tagNonHumanTaken by the Beast

Taken by the Beast


I feel it.. cold and wet against my ankle, even in my sleep I feel something. I kick my legs, trying to discourage it or move whatever it is that has interrupted my blissful slumber only to feel it again, against my calf, a warm breeze followed by something firm and wet….my eyes opened wide, quickly pushing up on my elbows to look to the foot of the bed. Fear captures me. Staring back at me…dark yellow eyes peering from the darkness of my bedroom. Those eyes so black, so cold…evil… the pupils seemed to have a yellow tint.

My body tense, those eyes staring back at me, spaced too close to be human. I curse the city maintenance department once again in my head…if they had fixed the street light as I had ask I could see what made that noise. I could know what I am up against, but sadly this is one of the times the light has flickered off, I can only pray that it flickers on again. I jerk my legs forward only to hear a deep low growl permeate the silence of the room. Then my bed bends under its weight, at the foot, I know it must be crawling in with me. Whimpering I look left and then right for a means of escape. The wall prevents me exiting on the left. The right.. I'll have to slip out on the right.

Then I feel the cool crisp cotton sheets slipping from my body. My eyes quickly move to the foot, slowly they slide lower revealing my ivory flesh clad only in a thong and a tee shirt. A car passes and the room is momentarily bathed in soft light and I see hair…and sharp teeth. My eyes narrow, face wrinkling as the light fades. The muzzle of some kind of animal? I ask in my head. A bewildered look crosses my face…an animal?? In my apartment? But how? The only window open has a screen. Why would an animal…? Ahhhhh…searching for food, it must be hungry.

Sliding my hand slowly to the bedside table, grabbing a piece of pizza left over from my dinner in bed…working late, it was the only choice for a girl too tired to cook. Tossing it on the floor.. I say in my best not scared voice "There ya go, nice pizza…go on…. Get it "I smile, waiting for the weight on the bed to lessen, knowing the animal's attention will be diverted with food and I might make my escape. Looking to the foot of the bed expectantly I see the yellow eyes staring back at me, with just a twinge of…could that be humor?? Turning my head, puzzled much like a puppy looking up at a Master giving it a command I stare into those eyes… animal eyes… or are they??

Then the warm wet pressure again as it slides further onto my bed, the mattress gives under its weight, causing me to slowly slide towards it, firm wetness against my calf…long slow sweeps…so rough, lightly raking my flesh…preceded by the warm air...the wetness slides higher, my eyes open wide in realization. A tongue, a large rough tongue against my naked flesh slipping higher. I feel what must be his head nudging my thighs apart, I shake my head no, my body tensing, and say NO loudly…I feel the vibrations rumble through its chest even before I hear it… predatory, a warning, his head pushes against the strong muscles of my thighs harder, the fur, so soft against my legs, forcing them further apart.

Lying on the bed, trembling in fear, feeling it crawl closer to me. The bed indents beneath its weight, the frame squeaking. I laugh nervously to myself thinking of the last time this bed squeaked…surprised I still remember what the sound is after so long. The animals breath so hot against the crotch of my panties, then its tongue…licking the cotton, pressing it harder against my slit. I feel the pressure of its head between my parted legs holding them spread, allowing it full access to my cunt, it licks again, shoving the fabric between the folds against my clit. I hiss…my hips jerking instinctively. Then suction, pulling against the clean shaven skin, the cotton…wet cotton…sucked into its mouth, then released… it feels so cold against my hot cunt lips, saturated in the animals saliva. Squirming my hips, trying to push back against the headboard but hearing that deep growl echoing through the room I dare not move. I feel the suction again, then a jerk on the thong, my hips jerk forward.

Hearing the splitting of the cotton, realization fills me…the only barrier between me and this thing has now been removed. I am helpless, at its mercy. Its head slides higher, the long rough tongue pressed flat against the puffy lips of my cunt, sliding along their length. I groan, as the lips part and the tip of the tongue laps at my swollen clit, pushing it's nose in deeper, nuzzling the flesh, the sharp canines raking the nub almost as if it knows what buttons to push to elicit an uncontrollable response. My thighs part wider, hips thrusting up, the bottom sheet balling up in my clinch fist as the animal slides its tongue lower, teasing my aching flesh I cry out in my head, What am I doing??? This animal is going to make me cum, my body is responding!!! Its teeth begin to rake against my clit once again, the long thick tongue dips into my hole, pushing in, my muscles clench around the invader, it pushes deeper, stretching the muscles, filling my hole. I scream out, my head rolling side to side, body trembling, shaking as I feel the teeth, the probing tongue against my spasming inner walls, pushing me over the edge. I close my eyes tight, my hands slide into the soft fur, gripping its head, grinding up against the tongue, lost in the pleasure of my orgasm, not caring who or what gives it, or the consequences.

