"What is wrong with you tonight?" Sven said.

"Nothing." A heavy sigh escaped Mimi's lips, she looked over at her boyfriend and grinned, her fingers coiling around her hair, coquettish. "Ugh, Who an I kidding? Everything. Do you care about this?" She nodded towards the television flickering in front of them. Another documentary. This time it was about constructing tunnels in the Alps or Andes or something. Mimi hadn't been paying attention.

"Yeah, I do actually." He looped his long arm around her and pulled Mimi inwards. "Be patient, Kitten. It's nearly done. It's actually amazing."

Mimi twisted in his grip and planted a kiss on his neck, her splayed fingers edging their way under the thin fabric of his shirt. "Don't know if I can." She laughed, her feet stretching out behind her, toes curling. The hand under Sven's shirt moved south and he shifted, gently pushing her away.

"Fifteen minutes and it's done. And then, whatever you like baby, I swear." He kissed her forehead and turned back to the flickering screen.

Mimi sighed dramatically and raised an eyebrow. "Record it. Look, just press the little button on the remote and you can watch it later."

"Do I have a choice?"

"Obviously not." She grinned and kissed his cheek.

Sven smirked and pressed the tiny green button, marked with an R. "Happy now?"

"Much better. Come, then. " Mimi's fingers laced through his and she dragged him toward the bedroom.

"How could you want to watch a two – hour documentary about bridges when you could see I was desperate for you?" Mimi threw Sven's t-shirt into the corner and began working on his belt.

"Actually, it was about tunnels not bridges and it was quite fascinating. Did you know that the Gotthard Base Tunnel took 14 years to dig?" He pulled her blouse out of the waistband of her skirt and grinned, popping the buttons, "And that it won't be finished until 20-"

Mimi's finger flew to his lips and he stopped, silent, his eyes wide. " Not the kind of dirty talk I had in mind, sweetie." Mimi kissed his cheek and pushed him backward onto the edge of the bed, making him wriggle out of his jeans. She snorted and raised an eyebrow at him.

"Did you get that partial erection while talking about tunnels?"

Sven shifted awkwardly, his face turning beetroot. " No, I um...It was a coincidence that's all. I mean you're all frisky tonight and, um-it's, er, flattering-"

He trailed off and watched mortified as Mimi curled up next to him, giggling wickedly.

"Oh, doll, I shouldn't laugh. I'm sorry."

Sven narrowed his eyes and jabbed her in the arm, "I wasn't going to say anything and now you've ruined the moment. The moment is ruined." He leant forward and grabbed his trousers.

"No, no. Lovely, come here. I'm sorry. Don't." Mimi pulled him back and straightened her face, trying to be serious, the shiver of desire still flickering in her chest.

Sven pouted and lay flat on the bed, naked but for a pair of drab green socks.

"Here," Mimi plucked them off one, then the other and sat back, her skirt hitched up around her waist. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have laughed."

Sven nodded, silent, the colour receding back into his face as he thought.

"Don't get pensive." Mimi said, "I was only joking. I mean you're naked now, we might as well."

Sven grinned and pulled her forward. "You're so ridiculous. Come here. You're not even naked yet." he laughed.

"Well that has to change." Mimi began shedding clothes, discarding the skirt and then her bra and finally the grey cotton underwear.

"Much better. Now we're even. I'm going to get you back for that, you know."

"Oh yeah?" Mimi said, batting his hands away.

"Yeah. Don't know when, don't know how but it's going to happen."

Mimi laughed and pushed herself against him, her body warm, a comfort against his. "I don't care now." She sighed, "Just want you. So bad. Been thinking about it all day."

Her lips pressed against his skin, tiny kisses over and over, fluttering against his chest, trailing upward onto his neck.


"Oh, was that too hard?" Mimi gasped and pulled away, kissing the tender flesh gently. "I'm sorry."

"No. I liked it." Sven said, "A lot. More biting please."

"Hmm. You do? Like this." She planted more tiny nips against his neck, sucking a little. "I like the idea of marking you as my own. I want other people to know even if it makes you embarrassed."

Sven gasped. The air caught in his throat, the blood in his chest running between his legs. "You do?" His stomach was hollow.

"Yes. So much." Mimi's hand curled around his arm and squeezed. "I want you to know that you belong to no one else but me. I want you know how proud I am of you. How hot it is when you suffer for me."

"Oh." Sven nodded quickly, his eyes closed, inhaling her scent deeply. "I want you too. I want to be yours. Anything you want, I'll do it. You know I will. I'm just your good boy." The words tumbled faster, a litany breathed against her skin, begging with her. "Please, anything you want. It makes me so hard, please."

