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Take A Pizza Me


I'd always wanted a way to explore my filthiest fantasies, but occasions to really let go and experiment didn't come along every day. Until I became a pizza delivery girl, that is – then I found that delivering pizzas delivered ME no end of opportunities for anonymous sex. One couple in particular opened my mind to the possibilities of such liberation, and initiated me in ways of fucking which I'd never felt comfortable to explore in "normal" relationships. I still get wet now when I think about them; the scent of the sticky heat between my thighs is distracting me from my typing. But this is a memory I can't keep to myself.

Their ground-floor apartment was almost dark when I pulled up, except for the flicker of a candle through an open window visible from the front porch. Through that window there was a hurried rustle and whispered curses when I rang the bell. I always got a kick from interrupting couples fucking – and it happened so often. I don't know if it was just their way to fill the wait, or if they got off on the idea that someone would be turning up at their house just as they were cleaning themselves off, but I could bank on at least one person each evening answering the door in a hastily-tied robe or with a tell-tale smear glistening on their chin. As a delivery girl it was part of my job to show up on strangers' doorsteps and briefly insert myself into their lives. Anything was possible — I never knew who would open up or what acts I'd catch them in. It turned me on no end, and little did I know that during this last delivery on this particular night, I'd get a first taste of what was behind those doors.

"Be right there!" a woman called from the candlelit room. There was a huskiness to her voice, and I detected the scent of sex through the open window. A lick of desire shot through my body and I glanced over to the window to try to get a glimpse. Whatever was happening in there, it was bringing a rush of arousal to my breasts. Against the flickering of the candle, I could make out the form of a naked woman slipping on a negligee. She had her back to me, but in the moments before the negligee hid her flesh I could see how beautiful her body was. She turned and leaned over a desk at the window to grab her purse and I saw her lips move in a whisper to someone else in the room. I strained to see whom she was with, and I could just make out her man lying on the bed in the background, naked except for a blindfold on his eyes.

"Sorry to keep you – just a minute!" she called out again, and bent over to give his hugely erect cock a teasing lick as she made to leave the room. He blindly bucked involuntarily at the feel of her mouth, plunging his dick deeply down her throat. She moaned in pleasure and pulled away from him with a plop, a silvery thread of spit trailing from her lips.

"No rush," I called back, and she looked up fast, realizing that the open window had given me a full show. Her eyes met mine with... what was that? Desire? Invitation? Wiping her chin, she walked into the next room and turned on the porch light, and in the sudden glare I lost my view into the room.

My mind raced as I waited for her to unlock the door. Her face was bright red as she opened the door. "Sorry...I..." she stammered.

"No worries," I smiled, sliding the pizza box out of the thermal bag, holding her gaze. "It's my last delivery of the night, so I'm in no hurry."

She looked at me questioningly, then relaxed and smiled back, her pretty mouth looking much more innocent than it had when it had been hungrily inhaling her husband's cock. Taking the pizza, she seemed to notice the hardness of my nipples against my sweater; she was transfixed. After a few long seconds, she glanced back into my eyes, and all the while I took in how beautiful she was. Her long, red hair fell straight over her lightly freckled shoulders, while the breeze from the open door made the satin of her nightdress cling to her athletic figure. I felt ashamed of how dirty I looked in my delivery clothes, but this woman seemed to be getting a real kick out of seeing what kind of girl I might be. She held out a twenty and glanced back at my breasts.

"Thanks," I said, warmth seeping into my panties as she stepped closer to me. I went to take the twenty, but she continued to hold it, her slim fingers against mine. Her breath was heavy with arousal and she held my eyes in a way that told me she was experienced in this kind of seduction. I ran my fingers along her wrist and she took hold of my hand, leading me inside. It was dangerous, I knew. But the risk made me hotter, and I couldn't just walk away from the incredible cock I'd glimpsed through the window.

Setting down the pizza, she opened up the box and pulled off a slice. Then, putting a finger to her lips with the slice in hand, she led me into the candlelit room. Her blindfolded husband smiled in pleasure as he heard the movement.

"I was starting to think you'd run off with the pizza boy," he joked.

"And leave that tongue of yours? No way!" her voice had taken back its sultriness. "Besides, it was a pizza GIRL this time."