The animal seems to retreat, sliding from the edge of the bed, slipping back into the dark shadows, my eyes open, hazy from the experience, smiling through the bliss of my sexual release. Whispering to myself "I have never cum that hard." I push up on my elbows…leaning forward…the shadows seem to be moving, Straining to see…the animal seems to be growing larger…I feel something closing around my ankle…but not hairy, warm…like flesh… the street light flickers and I realize it is a hand, definitely a masculine hand. Fear fills me once again as I realize I am not alone with the animal. There is a man here. He must have let the animal in and has been watching all along. What sick perverted individual was I now prisoner too. My body is pulled to the foot of the bed, my thighs pulled apart once again, pushed up against my chest. I feel a warm wet tongue again, but a different one…this one is not large or scratchy. I try to pull away. Another deep growl. So the animal is still close. I begin to plea for my release. This man is one I can barter with or try to reason with. He slides his tongue over the cum coated lips of my cunt, feasting from my release. Laying there, with my legs pinned against me I feel His tongue working me over. My body, still high from my release, immediately responds to his ministrations. The streets lights flicker again and I see his body, leaned over the foot of the bed where he kneels. His strong back bare, long black hair bathes my thighs as his tongue moves over the swollen tip of my clit.

He also realizes the street light is on and lifts his eyes to meet mine. The same eyes look back at me that were staring out from the shadows…yellow… deep…penetrating. No! It can't be! I look around the room, searching for the animal. He watches me, laughing softly… I look back to him, shocked, tensing once again in fear Where is it?? "Do not ask what you know." He replies, his voice deep, smooth, controlling, almost hypnotizing. I feel a wave of contentment move over me as he pushes up on his elbows and crawls onto the bed more. Kneeling between my thighs, naked, his cock hard, proud. Remaining still, letting my eyes take in his form, moving over the hard muscles. Maybe to fuel my desire, maybe to assure me there is no escape. The soft light dances off his hard muscles, his body taut. Ready to pounce, showing no weakness. He dips his head, the raven locks spread across my ivory flesh as his tongue slides around the rim of my belly button before dipping inside, his eyes never leaving mine. He slides higher, his tongue tracing a path up my belly, the valley between my breasts, coming to rest on my neck. His hard muscular chest flattening my breasts, the hard nipples burrowing into him. I feel his breath warm against my neck the same instant his hard cock presses into my thigh, making me aware without a doubt his intentions and arousal.

He whispers in my ear… "I have been watching you…all alone…so beautiful, craving the touch and use of a man. Needing to be taken, mated, claimed and tonight I do that. I claim you as my mate. I take your body as mine and I will use you like you have dreamed of all those lonely nights". His hips lift and slide up, the tip of his cock trails over my skin as it moves to my cunt, leaving a trail of pre-cum against my creamy thighs. He looks down into my eyes as the head parts the swollen lips, teasing the entrance to my cunt, sliding the tip in and out, smiling as he sees my breath catch in my throat, my hips thrusting forward trying to impale myself deeper on his hard member. He effortlessly pins my arms, and holds me securely, his voice soft, deep as he speaks. " You want this, don't you my pet?" "Yessssss", I groan. Trying to push up. He smiles…"Tell me you want it, beg me to take you, to make you mine". I look up into his eyes, mine full of lust…need…passion. Pleading for his use, his control…to be his. "Pleaseeee…I need…I crave…I want to be your mate, your pet, pleaseee". He does not say a word, just thrusts his hips forward, impaling me on his throbbing cock, my legs snake around his hips, tightly, pulling his body closer to mine, deeper within me. He holds my hands above my head, pinned to my body as he thrusts in and out of me…over and over, slamming against my cervix, my body trembling with the impact of each blow.

The lights outside flicker again and the room is bathed once more in shadows. He moves within me, taking possession of my body. His cock pistons in and out like a machine…seeming to grow within me, lengthening, widening. He pushes his head against the hollow of my neck, forcing my face towards the wall, no longer allowing me to look at him. He growls, pushing into me harder, his body seeming to change shape, heavier against my tiny frame. Hair…so much hair against my skin…as if he is covered in it. His hands release mine and one closes around my neck, I feel sharp nails…almost talons I'd say…rake my flesh, as he continues to fuck me over and over. My body shakes, clinging to his hairy one, bucking my hips up to meet his thrusts, losing count of my orgasms. My fear and pleasure mixing, sending me to new heights. The lights flicker and I see his shadow on the wall, so huge compared to mine. But his face…the shadow is not one of the man I saw take possession of my body, but a longer nose, a snout, the muzzle of a animal…but a huge one, dwarfing my size, his back arching, jerking, a deep howl fills the room as his seed is buried within my womb. I shake, my eyes closing, the next wave of an intense orgasm washing over me, I feel the darkness bathe us once again as the lights flicker off and his weight falls against me, growling hoarsely in my ear, a content growl of pleasure.

Then the weight seems to lessen, his grip on my neck releases. I turn my head slowly to once again stare into the yellow eyes of the man I saw before. My voice trembles with fear as I whisper.. "What are You?" He just smiles and wipes the wet hair from my brow. "I am a shape shifter, I am not a mere human that has taken you as his mate and neither will our children be. You will come and live with me, and be a part of my world. The dark world most mere humans never know exists…my love, to stand by my side." He leans down and softly kisses me, whispering against my lips. "You are safe, I will protect you from this day forward and you will never be alone. I will come for you tomorrow night. Use this day to say goodbye to those who you will not see again for sometime and await me here at midnight."

I did not see him leave all I heard was the beat of wings as he took flight from my window. But I knew that though he was gone, he would return for me.

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