boat, because she didn't want to be in the crowd by herself. Thinking on his feet, Ricked added that he too had planned to go to the same show and casually mentioned that maybe he would see her there. Tabbi told him that she didn't plan to get off the boat, but he could stop by if he wanted. Rick couldn't believe it and neither could I when Rick told me. I was nervous as hell as I waited for a report.

Rick didn't call that night which really had me thinking. Finally he called about mid morning and reported that it went really well, but nothing happened. I was relieved, but the idea of him trying had me pretty horny. I was so horny that I gave him a big rundown of things that she liked both in and out of bed. He had spent over an hour on the boat talking with her and watching the show. Then, as a long shot, he offered to drive her home since she had a few glasses of wine. To both our surprise she left her car at the boat and agreed to the ride if Rick would pick her up and take her back to get her car the next day. Rick was about to call Tabbi to see when she wanted to go get her car.

My mind, and dick, was going crazy thinking about Rick trying to get in my sweet little thirty one year old wife's panties. I was imagining him having her in our bed. Everything was going through my head. I was wondering if she would simply let him have his way with her. I wondered if she would like it and how much she would like it. I was imagining my little wife opening her legs for someone else to enter her. I could picture her curling her little toes like she does when she cums. Then I was wondering if he would get her without protection. I knew that Tabbi didn't like condums. How was this going to work? Was my friend Rick going to do it to my cute little wife with his bare dick? I was thinking twice about him cuming inside her. And what if he made her pregnant? I began to want to put the brakes on the matter.

When Rick went to pick her up, she made him wait a few minutes while she finished dressing. She came out with a canvass bag, because she was going to hang around the boat a little while. Rick didn't even try anything and she seemed to mean business about getting back to the boat where her car was parked. In conversation, Rick asked what she had planned the rest of the day. She planned to get some sun at the boat, but other than that she had no plans. Rick took a chance and made a joke about he needed some sun too and he might need to hang out to protect her if she was going to be in a bikini. She laughed and said, "Whatever; but you can have a beer if you want since you are driving me around."

Once they were on board, Tabbi asked him to wait topside while she went below to get him a beer. She came up with two. Then she began to pull down her shorts and reveal her tiny bikini. They had a few beers which was doing a number for Rick's courage. Beer seemed to have made Tabbi more uninhibited as well. He convinced her she was getting too much sun and managed to get her to allow him to apply sunscreen to her little body. He sensed her nervousness as he rubbed the sun screen on her legs, feet, and thighs.

Rick, with new found courage invited her to a business party that he needed to attend that night. He claimed to her that it would appear more professional if he showed with someone. He promised her that it would be only as friends thing. To add a tone of innocence, he offered to ask me to be sure it was okay. She said, "If my husband says it is okay, I'll go. I'll even pretend to be your date. Well, I can only go so far with that, but I can pretend a little."

When Rick told me this, I was convinced that nothing was going to happen. I knew by then that if anything was going to happen, it probably would have by that point. I told Rick to go ahead and proceeded to tell how I thought he might score even though I assumed it would be of no use. I found it really erotic to tell my friend how she likes being fucked. Although she is small, she likes getting it pretty hard from behind. She isn't in to any pain or anything stupid, but she enjoys a little manhandling and a good pounding in her pussy. I wanted to make her comfortable about it, so I told Tabbi to have fun thinking that it might put her more at ease to loosen up and enjoy the night out. I was flying in the next morning and said, "I'll see you at the airport when you pick me up."

Rick went to pick her up from our house. Again, he had to wait on her a few minutes. Then she came out in her thigh length black party dress with strappy heels on her pedicure feet. She asked him to let her get a glass of wine before they left. She made it a point that she had never done this and that she needed a little wine to settle her. She was afraid that she would appear too nervous in front of others.

