She was a little drunk, so she wasn't really aware of her surroundings as she approached her apartment door. Keys in hand, she fumbled at inserting it into the lock. Two more tries only frustrated her. She leaned her head forward against the door to steady herself as she tried once again to focus on the damn lock.

Kim Little was a 23 year-old college student. She had been out with her girlfriends, hitting the bars on the drag, as the students called University Drive. She was wearing a short, tight, white skirt and a short college t-shirt that rose just high enough in the front to reveal her tight, tanned belly. Too many drinks bought by horny college boys had taken their toll.

As she leaned forward against the door, her weight caused it to open and she stumbled forward into the room. She caught her balance and instinctively reached over to turn on the lights. Somewhere in the cobweb clouded recesses of her brain she connected to the fact that the door had been unlocked and that the lights she had turned on before leaving were now off. It was too late for that recollection to do her any good however, because as she reached for the light switch, her hand met another hand covering it.

She sucked her breath in deeply, preparing for a scream when another hand roughly covered her mouth, cutting off any attempt at a shriek.

Eyes wide and panicked, yet seeing nothing in the dark, she began to struggle for the still open doorway.

"Hold still, bitch!" a somewhat muffled male voice growled low from behind her.

The man used his free arm to wrap around her in a hug, twisting themselves around until he could use his back to push the door closed.

"Gag her, man. Don't let her make any noise," she heard the voice say.

"I'm on it. Hold her still," another male voice, also muffled, said out of the darkness.

Sheer instinct took over at that point. She began to violently squirm and kick. The man holding her from behind tightened his grip harder around her chest. She was about to bite a hunk out of the fingers over her mouth when the man in front of her punched her hard in the stomach, knocking all of the fight out of her. The air whooshed out of her mouth past the man's hand. He let go of her as she collapsed to her knees.

She had time just enough time to suck in a desperate breath of air before a cloth was pressed against her mouth and then tied tightly behind her head. Her hands were pulled in front of her and she felt the cold steel of a pair of handcuffs being snapped in place on her wrists.

Frantically looking around to try and identify her attackers, she twisted and squirmed, only to be punched again in the belly.

"I told you to hold still!" one of the men growled.

She lay still, frantically breathing in and out of her nose. She began to cry, which only made breathing that much more difficult.

"Get her legs tied," one of the voices said.

She heard one of them grunting, struggling with something and then, "Argh...I hate wearing this fucking pantyhose!"

She felt what had to be pantyhose wrapped and tied around her ankles. Then, her head was jerked around roughly as a blindfold was tied around her head.

"They must have had it on their heads," she thought to herself, "so I couldn't see them."

She lay there, trussed up and helpless. Her senses were on overload. She was listening to everything, trying to determine where her attackers were. She couldn't calm down and she couldn't get enough air into her lungs.

The lights were turned on. She could hear them stepping around her, walking rapidly.

"I got it," she heard one them say.

A moment later the television blared on.

"Turn it up a little louder," one of the voices said.

She lay still, her mind racing with a thousand panicked thoughts.

The two men walked over to her and both stopped right next to her.

"Shit! That's not her!" the voices said simultaneously.

"Damn it, who the hell are you, bitch?" she heard one say.

She heard one of them walk around and then the sounds of him going through her purse.

"Kim Little, apartment 1215," the voice said disgustedly, "1215! Shit, we're where we're supposed to be. What the fuck?"

She heard the other man rustling through his clothing, searching his pockets, followed by, "Holy Shit man, we're in the wrong apartment complex! We're supposed to be at the Lakefront Estates apartments next door! Damn it!"

"Okay, it's alright, she doesn't know who we are. Do you, bitch?" he asked her.

Lying on her left side, she turned toward the sound of the voices, frantically shaking her head to show them she didn't know them.

She heard them walk toward her again, stopping when they were next to her. A foot came forward and nudged her over onto her back.

"Hot little thing, isn't she?" She heard one ask the other.

"Yeah," the other said, "you think we got time?"

"There's always time, dude," the other one replied, "stand her up. Bring her over here."

She felt hands reaching under her body, and then she was picked up and placed on her feet. The man behind her held her forearms tight and maneuvered her around the room.

She tried to scream, but with the gag, it just wasn't possible. If anything, it only caused her to breathe harder through her nose.

She was bounced and half-carried around the room. She felt something soft against her belly and after a moment recognized it as the back of her sofa. Roughly they shoved her forward until she was leaning slightly over the sofa. She put her hands out to catch herself. She got balanced, her elbows into the back of the sofa cushions and her hands on the seat.

"Here, use this cord," one man said to the other, "you know what to do."

She felt her hands tugged forward as the cord was tied to the handcuff chain. She followed the sound of the footsteps as he walked back around behind her.

The voice in front of her said, "Now, we're not going to kill you, unless you give us a reason to."

A loop of pantyhose was tied loosely around her neck.

"If you make a noise, or fight us, I'll pull this tight around your neck and strangle you. It won't be a quick death." The voice threatened. "You just take what we have to give you and you'll live another day with something to tell your shrink."

She nodded her head up and down to show them that she understood.