"I thought that this was meant to be about my pleasure?" She kissed his lips, her hands small and neat against his broad chest, her nails curling inward. " Wasn't it?"

"It is. For you. You kno- What?"

Mimi grinned and cupped Sven's chin, planting a deep kiss on his mouth. "I love it when you start to babble." She said, "Didn't take long, did it?"

Sven blushed again, "No." he curled against her and pulled her onto him, their bodies flattened out on the bed. "It didn't."

"That's what I love about you." She said, "This is your one little hot spot, your one vulnerability. When I want to, it only takes-" Mimi looked at the clock, blinking patiently on the bedside, "two minutes for me to have you in the palm of my hand. You're too easy." Her palm curled around his throat and she bit hit earlobe.

Sven moaned, the noise a low, canine whine, like a scolded puppy.

"So hot." She kissed him deeply, her tongue pushing into his mouth as she gripped him, holding him tight. "I love you so much. So much. My darling," she trailed off, her eyes scanning his face, drinking him in afraid that their time would slip away; that the light would slice through the curtains and they would be pulled back into banality. " Baby," Mimi slid down next to him and curled her arm across his waist. "Tell me who you belong to." Her fingers smoothed over his bare flesh, back and forth, hypnotic as she spoke. "Who?"

"You of course." He kissed her hair, catching her hand as it moved and tangling their legs together. " It's so strange."

"What is?"

"This. Us. I never thought that you would be you and I would be here and... this." He sighed, his eyes fixed on her intently. "I never thought I would have you and you would find what I wanted to be okay. I never thought I could be so casual about it."

Mimi smiled, nodded. "Well you can, you know." She rubbed his belly and sat up. "And now, if you don't mind I'm going to casually spank your ass because that's how I roll. Up." She patted her thighs and gestured for him to move, flipping her palm upwards, inviting. He moved, stretching himself flat over the bed, using his arms to take some of his weight.

Good." Mimi moaned low and cupped the neat curve of his bottom with her hand, rubbing gently, her fingers skating over the soft flesh, soothing him.

"There. You're much calmer now. I've been thinking about this view all day you know?" She pushed his legs apart a little and palmed his balls gently, making him moan into the sheets. "And those noises. So lovely." She began with the little slaps, over and over, making him wriggle under her, pushing his bottom back against her palm. The hollow feeling in his belly was rising and the vibrations from every slap seemed to head straight between his thighs. Mimi smiled watching him react under her touch. She raised her hand back and let down a harder blow, leaving a bright red imprint on his flesh. She couldn't help but laugh.

"It has been so easy," she whispered, "to fall into cruelty. To enjoy watching you wriggle away under my slaps."

"Oh yes." Sven grinned and arched his back, pushing into her grip, her nails sinking into the soft flesh. "Yes." He breathed.

"So easy to do this." She said. The words came in a quick staccato, punctuated by heavier, louder slaps one after the other.

"Back onto the bed with you. Lie flat." Mimi said, watching him. Sven did as he was instructed and lay flat on his back, his legs spread out languidly in front of him, the corner of his mouth curled up. "I want to kiss you now. Please. Please, come here." He stretched his arm out and beckoned towards his girlfriend. "Can I?"

"Soon." She said. "I know." She rubbed his leg tenderly, like soothing a favourite pet. Her fingers moved in a neat sweep to the curve of his hip and she ran her thumb up over his hardening cock. "But first I want you to entertain me." She said. "I need to take what I want first and then you can have whatever is left. Understand?"

He nodded, obedient.

"Oh." She flicked the head of his cock and it bobbed a little, making Sven wince. "You trying to be stoic for me?" she asked, "Hmm?"

"I'm fine." Sven said.

"Oh really?" Mimi whispered, crawling over him, "Fighting until the very end, I see."

Sven nodded.

"You're so cute." Mimi kissed him hard, "I love it when you struggle. Come on, I want it." She laughed, "I want to crack you tonight." She rubbed harder and stopped again. "Would you like that?"

Sven grunted, speechless. "I don't know what you want me to say. Not anymore."

Mimi laughed and kissed his side, edging lower. "Well that was easy!" she said, "Under me and so obedient. What a good boy you are." She sucked at his cock gently at first, then sinking her mouth around him harder, her tongue curling enthusiastically around the tip. Sven cursed and bucked upward towards her mouth.

"You like that?" Mimi said, her voice lower now, "Showing off to me still?"

"Please. Don't laugh." Sven gasped, "I'm so hard. Please."

"Hmm, and so am I, sweets."

His hands twisted into the sheets and his eyes screwed shut, willing the vision of her greedy mouth from his mind. "I – I just want you."

