tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken at the Lake

Taken at the Lake


When John first mentioned driving to Columbus to make a presentation for a customer, I thought nothing of it. It made sense since he developed the entire presentation in the first place. It seemed the only way for Beth and I to have a car would be for all three of us to drive out.

The plan was for John, Beth and I to drive to Columbus. His meeting was the following morning so I would leave him there and drive the car back home. He was so sweet as he begged me to promise to stick to the interstates, even though the back way was faster. I knew it would cut out a good 45 minutes on the drive, but I swore I would follow the main highway. John's blue eyes were full of love and concern as he reminded me it was not a good road for a young mother and her daughter to be traveling alone. The back roads went through miles of uninhabited wooded areas and had only one poorly lit rest area by a lake.

I swore again that I would not stop as John got out of the car. I would have walked him into the hotel but our daughter was asleep in her car seat and neither one of us wanted to disturb her. He kissed me goodbye and asked me to give her a hug and a kiss from Daddy. Ever since we found out I was pregnant with Beth he has always been so loving and protective of both of us. I could always tell that we were his life and he cared for us more than himself. I just knew that if anything ever happened to us he would be shattered.

I had every intention of keeping my promise to John. I was so tired but kept drinking coffee and pop to keep driving. If I stayed on the interstate I knew I would surely fall asleep, I could feel my eyelids getting heavier with every mile. The warm night air didn't help either it wove a blanket of comfort, easing me deeper towards sleep. As tired as I was, the quickest route home was the most appealing.

So I decided to take the shortcut. I knew he would be upset but how would he know? I wasn't going to tell him anything different if he asked. I would tell him I followed the route we agreed upon and leave it at that. In the distance I could see the very rest stop he had warned me about. I have to admit it did look more foreboding since I was alone this time. Every other time we have stopped, I had always been with him. The parking lot was lit with two lights, but as both were blocked in by tree branches, they weren't providing much light.

As my car drew nearer, the urge to pee from all the coffee and pop I had been drinking was quite pronounced, and I knew I had no choice. I gazed into the darkness of the parking lot and felt quite safe seeing no other cars. What I had forgotten was that you didn't need to have a car to be there.

I checked to make sure my daughter was sound asleep in her car seat and pulled into the closest spot. In the stillness, I couldn't hear anything but the crickets chirping. The silence made me even more nervous about even being here so I stretched for a moment and looked around again. The air itself was very warm and sticky but the water must be cooler than the air because a layer of fog was enveloping the parking lot. It was so quiet I could occasionally hear a fish jump in the lake and splash back down.

Quickly I strode towards the door of the restrooms. They were brighter on the inside, but I was still nervous. John's warning against stopping was still ringing in my ears as I heard the first noise. Oh God, it sounds like footsteps! I laughed at myself making myself so scared of over nothing. There it was again coming closer. OH MY GOD! It really was footsteps and coming closer at that. I knew that I had two choices; I could make a run for the car, hoping to get in and get away or I could stay in the stall. I decided I would stay in the stall and see if the footsteps passed by. I thought it was an enormous risk to leave Beth unprotected in the car but I was sure I could get out and get to her. After all, I thought to myself, this is a public place what could happen here, right?

The footfalls drew nearer and the urge to bolt was so electric that I felt charged with the urge to flee. I wanted to run to my daughter's side but I could tell it was too late now. The footsteps had stopped very near the doorway. I could feel my heart beating in my chest, my pulse ringing in my ears. I decided I would walk quickly to the car as if nothing were wrong. Don't look like a victim; isn't that what they tell you - shoulders back, head held high, eyes straight ahead. I was not a victim; I was a mother protecting her child.

Then I heard his voice... the sound hung in the air like the fog blanketing the lot. His voice made me tremble and my heart filled with pain as I could hear my husband's voice begging me not to stop here, reminding me that it was not safe to stop alone. Oh what an idiot I am for not paying more attention to what he was saying! How I was hurting him in just one foolish decision. I could feel tears well up in my eyes.

"Hey look over here, Bobby; we have a prime piece of housewife ass here!"

I could see no one else but there was obviously someone in the darkness.

"MMM mmm mmm, Bobby, you got to get over here to check this out for yourself! She is so hot, she's smoking. Come on now, don't be shy!"

