tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken in the Garage

Taken in the Garage


Cheerleading practice had run late, and I didn't get to the costume shop before it closed; so I didn't get the Catwoman outfit I had reserved. I had run home and searched for a costume I could wear; but didn't find anything. I couldn't believe that I was going to miss the big Halloween party, because of cheerleading practice. It was at this point that I looked over at my duffel bag, and decided that I had no choice.

I opened my bag, and pulled out my cheerleader uniform. I ran to the communal washers and dryers, and put it through a quick wash, before drying them. While this was going on, I took a quick shower, and washed my hair. I ran back down the hall, wearing nothing but a towel, and grabbed my uniform from the dryer; it was a women's dormitory, so I would have felt comfortable walking around naked. I headed back to my room, and continued getting ready.

I had pulled on my cheerleader uniform, and tied my long blond hair back in pigtails. I knew that people would make fun of the fact that I had worn my uniform as a costume, but I didn't care; I was not going to miss this party for anything.

I got to the party late, and couldn't find my boyfriend; but then again, I had no idea what he was wearing, so I could very well have walked right by him. I found some of my girlfriends, and had to explain to them what had happened. After a couple of hours, and countless drinks, I was drunk. Most of my girlfriends had either left, or were off with their boyfriends, and I was sitting on a chair in the back yard.

A shadow appeared before me, and it took me a while to focus enough to notice that it was a person dressed in a black robe, with a dark featureless mask covering their face. By their size, I guessed it was a man, and figured it was my boyfriend when he held out a gloved hand to help me up. I took his hand and let him pull me to my feet.

I let him lead me back into the house, figuring that my boyfriend was bringing me home. I was so drunk, that I didn't notice where we were going; and was confused when we entered a dark room.

Before I could ask him what was going on, the door closed behind us, pitching the room into darkness, and was locked. Suddenly I could feel several hands grab me and hold me in place, while something was pressed against my mouth. By the time I realized what was going on, the gag had been tied behind my head.

A red light turned on overhead, and I could see at least four people holding onto me. I tried to struggle, but all the alcohol I had drunk, and the fact that they were all bigger and stronger than me made it all but impossible to do anything; and the gag made any attempts to scream, useless.

Two guys, one on either side of me, pulled my arms straight up over my head, while the guy in front of me lifted my top up over my head, and the guy behind unhooked my bra, and lifted it up also; exposing my large natural breasts. The two guys holding my arms up shifted the position of their hands so that my top and bra could be completely removed, and cast aside. My wrists were then tied together, and hooked onto a chain that was hanging from the ceiling. All of them backed off, leaving me hooked up in the middle of the room, topless; I had to stand on my toes in order not to hang by my wrists.

I was now able to make out some details of the room, and saw that I was in the garage, standing over the drain. I could also see that there were actually six people in the room. They all reached down into the folds of their matching robes, and pulled out their erect penises from a little opening in the front. Upon seeing this, I panicked, and started thrashing about, trying to get free, and screamed into the gag. The only effect that had was to start them stroking their penises. I finally stopped struggling, horrified at what I was sure was going to happen to me.

I never even heard as one of them stepped up behind me, and yanked down my skirt. I tried to turn and kick him, but he had already stepped back out of range, and it threw my off balance. At that very moment, two other guys stepped up to me and grabbed hold of my legs, while a third held me up from behind; however, he did wrap his arms around me so he could fondle my breasts. Another of them stepped between my now spread legs, and produced a pair of garden shears from behind his back. He cut the sides of my white cotton panties, and let them sit there for a second, before reaching up and slowly pulling them off. Like my breasts, I was natural down there, and had a thick bush of blond hair surrounding my pussy.

I could hear noises behind me, but was unable to look. My hands were removed from the hook, and I was laid down on a rough surface. It was small, and barely supported me from shoulder to the small of my back. My hands were pulled back over my head again, and down towards the floor, until my elbows were bent 90 degrees, where they were secured to something else. My legs were tied together at the ankle, and attached to the hook in the ceiling. Once again the six guys stepped back and stroked their penises. Eventually, they all started to make their way closer.

