tagInterracial LoveTaking the Plunge

Taking the Plunge


He knelt between Janet's spread legs as she laid face down on the bed. She could feel the burning hot stare of her husband as Vince eased the tip of his cock past the slick elastic lips of her needy pussy. She had never been unfaithful to her husband and she never would have done so if he hadn't confessed his desire to see her with another man.

Janet felt the girth of Vince's long cock. It was easily the biggest that she had ever seen. She had always assumed that the stereotype of well hung black men was a fallacy but if Vince was any indication then it was certainly based on fact.

Vince pushed his hips forward and his cock slid deep inside Janet's frothy cunt. She had never considered herself a size queen though she'd had one boyfriend before she got married who was really small but aside from him she'd been pleased with the sizes of her lover's cocks. Her husband Mike had a nice cock that was at least as thick as Vince's but it was at least two inches shorter and she could immediately tell that the added length had opened up a plethora of new position possibilities.

"Oh god," she sighed in a thick raspy tone. The weight of Vince's hard muscular body felt incredibly erotic to her and when she felt his cock bottom out inside her she released a deep guttural moan. She glanced at her husband and smiled as she saw a look of unadulterated pleasure on his handsome face. She loved her husband and she had been taken aback when he had first confessed his fantasy to see her with another man. She was even more startled when Michael told her that it would be even better if it was a black guy. She knew that it wouldn't be a problem finding a black guy because they were always hitting on her.

Janet had the thick, curvaceous body with big boobs and a fat round ass that black guys seemed to love. She had always dismissed their advances without a thought, not because she didn't find them attractive because she could certainly see the appeal, but because she had never considered the possibility of fucking anyone but her husband.

Vince's hips began to jog slowly fore and aft as he let Janet get used to his big black dick. He took pride in being a good lover. He knew other experienced bulls who got by on size alone but he knew how to please a woman. The key was reading her body language and a dozen years fucking horny white wives had given him a wealth of knowledge to rely on. He had fucked his first married white woman when he was just nineteen. It was when he was still an electrician's apprentice and his boss and he both took turns fucking their horned up forty year old client. She'd insisted that they both cum inside her so she could show her husband what a "dirty slut" she was. It had been the hottest sexual experience of his life and he'd been hooked.

Vince looked at Janet's husband and smiled. It had unnerved him the first time a husband had watched him fuck their wife but after the creepiness wore off he had grown to like it. He liked the power he felt making the women cum while their mostly inept and small dicked husbands watched with lust glazed eyes. Mike didn't have a small dick like most cuckold husbands and he suspected that Michael had a different reason for wanting to see his wife get fucked by another man. He wondered if Janet knew that her husband was a closet peter puffer. He hadn't always enjoyed it when the husbands sucked him off but the truth was that guys gave some of the best head. They put everything they had into sucking dick and it wasn't like Vince was doing the sucking.

"Harder baby," Janet panted. She had raised her sexy round ass into the air and Vince knew that meant that she was ready for some deep dicking. He grabbed her wide hips and gripped them tight as he thrust the full length of his cock into the depths of her fertile womb. She was in her mid thirties which was on the young side for hot wives and she'd had an intelligent glimmer in her pretty green eyes when Vince sat down next to her at the hotel bar. He often went to the local hotels to pick up married women. For reasons he didn't understand that strip of hotels along the beach had a reputation as a hotbed of cuckold activity.

Janet lifted her torso up on one arm and reached between her legs as she looked back at Vince over her shoulder. She was as wet as she had ever been and she flinched as her fingertips grazed her rock hard clit. She felt a knot deep inside her and it tightened with each thrust of his big beautiful dick. She thought back to the first time she saw him when he sat beside he at the bar. He was a good looking man with a fantastic body and a boyish face. He had the gift of game and within minutes she knew he was the one who would be her first lover besides her husband in a decade.

Vince felt Janet's body tense and he could feel her fingers teasing her engorged labia and swollen clit. He spread his legs wider causing his cock to change its angle of approach. He knew that was the best way to push a girl over the edge because the tip of his cock would rub against their spongy gspot.

Janet felt Vince's cock hitting her spot and her eyes fluttered closed. She could feel the waves lapping at her and a warmth spread outward from her womb as the tight knot inside of her released. She cried out loudly, so loudly that it shocked her, as her body tensed and released with intense waves of pleasure that left her legs weak and her body in a state of momentary sated euphoria. Her arms collapsed and her face buried in the pillows for several long moments while Vince continued to fuck her with long languid strokes letting her ride the final waves of her climax.

Vince pulled his wet, hard cock out of Janet's frothy hole. It glistened with her copious juices and remained painfully hard as he laid down beside her. He flashed Janet an expectant look and then smiled at Michael as his wife crawled between his legs and started to lick and suck his big black cock.

Michael's head was spinning. He couldn't believe what was happening. It had happened so fast. One moment a good looking black man had sat down beside his wife and an hour later she was kissing him in the elevator. Michael had fought hard not to stare at Vince's long hard cock when his wife stripped the powerfully built black man and dropped to her knees. He'd never seen another man's hard cock before and he'd recently become curious about what it would be like to suck a dick. He hadn't yet told Janet of his fantasy and he hoped that she would be okay with it if it happened. He had read enough cuckold stories and he could tell that Vince was any experienced bull.

