tagMatureTAD to Tel Aviv

TAD to Tel Aviv


I'm Michael, twenty-eight years old and in the Army now for ten years. I've been all over the world but my favorite place so far is Israel. Maybe it's because what happened several years ago when I was sent there in a cross training exercise with the Israeli IDF.

I had been in just three years and had only turned twenty-one. I was part of a training mission that paired Israeli soldiers with US soldiers here in the states. My roommate was an Israeli. His name was Moshe. He was a year older than me. Our training in the states lasted almost a year and then the whole group was sent to Israel to train there for six months.

While we lived in barracks and dorms in the states, the accommodations in Israel were not quite as nice and I was thinking it was going to be a long six months.

Somehow Moshe talked our commanding officer into letting him stay at home unless we were involved in night operations. He somehow talked him into also allowing me to live in his home too. I was worried at first because well, I'm not a very religious guy and while Moshe didn't seem to be either he talked about his family like they were. So I was skeptical of their reaction the first time I went to their home. I needn't have worried because no one for the first week was ever home. Moshe had given me his older sister's room who had just gotten married and moved in with her new husband. Occasionally I would see Moshe's younger sister who was attending university and was going to be an officer in the IDF someday. At nineteen she was a knockout, about 5'5" very athletic build but still had soft curves and full heavy breasts. A perfect ten in my book. Of course her brother told me in no certain terms she was off limits to me. It seemed to be a religious thing for him, me not being Jewish. It didn't seem to matter anyway, she had a boyfriend already. I did enjoy talking to her, she was not bashful at all and was very straight forward.

The first weekend she was home, Moshe and I had spent the day surfing and came back from the beach and we were going to hit some clubs. I didn't know Aviva was in the house and I walked from the bathroom after my shower with just a towel wrapped around me when we met in the hall. I apologized but she only winked and said Momma is gonna like you! I just kind of shrugged and went to my room and got dressed.

That night Moshe and I ended up at two girls' apartment we met in club. It was a one time fling but it sure felt good. I was learning I really loved Israeli women. They just seemed to have an earthy quality about them that I wasn't accustomed to with the American women I had dated.

Later that weekend I met Moshe's dad who was a high ranking officer in the IDF. I gathered from Moshe, his dad wasn't home much the last several years because of his job. He didn't even stay the whole weekend just a few hours and he supposedly was off to the desert on some training exercise.

Our training picked up and we pretty much came home every night we could, showered and crashed but it sure beat living in a barracks. About midweek we came home one evening and Moshe's mom was home. She had been traveling as a buyer for several large clothing retailers in Tel Aviv.

Moshe's mom was of course a stylish dresser as part of her job. Her name was Devorah and she was 5' 5", dark eyes and jet black hair that was straight and hung past her shoulders. She wore red lipstick. She was wearing a black tank top which showed a fair amount of cleavage but not so much that people would stare. She had on a pair of slacks that were pretty tight and showed her backside which was very sexy. I didn't know her age then but later found out she was fifty-four. Moshe introduced us and the first thing she asked hearing my name was Michael was if I was Jewish. Moshe jumped in before I could answer and told her I was not Jewish so give up on fixing me up with her friend's daughters. She rolled her eyes at her son and winked at me.

Moshe had to leave for a date with an old girlfriend and I decided to stay in and get some sleep instead. I was in my room writing a letter home when she knocked on the door. I said "yes."

She opened the door and stuck her head in.

"I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine, would you like some?"

"Sure," I said, and followed her to the kitchen where she poured us a glass of wine. We went to the patio to sit and drink it. It was mostly small talk at first.

"Do you like the wine?" she asked.

"It's good," I answered but I'm afraid I'm not much of a wine drinker."

"Oh," she said, "what do you drink?"

"Mostly beer," I answered. She reached over and pulled my shirt up to look at my stomach which was quite muscular.

"Hmmmm you don't look like a beer drinker," she said as she put my shirt back down.

"It's pretty hard to get a gut running almost seventy miles a week in full gear," I explained. We had another glass and then conversation started getting more personal.

"Were you writing a letter to your girlfriend back home when I interrupted you?" she said.

"No, No girlfriend, I was writing to my parents," I said.