"Ooooh..." His grip tightened around his cock as he stroked it. "Damn! Bet she was hot."

She rolled up the pizza slice and popped it in his mouth like a stogie. I had to stifle a giggle. He reached up to grab it and tore off a piece, chewing happily, cock jumping and ripe for the taking.

Now that he was distracted, she guided my hand to his glistening cock, which instantly engorged to its full mushroom-headed glory under my unexpected touch and made me wonder how the slight frame of his wife could take it all in. He relaxed to my stroke, apparently assuming that it was his wife's practiced hand.

"Oh baby, you'd have gone crazy for her," she said, with a wink at me.

He grunted as I started really stroking that incredible cock in the endless-stroke style, where I wrapped one of my soft little hands around him in a downward pump, and then the other, over and over, in a soft-but-tight neverending penetration.

"Tits you could bury your dick into," she said, as she reached over and started rubbing at the tops of my thighs through my jeans. "An ass that's begging to be rammed. And that hot young voice – I would love to hear that voice moan your name when you fill her with come."

He was bucking in pleasure at my touch as I rubbed his cock, using my other hand to stroke my fingernails lightly over its sticky head and then squeeze his full balls. It wasn't difficult to dream up a panty-soaking fantasy of teasing out all that come. I wanted a taste.

"Oh baby," he groaned. "That feels so different. Have you been reading Cosmo again? Did it say anything in there about...sucking?" My eyes were fixed on his wife, and she nodded to give me her permission. It sounds so dirty, but I was literally salivating for that cock. I hadn't had any in months — when delivery boys don't wash, they stink of pot and pepperoni.

I gripped him harder, making the head flare again, and properly introduced myself to his cock with a hungry lick just along the cleft of the head. It tasted like they had fucked just before I arrived – delicious. I wanted her sex now as much as his. The wife brushed past me, walking to her blindfolded husband's side, giving me a quick pat on the head as I squatted there, prepared to worship her man. After the first taste I slid my mouth over the entire head, taking it in completely. I flicked my tongue down into his cumhole, feathering until he throbbed and his hips jerked as they had when I saw his wife taking him in her throat. He got pretty far down me, so hard and fast that my eyes instantly watered and a huge gob of my spit drizzled down onto his balls.

"Baby," he groaned as he fucked my mouth and reached down. "How did you..." He stopped as he felt my hair against his skin; my raven locks were spilling out of my hairclip while I bobbed my head. At the same moment that he realized that my lustrous curls couldn't have been more different from his wife's sleek hair, she brought her leg onto the bed to pin his left arm and stop him removing his blindfold, a move which lifted the pussy-skimming nightdress to reveal her lovely naked ass. She leaned over, stroking his chest, and sexily whispered in his ear, "Trust me: just enjoy yourself."

"But..." he half-protested. The pre-cum which had just oozed onto my tongue told me how hot it was making him.

I slurped it down and pulled off only to add, "Don't worry. Just let us enjoy you."

He relaxed and let me take his delicious cock back in my mouth, but moved his hand to take off his blindfold. His wife pushed it back down and hitched up her negligee so she could straddle his face. I watched with his cock in my mouth as she hovered teasingly above him, a trickle of pussy juice dribbling from her soaking folds onto his lips. His tongue hungrily licked up at her and she lowered onto it with a gasp of pleasure, giving me a view of her creamy open cunt framed in a neatly trimmed ginger bush. The sight of them sent my hand straight to my own throbbingly aroused clitoris.

She leaned far over, bringing her face down to mine, kissing me around the base of her man's cock. The contact of both sets of lips wrapping around him must have sent him to the moon, because he let out an incredibly sexy groan as soon as we kissed that way. I gave him a quick tongue-lashing to see if he'd do it again, and he sure did — and his cock throbbed happily. His wife took matters in hand — and mouth — for a few seconds, and then offered me a taste. It was such a sexy moment to share with two lovers. He seemed even harder than before, if that was possible. His breath was coming harder with all our head-bobbing attention.

"Don't let him come yet!" she commanded. She climbed off her husband, caught me up in her arms reclining there on the bed, and locked onto my lips with a passionate tonguing kiss. We still had his lingering taste on our tongues.

