tagFetishTaking Care of Business Ch. 02

Taking Care of Business Ch. 02


Marcy took a look at Mr. Lewis, feeling an intense attraction to him. There was definitely sexual tension between them.

She no longer cared about the interview or the job. It was all about the sex at this point. She looked at Mr. Lewis and said, "I am one of the perks of this company. You are a good customer, which provides you the use of my body at your discretion."

"Gibson! Why have you been holding out on me?" Mr. Lewis barked.

"Well, Marcy was just hired today Mr. Lewis," Gibson replied.

"Fine choice Gibson," responded Lewis.

Marcy reached forward, unfastening Lewis' pants. They fell easily to the floor. She freed his cock, thrilled with what she saw. He was larger than Gibson and certainly thicker. Very few men had ever been able to make her cum just by fucking her. Lewis might be able to. She got on her knees in front of Lewis, taking him in her mouth. Her mouth was stretched wide to accommodate him. She did her best to take him in her mouth down to the shaft, but it was a struggle. Gibson stood behind her, his hands in her hair, helping to push her mouth down. His limp dick was starting to come back to life.

Gibson suggested that they lay Marcy across his desk so they could both have fun with her. Lewis wasted no time, scooping Marcy up in his arms as if she were a feather. His mouth landed on her tit, sucking her through the thin fabric of her shirt. He was thrilled to discover she was not wearing a bra. It allowed him to harden her nipple easily as he sucked on it.

Gibson didn't waste time clearing the desk, he just shoved everything off. Lewis deposited Marcy on the desk, her ass at the edge. Gibson jumped at the chance to stroke her legs some more. Lewis was back in Marcy's mouth before she could blink. "Damn, he's got a nice cock," she thought. Lewis ripped the fabric of her shirt exposing her creamy tits. Her nipples were hard as rocks. Lewis pinched and rolled them, igniting the fire in her pussy.

Mr. Gibson's secretary, Ava, heard the commotion as everything from the desk hit the floor. She knew Mr. Lewis was still in the office, and she didn't recall the young girl from the interview leaving. Maybe she had left while Ava had gone to get a cup of coffee. Ava pressed the button for the intercom to ask Mr. Gibson if everything was OK. The sounds she heard confused her for a minute. It sounded like.... Slurping? What could that possibly be? What she heard next made her question things even more. "Oh fuck you have a hot mouth," came through the intercom and it sounded like Mr. Lewis. Why would he be saying that to Mr. Gibson? Ava knew there was a small space in the window that wasn't frosted and she might be able to see through. She decided to peer in and see if she could tell what was going on. It was past quitting time and there were very few people left in the office, so she didn't think anyone would see her spying. And after all, she was concerned about her boss.

The view she saw was not what she expected. The young girl from the interview was on the desk. It looked like Mr. Lewis had his cock in her mouth and there was no doubt that Mr. Gibson had his pants down and his mouth all over her legs. Ava couldn't pull herself away from the sight. She felt her pussy grow hot with what she was seeing. She had always thought Mr. Gibson was an attractive man, and a few times she had fantasies about what he'd be like in bed. If she stayed where she was, she might get an idea, but she should stop, shouldn't she? She couldn't tear herself away from the window.

Gibson lowered his mouth and began licking the creases of Marcy's legs. Marcy groaned as much as she was able to with Lewis' cock shoved down her throat. She loved that sensitive spot. It was almost as good as having her clit licked. As if he could read her mind, Gibson touched the tip of his tongue to her tender nub.

Ava watched from her spot intently. She wondered what his tongue felt like. Her pussy was wet. She wanted to slide her fingers into her panties. She tore her gaze from the window for a few moments to look around. Seeing no one and most of the lights turned out, she raised her skirt and slipped her fingers into her wet panties and began to rub.

Gibson was alternating between Marcy's clit and the creases of her legs. The feeling was pure bliss. Wanting her release, she did what had gotten him before. She wrapped her legs around him, pressing her hose clad thighs against him. He licked her little nub as if his life depended on it. She came with a force, grinding her pussy against his mouth. The sensations overwhelmed her, but she didn't want it to stop. She rode his face until he relented. The intensity of her orgasm caused her to suck harder on Lewis. He was ready to unload, but she knew she couldn't handle swallowing his cum. Her mouth was full enough with his cock. She grabbed his cock, stroking him. Marcy told him she wanted to see him cum on her tits. He happily obliged. Gibson watched in awe at the volume that Lewis splashed across her tits.

