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Tales from Snippettsville Issue 14

bySnippettsville Group©

Hello, and welcome to the fourteenth issue of Tales from Snippettsville, Short Stories From A Small Town.

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Contents of Issue 14

Swan's Nest by Alex de Kok
Yesterday I passed... by BooMerengue
Bedroom Cooking by Soupwarsproject
Shallow Desires by Champagne1982

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Now read on...

* * * * *

Swan's Nest by Alex de Kok

The little bay was beautiful. A tiny pebbled beach; a grassy bench surrounded by cliffs and trees. The bay entrance was formed by overlapping spurs with trees and scrub overhanging, so that I could see why Beth had said a mast would get in the way.

"What do you think?" she asked as we beached the canoe.

"I think it is the most beautiful little place I have seen."

"I do, too. Let's get the tent up, then we can relax." With two of us it didn't take long, despite neither of us having pitched it before. When I unrolled the borrowed double sleeping-bag she looked sideways at me, but she didn't unroll what was obviously her own bag. Were we just going to sleep, or did she have a further purpose in bringing me here? My prick twitched and I dared to hope.

"How did you ever find this place?"

"I was sailing nearby and I dunno, it just seemed wrong, so I tied my dinghy to a tree and swam in to explore. I come here to sunbathe. Naked." She grinned. "No tan lines."

"I'd like to see the proof."

"I bet," she said dryly. She grinned. "Fancy a swim?"

I grinned back at her. "No suit."

"Surprise, surprise. So we skinny-dip. You do want to see me naked?"

"Very much." I held her gaze with my own.

"You will. Very soon. Come on, last one in the water cooks tonight's meal!"

She beat me easily, as I was watching her undress. There wasn't much to take off. Sweatshirt, shorts, skimpy bra and panties. I'd seen her in her modest bikini, but naked Beth made my pulse pound. Small, pointed breasts, with conical areolae and erect nipples, slim waist, narrow but unmistakably female hips. No tan lines. Beautiful.

I still had my boxers on. Her eyes dropped to the bulge in them and she flushed, but her eyes stayed there as I shucked my underwear. She gave a half-gasp as my semi-hard prick was revealed. I stepped out of my shorts and moved to take her in my arms.

The kiss was torrid. We'd kissed plenty since the Ball, but this was different. Hot, wet, wanting. At last Beth broke it, resting her forehead against my chest.

"Alan, I'm still virgin," she said, a tremor in her voice. "Until you, I never had a real boyfriend, but you make me feel so good, and I want you to be my first. I want it to be special and this is my special place."

Time stopped until I could gather my scattered wits. "You're sure?" I said, hugging her.

She gave me a crooked smile. "Absolutely certain. What's wrong?" she asked as my face fell.

"No rubbers."

Her face cleared. "We won't need them. I went on the pill the day after the Ball." She smiled. "I knew then you were the one I wanted."

I picked her up and carried her to the grassy bench, laying her down and caressing her, kissing her lips, her breasts. She tugged at me and I moved over her, pressing my hardness to her opening. She gasped in brief pain when I entered her, but her hips were already moving against me. I managed to hold on long enough to make sure she came first, exulting at the joy on her face and in her voice as she cried out in ecstasy.

"Oh, my darling! It was special, wonderfully special," she whispered as we got our breath back. She kissed me hard. "Can we do it again?" she asked eagerly.

* * * * *

Yesterday I passed... by BooMerengue

Yesterday I passed through Snippettsville. That should have been the end to this tale cuz there sure ain't a whole lot there! Well, theres one less of a whole lot now!

I had to pump my own gas which was okay it bein a nice day. I had thrown an old tarp in the truck bed and tho it was a perfectly calm day I saw that old tarp move! Not usually a suspicious person I lifted the cover and there laid the prettiest girl I had ever seen in these parts- or any other parts, to be totally honest!

Well I was pretty cool. I finished pumping my gas, walked inside and paid for it, went back out and got in the truck and pulled off. Never uttered a word. About 2 blocks farther on I pulled in to Hannah's Diner, stepped out the truck and just walked inside. Hannah, the owner, brought me a menu but never opened it cuz she knew I only wanted coffee and cuz she was watching an apparition crawl over my tailgate.