After a few minutes of the best kiss I'd ever enjoyed, she kissed my nose and then turned to her hubby, saying, "Baby, I think it's time we showed our guest a little more hospitality." I looked up at the husband while I played with his wife's tongue: he'd removed the blindfold and was staring at us, unable to believe his luck at having two hot women so horny from worshipping his cock that they now couldn't keep their hands off each other.

"Lie back, sweetie," his wife instructed me, patting the bed next to her husband, "and take off that sweater." They both watched me hungrily as I stripped off my sweater to reveal the pert nipples straining at my sheer bra. The husband unclipped my bra with a practiced hand, and as I lay down he buried his face in my full tits, making me leak more wetness into my panties with every hard tweak of my dark nipples. His wife rubbed at the crotch of my jeans, and she must have felt my heat coming through the denim, as long as she dallied there, rippling her fingers against my hardening clit. She unbuttoned them in a second, but took her time peeling them off me. She did a little cabaret show with me as her puppet, sliding the jeans off one leg at a time, humming a few bars of "The Stripper" to my laughter. Once she'd dispensed with that article of clothing, she rolled over, landing between my legs. With a lazy gesture she dragged her hand up my exposed thigh, raising goosebumps with those perfect nails of hers, then gently cupped my mound through my cotton panties.

"Girl, you're so wet," she smiled. "You loved sucking my husband, didn't you, you filthy bitch!" she said playfully, slipping a finger under the seam and plunging it into my soaking hole.

"I – LOVED – it!" I grunted, my body starting to thrash as she finger-fucked me and her husband flicked my tits with his tongue. It was the first time a woman had touched me like this.

I'd always heard that they're softer than men, warmer, all embraces and fluttery touches; but this bitch rammed two fingers in me, hooking and stabbing at all my pussy's pleasure zones like a demon cock. It was exactly what I needed. It had been so long since I'd had a decent fuck that my cunt was yearning to be pummelled just that hard.

"She's so wet, sweetie," cooed the wife, pulling out and offering the sticky cream to her husband, who took his mouth off my tit to suck on her fingers. She shifted her weight, then dipped her other hand between her own legs and offered this to him too, letting him compare tastes, smearing it round his mouth as if marking her territory. "I want to lap that right up," she said to me.

She took my panties off me with a single, graceful sweep of her hand, teasingly passing the fingers bearing her scent under my nose before tossing the panties to the floor, and gazed admiringly at the creamy mocha of my shaved flesh. Her husband sat back, continuing to tease my nipples with one hand while rubbing his cock, which was already starting to get hard again, and his wife brought her face to my cunt. She opened me up wide with her fingers, and for a moment I could feel her breath against my folds — she was just drinking in my scent and heat.

And then with an inhaling rush, she clamped onto me with her hot little mouth. I answered her with a buck of my hips and a massive intake of breath of my own as she began to suck me, alternately licking deep into my pussy and flicking the point of her tongue against my almost painfully sensitive clitoris. My toned, naked body thrashed on the bed as she explored me with her skillful mouth, my large breasts bouncing against her husband's face as I writhed in pleasure.

It only took a few moments before my pussy began to pulsate in spasms of come as she ground her face against it, my eyes rolling back and my body helpless to their manipulation. As the spasms subsided and my vision came back into focus, I saw that she had brought herself back up to kiss her husband deeply and share my taste with him. She turned and looked at me with a filthy twinkle in her eye.

"Now you do that to me," she instructed, straddling my face as she had to her husband and offering me her cunt. I pulled her hips down, thrusting my tongue straight into her. Her cute orange pubes were soft and ticklish against my chin at first, but soon were matted and sopping with her girl juices and my flowing saliva. I couldn't get enough of the feel and flavor of that woman's box. I savored the juices of her last come mixed with the salty taste of her husband's cock. As I probed the folds of her pussy with my tongue, she writhed against me, leaning over to lick up the traces of my own juices between my legs. We were situated on the bed in such a way that her marvelous ass caught a shaft of light coming in from the next room, and I looked with envy at the whiteness of her tight little asshole, as pure and perfect a pucker as anyone could want. I wondered if her husband ever fucked her there, or if it was even possible.