Tabbi asked Rick if she was supposed to be anyone in particular like a friend, sister maybe, girlfriend, or wife. Rick said, "Oh, just kind of pretend you are a new girlfriend. That way you won't have to act too much. Twelve or so people were there when they arrived. Rick put his hand on her bare back where her dress dropped low as he walked her around for introductions. Tabbi is petite and doesn't require much alcohol for it to have an effect on her. She had another glass of wine, but only sipped at the others after that. They stayed a while until most were going home. A client of Ricks wanted to speak with him, so Tabbi continued to talk with an older gentleman while Rick was occupied. Rick returned for Tabbi, but she wasn't where he had left her. No one seemed to know her whereabouts. They just said things like, "She was just here." Then Tabbi came up from behind Rick and asked if he was ready to go. That was about it for the party.

The next morning Tabbi was a few minutes late picking me up, so she met me at baggage claim. I thought she appeared a little disheveled, but didn't think much about it. The more I looked at her, it seemed like she had just got out of bed, put on jeans and a shirt, and thong type sandals. Her hair was even oddly arranged. I guessed that she had stayed out a little late and was dragging a little, but it was not at all like her to go anywhere without being dressed to the nines.

I hadn't heard from Rick. I felt like he would have called me if anything got exciting. I asked Tabbi about the party, but she was vague like it wasn't much. It was still going through my mind what Rick wanted to do with my wife, and I was getting pretty aroused about the thoughts. I was still hoping and pretending that something might happen eventually. I was also a little comforted with the thought that it might take a while if it ever happened at all.

Just the idea that my friend had tried to fuck my wife had me pretty horny, and I began try my own seduction with her. She kissed me but was not encouraging much play. She was trying to make her way to the shower, but I was really in the mood. I knew that if I could at least get a finger in I could get a lick. Once I am licking her smooth pussy that is all it takes for Tabbi. She has to be fucked.

I pulled her jeans down just enough to get a finger in her panties. She seemed really nervous but wasn't stopping me. Her smooth pussy was unusually wet. I fingered her until she was giving in to a little more. Then I pulled her jeans off. I pulled the leg of her panties to the side as I went to lick her. Her panties were sopping, but I didn't put too much thought to it. After all, it was clear. She was kind of a mess down there, but I was really horny and that was all that on my mind. She tasted a little different, but it wasn't offensive. Her pussy and panties were a real mess. I was rationalizing that Rick had made her really horny, and now I was about to reap the benefits.

She pulled me up to her mouth for a kiss and told me to just please do it to her anyway I wanted. That was again different. She loves to be eaten, but I barely had a taste before she pulled me to the bed and pulled me on top of her. She was making it clear that she wanted to be fucked and now. Her panties were still on and she pulled her shirt off. While standing at the edge of the bed, I pulled her panties to the side and pushed my dick right in her sloppy wet pussy. And I mean wet. It seemed like I was fucking a different pussy and it was good. It was so different and good that I thought I might cum before I was ready. I got on my feet at the edge of the bed where I could better control myself. That is when I began to pretend that her panties were a real mess because she had already been fucked. Only then did it occur to me that she probably had been fucked. There was no way she could have been that wet. It was like she had just been fucked and good. It was obvious that she had been fucked and had her pussy and womb pumped full of cum. Someone had cum inside my sweet little wife. It was even too much for it to have been the night before. A strong feeling came over me by surprise as I contemplated that she must have been with someone. I wanted to stop right then and call Rick. Instead, I began to give her a pretty hard fucking. I started asking questions like I was roll playing that she had been fucked. We had rolled like this before, and it always got her really hot.

She quickly began to play along with the talk. She was becoming crazy turned on by it. I asked how her date was. I asked if anyone came on to her. She said, "Yes." I asked who. She said an older man at the party. I thought she must be fantasizing to play along. "What happened?" I asked.

"He pulled me into a room while Rick was away talking to someone," She said.

"Really? Then what?"

