tagErotic HorrorTaken By Fire: Ignited Ch. 03

Taken By Fire: Ignited Ch. 03


First Spark

It has been three weeks since she moved to Transylvania and too be honest, this place isn't that bad. The locals were very friendly and her house is amazing. It's just like a mansion. With 7 bedrooms in this house, she felt very lonely, but she kept herself busy with playing games and thinking about those strange dreams she kept on getting. When Lilly arrived, she really wished that she could just wave a magic wand and all the unpacking would be done, but since this is reality, she had to do everything herself. This was the first time she's ever been to this house and was amazed at how much furniture her father placed in this house. Lilly only needed her bed, T.V. and appliances, the rest was already here. She wondered why her father stocked this whole place without even visiting one time.

She walked into the study and her eyes almost fell out of her head. Walls upon walls of books were all around the whole room, seems like when her father wanted to visit, he was planning on spending his whole vacation trip in here. She really couldn't figure out where her parents got all their money from, there wasn't any family businesses, any bonds, nothing. Slowly she walked between the shelves, searching for a book she might want to read later on. As Lilly walked towards 'G', she noticed a newly placed book in the shelf. It looked so out of place, the title was 'Ghostly Experiences', and while the book seemed normal on it's own, with the other books it seemed out of place. She reached up and pulled the book out of the shelf to open it. As she opened it, a piece of paper landed on the ground. Curious, she picked it up to read it.

'Dear Lilly'

'If you read this letter, that means that your mother and I have passed away and that you have moved into the family home here in Transylvania. I see you still have a thing for ghosts my dear, since you found this letter. I just want to let you know that we love you very much, even though we are not there anymore. There were some things your mother and I did that we wish we could take back, but the deed is done. Whatever comes on your path my child, be strong and know that there will always be a way out of it. I might be too late for us, but you could still have a chance my child. We are terribly sorry for the problem that we might cause you. Your loving mother and father. Xxx'

A single tear fell on the letter, smudging a part of the ink on the paper. Sadness found its way back into her life, but this time there was something else – confusion.

Why did her dad leave her this letter? What was he warning her about? What did he and her mother do that was so terrible? Maybe that's one of the reasons why they suddenly passed away, but on the other hand, the doctor said that it was natural causes. Lilly's mind raced again with her thoughts when everything seemed to come back to her dreams...

The demon in her dreams wanted her, but she could tell from his eyes that he was very dangerous and evil. There is just something that draws her to him; she doesn't know what it is. She thought she was starting to go crazy, with they way she felt so drawn to him. Somehow she felt like she could trust this demon and give everything to him, but that could just as well be a trap. She's knew what they said about demons – they would do and say anything just to get your soul and then you'll be damned forever.

"Okay back to reality."

She read in the paper that there is a cool Halloween party at this nightclub tonight called Novo and decided that it was time to enjoy herself. Since she's new in town, she didn't take the time to get to know some of the people here, she figured that the less people she know, the less will leave her. Besides she liked to travel solo anyway.

Luckily when she was in High School she had quite a few Halloween parties and some of the dresses still fit her. Somewhere in the bottom of one of the unpacked boxes she finally found the suitcase with all her dress up costumes. It took Lilly good hour to find the right costume and finally decided to go as an angel. Her outfit was a short white glitter dress that rested firmly on her thighs with nice neckline to give her cleavage. In the back of her closet she found her white heals and slipped them on. She looked allot taller than she actually was, but liked it that way. Just before heading out the door she grabbed a few accessories and fixed her hair. Finally it was time to enjoy the night.

After arriving at the club she noticed that it was packed and decided to bribe the bouncer at the VIP room. People said that this club opened a few months ago and people were still coming like it's the first night. Lilly talked to the bouncer and flirted a little with him and within a few minutes she was being escorted to the VIP room. The VIP room was beautiful and dark. Black with red accents really gave the room a surreal feeling. There weren't any childish Halloween decorations, no, this place was decorated to give that horror effect for adults. People were dressed in all sorts of costumes, but there was this one guy that looked like he didn't dress up at all. She couldn't see him completely, because he was standing with his back at her. 'He looks kind of cute...anyway time get a drink!' Lilly thought to herself.

At the bar Lilly decide to order a shot of Vodka, her favorite, and find her a nice table to enjoy it. While waiting for her drink, she scanned the room and examined the various people in the club. They were very mysterious and dark, acting almost as if they were superior to others. The place smelled thick of tobacco and alcohol, just like a club should be.

As she got her drink and turned around to find a table she bumped into someone. "Oh shit sorry!" Lilly found herself staring into a pair of ice-blue eyes and her whole world stopped. She felt like a little schoolgirl staring at her ultimate crush... She swore she could see his eyes mentally undressing her and that made the blood rush to her cheeks.