After the third glass she talked more about herself and giving up on questions for me. She told me how her husband was always gone and that's why she took the buyer job. So she could travel away from home and have some fun is how she put it. She even told me she thought her husband may have a girlfriend on the side. Probably some young officer or secretary.

"Oh surely he wouldn't have a girlfriend," I said to her, trying to be consoling.

"Why would you say that?" she asked.

"Well he has such a gorgeous wife, why would he?" I answered.

"You're very sweet Michael, but I'm afraid you don't understand how older men think," she said.

"Yes, you may be right," I said.

It seemed when she bent over to get my empty glass this time she stayed bent over for a longer time. I just assumed the wine was getting to her and she was moving slower. But I could see her breasts this time and hoped she didn't realize I was staring at them.

"Another glass?" she asked

"No thanks Mrs Katzir I need to rest for tomorrow," I said.

"Devorah," she corrected me, wanting me to call her by her name.

I stood to go to my room. She thanked me for listening to an old lady and hugged me. I don't know what happened whether it was her perfume or just her in general but when her body was against mine my cock began to stiffen. I knew she felt it and it seemed for a second like she was grinding against it. We broke the hug and I walked to my room carefully with a bulge now visible in my pants. Once I got to my room I stroked myself to orgasm dreaming of Devorah.

Things were normal the rest of the week, Moshe and I were usually up and gone before Devorah was awake and she was usually out most evenings when we returned.

Moshe was gone more and more with his old girlfriend whom it looked like was his new girlfriend again. She was a great girl very pretty and I could see why Moshe was enamored with her. A few times I tagged along with them and met some of her friends but it just seemed most Israeli girls didn't want to get involved with an American soldier.

Moshe had made a date to take his girlfriend away for the weekend. The way he talked I expected he was going to ask her to marry him. Not wanting to be a third wheel in that occasion I told him I'd hang out at the house, maybe surf one day and just relax.

We got off duty on a Thursday and had a Friday off so when Moshe left I went to bed really early. I awoke and heard Moshe's dad talking to his mom. It sounded a little heated but my Hebrew just wasn't good enough to understand what they were saying. I rolled over and went back to sleep. The next morning I was up at 4 am and I had Moshe's car for the weekend so I grabbed a surf board and headed for the beach. I was surfing as the sun came up and stayed at the beach all morning and early afternoon until I was beat. I chatted with some women on the beach but nothing really panned out for the evening so I headed back to Moshe's.

As I removed the surfboard from the roof of the car Moshe's sister Aviva came out of the house and said hi. We talked for a few minutes and she left. As she was going she looked over her shoulder and said have a nice weekend. She had kind of a smirk on her face when she said it but I figured it was just her sarcastic attitude that her brother always complained about.

I walked in the house and jumped in the shower. I knew Devorah was in the house so I took clothes to the shower with me. After showering I sat on the patio to get some fresh air and Devorah came out and sat down.

"Did my husband and I wake you last night?" she asked.

"Just for a second," I answered and then I went back to sleep."

"It was a small argument," she said, "He's leaving for a week but cannot tell me where he goes."

I just shrugged my shoulders and told her, "It's the life of a soldier."

"Since it appears we are left alone for the weekend, would you like to join me for dinner?" she said.

"Sure," I said, thinking she meant we were eating at the house.

"Good, just let me shower and dress and we can go," she said.

Hearing that I quickly went and put on my best pair of jeans and a nicer pullover shirt than my usual t-shirt. I wondered what could be open since Friday at sundown was the beginning of the Sabbath and most places as far as I knew were closed.

"Ready?" she asked walking onto the patio.

"Ready, " I answered.

We walked out and she gave me her keys and asked me to drive. She drove a Mercedes which is a popular car in Israel.

I opened the door for her. She was wearing a green dress that showed quite a bit of cleavage again but was still classy on her. The dress was not real short or real tight but when she crossed her legs she definitely showed her legs and her thighs which were almost perfect with shapely calves that were lightly muscled. Her thighs were meaty but not fat and it seemed to me she pushed the dress up when I walked around to get in the driver's seat. She gave me directions and at every stop light I took peek at her legs hoping I wasn't being obvious. We finally reached an Armenian restaurant and when we parked the car a little ways away and walked she slid her arm through mine.

