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I could feel the small fine hairs on my lips as I slid my mouth down over his throbbing member. He was hot and hard, pulsing with life. I felt his penis lurch as I sucked, bringing my head back up while keeping hold of his shaft with my mouth tightly. The sensation made him moan, telling me I was doing well. A thick salty liquid found my tongue when I made it back to his head. It was slippery in my mouth and I fought the urge to swallow, letting my spit and his ooze collect in my mouth. Opening my mouth wider, I let the collection drip down his shaft from his purple head, over the defined veins to his loose sack. Sucking only his head, I used my hand to stroke his long shaft, twisting and sliding over the hot slick flesh.

His volume increased, grunting and moaning his appreciation of my talent. He produced more and more pre-cum, filling my sucking mouth with more thick salty ooze from his small slit. I played with it, using my tongue, forcing what I could down inside. Sucking what I could out of his hole, I released it, adding it to his shaft and my steadily swirling hand. Licking his head, I bathed his glands with my tongue only, over the bulbous head, around the shaft, up between the V, over his slit before taking him deep, deep into my mouth and throat. With my hand at the base I reached my fingers without gagging on his extensive member, humming and sucking to vibrate his rod.

I felt his hands find my head, gently holding my hair and pushing me up and down the way he wanted me. He was kind, more or less letting me do what I want then controlling me. The more simulating I could be the more he let me be. It had whipped up foam from the juice and my stroking, adding more and more liquid as his penis and my mouth produced more. I worked diligently, polishing his member with a steady stroke and suck combination that was tried and true. I was getting good at this.

I quickly noticed the skin around his balls tightening, pulling them up and making the skin wrinkle tight into a single mound instead of two individual balls. His breathing increased, his shaft and head engorged even more, filling my mouth with steely flesh. When I began to stroke again I could feel the difference in stiffness, his shaft was ridged, the veins more pronounced, his head straining against the flow of blood.

His legs tightened, his eruption was inevitable. His moans increased with my fast moving hand. My mouth closed tight around his head waiting for the first surge of hot semen to rush from his slit. Impossible to predict when and how much, I prepared for the onslaught of spurts, breathing through my nose and keeping my throat closed off as best I could with his wide head in my mouth. His grip on my hair tightened, another sign he was about to explode. His entire body was tense, straining against the pleasure to hold off the pending blast for a few more precious seconds.

The first burst hit the roof of my mouth with staggering force, dripping down around my lips pressed tightly on his shaft. He was musky and bitter, just like predicted. I split the second surge with my tongue, enjoying the hot thick fluid rush on either side, filling my mouth with more they I expected. The third, fourth and fifth were too much to contain, I was forced to part my lips and let his load rush out of my mouth down his shaft to my still stroking hand. His explosions lessened, slowly fading to small globs oozing from his slit onto my tongue as he continued to spasm, moan and convulse from the pleasure.

Sucking his head caused him to pull way and squirm from the after effect stimulation. He didn't mind the stroking but every time I tried to suck he freaked out, trying to get away from my mouth as he yelped in a strange animalistic way. My hand was covered in his semen, which continued to slide down over his balls to the leather sofa. His previously rock hard shaft began showing signs of softening, becoming flexible in my hand. He let go of my head, lying back still breathing heavily. Spitting the rest of his semen out to let it run down his member, I took him out of my mouth.

Letting him go, I turned to the next one and began anew. One down... five to go.

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