"Don't worry Angel, it's no big deal."

'Look at his eyes; I've never seen a color like that. His eyes look so familiar.' His voice was like sweet honey to her, like the ultimate forbidden fruit and she had to get a taste of it.

"Can you keep me company tonight Angel? I usually travel solo, but I'm just taken by your beauty."

'Say something you idiot! He can totally see your crushing on him!' Lilly thought to herself as he smiled seductively.

She stared at him like a dumbass the whole time he was speaking. Lilly couldn't believe that she just met the guy and she's already thinking of throwing herself at him, that wasn't like her! There was else something building up inside her, was it fear? How could it be fear? Finally she snapped out of it and managed to say something.

"Sure," That's all she managed to say as he escorted her to a private corner in the room.

"I'm sorry, I didn't even get you name," Lilly was surprised that she was able to say a full sentence to him.

He took her hand and kissed it, "My name my Angel Lilith is Ethan."

'Did he just say my name? Maybe this drink is too much for me, but I could have sworn I heard my name. His lips on my hand almost made me faint; I imagined how his lips would feel over my body...' Lilly's mind drifted away again.

Ethan gave her a devilish smile, like he knew what she was thinking, but Lilly knew that was impossible. "I haven't seen you in town Angel, are you visiting someone?"

"No, I moved here a couple of weeks ago. I want to start my life over." She expected him to ask what the reason that she decided to move is, but he didn't.

"This costume is very ironic. I can tell that you have a dark side and like dark things, am I right Angel?"

'How did he know? I like the dark and things like ghosts intrigue me, but how did he know?' "Um...Yes...how did you know?"

"You moved to Transylvania, a place where demons and vampires live. You must be after something...or running from something you don't even know yet."

"Maybe, but this location wasn't my decision. My dad bought this place a long time ago."

Ethan locked his eyes onto hers, holding his gaze, "Then maybe my Angel, it was fate."

After he kissed her hand again, Ethan stood up and left.

(Back home)

'What a night. Ethan is gorgeous, but something doesn't feel right. He looks so familiar to me. How did he know my name? Did I mention it? No I didn't, I'm sure. Why does he keep on calling me his angel? He doesn't even know me, but still he talks to me like he has known everything that happened in my life. Why did he believe in demons and vampires? Those eyes...those ice blue eyes...oh hell it's like they can see my every thought. Those eyes look so familiar... Will I ever see him again? Oh stop it Lilly! You don't even know him! Something isn't right, maybe it's best to stay away from him. I knew it would be hard, because I don't even know him and I already want to sleep with him. With me being a virgin still, I couldn't believe how fast I wanted to give it al to this Ethan guy; I don't even know him!'

After her mind raced again she decided to head off to bed and try to get some sleep.


I knew tonight was the night I would finally meet her, face to face. Of course she wouldn't meet me in my true form like in her dreams, only as Ethan. Her angel costume was so ironic and I couldn't help but smile every time I think about it. Here was an angel that couldn't keep her eyes of a demon. I could see in her eyes that there was fear and I knew why. Even though she didn't know who I was, her natural human instinct told her to be afraid. She was right, I am dangerous and if she knew what her fate would be, she would probably try and run from me. She wouldn't get far though.

This night went exactly as planned, I confused her so much at the party and I think it's time to visit her dreams again. I love to play games with her!


Vephar anxiously walked down the hall towards Xenon's study. He knew he sounded like a tattle tale, but Xenon wanted to know all the movements of that human. Vephar felt a little bit guilty for doing this; he knew that that human did nothing to deserve this, but Xenon wants her no matter what. Vephar knew about the other demon that was after her too, but decided to keep quiet about him, secretly he hoped that she would rather be with him than his own best friend.

Vephar knocked on Xenon's door, "Xenon, are you here?"

Behind the closed door Xenon replied, "What do you want Vephar?"

Vephar took that as his queue to walk inside; he spoke as he entered, "Your human was at a club tonight."

Xenon glared up at Vephar, "Why the fuck are you telling me this? I don't want to know her life story!!! Just report if she is connecting with another one of us!!!!"

Vephar wanted to rip Xenon's tongue out, but only nodded his head and kept quiet. Vephar hated how Xenon treated this human. She had a life too and he was going to end it as soon as he had his fill. The only reason Vephar has a soft spot for humans, is because his mate was human too, but Xenon got to her before he could and killed her. If Vephar knew that before he became friends with Xenon, he would have ripped his head off, but he only found out a few weeks ago. Now Vephar is secretly hoping that someone would beat him too it.

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