"I know you do." Mimi kissed his forehead and hugged him close. "You want me to sink over you like this? " she asked, angling herself over the head of his cock. "You want me to push on your chest?" her hands splayed out against him and he nodded up at her.

"Oh fuck yes," he breathed, his greedy hands cupping her ass. "Please just let me come now."

"I like it when you ask." She pushed herself against him, slowly, in long, languid strokes watching his face as she sank onto him. "I love it when you make noises. When you're spread out under me like this."

His eyes closed and Sven moaned again. Again, their mouths met and their bodies worked and writhed together, anticipating the other. It was a tenderness borne of familiarity, the tension crashing around them as the sun sank, long fingers of twilight slicing through the blinds.

"I'm going to take what I want and you're not going to moan about it, you understand?"

"Yes. I know." He smiled, "Happily. How could I ever complain?"

"Good." Mimi stroked his face, "Harder?" She moved against him faster, her head thrown back, pushing against his thrusts.

"I'm really close." He sighed, "Really. I'm going to come."

"Faster then." Mimi pushed herself forward, her breasts crushed against his chest, hugging him close, "Your dick feels so good. So good, baby."

It didn't take long. Only a few slick touches and he shuddered under her, arching his back and moaning as she ground against him, her fingers rubbing at herself as she continued to push against him, spurred on by his release, by his willing submission. Her hand flew to his throat and she fell forward, kissing him hard. All the thoughts rushed from her then. All the pain and fear and tension that had built up were gone and nothing mattered but her own desire.

"Lie still." She said, "I need this. I need you. Take it until I'm done, I want to see you suffer, just a little."

He shuddered under her, whimpering as she dug her nails into his chest, leaving tiny, tingling marks behind, her fingers twisting and pinching at him. Mimi fell silent, moving forward in long, lazy strokes. The breath hitched in her chest as she came, her hand at his throat and he watched her rapt, discomfort and pride twisting within him, his eyes fixed on her.

Mimi pulled away and sprawled over Sven, sweaty and sated.

"Lovely, pet." She said. "So lovely. I love you, baby." she kissed him on the mouth and he tasted himself on her lips.

"I love you, too." He pushed the hair from Mimi's face and sat up, leaning on the pillows. "Anything else?" he asked.

"Not right now."

Sven nodded. "Okay." He stood up and picked a towel out of the washing basket that stood at the foot of the bed, then wiped himself off.

"Where are you going?" Mimi asked.

"Nowhere. Just cleaning up. Here." Sven knelt next to her and ran his hand through her hair. He wiped her body gently with the towel, running it down her legs and then letting in fall to the floor.

"I like that." She said, her voice soft and sleepy, "I like it when you do little things like that. The way you bow your head just so." She cupped his cheek and kissed his forehead.

Sven blushed, the colour rising through his cheeks all the way to his temples.

"Don't be embarrassed, hon." Mimi said. "It's sweet. It's good."

"Just do, I guess." Sven replied, " I don't even think about it. You okay now? Happy? Did I make Ma'am happy?"

"You always do." She nodded and squeezed his hand. "You want to finish your tv programme now?"

"If I'm allowed." He grinned and stood up, pulling on his underwear. "Unless you've got anything else planned that I don't know about?"

Mimi laughed and joined him in dressing. "Of course not." She said. "I am happy and far less restless now. You're so accommodating, pet, I don't know what I'd do without you."

Sven shrugged, coloured up a little bit, "Thank you." He said. For a moment he stopped, his eye caught on something in the dark, glittering on the horizon, a tiny sliver of light, a thought forming. "You know, I'm still a little," the words faded and he looked over at Mimi, embarrassed, his fingers twisting together. "I'm still having trouble dealing with my submission. It doesn't sit. It doesn't-well, no, it does –" he stammered, the words knotting up the more he tried to untangle them. " I have trouble being comfortable with it and yet, I know how stupid that is. I want to be your boy, your plaything so much. It's hot, you know, but-" he stopped again, his teeth gritted together. "Well, you know."

Mimi nodded, "In time." She said, "You'll see how beautiful it is. How...that's just you. It makes you a whole person. It's not a missing piece, it's part of the puzzle."

Sven nodded, pensive. "I like that."

"Good." Mimi pecked him on the cheek. "Now, go and watch the rest of the super interesting tunnel documentary." Mimi said. " I command it."

"Yes." He laughed, "Do you mind?"

"A little." Mimi pulled on a t-shirt and smiled at him. "But I'll live." She shrugged and he turned towards the door, "Sven?"


"Your submissiveness is fine just as it is. It just is as it is and it is amazing. I promise."

"Thank you." He said. Then he closed the door quietly and returned to the sofa, feeling a strange sizzle in his gut and a smile curl its way across his face. Tag he thought, You're it.

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