tagErotic HorrorTales in Slavery Ch. 01

Tales in Slavery Ch. 01


Blackness fell and the screams ceased, leaving only a few hushed whimpers in their wake. A match was struck, and the lone candle was lit. As the candle's light grew in strength, the whimpers followed suit. After a few short minutes the screams of those three dozen bound within the darkened room grew beyond the walls. The slaves knew what was to follow: a candle length silent auction, then the slaves left unsold would be given to depraved vampires, that would most likely show them new heights of pain before rendering them lifeless.

I sat unmoving as I had for uncountable hours, one scarred wrist bound to the floor by a short length of fine chain. My vampire master had deemed me inadequate, and sent me away. I ended up here, at this final sale.

What a meaningless waste of life, I thought as I shook my head slowly. The thought didn't apply to myself but to those surrounding me. In my mind, I deserved this wretched fate. I had been abducted into blood slavery when I was nineteen, and five years later I was ready for a permanent vacation.

I lifted my head to brush a few stubborn strains of sable hair from my face and took a long glance around the room. The small candle's light was incapable of filling the gymnasium sized room, and beyond a few meters everything fell into caliginosity. In the shadows I could make out a few potential Masters picking their ways among the slaves near the main entrance. Two slaves away I watched, in defiance to everything I had been taught, as one of the vampires leaned down and almost lovingly caressed a, as far as I could tell, mid-twenty year old female slave.

Her eyes were downcast in resignation as he touched her, his hands exploring her completely exposed body. He seemed hesitant to touch her in the places that would cause her to react.

Early in this slavery, we were all taught to surrender to our masters. A touch to either shoulder cues a slave to bare their throat; one to a hip to spread their legs. Signs understandable to the most dim-witted among us. Beyond those simple cues it was beaten into many of us to remain utterly submissive regardless of acts performed.

His pale hands moved over her breasts, his fingers moving in slow spirals. I was just close enough I could see the slave suck in and bite her lower lip as he rolled then pinched her pert nipples. He cupped them in his hands and smiled that they neither over-flowed nor were dwarfed in his grasp. He leaned down and suckled her, his exquisitely made lips puckering to further define his high cheekbones.

The slave tossed her head back as his tongue moved in quickening circles around her left areola. The slave leaned back almost as though she was enjoying his caresses. She reclined back until she was laying prostrate on the cold cement. She turned her head, baring her throat to him, as well as spreading her legs. She visibly shuddered as the vampire paused in his kisses to brush a few golden strands of silken hair from her exposed neck. As he returned to his total examination, her eyes opened and locked with mine.

In the gloom, I could not tell her eye color, but the ecstasy I saw in their depths was impossible to miss. Spellbound, I watched as he ventured lower, his lips or tongue covering every inch of her toned midriff. He seemed to come to rest with his nose buried in the small mound of flaxen curls between her legs, but from experience and from the slave's wide eyed stare, I knew that he was just getting started. She smiled as his head begin moving slowly over her delicate slit, pausing for long moments to tease her clit. His lengthy dark hair had pulled loose from the band at the base of his neck, mingling with her velvety mound.

A sharp tap to my shoulder jolted me from my voyeuristic distraction. I quickly bared my neck, taking in a quick breath to prepare for the pain. I wasn't let down. The vampire's teeth drove like hellish daggers into my vein. I knew this, it wasn't the illusion of slave and vampire coupling I had been drawn to watch. This was reality. Slaves were play-things and food, not fit to derive pleasure. I wanted to look at this vampire as my potential master. I wanted more than anything to try to please him, to prove my worth. But I doubted it even considered making a purchase; but was simply sampling the handouts.

The creature bit my throat again, determined to wring a cry from my pursed lips. Scorching pain burned through my veins. And when I thought that I perhaps could take no more the vampire withdrew, letting a trickle of blood spill over my shoulders and breasts. It shoved me to my back, bouncing my head against the floor, and unbuttoned its pants. "Spread your legs." It hissed, as it climbed on top of me.

It posed atop me, its hard dick just brushing my inner-lips. It thrust with inhuman force, filling me further than I was ever meant to be filled. I screamed through clenched teeth. Then I forced myself to relax as I was jackhammered.

The moans of the other girl drew my attention back, my pain faded as I was once more caught. The vampire was no longer feasting on the girl's sex. The scene mirrored my own sans the brutality. The girl turned, once again looking at me, her mouth open in rapture, as the vampire moved in long slow strokes. He nuzzled into her neck, using his bites to drive the girl closer to euphoria. She reached her petite hand toward me, as if she were trying to pull me away from my pain.

I tried to reach my hand toward her, but the chain held me from her. Unable to reach her, I screamed for all of the agony I'd silently endured, and all of the pleasure I had never been privileged to enjoy. Then I lay limp, as the creature's lance continued to thrust between my legs.

"And here I thought you would be fun to play with," The vampire muttered. The punishing rod between his legs pummeled me harder, and to my agony, seemed to grow even more enormous and steel-like. I tossed my head from side to side whimpering softly, too far gone to scream. Finally he shuddered violently, gushing his icy cum deep inside my suffering cunt. With a satisfied grunt it pulled out and wiped its nearly flaccid prick on my inner thigh before securing its pants and wandering away.

I rolled onto my side, my eyes searching desperately for the slave-girl and the vampire that gave so much. The girl was curled into a fetal-ball shuddering occasionally from the lingering climax, but the vampire had gone. Around the slave's neck there was a thick black leather collar. I didn't have the strength left to call to her, but with all my heart I wanted to tell her how delighted I was that she at least had found a master willing to pay for her.

The candle had burnt down much further than I had anticipated. It was beginning to do it's dance of death, flickering and waving wildly. Some of the slaves had taken notice, and began to cry out, fearing their fate. A bought slave was more likely to be treated better than a free one. I turned so I could watch the candle die. After watching the candle waltz for a long while, I let my eyes fall closed.

I must have slept, my body working desperately to repair the damaged muscles in my neck and my snatch. When I opened my eyes to the near darkness of the candle's death-thralls, I felt a cold hand resting on my shoulder. I turned my face to the floor, angry tears falling from my cheeks and off the tip of my pointed nose. "Can't wait another five minutes to claim the free meat..." I cursed at the creature that had yet to move to take me.

"Lift your head child," kind words, the voice was soft with a faint accent I could not place. "Someone else will take what I have paid for."

I looked up at the same vampire I'd watched couple with the slave a few feet away, as grateful tears flooded my vision. Through my tears I watched as she nodded her encouragement, willing my new master to move swiftly as he slipped the collar around my neck.

He wrapped his arms around me his muscles rippling beneath his shirt as I sobbed. He kissed the side of my head as the candle flickered into oblivion. He held me tightly as other vampires began to fill the large room to pick over the now free slaves. a few minutes later the room was desolate save for my master, the other slave he had purchased, and myself.

Master released me slowly, turning his attention to the chain imprisoning me. "Are you ready to try again?" My new master whispered in my ear, as he unlocked the chain around my wrist.

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