tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken by My Piano Teacher

Taken by My Piano Teacher


This is an entirely fictional story of sex between adults, some of which is described as non-consenting. If such a topic upsets you then please go somewhere else. This story is pure fantasy and in no way glamorises or condones the subject of rape or violence towards women, so if that's what you are looking for then you can go elsewhere.


I take piano lessons in the evenings with a number of other adults. We have our own class for two hours. At twenty, I am doing rather well learning from scratch. The class finished at ten in the evening and the other learners were picking up their coats and getting ready to make their separate ways home. I turn around and my teacher is smiling at me. He is a fairly friendly guy in his forties. I smile back.

"Would you like to stay for a drink?"

"Alright" I reply, shutting the lid of the piano with a thud.

We talk for a long time. His wife is away on a business trip. His children are close to my age and live away. We sit downstairs for a while longer and chat over coffee. Then things turn decidedly more sinister.

He stands up to take our mugs to the kitchen counter, and on his way back approaches me from behind. All of a sudden it feels strange. He puts his hands on my shoulders.


He puts his hand over my mouth and hisses:

"Be quiet"

I freeze, eyes wide open, staring into his, surprised.

"I won't hurt you. Just do what I want you to. Understand?"

I nod.

He walks me upstairs, his hands grasping my wrists tightly. I do not complain. He walks me to the bedroom. He unzips my dress and it falls to the floor in a flurry of silk. He brings my wrists back round to behind my back.

"Hold still"

All of a sudden I feel cold metal being placed around my wrists, and I realise I have been handcuffed. He turns me back around and backs me up against the bed, kissing down my neck, biting down on the soft flesh gently. I wince. He pushes me and I fall back on the bed, unable to brace my fall. He brings out a pocket knife, and I stiffen, watching the blade glint in the light as he brandishes his weapon of choice. He straddles me, bringing the blade close to my skin, so it bites but does not pierce the skin itself. He runs the blade over my cheek, down my neck, bringing the blade down to between my breasts. He brings the blade slowly down to my stomach then back up to my chest, pressing the flat of the blade to my skin underneath my bra. In one quick motion he cuts through the fabric, exposing my breasts for him to see. My nipples are hard from the friction this movement produced, and he brings his hands down to cup my breasts, running his thumbs over my nipples, squeezing the soft mounds of flesh in his palms.

"Very nice" he murmurs under his breath. He picks up his knife once more to press the cool blade onto my nipples each in turn, watching them become harder under his gaze. He throws the knife aside and brings his mouth to my breasts, teasing my nipples with his tongue, tugging on them gently with his teeth. He sucks them until they become rosy, it hurts a little and I gasp. I don't want him to be rough with me, my nipples are so very sensitive.

He stands up and pulls my underwear down, exposing my pussy to him as he rips them off.

"Mmm" he murmurs, running his nails up my thighs slowly. He spreads my legs and begins to touch me. I am extremely nervous, wondering what he is going to do to me. He runs his fingers up my slit to find me wet, and I am embarrassed. Someone only has to touch me in a certain way and it makes me wet, whether I like it or not. He slides a finger inside me as I stare at him and he looks at me with a hunger in his eyes that frightens me. Withdrawing his hand, he stands up again and unbuckles his belt. I watch as his trousers fall to the floor, then his boxers as he undresses. I see his hardened cock, which he begins to stroke while looking at my body. I struggle as I feel the cold metal of my bonds bite into my wrists. He returns to the bed and puts his hand to the back of my head, making me look at him.

"Don't struggle, I won't hurt you"

I begin to cry, the tears running down my face as I look at him, realising he is going to penetrate me. He brings his hand to my face, brushing away the tear on my chin. He leans forward and kisses the tears away from my cheeks.

"Shh, there's no need to cry" he whispers, stroking between my legs, pressing himself up against me.

He spreads my thighs wider and brings his cock to my moist entrance. I shut my eyes. I feel him enter me, thrusting into me further as I bite my lip to stop myself from gasping as he thrusts all the way in. With one hand he holds the back of my head, the other holding underneath my hips as he fucks me.

"Look at me" he tells me insistently.

"W..What?" I ask shakily, opening my eyes.

"Look at me" he repeats.

I look into his eyes as he watches me, rocking his hips into mine. I have stopped crying, but I am shaking. I can feel him as he thrusts inside me, and it would normally feel so good, but I also feel degraded, on this man's bed, his marital bed, being fucked by someone I have only met a number of times for evening piano lessons!

"Are you alright?"

I realised that he has stopped, looking at me curiously. In the mixture of fear and excitement in his eyes, I also see concern. I am speechless.

"I don't want to hurt you" he tells me softly, stroking my hair. I raise my head. I begin to talk.

"W..Why are you doing this?"

"I want you"

"You are a married man!"

"and you are an attractive young lady"

"I didn't ask for this"

I struggle against my restraints. He pulls out.


I look up at him curiously, questioningly.

"If you want, you may leave"

I wonder if this is a trick question, or if he really means it. He looks serious. I silently ask myself whether I should just let him do what he wanted. Before this he seemed nice enough. I just didn't want him to be rough and hurt me.

"..No," I finally reply, "You want to fuck me, isn't that what you want? Just take me if that's what you wanted me here for."

He approaches the bed once more, cautiously. I stare at him solemnly. He lays back on top of me and takes my face in his hands.

"Good" he kisses me passionately. I do not respond.

He grabs a fistful of my hair and slowly pulls me to a sitting position. He holds his cock in his other hand, guiding it to my lips. I feel the head of his cock slip into my mouth and I let my jaw drop as he slides his cock in. He holds the back of my head as he thrusts deep into my mouth and I begin to suck on his cock, moving my head forward to meet his thrusts as he fucks my mouth. He groans as I respond briefly. This has made him hard, very hard.

He slips his cock out of my mouth.

"Turn around" he instructs me. I stand up and turn around, getting down on my knees as I kneel on the bed. I realise I cannot move my arms as I am still handcuffed. He acknowledges this.

"Lay your head down on the bed"

I lean forward and bury my face into the mattress, legs spread.

He kneels down on the bed and takes me from behind, sliding his cock deep inside me, and I let out a cry into the quilt, hoping that he cannot hear me, not wanting him to know quite what effect this is having on me.

He thrusts into me hard, holding my hips from behind as he moves inside of me, groaning as I push my face harder into the quilt, another cry escaping my lips.

"Jennie, oh sweet Jennie. I'm going to come inside you"

I move my lips to protest, but no sound comes out. I feel him thrusting into me faster, knowing that he would climax inside me very soon, shutting my eyes and thrusting my hips up, anticipating his release.

I feel the first of his ejaculate spurting into my pussy as he groaned, steadily filling me with his semen. I feel my pussy fill up with his fluid, the wetness seeping out of me as he withdraws, leaving his trace behind. I feel his hand slip between my legs once more, collecting the spilt come already dripping out of me, massaging it into my ass cheeks with his hands.

"You have no idea how good that felt" he tells me as he leaves the bed.

After this experience, I feel like I almost understand him.

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