Ava finally got a glimpse of Mr. Lewis' cock. She had never had a man that big before, but she'd sure like to try. She watched as Mr. Gibson lifted the girl off the desk. He lowered her down onto his cock. Ava heard the girl groan as he entered her. Ava wanted to feel his cock inside her. Instead she plunged a few fingers into her dripping wet pussy. This was as close as she was going to come to experiencing the real thing. She pumped her own pussy in rhythm to Mr. Gibson pumping into the girl.

Lewis stood behind Marcy and Gibson. He was looking at her tight little ass. He wondered if it was as sweet as her mouth. He ran his finger along the crack of her ass and played a little at her opening. He pressed the opening to see if she would relent. She moaned in pleasure as he did. The banging Gibson was giving her had her concentrated on her pussy. Lewis pressed a little further into Marcy's ass. She was tighter than he thought she'd be. He loved the feel of her and imagined burying his thick cock deep into her ass and feeling her tighten around him. His cock began to stir at the thought as he pushed his finger fully into her ass. He stroked in and out a few times. Marcy began to loosen up, so he added a second finger. Damn he wanted his cock inside her. He pumped both fingers in and out some more, increasing his speed. Between Gibson slamming into her pussy and Lewis fingering her ass, Marcy could no longer hold back. Her pussy and ass clenched tight around each man as she exploded. Every nerve in her body was at attention as she flooded Gibson's cock. Marcy clenching around him caused Gibson to reach his peak as well. He pumped his load deep into her pussy.

Ava came as she watched Mr. Gibson unload into the girl's pussy. She wanted it to be her pussy that he came in. She thought of licking the girl's pussy and sucking Mr. Gibson's cum out of her. The thought surprised her. She had never thought of sex with another woman before, but the sights before her were causing all kinds of thoughts. Like the thought she had as Mr. Lewis pointed to the desk and apparently told the girl to get on it. The girl bent over the desk, her ass in the air, and Mr. Lewis pointed his cock at her pussy. Ava wanted that big thick cock inside her. She fingered herself as she watched the girl's face. Apparently it was as good as she imagined because the girl threw her head back and groaned as he entered her. Ava could hear her clearly.

Lewis felt every inch of the inside of her pussy as he plunged in. She was tight around him. Gibson was in front of her nibbling on her neck that she left exposed when she threw her head back. His tongue traveled over the skin, intensifying the sensations from Lewis' cock. Lewis told Gibson that Marcy had a very tight ass and he might like to play with it. Gibson didn't have to be told twice. Marcy was lost in the fucking and didn't hear what Lewis said to Gibson. She clenched her ass as Gibson inserted his finger. Once she adjusted she focused back on Lewis in her pussy. She had never felt so full before. As Gibson inserted another finger into Marcy's ass he could feel Lewis pumping in and out of her. "Damn that man is big," he thought.

Gibson inserted a third finger into Marcy's ass. He marveled at the tightness.

"How many fingers you got in that sweet ass Gibson?" asked Lewis.

"Three," replied Gibson.

"See if she can handle four. If she takes that, I'm going to try planting my cock in that tight hole," said Lewis.

Ava heard the conversation. She fingered herself to another orgasm as she thought about that girl trying to take Mr. Lewis in her ass. The girl voiced her concern about what she had heard. She told Lewis that there was no way she could handle that. Lewis assured her that he would be gentle. Many women had let him and none of them had regretted it. Mr. Gibson put another finger in the girl's ass. Ava wondered what it would feel like to have him do that to her. She glanced around again and saw that all the lights were out. She hoped no one had seen her as they left. Knowing she was now alone, she hiked up the back of her skirt, pulled her panties down, and pushed a finger into her own ass. She had never let a man anywhere near her ass and now she wondered why. It made her so hot.