I shivered as I walked, inching closer to the car, trying to ignore the footsteps coming behind me. All at once I felt his hands on my shoulders, his touch made me shiver as if an icy wind had blown right through me.

"Where you off to so quick, honey? Didn't think we were going let you just walk off without so much as a how do you do, did you? I couldn't do that to my good friend Bobby!"

His hands were on my shoulders, and he had stopped me in my tracks. I was frozen in fear as I prayed that he didn't notice my daughter in the car. I thought that maybe he wouldn't hurt me if I didn't struggle. Who was going to hear me if I screamed any way? I didn't remember seeing even one house close enough to hear me.

"So how about it, sweetie? Going come over and say 'hi' to us?"

I started to say no, but didn't get anything out before his hand covered my mouth and he was dragging me backwards. I kicked and fought to get free of his hands. I was so frightened now that my breath felt caught in my chest. I tried to look back to see where he was dragging me, but all I could see was the grey of the mist blanketing the area. In a panic, I remembered seeing picnic shelters just beyond the restrooms just out of sight of the road and any passing cars.

His clothes had a disheveled feel to them. He smelled of stale beer, whiskey, cigarettes and fish bait. His stench was clinging in the air and I felt like it was smothering me. Between his stench and his hand I still couldn't breath and little black dots swam in front of my eyes. The whole time I couldn't help but think he sounded like a bad imitation of a character out of the movie "Deliverance". That realization was almost enough to make me laugh. I would have laughed too, if I hadn't been so scared.

He kept one hand over my mouth while the other snaked from my waist to my breasts; he grabbed one hard and squeezed the nipple. I inhaled sharply in reaction to the touch, catching just a whiff of Tommy Hilfiger for men on him. Something wasn't right here; the expensive cologne didn't fit the rest of the image.

"Oowee. Bobby, our naughty little Mommy has got some damn fine titties! Come over here and get a handful. I guarantee you haven't felt ones like these before."

My body ran cold and I shivered under his touch. My thoughts went to my daughter what would happen to her if these men killed me tonight? Would they find her and do something terrible. The thought of them harming her made me struggle and kick my captor even more. I had to get free to get to her. I had thought if they believed I was alone she would be safer. Now I knew that I had left her totally unprotected and alone. Angry tears welled in my eyes as I thought of my stupidity.

The more I struggled, the rougher and harder he held me. I was sickened as I felt his cock hardening against my ass. The prick was getting off on my attempts to escape from him. I got my arm free just enough to punch him in the crotch. He sucked in air and caught my arm before I could swing again.

He spun me around so my back was to him again. Since we had stopped moving, I realized we must be in the shelter house. He spun me around once more and pushed my ass against a table. I started to bring up a leg when I felt strong arms grab a hold of my wrists and yank them up. The movement startled me and I kicked my legs wildly shaking my head like a mad woman. As I opened my mouth to scream, the first one spoke again. One of the big arms wrapped around my throat and a huge hand covered my mouth again. I tried to bite it but all I got was palm, no fingers.

"Bobby, put this tape around her mouth! I don't want her screaming down the neighborhood."

"Well now, my hot Mama, we're going to see what we caught ourselves tonight. Hey, dumbass, toss me the bag."

I saw him bend down and reach into the darkness. As he stood back up in front of me I caught a flash of light. Oh my God he has a knife, I thought to myself. Terror flashed in my eyes as I heard the tape rip.

I might die tonight, I thought.

He put the flat of the blade on my cheek and drew it down my neck, looking into my eyes as he moved it. He moved to my blouse and cut straight down through the buttons, right through my bra. He used the knife tip to slowly uncover his prize to view. What little moonlight there was let me see my exposed, full and pert breasts. I was now bare- chested and open to the cool air. My nipples were hard and erect in the night. I felt them tingle with the excitement of the sudden exposure and I could feel the cold kiss of the blade tip as he slowly traced a line from my neck to my waist. He used just enough pressure to mark my skin but not cut it.

