tagFirst TimeTales of Preston Ch. 01

Tales of Preston Ch. 01


Eighteen year old Preston Hardwood was on his way to his dorm room for his first semester of college in a week. The college was about an hour and a half away from where he was born and raised. Preston was African and Asian American. His father being black and his mother being Asian. He lived with his mom most of his years after his parents got divorced. In some aspects, Preston was just your average college freshmen. He was rather shy and quiet. He was smart and a little bit of a nerd. He only had three close friends in his life. At 5'9 and a buck fifty, Preston was a good looking guy but not a stud or a girl's first choice for a boyfriend.

There was a part of young Preston that was not average and hasn't been average since he was 12 and that was his dick. He had a meaty sausage that hung 10 inches between his scrawny legs and below them were two floppy egg-sized balls attached. Preston's father told him he takes after his side of the family. Most men in his family were hung like horses but Preston's enormous dick beats theirs. Due to his shyness, Preston could never test his dick out in a girl with some fear he might frighten her to death. Having a huge dick he couldn't use wasn't the bad part being equipment with it. It was being horny all the time that troubled him and what generally set his dick in hard mode was breasts. The bigger the tits, the harder his dick turned and the harder it was for him to hide it. He knew first hand how overly large breasted girls shy of their enormous assets felt by wearing large shirts and sweaters to hide what they felt were embarrassments or freaks of nature. Preston wore a size larger in his jeans but he would tape his dick at the hem of his boxers so if he was to get horny, his dick would grow up instead of in front. He always kept with him a hooded sweatshirt so his dick wouldn't be visible.

Since he wasn't fucking any pussy to relieve his big hard dick, he jerked himself off fantasizing about the large-breasted girls in his school and his favorite large-breasted porn stars. After seven long years of hauling a huge penis around, Preston was determine to use it and he would get his first chance upon stopping at a McDonald's near the college campus...

Preston pulled up into the drive-thru as the guy on the speaker asked him for his order. Preston started looking down the menu just as a female employee exited from the back way holding hefty garbage bags in each hand. Preston stopped looking at the menu and ogled at the jiggling pair of her huge spherical-shaped tits that jutted from the center of her chest beneath her brown McDonald's thin t-shirt taper into her black jeans. Her massive lacy cone-shaped bra cups hard-pressed against the thin material of the shirt while the huge tits jiggled inside.

"What a pair," Preston moaned as he watched the twenty-three year old's huge tits jiggle and sway all the way to the large dumpster across the parking lot.

His cock was a full erection and Preston couldn't help but to reach inside his jeans and stroke it while he watched the female employee walk back towards his way, right in front of his pickup truck, and back into the building with her huge tits bouncing to their own rhythm.

"Hello? Mister? Are you going to order or not?" the guy in the speaker demanded.

A couple of cars honked and broke Preston out of his daze. He peeled out from the drive-thru and parked his truck in the parking area. He jumped out and headed into McDonald's to seek the girl hauling the out-of-control huge jiggling spheres. Once inside, he skimmed the place and just his luck, the girl was bended over draining a mop into the mop bucket and flopping in front of her were the two huge juicy titties that harden Preston's big dick. The girl didn't have much of an ass but Preston overlooked that as he ogled once again at the massive spheres bobbing as she mopped the bathroom hallways.

Preston had an idea and hoped it works. He waited until she entered the men's restroom and slowly walked towards the restroom hallway. He cracked the door open a little and found her mopping inside a filthy toilet stall.

"This is gross! I hate mopping the boy's bathroom. I hate mop detail," the girl spoke to herself in a hillbilly accent.

Preston quietly entered the restroom and walked towards a public urinal. He unzipped his jeans and pretended to be taking a piss. His big dick was too hard for piss to even come out. As soon as the girl exited the stall, she was alerted by Preston which caused her to jump back and her huge tits to bounce. He acted alerted too and purposely turned sideways to give the young female employee more then an eyeful of his massive dick.

"Oh! I didn't see or hear you come in," the girl said before her hazel eyes wandered down at his hard erection.

"YIKES! What is that? Good heaven, it's fucking huge!" she frightfully said.

"Oh! Sorry. Didn't know you were working," Preston spoke with his huge hard dick throbbing in his hand.

The girl stared frozen solid at the enormous penis thrust in front of her.

"Am I too big?" Preston asked.