The man behind her untied her legs and forced them wide apart. Something, rope, or cord was tied around each of her ankles. She couldn't tell exactly what was happening but she knew it wasn't good.

The men had run the cord underneath the sofa. Her ankles were now attached to the handcuffs. She was bent over the back of the sofa and tied so that any struggling would be pointless.

"Don't move or you'll get cut," a voice warned.

She felt the cold steel of a knife blade against the skin of her back. The man sliced upward, cutting through her shirt and bra strap like they were made of butter. He moved to each sleeve and cut them. Her shirt and bra were torn from her. A few seconds later and her skirt and thong panties met the same fate.

Naked. Naked and tied up, bent over the sofa with two men in the room.

Suddenly, and ashamed at her reaction, she felt her pussy getting moist. Her nipples grew tight and erect as they brushed against the sofa cushion.

Behind her she heard the alarming sound of a zipper being drawn down. Hands roughly pushed her thighs apart. Reaching up to her pussy, he felt the slickness.

"Damn, man. This bitch is wet! You getting excited by this, you little whore?"

She heard the other man in front of her chuckling.

The man behind her stepped closer and she could feel the heat from his thighs as he moved in behind her. A second later, she felt the hot skin against hers as his cock pushed against her, searching for an entrance.

Surprised and shocked at her own reaction, she stood up on her tiptoes, allowing him better access. His hot cock pushed against her wet pussy lips and he gave a hard thrust.

"Mmmmnnph!" she moaned against the gag as he slid himself deep inside of her.

"Ohhhhhh, I can't believe this," she thought to herself as the man plunged into her.

She moaned again as he leaned forward on her back, reaching around to cup her breasts roughly. Taking her moan as encouragement, he pinched her nipples hard and began pounding into her, slamming her pelvis into the back of the sofa.

Never before had she felt such feelings. They started deep within inside of her. The hot cock plunging into her was sending tremors throughout her body. She was so wet that she could feel the moisture beginning to slide down her inner thighs.

"I can't just sit here watching this," the voice in front of her said.

"I'm going to untie this gag," he told her, "one false move and I'll splatter your blood all over this room." She felt a tugging at the back of her head and the gag was untied.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" she moaned between deep, gasping breaths of fresh air.

"Ohhhhh, give it me," she moaned to the man behind her. She arched up on the very tips of her toes to let him go deeper.

Again, she heard the sound of a zipper being drawn down. Seconds later she felt a hot cock against her lips. Pre-cum moistened her lips in the seconds before some hidden instinct deep inside of her caused her to open her mouth to accept his cock.

Two cocks, hot and throbbing. One in her pussy and one in her mouth.

She came. She came hard. As her pussy clenched and creamed around the cock inside of her, she felt him stop suddenly. He gave one last hard pounding thrust and came, shooting hot spurts into her. She felt it deep inside of her, and her whole body shook in spasms as another orgasm ripped through her.

She was careful not to hurt the cock in her mouth as she came. He didn't last long. Now that the cock in her pussy was no longer slamming into her, she could focus on the cock in her mouth. She began to move her tongue around it. Her wet lips sucked him as he slid in and out, back and forth.

Seconds later the man shot his cum deep down her throat. She nearly gagged, swallowing as much as she could. He trembled and pushed tight against her as if to shove it all the way down her throat, and then he pulled out.

The man behind her slid out of her with a wet sucking sound.

She slowly caught her breath, still feeling the effects of a few mini orgasms rippling through her abdomen.

"Damn, woman," the voice behind her said, "you're fucking hot."

Kim, still blindfolded and tied to the sofa, stood there trying to catch her breath.

"So what do we do with her now?" the one that had just taken her from behind asked.

"You go ahead and go," the other one said, "I'll take care of her and clean everything up."

She heard the other walk to the door, open it and leave.

The one that had just fucked her mouth walked to the door and twisted the deadbolt.

"What are you going to do to me?" Kim asked carefully, not being able to mask the fear in her voice.

He didn't answer, and he didn't move or say anything for a few minutes. Then she heard him walk up behind her.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear, "First, I'm going to fuck the shit out of you. Then I'm going to have to take care of you."

She felt a cold chill go through her as he said those words. She jumped and strained against the restraints as he roughly entered her from behind.

"This will teach you, you fucking slut," he growled.

He reached across her back and gagged her again, tying it tighter than ever before.

Her body betrayed her. She felt herself responding to his thrusts. The quivering began again and she found herself pushing back against him, positioning her body to allow him to go deeper.

She came again. When he felt her go hot and creamy inside, he shot his seed into her as deep as he could go.

He pumped into her a few more times as his cock pulsed inside of her. She squeezed him with her pussy, milking the cum from him.

He leaned over and untied her gag and blindfold.

"Damn, baby. You really outdid yourself tonight," she said, gasping for breath.

"Yeah, you were really getting into it," he replied, "was it good?"

"Well, you scared the shit out of me at first," she said.

He slid out of her and bent down to untie her from the sofa.

"You okay?" he asked as he rubbed her ankles and wrists where the restraints had been.

"Yeah, I'm fine. But I'm curious," she asked looking up at him, "who the hell did you bring home to fuck me like that?"

"You'll just have to watch the video to find out, now won't you?" he responded.

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