He started to pull down my skirt and stopped, instead grabbing it in the middle and ripping it in two with the knife. It fell to the concrete with a thud that seemed to echo in the air. He grabbed my panties in the middle and yanked them off my thighs. He pushed my ass onto the rough edge of the table. A pair of strong hands grabbed mine, raising them over my head, and I felt another pair on my thighs spreading them wide open. I felt them pulling my ankles back to the benches, securing them there, and leaving my p pussy exposed to the cool night air. They removed the remains of my shirt and bra so that I was nude as they pushed and pulled me onto the table. My hands were bound at the wrists with more duct tape and then stretched and tied above my head. I was so fucking scared but, to my dismay, I was getting extremely wet. My body was betraying me.

"Well, Bobby, she's all yours. You see here, my dirty fucking housewife, our little Bobby is an oral virgin. He hasn't licked a pussy nor had his cock sucked by a woman. Tonight is his night to have it all and you're going to do it. I guess it's true that money can't buy everything."

"Bobby, get down here and see what we got for you. Even my Daddy's money couldn't get you a finer piece of ass!"

Now I could see the other person clearly, and he was not at all what I had pictured. He was large and muscular, with the chiseled features of a classic sculpture but the sweetness of a boy and I could see the lack of confidence and self esteem in his body language. I immediately sensed he didn't want to be here, and he looked at me as though pleading for my forgiveness. I was confused, I wanted to hate him for helping his friend but the sorrow in his eyes caught me by surprise. I was struck by how his clothes looked more wrinkled than disheveled and not at all worn. My brain was too scattered to quite make out the connections my senses were trying to establish.

Although I could see he knew enough to know I was excited as he looked at my exposed pussy, he seemed hesitant, as if he didn't know what to do. I could see him kneel in front of my pussy and I could feel his hot breath on my lips. The heat of his breath mingled with the air sent a shock wave through my body. He toyed with my clit with his fingers, at first exploring the region like the first astronaut on the moon. Then it was like instinct took over, the masterful way he played with my clit had me fighting my bindings to get closer to him. Seeing my body jump he flicked his tongue on my clit. My body ran hot and I tensed as my clit hardened under his touch. I couldn't contain the urge to rock in my bindings. I felt the tingle as the wave was ever closer to washing over me.

The cool night air as it kissed my flesh added to my body's intense reaction. As he felt me straining, Bobby stroked my thighs gently. I knew he was attempting to soothe me, but I was so close to cumming, I was thrashing under his touch. I felt his hot, thick tongue circle my clit and nibble it ever so lightly. Each time I reacted more he would try something new. He continued licking and then suddenly sucked my clit into his mouth.

It was not escape I wanted but release. I wanted to cum so bad I ached and just when I thought I could take no more, he thrust his fingers in my cunt. He fucked me, sliding them in and out, slowly at first then faster as he read the reactions of my body. He licked my pussy faster and faster while fucking it with his fingers. That was the final straw - I could take no more, I came so hard and fast it made my head swim. I know I squirted this time because I felt it as I came. Bobby stood up and stroked my thighs searching my eyes for approval. The man who had grabbed me in the parking lot couldn't wait to spoil the moment and pushed Bobby aside.

"You warmed her up now I get to FUCK HER! You can fuck her after me if you want to."

Bobby moved up the table again so he was near my head. He began to stroke my hair. Leaning in close to my face he cupped it and said, "There, you dirty little housewife, did I do it right? Did I lick you the way you wanted? Did it feel good?"

He knew I couldn't answer with my mouth taped closed. He was so close to me I could inhale the fragrance on his skin, Lagerfeld, just like my John's I thought as a tear slid across my cheek.

My first captor was busy fucking my pussy hard and fast. In the afterglow of the orgasm, having my pussy stuffed with a hard cock felt good. I wanted to hate it because I was being raped, but oh God, it felt so fucking good.

Bobby was so hard after licking me; I could see his young cock straining against the denim of his jeans. The material was so tight it looked like it might hurt. He saw me looking and caught my face in his hands.

"You dirty little mommy - you want this young cock don't you? TELL ME!!"

He looked in his friend's direction but he was too busy fucking to notice us.

"I am going to do something but you must promise to be good. Chuck is so busy I don't think he will see anyways. Do you promise?"

I looked into his eyes and slowly nodded my head.

"Ok, my naughty little housewife...I am going to take off this tape. Do you want to suck this young cock?"