Now, I'm not one to go long winded over anyone's looks, but godalmightydam this girl was something! She stood about 5'8" in her boots, long legs wrapped in snug denim and a man's shirt tied over a chest that shoulda been on a WW2 bomber. I didn't know I'd been holding my breath til I looked at her face and let it all out in a big whoosh like I'd been punched. Tousled flaxen hair in a loose pony tail framed a face straight from a valentine's card. Heart shaped lips, a cute button nose and eyes like a wounded deer. I told Hannah I thought I might need the menu.

Sure enough, the goddess came in and sat down like she belonged there. After perusing the menu and ordering a breakfast too big for most loggers, she settled back with her Cherry Pepsi and studied me. I squirmed a little, but only for a minute cuz once she started talking I was plumb mesmerized!

"My name is Doreen, but you can call me Desiree cuz that's the name I'm gonna use when I get to New York and get hired as a dancer in a Broadway show. Oh I know… everyone laughs when I say that, but I know it's true cuz my Uncle Jake who isn't really my uncle said I was better than any dancer he'd ever seen and he's seen 'em all since he spent a lot of time in New York when he was in the Navy.

Ya see, Uncle Jake is one of the new writers staying in Snippetsville looking for enlightenment. He taught me all the important moves of dance. I mean I knew the steps and all but he said I needed the emotions… the kind you can only get from bein in love and havin sex and stuff like that. So of course he showed me all about those emotions and I wasn't too keen on it but he insisted and well you know how it is with some guys- they just don't hear the word No no matter how loud you say it.

Well I just figured I better learn all I could about emotions so I hitched up here last night and found Jake and I studied him real hard as I watched him fall over from being knifed in the back. Man! That's gonna be a hard thing to pretend you know?"

14 hours later and she's still under the tarp and we're goin east. To New York.

* * * * *

Bedroom Cooking by Soupwarsproject

Dana was a local independent kitchen advisor for The Indulgent Cook. She sold her wares by doing in-home demonstrations for small groups of housewives in Snippettsville, Mayson, Cedar Grove and sometimes Cuento Largo. Dana was passionate about kitchen tools.

"How many of you have The Indulgent Cook products at home?" The response was unanimous.

"Excellent! So, what are your favorite gadgets?" Dana discovered that by asking this question at the demos, the guests would provide testimonials that often influenced their friends to buy similar items.

Connie Ann raised her hand.

"Yes, Connie."

"The Crank-It Grater is fantastic. It makes shredding cheese fun and it's easy to clean!"

Her daughter, Connie Magdalene, added, "Yeah, you should see her making ham and broccoli hotdish. She's a wild woman with the cheddar."

"Yeah, and Little Maggie knows all being a wild woman. I bet that her favorite tool is the Big Bar Pan."

Connie Magdalene shot a dirty glance at the older unrelated Maggie. She dumped the freak a while ago. However, based upon the giggles in the room, it was obvious that she wasn't going to live down that affair or the notorious 'lemon bar' incident any time soon.

I'm sure that you two are not as wild as I am with the Crank-It Grater or the Big Bar Pan, Dana thought to herself. She remembered the time her husband, Harry, arranged six types of wrapped chocolate kisses on a Large Bar Pan full of rose petals. He loaded several unwrapped kisses into the hopper of the Crank-it Grater. The chocolate flakes fell upon her belly like dark snow. As the sweet candy melted against her skin, he cleaned it off with long strokes of his tongue. "I love those two products. Yes, Penny?"

"I appreciate the Cob Butterer," Penny Hecker said enthusiastically, "The corn glides through it without making a mess. It's wonderful for my family"

That testimonial reminded Dana of the time she ran her Cob Butterer on Harry's cock before sprinkling it with cinnamon and sugar. It made for flavorful fellatio. "The Corn Butterer really simplifies life." The kitchen advisor pointed to the back of the room. "What do you like to use, ladies?"