As Gibson inserted the fourth finger in her ass Marcy came with a power she had never felt before. Who knew it could feel this good. She didn't know she could get any tighter around Lewis, but she did. Lewis and Gibson fucked her as she rode out the orgasm. When she had finished, Lewis said he wanted to be deep in her ass. After the feelings she had just experienced she wanted him there and hoped she would be able to accommodate him. When Lewis pulled out, he rubbed her hole with her pussy juice. It probably wouldn't be enough to fully lubricate her, but he was at least going to try. Lewis told Gibson to spread her ass cheeks wide open for him. He had a clear view of the hole he was about to enter, making him stiffen even more. He pushed the head of his cock against her tiny puckered hole. She opened willingly for him. As the head entered her, Marcy let out a loud scream that Ava heard very clearly.

Ava stopped all rubbing and fucking. Her eyes were glued to the scene that was playing out. Mr. Lewis was actually driving that huge cock into her tight little ass. The scream was a clear indication of that. She couldn't believe it when the girl stopped screaming and began talking. "Oh fuck yeah, that feels so good. I love your cock in my ass. Fuck me," the girl cried. She was enjoying this. Ava wondered how that was possible. Then she saw the girl look at Mr. Gibson and say, "I want your cock in my pussy. I want to fuck you both at the same time." Ava couldn't believe her ears. She couldn't believe how hot her pussy was. This had to be the hottest thing she had ever seen. She resumed working her pussy and ass. She added another finger, and then a third to her own ass as she had seen the men do to the girl. Now she understood why the girl was asking for more. It felt so good.

Lewis pulled her upright from the desk and stepped back, never removing his cock from her ass. Gibson now had access to her pussy and planted his cock in her quickly. Marcy couldn't believe how good it felt to have two men fucking her at the same time. Could she possibly feel any better? Her ass was stretched wide. She never knew there were so many nerves in that tight little hole. The men fucked her in rhythm, matching each other. Lewis reached up, holding her by her tits, tweaking and pinching her nipples as he fucked her. It was all she needed. She screamed again as she came. Just as when he was in her pussy, Marcy didn't think she could get tighter around him, but she was wrong again. Her ass clenched tight, causing Lewis to cum. He filled her ass with a large load. She shuddered again as his cock throbbed when he filled her. She no longer had the strength to stand. Gibson said he wanted a turn at her ass. He released Marcy, watching her ass wiggle as she went back to the desk and bent over it again. He had clear access to her ass. It was easy to enter her after Lewis was done. She was stretched and being full of his cum made her nice and slippery. After a few strokes, he felt her growing tighter around him. Having his cock in her was far better than his fingers. Marcy screamed out again. "Fuck me harder. Give me that cock. Give it all to me. Fill my ass." Gibson pumped as hard and fast as he could. Marcy continued talking and begging for harder and faster. She loved having a cock in her ass. Lewis had changed her opinion for sure.

Gibson came with a scream as he dumped his load into her ass. He had never felt anything as good and he hoped it was going to happen again, very soon. Once in her ass would never be enough. Marcy saw Lewis stroking his cock as he watched the show. Gibson and Marcy were spent. A few seconds later they heard a scream. Gibson quickly fastened his clothes and went to check it out.

Running out of his office, Mr. Gibson saw Ava with one hand up her pussy and one up her ass riding them both as she came over and over again. He watched in amazement as she screamed out with pleasure. He never knew the mild mannered secretary had it in her. He stood near her, grabbing her tits, working her nipples. Her head snapped up, looking at him but not stopping. Only when she was finished, did she stop.

"Why Ava, it seems you could use a little help here," Mr. Gibson said. Ava felt the heat rise in her cheeks as she blushed at what he said. She never imagined she would say the words that came out of her mouth next.

"I saw everything and it was incredibly hot. I will not say a word as long as I get to join in next time."

Mr. Gibson took her hand and led her into the office. Mr. Lewis and the girl were shocked when they saw her. The girl's shirt was ripped open and her tits were there in plain view. Her mouth was back down on Mr. Lewis again. The girl was going to stop when Mr. Gibson said,

"We have someone who would like to join our party."

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