Janet held Vince's cock with both hands and lowered her lips to the shiny wet tip. She could smell her pungent juices on it and she liked it. She had often tasted herself on her fingers and she'd long wondered what it would be like to be with a woman. She'd been raised in a devout Catholic home and while she had largely denounced religion as a whole twenty years of conditioning had been hard to overcome. Her lips slid down his thick shaft until his glans filled her throat. With Michael she could take almost his entire cock into her throat but with Vince there was room for her hand at the base when she bottomed out.

Saliva spilled from Janet's lips and soaked his shaft as her head and her hand moved in concert with one another. Her eyes closed and she lost herself in the primal act of pleasing her muscular black lover. His cock, coated with her juices, tasted divine and she purred as she sucked noisily on it.

Vince beckoned Michael to the bed as Janet sucked and stroked his big cock. She was a talented and enthusiastic cock sucker and Vince was enjoying her mouth a lot but he wanted to push the envelope with them. He liked to break newbies in right and he knew that since the lived just a few hours away that there was a possibility of turning Janet into a long term hot wife lover.

Michael watched Vince intently and he was sure that Vince knew his secret. His knees felt weak and he had a pit in his stomach as he joined them on the bed. He could smell the musky scent of Vince's strong athletic body mixed with the fragrant aroma of his wife's arousal and it made his cock twitch incessantly. He'd never been so close to an aroused naked man and his heart raced. At Vince's coaxing he slid his hands up the black man's taut rippled abs. His body felt smooth and warm and when Vince let out a soft moan Michael was inspired to do more. He cupped Vince's big, heavy balls and caressed his inner thigh as his wife sucked and stroked his big black dick. He bent down and kissed his wife's face and then let his lips fall to the throbbing shaft of the other man's cock. His mind reeled. He was doing it and his wide eyes met his wife's.

Janet couldn't believe what her husband was doing. Michael was the last person she would have expected to do something like that. He'd never been a homophobe but he was a manly man who didn't appear gay or bi in the slightest. She felt a surge of wetness flood her pussy as her husband pushed her aside and took Vince's cock into his mouth. Her eyes remained locked with her husband's and she reached between her legs and pushed three fingers inside of her pussy. She was even wetter than she'd been earlier and watching her husband's lips engulf another man's cock was beyond words. She had secretly watched gay porn and she liked the raw primal way that the men had sex with each other. She felt like she wanted to watch her husband suck Vince to orgasm but she also felt selfish and she needed the big black anaconda back inside of her.

Janet pushed her husband out of the way and impaled herself on Vince's hard wet cock reverse cowgirl style. She loved the position and the length of Vince's dick made it easier to ride him without him slipping out.

Michael settled in front of his wife and pressed his lips against her cock filled cunt. He lapped at her clit with the rough tip of his pointed tongue sending her into orbit as several tremors made her body quake. He continued to attack his wife's clit until she came hard and then he slid lower and licked Vince's shaft down to his hairless balls. He liked the flavor of his salty flesh and he reached between his legs and teased his own dick.

Vince slid his big hands around Janet's curvy torso and cupped her big, firm tits. He steadied himself with one hand on the bed and his hips thrust upward, his strong legs and core lifting Janet off the bed.

Michael watched them fuck as he sat back and jerked his cock. The taste of sweat and pussy was fresh in his mouth and the rich scent of her arousal wafted from his face. He felt ravenous and his climax built quickly. His chest heaved and his hand slowed as he edged himself while another climax washed over his wife. She was usually multi-orgasmic but she had cum much faster and harder than she did with him. That bothered him a little but more so it excited him a lot.

"I'm getting close," Vince warned. He knew how he wanted to finish and he forced the issue, lifting Janet off his cock and placing her on her hands and knees on top of Michael in the 69 position. He quickly sank his cock balls deep inside the sexy white woman's velvety cunt. He grabbed her wide hips. He liked her curves and her hips and he hoped to fuck her again if he could. He pounded her from behind hard and fast as his climax approached like a runaway train.

Michael looked up at the ebony cock pounding his wife's pink pussy. Vince's big heavy balls slapped against his face and his sweat dripped into his mouth. Janet's lips descended on Michael's cock and when she sucked hard he grunted like an angry animal and pumped a tremendous load of cum into his wife's hungry mouth. She swallowed like a champ as Vince unloaded his seed into Janet's fertile womb.

Vince pulled his spent, cum covered cock from Janet's pussy and dropped it into Michael's open mouth. Michael sucked his clean like a seasoned cuckold and when Janet rose onto her haunches and lowered her cum filled pussy onto his lips.

Michael sucked Vince's cum from his wife's pussy and as it slid down his gullet he knew that he had made the right decision in confessing his fantasy to his wife. He swallowed every drop of cum and he knew also that it would not be the last time they brought another man into their bed.

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