She continued, "Well, he had two friends with him. They told me that they had to do a pat down on me, because a dignitary was in attendance. They said they wanted to give me privacy and locked the door. The two friends seemed legitimately like they were patting me down like I had hidden something in my dress. They were kind of joking with me at the same time. Then one held my hands up while the other lifted my dress. I was embarrassed, but it was kind of erotic too. Then the older man pulled my panties down a little. The two guys kind of held me while the older man undid his pants and got behind me. One of them held my feet apart on the floor while the older man did it to me."

Something seemed different about her description. Unlike fantasy talk in the past, it sounded like she was telling me a true story. "He fucked you for real?" I asked.

"Yea. They held my dress up while he did it to me. My panties were near my knees so I couldn't spread my feet too much, but they were holding my thighs open too. It was kind of hard and rough, but he came kind of quick. I thought it was over and was trying to pull my panties up, but then the other two opened their pants. One pulled my panties to my ankles. They bent me over the arm of the sofa. I stepped one foot out of my panties as they were again spreading my feet. One of my shoes came off. They took turns in me a few times before they finished in me. I was kind of shocked and a little scared, so I just stepped my other foot back in my panties, pulled them up, and put my other shoe back on. I straightened myself the best I could and went to look for Rick. I asked him to take me home. I didn't know what to do. I was replaying what had happened in my head. I could feel their cum inside me and in my panties. This made me really horny, and I was getting more horny from the thoughts of what had happened. We Rick walked me to the door, I let him come in and he spent the night."

"You slept with Rick too?

"I'm so sorry! I was a little slut. I'll do anything you want. Just please don't be too mad at me. I won't do it again."

"Did Rick know what had happened at the party?"

" I don't think so," she said.

I couldn't be too mad. I was trying to let Rick get her anyway. Guess I should be careful what I wish for. I had to ask more. "Did you like it?"

She paused and said, "I want you to do it now."

I was in the mood for talking dirty. I asked again, " Did you like being fucked? Did they fuck you good?"

"I'm so sorry. Yes it was good. I was so horny. It was just sex though," she said. "It was good, but it was only sex."

"Did you like what they did to you?" I asked.

"I did. I felt so slutty, but I did. They just did what they wanted to me. They had your loving little wife's body. They took what they wanted. They tried to make me pregnant as they did it to me. One guy was kind of big. He pushed it in anyway. I could feel it all up in me. I was actually glad that the other guy's stuff was already in me. It made it easier for me to take it. I was so full. When he came, I thought I was going to pop."

Her telling this had me so horny that I didn't mind what had happened as long as she was okay with it. I wanted her to be my little slut. I told her it was okay. I couldn't wait and soon added my cum inside her messy pussy.

She didn't say much about Rick at the time. I think she wanted to be easy on me with what she had done. When I later spoke to Rick he too was a little nervous about admitting it, but he didn't lie. He promised it wouldn't happen again. I assured him that I thought it was hot that he got her. He began to share the great details. Not only did he fuck my wife on our patio, but he then did her in our bed. He got her again the morning I came home. In fact she was trying to leave the house to come get me from the airport, and he pulled her jeans down and fucked her with another quickie just inside the door. She was worried that she was going to be late so she just pulled up her pants and went out the door.

That was the hottest thing that I had ever heard that she was full of cum when she picked me up. And then I fucked her with her pussy still a mess. I was so horny about everything Rick had said that I had him come over that afternoon. I told Tabbi that if she was going to do that anymore, she had to let Rick do it with me there. She didn't want to do that. I little more talk had her more in the mood. She decided she want to do it, but she wanted me to wait in the living room or kitchen. She didn't want me to see her getting it. I agreed, but I could wait. I had to see. The door wasn't closed all the way, so I looked in once he started. He had her face down on the bed fucking my little wife from behind. She had her butt up a little trying to get it good. Tabbi's knees were bent and her little feet were up. He grabbed her feet and held them next to him. Her toes were curled as he enjoyed my wife's cute little body. He was getting her kind of hard. She was looking forward, so I went on in. Watching her get it was much hotter than hearing about it. I fingered her clit and made her cum as Rick banged her pussy. Tabbi shook and screamed as she pointed and curled her toes.

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