"Big? That's not big... That's humongous!" the girl replied in awe and eyes still drawn to his pulsing dick.

The female employee, whose name is Johanna from her name tag, was kind of a butter-face but obliviously top heavy with big hazel eyes, small nose, thin lips and freckles across her pasty face with a few pimple scars. Her reddish-brown hair was covered by a McDonald's hat. She was a bit shorter then Preston and her tits were excessively large compared to her miniature but slightly wide frame.

"Like you have any room to talk with those pointing out of your chest," Preston purposely noticed her huge boobs.

"I can't really help that my girls are this big. If its not my looks, then its my chest that drives men away," Johanna solemnly said. "I never had a boyfriend so I doubt I'll ever get laid."

"You and me both," Preston much agreed.

"What? You? Just look at that thing? Your telling me girls wouldn't hitch a ride on that?" Johanna said surprisingly. "I have female friends and an older sister whom tell stories about fucking guys with big dicks and yours certainly surpass any big dick stories I've heard."

"I could say the same thing about you and your huge boobs. I know guys who would go ape shit to just look at a pair of boobs that you got. You're the reason why I'm hard if you were wondering," Preston admitted.

Johanna stared down at the floor, blushing after Preston's comment and he started walking towards her with his big hard dick still out in the open.

"So why don't you give your girlfriends and your older sister a big dick story to tell?"

Preston grabbed one of Johanna's hands and placed it around his hard dick. He heard a light whimper from between her lips.

"Stroke. Pull it. Yank it. Whatever you want with it. Its yours."

Johanna was got off guard and scared at first of holding a strange man's huge dick. A dick definitely too big to grasp all the way around with her small hand. But once she slowly stroked it, she quicken her stroking pace and send Preston into a moaning frenzy.

"No other hand but my own has ever touched my dick," he told her.

Johanna smiled and kept watch below as she fondled her clammy hand over every rock-hard inch of Preston's dick. She didn't even hesitate to squeeze his big droopy balls below. Preston just moaned and moaned in sheer delight at Johanna's soothing fondling of his dick.

"Keep this up and I might blow my load before the real fun begins," Preston moaned. "Why don't you get a closer look at it."

Johanna obeyed and got down to her knees. She sat on the heels of her shoes while continuing to caress a monster dick pointing directly in her face. The mushroom shaped penis head was beet red and bloated. She rapidly stroked up and down every inch of his hard thick veiny manhood and each stroked send her massive titties rocking to and fro frantically even while concealed in a hefty bra.

"Your not going to cum yet, are you? I'm still on duty for another hour," Johanna mentioned. "If you would like, could we finish once my shift is over?"

Preston let out another moan before answering.

"Number one: I can't wait. Number two: There will be plenty more later on. Jerk me off in one of the urinals."

Johanna stood up and lead Preston to the nearest urinal while keeping a tight grip around half of his meaty giant. Johanna as swiftly as possible jerked Preston's dick and watched intensely in anticipation for it to erupt. Preston panted heavily and with his left hand, begin to fondle Johanna's huge tits on the outside of her shirt, alternating back and forth between her spherical knockers and was astonish how his hand was unable to grip them fully. He pawed and rubbed against the lacy texture of her bra. That quickly send him over the edge.

"Ohhhh God!" Preston moaned just as his dick exploded with a geyser of hot gooey spunk into the urinal.

"Oh my God! Look at all that cum!" Johanna screeched as she watched amazed at the enormous load of jizz being emptied into the urinal. From her fingertips to her wrist was soaked in the thick gunk.

She continued to jerk Preston off another minute or so to fully drain his big ball sack of every bit of cum. After another minute, Preston was finally done cumming and Johanna thought he would never be.

"Unreal! I just jerked my first dick and it was huge!" she screeched.

Johanna looked at her hand and it was pastier in cum down to her wrist.

"JOHANNA! Are you still in there cleaning?" shouted one of Johanna's co-workers.

"Just a minute!" she shouted back.

Preston stuffed his flaccid yet still big dick back into his jeans and boxers while Johanna washed her hand clean of his cum.

"Meet me outside in my white pickup truck when your shift is over," Preston instructed her.

Preston waited until Johanna left out first to confront her co-worker. Once the coast was clear, he walked out of the restroom casually and back to his truck in excitement of getting his first taste of some huge tits and pussy. His huge dick became instantly hard again and instead of relieving his massive boner, he decided to toughen it out and wait to fuck Johanna.