The twins, Al and Sal, looked at each other and announced in unison that, "The E-Z Decorator Gun is the best."

Harry liked using the E-Z Decorator Gun to create edible and erotic drawings on his wife's body. Dana loved the time he made vanilla frosting star peaks on her nipples with cherries on top. The combined sensation of his mouth, the rolling fruits and the creaminess of the frosting was simply tantalizing. "Great choice…" Dana noticed another raised hand. "It's nice to see you again, Elaine. What's your favorite tool?"

"I find the color coded Stay-Fresh Clippers do a great job for organizing letters, keeping my bagged foods fresh and replacing those awful twist ties. These simple tools are absolutely indispensable."

Roberta Henderson added, "Those clips also are great for keeping track of yarn counts when you knit."

"Those are great uses." Dana found that the Stay-Fresh Clippers made an excellent substitute for titty clamps. Dana's nipples hardened at the thought. "Now, it's time for the hostess with the mostest to tell us about the one tool that excites her most!"

"I can only pick one?" The women giggled as Violet Sampson briefly stuck out her tongue and rolled her eyes up as she pondered the answer. "I like using the One-Handed Pastry Roller for making pie crusts."

Dana grinned. She hadn't tried the One-Handed Pastry Roller in her bedroom, yet.

* * * * *

Shallow Desires by Champagne1982

I was trembling as he tugged me into his embrace. I was in awe of the response his body drew from me. All through the three serious boyfriends I'd had in high school, not one had elicited as powerful a reaction as Randy did through his smile alone. I shook my head, realizing how near I was to giving this man my virtue.

His kisses were wonderful. I savored the taste of his soft lips on mine. The sweet taste of the cherries we'd shared in his truck just a moment ago yet lingered between us. I could feel my heart skip a beat as his fingertips met the bare skin of my shoulder, just beside my neck. I could feel my pulse fluttering beneath Randy's touch and I realized that I really should be slowing us down.

Shakily, I turned my mouth from his, gasping as his hands swept down over my breasts. I struggled to find a way to be graceful, but I felt woefully inadequate. Maybe it was the self-assured way that he steered my actions and emotions, but I wanted this man, like I'd never wanted anyone before. Randy had swept me along with him for the past twelve hours, from our first kiss in my parents' rec. room, through our dinner date and the party at the beach and now here, as I bade him good night.

"I had a wonderful time, Randy. Did you?" I was hoping that he had, that he'd want to see me again.

"Cheri, don't leave me yet!" His voice was low and sounded urgent. He pressed to me and I was startled to feel the hard evidence of his burgeoning arousal against my belly.

"Oh, God! It's so soon." I protested weakly. I wanted him, too, though.

All that long afternoon and evening we'd talked. He told me of how his business was growing. Snippetsville was really booming and Randy McCrae was riding the shockwave in front of the blast. In my turn I'd told him of my plans to become a teacher. That need burned in me as hot as a cherry-red coal in the bonfire pit on the beach.

Reaching around me, Randy opened the door. He pressed his lips to mine and our lips danced in sensual choreography. I felt my knees buckle when his strong hands drew forward and cupped my breasts.

"Let me, sweet Baby. Cheri, I need to make love to you."

My blood chilled with his words and I moved back from him, "Is this what it sounds like? If I give in to you now, Randy . . ." I choked. All I could think of was that he may not want me for anything more than quick, easy sex. I could barely hold the tears from my voice, "Am I just a one-night stand?"

"Cheri! Please don't think that. God, Baby! You're so beautiful and smart. I want to know you better."

"Yeah, better." was my sarcastic reply.

"Don't be like that. I'll stop," his voice was ragged as he stepped back, giving me a bit of space, "Every part of me is screaming that I keep asking, Cheri. I know better though, Baby. You can have your time."

"Randy!" I flung myself forward against him and reached up to wrap my arms around his neck. "You couldn't have said it better." I kissed him, trying to make him feel my promise of more, through the intimate caress, "Soon. Randy, you have to teach me how much better it is to know more."

* * * * *

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