Again I looked into his eyes and shook my head yes. Gone was the desire to escape, I only wanted to please Bobby. I knew if I were to survive this night it would be because of him.

Bobby took out that fresh, hard, young cock and laid it on my face. I could feel the soft skin of the shaft and how hot it was. It was a great cock, thick, long and glistening with pre-cum.

"My dirty fucking housewife, suck my cock!"

He stroked it and squeezed it releasing some more pre-cum and painted my lips with it.

"I wanted you to taste how good you make me feel. See how sweet you make me taste?"

He was indeed sweet with young sweat. He could tell I wanted his cock in my mouth but he teased me with it, then slowly he stuck it into my mouth. I could tell he wanted more, he leaned in and asked me if I would be good if he untied my hands, I shook my head yes again.

"I am sorry my little housewife but this is all I can do. Chuck will get mad if I take the duct tape off."

He put that cock in my hands so I could stroke it; feel his cock respond to my touch. I felt it jump in my hands as I slid my fingers down his rigid shaft. I heard him moan and inhale as my fingers lightly cupped his balls.

It wasn't that his age was a turn on so much as how different he was from his appearance. Looking at him, you would expect that he would be rough and not at all sweet. But there he was gently licking, stroking and now fucking my mouth. He watched every change in emotion on my face. If I even winced, he would change his pace or direction to ease my discomfort. It seemed we had just started when Chuck finished fucking my pussy and began watching his young friend and me.

"That's it Bobby, make that fucking dirty housewife suck you off!! Fuck her mouth Bobby! HoooooRaa, Boy, if you aren't better than what I thought. You must have been practicing with some of the girls and keeping secrets. You know I don't like when you keep secrets, Bobby!"

There was a dark tone in his voice I hadn't heard before. It didn't seem to effect Bobby and he never missed a beat as he continued fucking my mouth.

He leaned in and whispered, "What's your name, beautiful? I want to say your name when I cum. I want the night to remember your name just as I will! I'm so close, my dirty little housewife. TELL ME!!

"Katie" I whispered.

I could see the strain on his face and the pleasure coursing through his body as he tensed before his release. I could feel his cock throbbing and jumping now in my mouth as I felt his cum spray the back of my throat. His cock tightened and spurted, shooting quickly in my mouth.

"OOOOOH Katie you are so good I am cumming oh yes oh yes OH GOD YES! Thank you, Katie."

With that, he took his cock out of my mouth. Chuck grabbed a hold of his arm and ushered him down to my wet pussy.

"Now fuck her, Bobby! Fuck that pussy, boy!"

He grabbed hold of my legs and rammed his still-hard penis inside. He fucked me hard with long slow strokes. It wasn't long before he came again. This time I could feel his cum deep inside my pussy. But by now I was sore from the bindings. Bobby walked around the side of the table as he had done before.

Looking at Chuck he asked, "Can we untie her now? She looks tired."

"Nope, Bobby I got one more surprise for this fucking dirty little housewife"

Bobby looked confused - apparently this wasn't in the original plan. There was something ugly in the way he replied to Bobby. I could see Bobby shrink back as though he were more afraid now than before.

Chuck reached into a bag he had on the ground and pulled something out. Bobby looked concerned when he saw what Chuck had in his hand. I looked in his direction and I could see a very large fat cucumber. He took the cucumber and slathered it with something sticky. In the air I thought I smelled honey. He twirled the cucumber around in his fingers. He slid his finger through my lips and down the crack of my exposed ass. He rubbed my nipples between his fingers making them hard and sticky.

He reached back into the bag and brought out more things - a candle, a book, some kind of powders - arranging them on the floor beside the table. Chuck stood and spun himself in a circle. Lighting the black candle, he spoke some mumbled words that sounded like some sort of jumbled Latin. The flame grew larger and then shot into the air. Chuck continued his dance now spinning faster and his words totally unintelligible as though he was speaking in tongues. My concentration was broken by the sound of padded paws or hoofs slamming against the ground. Something large and heavy breathing was drawing near. My stomach tightened and I began to feel ill. I strained to see Bobby's face and he was pale in the dark. His eyes met mine and the fear I saw in his face frightened me more than my own. I was sure now he had nothing to do with this part of the plan.

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