An hour had gone by and Johanna came out from McDonald's and headed towards his truck as planned. Preston looked on as her enormous breasts jiggled effortlessly with each step. They flipped and flopped beneath her tapered shirt for his enjoyment. He never felt so hard in his life.

Johanna walked up to the passenger side of his truck and he let her in. The two smiled at each other in awkward silence.

"So.... Where do you want to do this?" Johanna asked nervously.

"Well I don't have a place of my own yet," Preston replied.

"My parents when to a dinner party and won't be home for an hour or so?" Johanna hinted.

"Show me the way," Preston gladly accepted.

Johanna showed him the way to her house. Once they got inside, they immediately started kissing wildly. Her huge tits were smashed up against his chest as his huge hard cock pressed against her stomach. He grabbed her petite ass and squeezed it roughly. He had never done this to a girl before but everything felt natural. Johanna took Preston by the hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom. It was one of the girlish bedrooms he had never seen with pink wall paper and My Little Pony posters and a large collection of stuff animals and troll dolls on her pink sheet-covered bed. Johanna like a mad woman possessed, pushed all those stuff dolls off her bed and pushed Preston down on it.

"Relax. My sister told me that guy's love it when a girl sucks his dick and given the size of your monster, I don't know if I can suck it all at once."

Johanna threw Preston's shoes off, unbuckled his jeans and pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles and off his feet. His massive dick stood up towards the ceiling like a towering skyscraper.

"Oh wow!" she said amazed. "I still can't believe your so, so, so... huge!"

Johanna kicked off her shoes and sat on the heels of her feet. She clutched Preston's huge dick as best as she could with one hand and slowly stroked it. Preston pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it aside. He laid back down on her soft bed in just his socks and moaned to the sensational feeling of Johanna's stroking. After a few strokes, Johanna got bold and planted kisses on his bloated dick-head and veiny shaft. She rolled his huge juicy balls around with her other hand. She opened her mouth wide and close it around 5 inches of his 10 inch dick. She moved her mouth up and down and bathed his large brown dick in her saliva. Her tongue swirled around massive meat lodged between her soft wet lips. Preston moaned and curled his toes as he listened to Johanna's sloppy sucking sounds. She bobbed her head up and down his dick and took more of his shaft in with each bob. She had a good mouthful of about 8 inches in her mouth and down her throat. She felt his pee hole oozing pre-cum down her throat. Saliva just spewed from her glossy mouth, down his shaft and onto his floppy balls which Johanna still cradled in her hand.

"Oh Johanna.... Oh god! Fucking yes!" Preston moaned

Johanna noisy grunted over this enormous dick she was slobbering down on. She moved her lips up and down in a steady rhythm. She never let the big dick slip out of her mouth as she kept the tip of his dick-head between her lips and slid back down the shinny shaft. She picked up her pace and briskly slurped down Preston's dick. She worked her slobbery mouth over his iron-hard dick for 10 minutes straight without taking a breather. When she stopped sucking down his dick, she sucked on the sides of his hard shaft and at the thick core not wanting to leave any inch of his dick dry. She even treated his big balls to a nice tongue and suckle bath. She lapped her tongue across his hairless balls up and popping them in and out of her mouth at a time that drove Preston wild.

"Ohhh fuck!" he groaned. "Never had I felt... Ohhhh... Something this good."

After 15 minutes of oral pleasure to the biggest penis she ever seen, Johanna stood up with the neckline of her shirt stained in her saliva and small wet patches of saliva freckled on her shirt. She unbuckled her jeans and slid them right off. The bottom of her shirt was pushed far out due to the enormity of her tits it covered. She grabbed her shirt by the hem and lifted it up and over her head. Preston soaked in the massive amount of pale soft tit-flesh spilling from the top of her white lacy bra cups and the closeness of her tits created a beautiful canyon of cleavage. His dick became even stiffer as it glistened in Johanna's saliva.

"I hope 34 DDD isn't too big," Johanna said shyly.

Preston just smiled dumbfounded and watched in a daze as Johanna reached behind her back and unclamped the hooks to her massive lacy bra. She slip straps off her shoulders and let the huge bulky undergarment fall to her feet. She had a bit of a potbelly but that was overshadowed when her enormous breasts trembled out from their containers.

