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Take Two

byColleen Thomas©

Mai Takashi descended from the ramp of the plane and made her way towards baggage claim. Everyone turned to stare at her. At five foot ten she was tall for a woman of Japanese descent and that usually caught a few people’s eye, but it was the woman who kept their attention. She wore four-inch heels with the ease and grace of long practice. Her black silk stockings were imported from France and hugged her sleek long legs. The royal blue skirt and blazer were tailored to her exact measurements and matched her heels. Beneath the blazer she wore a white silk blouse from Japan. The blouse fit snugly over her small breasts and was clasped at her throat by a stunning azurite pendant.

Mia wore her hair short and her almond eyes were carefully made up to appear larger than they were. She had resisted the temptation to have the few grays colored, feeling that they leant her an air of dignified elegance. At 38 she was still a captivating beauty, but it was the air of command about her that people noticed most. This was only fitting, as president and CEO of Nimbus Pharmaceuticals she was known as one of the toughest and most capable in the industry. Mia made her way easily down the concourse as people dodged out of her way. She looked back only once; to make sure she hadn’t lost her personal assistant, Heather.

She smiled as she saw the short blonde digging into her purse for a dollar to give to the handicapped man who hadn’t even dreamed of approaching Mia. Heather was such a soft touch, she was one of those people who were so intrinsically sweet that you just couldn’t help but like them. Mia waited patiently until the small blonde caught up and then moved off again with her purposeful stride. While they waited for the baggage carousel to bring them their luggage Mia noticed the bruises on Heather’s arm. Her beautiful features took on a hard edge and she frowned. If they were what she thought they were, there was going to be hell to pay this time.

At the rent-a-car counter Mia gave her name and was and showed Id. The young woman looked up from her terminal.

“I’m sorry, Miss Takashi, but I can’t find your reservation,” she said. Before Mia could even open her mouth Heather acted.

“Confirmation number 22345X, Check under your corporate reservations, Nimbus Pharmaceuticals, Corporate ID NIM34,” the little blonde said. The girl looked doubtfully at the screen and then typed some things in.

“Oh, I see what happened. You reserved through the 1-800 number. We don’t get confirmations on those sometimes, I’m sorry,”

“Well, what are you going to do about it?’ Heather said.

“There’s nothing we can do Miss, you will have to call the 1-800 number and talk to them,” the girl said snidely. Mia grinned and said nothing, the one time her personal assistant showed any spark was when Mia was crossed.

“Very well, but instead of the 1-800 number why I don’t I call Mr. Gallatin’s direct line?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know who Mr. Gallatin is,” the girl said with a slight edge in her voice. Mia sympathized with the girl, she had obviously been up all night at the desk and the problem seemed to be a recurring one.

“Jim Gallatin is the head of the corporate accounts division. Nibus does about 450,000$ annually with your company and the last time this happened he assured me it wouldn’t happen again. I am sure he will understand a rude little smart ass desk clerk loosing them a half million dollar a year account,”

“Call whoever you want!” the girl snapped, but before it could escalate any further a young man emerged from an inner office.

“What’s going on here?” he demanded. Heather smiled sweetly and showed her confirmation. He turned out to be the manager and the upshot of their conversation was Mia being upgraded to a luxury car at no extra cost and the desk clerk having to apologize for her rudeness. As they got in the care Mia studied her PA closely, but it was gone. The fire had faded and it was just sweet little Heather again.


Heather sat in the comfortable leather seat as the car flew along the freeway. Her mind wasn’t on the ride or her boss, but on the doctor she had visited yesterday. Dr. Jacobs was such a sweet man and he had tried very hard to get her to file charges against Jimbo and move to the women’s shelter. She had of course refused, Jimbo was a good man, he was just down on his luck and he hadn’t hit her very hard this time anyway. She wouldn’t have been thinking of the doctor at all if it weren’t for the strange sensations she was feeling. He had given her a prescription for a new anti-depressant and she was trying to remember his exact words.