She taught me about Armenian food and some culture as we ate. We sampled some Armenian wines I learned they were some of the oldest winemakers in the world. Besides the fact that I was with one of my best friend's mom I was having a great time. I also began to see Devorah as a sexy, talented, smart woman more than just Moshe's mom.

After dinner we walked to the car and she seemed to edge closer to me than when we walked in. I opened the car door for her again as we got back to the car but before she got in she hugged me and thanked me for going to dinner. Once again the hug quickly produced a hard cock for me and this time there was no doubt she was grinding her body against it making me get even stiffer. When I came around and got in the driver seat, she asked if I could drive OK.

"Sure, I only had three small glasses of wine," I said.

"I didn't mean the wine," she said, smiling, "I meant the bulge."

She busted out laughing and I asked what was so funny, she turned the mirror toward my face which was red as a beet from blushing causing me to laugh too.

We drove back to the house and didn't talk much except for her to give me directions. I had to pay more attention at night so I was trying to concentrate. We were home early by Israeli standards and since there was no work the next day she asked me to join her with a bottle of wine she had picked up at the restaurant. We sat out on the patio and as she crossed and uncrossed her legs to switch sides occasionally, she seemed to take her time. One time gave me a clear glimpse between her legs and I realized she had no panties on. That thought began to drive me crazy. She told me she was going to change out of her clothes but stopped to fill my wine glass giving me a full view of her breasts as they hung down. As soon as she was out of sight I had to rub my hard cock through my jeans. I was thinking when she came back I would excuse myself so I could go to my room and make myself cum.

She came back to the patio in a light blue robe that went to about the middle of her thighs. Her bare legs were beautiful and looked smooth too. She asked if we could sit in the living room as the night air had gotten chilly. We retired to the couch and talked some more. As we talked she kept touching my legs and arms as she would say something. Each touch was like a shot of electricity to my body.

She poured some more wine and her robe went open a little to reveal she was wearing a nightie that was see through and allowed me to see her breast..It appeared her nipple was somewhat erect and I couldn't take my eyes off it.

"Would you like a closer look?" Devorah asked in a huskier tone of voice.

"Excuse me," I replied.

"My breasts would you like a better look, I noticed you were looking at them," she said as her hand touched my arm again.

"I..I 'm sorry, I can't help it they are beautiful," I said.

She stood and slid off her robe and let it fall to the floor. The short black teddy she was wearing was completely transparent and I could see her breasts and her hairless pussy clearly. Her breasts were not saggy like some older women's in magazines but they were full and hung naturally. Her nipples had that puffy look to them and as I admired her body it must have excited her as I watched those nipples get hard before my very eyes.

"You like?" she asked turning around in a circle.

"Oh yes," was all I could stammer.

She sat back down her leg touching mine. Her hand went to my chest and rubbed it as we both looked in each other's eyes.

"You want to kiss me," she said, "but you hesitate because I am Moshe's mom."

"Yes Mrs. Katzir," I said starting to explain more when she touched her finger to my lips.

"Tonight I am Devorah. Not Moshe's mom. Not someone's wife, just Devorah, your date. OK?"

"Yes Devorah," I answered, that being all the encouragement I needed and I moved in and kissed her lightly on the lips as my hands moved around the back of her neck and I kissed her harder my mouth open as hers opened too. Our tongues wrapping around each other as I felt her body press in against mine. I began nibbling on her neck and could feel her fingers messing with the top button of my jeans. We kissed again and then she broke the kiss and used her finger as if to trace the outline of my hard cock through my jeans.

"I'm just average, I"m afraid," I apologized as she seemed to size it up.

"Stand up," she said in that sexy husky Israeli accent.

I did as she said and she was pulling my jeans down as I stood.

"Ooh," she said as my cock was pointing at her.

"I went commando tonight," I said to her as she gave me a confused look.

I explained that meant no underwear.

She stood up as I stepped from the jeans and led me to the bedroom by the hand. When we got to the bed she turned and kissed me again and then broke the kiss and pulled my shirt off. I laid on the bed as she let her nightie hit the floor and we were both completely naked.