One of them stepped up to my ass, one stood at my head, and I had two on either side of me. Even though I was expecting it, I was still shocked when the one standing at my ass pressed the head of his penis against my pussy. The pain that I felt as he forced his way into my pussy, made me see stars; I was by no means a virgin, but I had been far from turned on, and was pretty dry. Add to that the fact that the way my legs were being held was squeezing my pussy together, and he hadn't used any form of lubricant. It was at this point that I realized that he wasn't wearing a condom, and I panicked again.

I tried to pull away and get him out of me, but he wrapped his arms around my knees, and held me against him. At the same time, the other five guys placed their hands on me and held me down. I finally gave up, and hoped that I wouldn't catch anything from these guys. When they saw that I had stopped struggling, they released me and continued masturbating while the guy inside me started fucking me. With each thrust, I screamed from the pain, only to have it muffled by the gag. I knew that eventually, my body would produce its own lubricant, but that was of no consolation to me now, as the tears fell from my eyes.

He started picking up the pace, and pounding me franticly. I was completely caught off guard when I felt him ejaculate inside me; he held himself deep inside me, as he came; only pulling out when he was empty.

When he was out, the five other guys rotated clockwise, until I had one guy on my right, one at my head, two on my left, and one at my ass. My primary concern was no longer about catching anything from these guys, but of getting pregnant. I was so preoccupied with these thoughts that I never even noticed that the second guy was already fucking me. I started crying again, imagining my life would be over after tonight. The second guy didn't last that long, and came inside me before moving out of the way for the third guy.

The third guy lasted even shorter than the second and I had hopes that this nightmare would be over soon.

As the forth guy pressed the head of his penis against my pussy, I suddenly remembered details about the penis that had been at my head when this whole thing had started, and knew that this would hurt even more than the first guy. To say that his penis was big wasn't doing it justice; the head looked as big and round as a tangerine, and it was a good eleven or twelve inches long. I felt like I was being ripped open as he slowly forced his penis into me, and the feeling spread inside me as he pushed deeper; only stopping when he encountered my cervix. I nearly passed out as he fucked me, and when he came, I was certain that if I got pregnant, it would be his.

The fifth guy stuck it in me, pumped twice and came; the shortest of them all. The last guy was a little longer than him, but not by much.

I figured that was it, and really just wanted to go wash; suddenly I was being sprayed with cold water. I saw that the first guy had attached a hose to the sink, and had turned on the cold water. The hose had one of those pointy nozzles that looks like an ice cream cone, and works by turning it. He came over and sprayed me down, working the water all over my body. When he got down around my ass, I gasped as the cold water was sprayed over my raw pussy.

He turned the water off, and I breathed a sigh of relief, until I felt him push the nozzle up inside my pussy. Before I could even think to do something, the other five guys were back holding me down, as the first guy turned on the water, and proceeded to wash all their cum out of me. I had wanted to wash because I felt dirty, but I now knew just how well planned out this assault had been. I had had no doubt that these guys would get away with raping me, but the fact that they had planned this far ahead surprised me.

When he was satisfied, and turned the water off, I expected them to untie me and threaten me somehow; what I didn't expect was that they would repeat the same process, over and over.

I lost track of how many times they raped me and came inside me, before washing me out again, that night. I must have passed out at some point, because I woke up the next day, naked and shivering, curled in a ball in the corner of the garage, using my clothes as a pillow.

My pussy felt swollen and raw, and the skin around my ankles and wrists was bruised from the ropes that were used. It took me a while just to stand up and get dressed. I picked up my ruined panties and was about to throw them in the garbage bin, but I noticed black marks on them and held them up. I saw that someone had written a message into them with a black felt marker. The message read,

No one will ever believe you.

You belong to us now.

We'll see you again, soon.

I tucked the panties away, and went back to my dorm, trying to fathom what this went for me.


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