“Now Mrs. Wilson, this is a new drug and it has some rather serious side effects. The most common is sexual dysfunction in men, which you obviously don’t have to worry about, but in rare cases it has the reverse effect on women. Stop taking it immediately if you experience abdominal pain, blood in your urine or dizziness,”

He had listed a lot of other uncommon side effects, but Heather was having a hard time remembering them. Each bump in the road caused a delicious friction as her stiff nipples rubbed against the coarse material of her rather severe bra. The sensations had been pleasant at first, but after 30 minutes on the concrete highway they were becoming increasingly distracting. She tried hard to concentrate on what Mia was saying, but the maddening rubbing against her supersensitive nipples made it impossible. She felt a mild twinge in her soaked pussy and bit her lip.

Oh god, she thought. Not here, not now! With no more warning than that she moaned softly despite her best efforts and fought back every impulse to be more vocal as her pussy spasmed in delight. Pulse after pulse of pleasure shot through her system, blotting out everything else.

“Heather? Heather? Heather!”

“What? I’m sorry,” she said dreamily. He boss was staring at her with a strange expression.

“Did you just have an orgasm?” Mia asked incredulously. Heather blushed scarlet. She had never been so embarrassed in all her life, but she nodded her head slightly.

“It’s the new drug the doctor has me on,” she said. Her voice was husky, still thick with pleasure and sounded unnatural.

“If there’s a drug out there that brings orgasms, sign me up,” Mia said laughing. Heather smiled and hugged herself tightly. She tried to adjust her bra to keep it off her still very sensitive nipples, which was of course impossible.

“Its not supposed to bring orgasms, it’s just an anti depressant, but the motion of the car on my nipples was too much,” Heather said, trying to get her breathing under control.

“You can cum just from have your nipples played with?”

“I suppose so,” the pretty blonde in the frumpy pantsuit said.

“What’s it called?” Mia asked curiously.

“I don’t remember, I can show you when we get to the conference center, they are in my bag,” Heather replied.

“Why are you on anti-depressants honey? Is Jimbo hitting you again?” Mia asked. Heather loved her boss; she was so kind and always concerned. She hated to talk bad about her husband, but Mia was her only friend as well as her boss.

“A few times. He’s drinking hard again,” she said staring out at the road. She didn’t see the look of rage that passed over Mia’s features, but was quickly suppressed.

“So he’s selling drugs again,” Mia said in an icy voice.

“Oh no, no he promised me he wouldn’t,” Heather said turning back to her boss.

“Where is he getting the money then?” Mia asked. Heather had no answer for that.

With breathtaking suddenness Mia changed the subject back to the Hazelton account. The rest of the trip was pleasant enough and Heather was glad when the car came to a stop and the bellhops came out to fetch their bags. A few more minutes of that and she would have cum again.


Mia looked at the small bottle of pills and typed the name into the Merk manual she kept loaded on her laptop. She skipped the diagnostic synopsis and went straight to the side effects once she assured herself that the picture on her screen matched the small blue pills in the bottle. The common and uncommon side effects were pretty standard for anti-depressants, but it was the rare ones that caused her to raise an eyebrow.

In rare instances female patients may experience heightened tactile sensation, especially in the erogenous zones. This can be accompanied by increased sexual appetite and in rare cases spontaneous orgasm. Impaired judgment, loosening of inhibitions and blackouts have been reported in less than .04% of cases.

Mia read the passage again as she stood up and removed her blazer. She wondered if anyone had considered just refining the drug for that second effect alone, the one who did would make a mint she thought as a smile played across her face. That would explain why hopelessly conservative little Heather was moaning like a bitch in heat and cumming in the rent-a-car.

As Mia removed the pendant she thought again about her secretary. Heather was definitely the best personal assistant in the business. She attended personally to every detail of every transaction and Mia was never late or uninformed. No matter what came up, the small blonde had always made contingency plans to make sure her boss wasn’t inconvenienced or embarrassed. For the last five years they had worked together for five days a week and had become the best of friends. Today at the rent-a-car counter had been no fluke, Heather was always on top of things like that.