"Oh shit!" murmured Preston in astonishment. The massively round pale melons jutted out from the middle of her torso like juicy plump spheres with some sag due to their heaviness. They were toppled by tiny cherry colored nipples in the center of large brown areolas. Words couldn't describe how Preston felt seeing his first pair of huge soft tits in person.

"So are you going to have your way with them or just stare at them?" Johanna jokingly said.

Preston sat up off the bed and reached out with his sweaty hands to squeeze Johanna's ample tits. He was in a trace as he squeezed, kneed, groped and mauled her tits in every angle he could. The soft squishy flesh overflowed from his mauling hands. He weighted her boobs in his palms as they were some heavy knockers.

"These tits are fucking unbelievable!" Preston finally broke his silence.

Johanna moved closer and straddled Preston's lap. She thrust her massive flesh melons into his face. Preston soaked in the wonderful softness of her huge titties. Johanna rested her hands on his shoulders while Preston rubbed his face between her warm cleavage and squeezed her pliant tits around his face. She whimpered and moaned as she enjoyed the first guy she ever had have his way with her breasts.

Preston lifted the heavy orbs in front of his face and alternated sucking on her tiny nipples and they grew rock hard in his mouth. He squeezed her tits while sucking on them. It was a challenge for his hands to hold both enormous tits up for him to savagely feast on. His huge dick was raging hard against Johanna's stomach as he licked and sucked her delicious melons. He used the tip of his tongue to trace the light-blue veins drawn on her heavy breasts. He sucked her left large areolas into his starving mouth and used his tongue to wildly flicker her rosy nipple. He alternated to her right areola and nipples and gave them the same treatment. Johanna's panties were soaked in her juices since sucking his cock. She grabbed his diamond hard penis with both hands and stroked it while he continued his adoring sucking to her large breasts.

After ten minutes of breast sucking, Johanna forcefully had to pull her slobbery jugs away from Preston's grasp and climb off his lap so they could fuck before her parents came home. She crawled onto her bed and slid her wet panties down and off her feet. She was spread out across her bed completely naked except for her green, orange, and yellow stripped ankle socks. Her plump melons rolled over to her sides yet still jutted up like massive globs of jello.

"Are you sure you want to go all the way?" Preston asked Johanna with caution as he kneeled in between her pasty thin legs and held his enormous penis in his hand.

"Remember. I want to tell my girlfriends and my older sister a big dick story," Johanna reminded him.

Preston looked down at Johanna's soaked pussy as it was his first time seeing a pussy up close. It was covered in a small patch of hair that were glossy from her juices. He moved closer between her legs and rubbed his enlarge penis head against the opening of her extremely damp pussy. Johanna whimpered and moaned softly as Preston slowly inserted some of his dick inside her virgin snatch. Johanna grasp as she felt him lodging more of his thick brown meat into her tight hole. Her pussy softly swallowed up half his dick and clutch it tight.

Preston took a deep breath and clutch Johanna's flabby waist. He slowly thrust some of his huge dick in and slowly pulled out leaving only the head of his big dick inserted between her foaming pussy lips.

"FUCK me Preston!" moaned Johanna.

Johanna closed her eyes as Preston moved his hips and ass, sliding his rock hard dick in and out of her juicy pussy. It was a sensational unlike any other Preston and Johanna had felt. Her pussy became extremely juiced up and allowed Preston to thrust his huge dick balls deep inside her. The two recklessly started moaning as he rammed his hard dick deep faster, in and out of her pussy.

"Oh god! I can't believe.... Ohhhhh... I can't believe I'm fucking!" moaned Preston, as he tightly squeezed Johanna's wobbling waist while banging her.

The room was floored with the sounds of their thighs slamming hard against each others, Preston's overly large dick thrusting between the slick lips of her cunt, and the base board to her bed thudding against the wall. Preston was memorized by the massive flopping of her triple D's. He was surely enjoying his first fucking to the fullest.

Preston gave her pussy some slow, deep thrust as he released her waist and pulled her thin pale legs up over his shoulders. He resumed thrusting his dick swiftly inside her with his giant ball sack bouncing off her quivering ass cheeks.

Oh Johanna! Oh fuck!" moaned Preston, with his big balls arching and his hard dick drowning in her flowing pussy juices.

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