As if he read my thoughts, I saw him reach around and start to tease her ass with his big, meaty fingers. At his unexpected touch she bucked against my face, driving my tongue deeper into her pussy and sending a new flow of her juice into my greedy mouth. He brought a finger down to probe into her cunt with my tongue, coating it in her creamy wetness and returning to her ass to smear the lubricant all over. I expected him to tease her for a little while longer, but he only placed one hand on the small of her back to steady her, and shoved a finger in hard against her tightness.

She loosened up with a quick shudder, and before long I saw him bring his cock against her ass. He was still raging hard, and from my position beneath their straddled thighs it looked even bigger than it had when my mouth was around it. I just had to bring it down for a quick suck.

She shifted forward and braced herself on all fours to take in his length. Holding her hips firm to adjust her to the perfect position, he got into a frog squat for a better angle to enter her. His balls flopped against my chin. He began to push his cock into her while I caught her clit between my fingers and gave it a good rattling. Her groans filled the room now, and I loved the barely-perceptible jerks and grinds and waves of her ass, any of which I could produce with a mere flick of her bean. All of that went on under the steady beat of that divine hammer thumping her ass. I'm still amazed at how such a tight little asshole could open up so easily: this was an ass that knew cock.

They began fucking for real now, right above my face, almost as though I was no longer there. I needed to make my presence felt, so lifted my head to lick at his balls (when I could catch them) as he pounded her ass, and slid two fingers into her sopping pussy. I hooked them over the ridge deep inside her, fingering her as her juices dribbled into my hand. I could feel her husband's cock in her ass through the membrane of snatch, sliding against the back of my fingers. She ground her hips against us both, and her pussy muscles contracted over my fingers to suck them deeper inside her. She was in humping, squeezing, groaning, grinding ecstasy. She seemed to be singing some horny aria with all her melodic shouting – you just knew everyone in the neighborhood could hear her through that window she'd never shut, and it made it that much hotter.

"I'm gonna SHOOT!" she cried.

I was as surprised as anyone would be when I heard that. Only boys shoot, right? But I barely had time to think about it before her pussy contracted harder than I'd ever felt mine do. Her rapid-fire cries became high-pitched as she breathlessly and urgently repeated, "Right there!" Her pussy felt like it was clutching at my fingers, and he continued thrusting hard into her ass, his balls tightening up and away from my tongue as he came to the brink of spurting. A loud squelching sound came from her pussy with each movement of my fingers, until suddenly she came hard. Her entire pussy seemed to turn inside out, ejecting my fingers, and a gush of her warm juices actually splashed on my tits.

I gasped with shock. A squirter! I'd always wondered if they really existed. I rubbed her come onto my breasts, my fingers sliding the oily liquid over my nipples. Bringing one hand up to my face, I inhaled her smell deeply, and licked it from my fingers as more dribbled from her pussy over my naked body.

A moment later her husband shot deep into her ass with a shudder and yell, and I felt his come trickle out of her little hole as he withdrew. There was bound to be a big spill, so I flinched a little, shut my eyes tight — no one wants an Angry Pirate. Sure enough, his man-goo kept rolling out of that well-used hole, and splashed onto my chin. I opened my mouth to catch as much of it as I could before they both collapsed in a sweaty heap next to me on the bed.

The wife landed with her arm crossing my breasts, and she began blindly stroking them, spreading around her squirt, drawing circles with it around my still-rock-hard nipples. It gave me a long final shiver of pleasure there in the flickering candlelight. She kissed her husband with a loud smack and propped herself on an elbow, regarding me with the warm, satisfied smile and heavy-lidded eyes of the well-fucked. She traced her fingertips between my breasts, up and over my clavicle, tickling my throat, and punctuated the move with an affectionate pinch of my cheek. I giggled.

"You did so well tonight, sweetie!" the wife said affectionately, catching a trail of her husband's come from my chin with one of her slender fingers. "You want me to clean you up a little?" she offered, moving towards my chest to lap up her squirt from my tits.

"No... I want to take this home for dessert," I told her, reaching over for my panties. "But next time you want a pizza, be sure to ask for me — Mariana."

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