It almost hadn’t happened, Mia mused as she removed the delicate silk blouse. Mia had taken over as head of her father’s company five years ago when she began divorce proceedings against Wilbert McDonald, her then husband. Her first action had been to strip him of his title as president and CEO of the company when she caught him in their marriage bed with her sister. Only after he was no longer controlling her company had she started divorce proceedings. She had become president and CEO herself and immediately she started interviewing for a personal assistant. Mia smiled as she hung up the expensive blouse. I was so hopelessly straight back then, she thought.

Her plan had been to get a hunky male PA and go from there, but her lawyer had advised against it. She told Mia that she was suing one of the wealthiest men in the U.S. for divorce and she would have to avoid even the faintest whiff of impropriety on her part until the proceedings were over. Mia hadn’t even interviewed a woman for the position, but she trusted her lawyer too much to ignore the advice. Heather Wilson had chosen that very moment to walk in looking for a job. Mia had hired her on the spot after seeing her resume, which was most impressive. She had only had to inquire about the last four years in which Heather hadn’t worked.

The small blonde in the out of date business dress had told her that she had married a man named Jimbo Wilson. He was a floor foreman at a downtown shipping firm and had forbidden her to work. He had been laid off last January, she related and had steadfastly refused to take a job that was “beneath” himself. He had assented to let his vastly better educated wife seek a job when his unemployment had run out. Mia had hired her on impulse, as much out of anger towards men as because she thought the girl would be good. Mia had expected to drop Heather as soon as the divorce was final anyway, and how long could that take? Mia had showed Heather where she would be working and left for dinner with a male friend. She had almost been to the restaurant when her lawyer’s words came back to her. She ruefully canceled the date and in doing so began a five-year odyssey of self-discovery.

Mia was outgoing and gregarious, but making sure she was never in the company of unattached men meant she spent a lot more time with her women friends. They were all high-powered executives like she was and many were lesbians. As the divorce dragged on it became almost inevitable that one of them would put a move on her and to her surprise Mia found herself in bed with a longtime friend and business associate named Elaine. Her first step had been the discovery she enjoyed sex with another woman.

For a while she thought of herself as bi, but when Wilbert finally relented and gave her the divorce she made her second discovery, she didn’t really like men. She had taken three male lovers in a very short period of time only to discover that they did nothing for her compared to the women she was also seeing. Mia’s second discovery, that she was gay carried her to her next one.

No longer tied to her close circle of friends and free to pursue lovers at her leisure she discovered that she was a top. She first realized she was a top when she took a little programmer from work home for an evening. Mia had assumed she was a bottom because she loved sex with her top friends so much, but that first night with a true submissive had made it readily apparent she was better suited to control than she was to being controlled. That had been six months ago and she had gone out and purchased a strapon dildo, but she never got to use it. Her new lover turned out to be part of a drug ring that was stealing trial lots of psychotropics from the company’s warehouse. Her new lover was actually the ring’s inside person who altered the computer records to cover the thefts.

The thieves were caught by internal security and rather than face a series of scandals, including her new predilection, Mia worked out a deal to let them all go if they kept quiet. That had lead to her breakdown and indirectly to her next discovery. For three long months she had languished in a crisis ward. At first there had been many visitors, friends, family, associates, but after the second week only one person came to see her regularly. Heather came every evening, rain or shine and spent at least an hour with her. Forbidden by the doctors to discuss business they had talked about everything else and Mia had learned a great deal about her PA.

Much had not been said, but the intelligent and perceptive CEO had read between the lines. Jimbo was a complete scumbag, in Mia’s opinion. He abused his doting wife, spent his days squandering their little money on drinks and powerball at the local bars and occasionally sold drugs to make extra cash for himself. Was it then? Mia asked herself. Yes, definitely it was then that she realized she had developed a crush on her pretty PA. When she found herself hating Jimbo Wilson intensely for the pain and suffering and humiliation he caused such a gentle soul.

She paused as she removed her delicate silk bra. And now? she asked herself. Yes, it was just now that she admitted to herself that it had gone far beyond a crush; she was hopelessly in love with Heather. Mia tossed the bra on the bed and her fingers had just found the zipper on her skirt when a red warning on the computer screen caught her eye. She moved closer and read it a second time just to be sure she wasn’t dreaming.

If side effects are present do not consume Alcohol as it may intensify the effects.

