Taking Gwen


Twenty-two-year-old Octave watched his beautiful blond-haired, green-eyed sister through her downstairs bedroom window. She had recently turned eighteen and had just come from a drunken night out.

Eyes half closed, she stripped herself of her clothing to reveal a tanned, toned big breasted body that instantly made Octave's manhood throb in painful hardness.

"So damn hot," she grumbled to herself, walking to her window where Octave had now crouched down out of sight.

Opening the window before getting on her bed and passing out almost instantly on top of the covers. Leaving her cute shaved pussy on display.

He didn't need an invite - open window was enough. He had been following her for a year and not touched another woman. It was about time she paid him, he thought to himself.

Careful, not to make too much noise in case she wasn't really passed out, he opened the window wider for himself to climb in.

Once in the room he walked straight over to the bed.

"Guinevere," he called her name a few times to make sure she was out, even brushing his fingers across her body. No movement, she was out for the count. Stripping his own clothes he immediately took his cock in his hand and began rubbing it over her mouth. Then opening it up and placing his leaking pre-cum member inside.

"That's right little sister, suck your big brothers cock," he groaned holding the back of her head as he pumped himself deeper in and out of her mouth.

"Shit girl. I should have done this long ago," he carried on raping his passed out sisters mouth. With his member still in her mouth, he climbs above her, so his head was now near her sweet smelling pussy.

Slowly he ran his fingers of his right hand down her cleft and over her clit making her groan slightly against his manhood.

This only encouraged him to move his hips and hand both faster. But soon moved his finger over her entrance and his mouth on her clit.

He was not surprised to see her hole already dripping with lust. He knew she wanted him. It was obvious by the way she always smiled at him on passing. Who looks at a stranger like that unless they want you to fuck them, he told himself.

Plunging his finger deep inside her, she was so tight and wet. He didn't know if she was a virgin or not but he had never seen her do anything and their parents were big church goers. So he knew they wouldn't let her do anything.

Finger fucking her and sucking her clit soon made her gush all over his hand and face. Almost making him shoot his load there and then. "No little one," he told her pulling his cock from her mouth and changing position so he was over her holding her legs and his manhood beating at her wet entrance.

"I hope you are prepared because I'm going to fuck you hard and fast. I always watch incest porn and think of this moment." Without another word, he pushed himself inside her.

She surprised him by letting out a short scream and opening her eyes. He knew by her tightness she was a virgin. This only encouraged him to go faster.

"Please stop. It hurts," she cried looking at the man she had admired for so long.

"No. You wanted me and now you have me."

"No, please. I was saving myself for marriage. Please don't. I won't tell anyone," she begged.

He leaned forwards letting her legs go to his sides and took her breast in his mouth.

His thrusts were deep and hard and without realizing Guinevere wrapped her legs around him.

"See I told you you wanted me Guinevere," he spoke smugly against her breast after hearing her moaning for more.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked trying not to sound breathless but failing miserably.

He chuckled removing her nipple from his mouth and kissing up her neck stopping by her mouth.

"I have been following you for the whole year now."

"You have been stalking me?" she asked surprised why this tall, dark and handsome muscular man would follow her of all people. He could have anyone.

"Yes my sexy little Gwen. I have wanted to fuck you for a long time. I and glad you stayed a virgin little sister," he said pressing his lips against hers, sticking his tongue in her mouth as she moaned with pleasure.

After only a few seconds, she froze and pushed him enough to break the kiss but not his raping love.

"What?" she asked with disbelief looking at his face. He moaned "Yes. You were made for me little sis," his eyes burning with lust as her tight pussy clenched over and over around his pulsing member.

"Octave?" her voice almost a whisper.

He said proudly "The one and only little sis."

Gwen looked down at her pussy to see his manhood still pushing inside. She knew she shouldn't, but it made her so hot having her brother inside her. Taking her virginity.

"I always have he a crush on you big brother," her voice almost husky.

He was surprised but hid it well. "Good because after tonight you are moving in with me and becoming my bride. I am going to cum deep inside your womb tonight and every night until you are with my child. Making you mine forever," he told her fucking her impossibly faster.

Her back ached and her whole body including her pussy tensed as she gushed again all over his member.

"Yes. Please Octave. Make me yours," she begged.

"Shoot your hot seed inside my tight pussy. Into your baby sister's pussy," she missed loudly.

"I still even today masturbate to the thought of you fucking my virgin hole."

"Jesus," he felt his balls clench and electric travel down his spine as he released a mammoth amount of cum inside her.

"I love you so much Gwen," he moaned on release and attached his lips to hers.

"I love you too," They pulled back breathless. Him collapsing beside her.

"You best pack your bags. Mum and dad will be back in the morning. I don't think they will be too happy to let you go shack up with your brother. Especially when they found out what we've done." He smirked proud of himself as he watched a naked and now almost sober Guinevere begin packing her thing to be with him.

"You best prepare little sister because now I have you I'm never letting you go."

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