She laid next to me and touched my cock with her fingers. There was already a big drop of precum and she used her fingertip to spread it on my swollen head.

"Michael, you are not average," she said.

Her finger on my cock felt so good I didn't even argue. I figured at 7" and fairly thick I was just average. No other girl I'd been with had told me I wasn't average so I just labeled myself that way.

My fingers danced on her thigh, her legs were not only beautiful but her skin was silky smooth and smelled good. As my fingers reached her inner thigh she opened her legs slightly giving me more access to where I was going. Her pussy was shaved bald but I knew that when she was flashing me on the patio. We kissed again as my finger grazed across her pussy lips and I could feel she was already very wet. My finger went inside her slightly and her juices seem to flow out of her quickly soaking my finger as she moaned.

"It's been months since a man has touched me like that," she said in my ear.

I took my finger and lightly ran it up and down the lips of her pussy inside and out. Then I used my finger to find the little hood that hid her clit. It was already swollen when I touched it. I used my finger to lightly rub and flick it. Devorah was moaning and biting my neck and I felt her fingernails lightly scratch my back. She squirmed as my finger rubbed her clit. I kissed her once more then began kissing my way down her body as she laid back to see what I was going to do. She moaned when I nibbled her nipples and her hands rubbed the short cropped hair on my head. Soon I was between her thighs and I pulled my finger from her clit and replaced it with a hot wet tongue..she was really squirming now and mumbling words in Hebrew that I had no idea what she was saying. Her pussy was soaked and so was my face from burying it in her. I licked and finger fucked until her squirming got uncontrollable and her hands on my head pushed my face and mouth hard against her pussy as she came.

Her eyes opened as I kissed her letting her taste her juices on my tongue.

She looked at me and said, "I shaved my pussy just for you."

I kissed her again and then pressed the swollen head of my cock against her pussy.

"Ooh Michael, rub my clit with your cock, mmmmm like that,yes," she said.

I slid the head inside her now and could feel her opening up. Her hands on my ass her fingernails digging into my buttocks. I slid in some more.

"Oh yes Michael, yes give me that cock, oh yes," she moaned.

Soon I was all the way in and was relatively surprised at how tight she was. I'd always thought of older women with big pussies from childbirth and age but Devorah was every bit as tight as girls my own age I had been fucking.

As my hips moved to pump my dick in and out of her pussy she wrapped her legs around my back and squeezed as if to push me deeper. Her eyes were closed when I opened mine and her head was moving from side to side. As my cock slammed deep in her, I stopped briefly and got her to relax those sexy legs. I brought them around in front of my body and raised them so her feet were just above and against my shoulders. I leaned forward and over her and began slamming my cock in her again and knew I was reaching even deeper insider her.

Her nails dug into my sides and her body began to quiver and spasm as she moaned she was going to cum. I felt her muscles grip my cock as she squirmed and I knew she had cum. I had not yet and I kept pumping and she started shaking again saying she was cumming again. This time her muscles were so tight she forced me to cum and my juices quickly filled her pussy and were soon running out of her all over the sheets. I let her legs down but stayed inside her as she pulled my face down and we kissed for a long time.

I noticed when we stopped kissing she had tears running down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry Michael, no man has ever made me cum like that, not even my husband," she said.

I kissed her again thinking our lovemaking was over but she ran her fingers over my bare chest playing with my nipples. I was glistening with sweat and had rolled onto my back to rest. Soon her hand was playing with my cock that had become somewhat sticky with her juices and my cum. Her hand soon began to bring my cock back to life as she she scooted down the bed. I watched her as her face reached my cock, her long black hair tickled my legs. She kissed the head which had started to swell again. Her lips painted with red lipstick soon engulfed the head of my cock. She opened her mouth and let her saliva leak from her mouth onto my cock and then she took it back in her mouth and worked her lips down the shaft. She gagged when she tried to take it all and stopped there but then but she got most of it in her mouth. She began to move up and down and twist her mouth on my cock. I laid there and shook with pleasure as she brought me closer and closer to cumming. When she would feel my balls sink up into my sack she would stop sucking and grip my cock. She did this several times as if teasing me. Then she took my cock from her mouth.

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