Intensify? Lets see, it makes you horny, super sensitive and not too concerned with what you have to do to satisfy that itch? Mia smiled and shook her head. You couldn’t have made a drug that is more what I need, she thought. She had tired so hard to make Heather see her as more than a friend and boss. Mia had progressed from subtle hints and off hand compliments to leaving a lesbian romance novel on her desk for a week, but Heather never responded at all.

A call to her folks had been revealing. Mia had pretended it was for a reference as Heather was being considered for a promotion. Her mother described her daughter as pretty, vivacious and full of life. Her father had proven to be a redneck, in the worst sense of the word. He was glad she had married a “real” man like Jimbo and not the “art fag” she had been seeing at school. He loved his son-in-law, especially for staying with Heather after the doctors told her she couldn’t have children. Mia had been forced to take the rest of the day off and go home to shower; she had felt so incredibly dirty after talking to the man. After that Mia had given up on ever getting Heather into her bed and contented herself with slowly trying to rebuild the girl’s shattered self-esteem. She had tried unsuccessfully to get Heather to spruce up her drab wardrobe, but to no avail.

“Alcohol may intensify the effect eh?” she said out loud.

Mia stood stock still, the zipper of her skirt forgotten. In her mind’s eye she saw Heather Wilson spread eagle and naked in her bed. The girl’s nipples were hard and her pussy gaped open, screaming for attention. She had that same far away expression Mia had witnessed in the car. Mia’s mind snapped back to the present when her dream Heather softly moaned out her name. The CEO’s nipples were hard and the aureoles puckered, she wondered how long she had been standing there daydreaming.

She finished unzipping her skirt and noticed the obvious wet spot in the crotch of her silky panties. Mia lay down on the bed, closed her eyes and with rapid, demanding strokes brought herself to orgasm. When she rose she went and took a quick shower. Her movements had become purposeful and rapid. Once bathed, she wrapped one of the hotel’s robes around herself and called room service. After the bellhop arrived she took the cup of steaming coffee from the tray and sat at the table. The red warning on her screen seemed to beckon her. Mia Takashi had not made it to the top of her industry by being squeamish. There were always moral and ethical compromises that a successful CEO had to make. Mia had made so many of them she no longer even considered them. This one she did consider, but when she remembered the bruises on Heather’s arm her face became hard.

She picked up the phone and called Heather’s room.

“Yes?” the soft voice replied. Mia’s breath caught in her throat, the girl sounded like she was about to orgasm and it turned the older woman on immensely.

“Hey, I feel like going out to dinner tonight, want to come?” Mia asked, hoping her own voice was under control.


“Great, I know a little Italian place, I’ll come get you around seven,” Mia said. Once she hung up the phone she smiled wickedly.

“And if I am lucky, I will be cumming by ten,” she said to herself.

Her plan was simple. First she would make sure Heather took her medicine. She had an inkling that the conservative young woman would decide to stop rather than face the embarrassment her arousal caused her. Next, Mia would take her to a romantic little restaurant and ply her with drinks. If she were lucky, that would lead to coming back to her place and a seduction. Mia was nothing if not confident and she was sure that if she ever got her lovely personal assistant’s panties off Heather would never go back to the Bozo. She loved Heather and having her lover and soulmate as her co-worker would make her life complete. She was tired of the games, tired of chasing girls, she wanted something permanent and she wanted it with Heather Wilson.

Her only problem was Jimbo. Scumbag though he was he had his claws in the little blonde. He wouldn’t let her go and he had done such a through job of trampling her self-esteem he would be hard to compete with. He would have to be removed from the picture if her long-term plans were to succeed. She had a few innovative ideas on how to do that. Mia’s face became cold and her eyes were as hard as flints while she dialed a long distance number.

“Elaine Marquette, attorney at law,” the receptionist said.

“May I speak to Ms. Marquette,” Mia asked.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Marquette is in consultation, may I take a message?”

“Tell her Mia Takashi is on the line and it’s long distance,” Mia said.

“Hold please,” the pleasant voice replied and was replaced with Beethoven’s third. After a few moments she heard a click.

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