This is a story that was begun as a self-exploration project when I was quite young (12?), but I've now considered continuing on to see what path Tali and her master will walk. It has gone through very light editing, but if the thoughts seem jumbled, it was because I was very confused about myself before learning about the BDSM community.

Note that there is absolutely NO SEX in the story. I was a huge believer in having the lifestyle without it. That said, I believe there are decent scenes regarding power exchange that could be appreciated by any dom/sub.

Feedback is welcome and could determine future chapters.


"Girl, come here," she heard as she sat in the small space that was her room. There wasn't much, just a small mat big enough for her to lay on. It wasn't even a real room, more like a converted closet. The girl quickly rose and left to go to her master, lest he become angry for her being lazy. When she turned the corner and saw him in a chair, she dropped to her knees, sat back on her heels, and bowed over until her face was close to the floor, not wasting a single movement.

"Yes, master?" she asked quietly. He didn't respond immediately, but she knew not to press him. He would do as he wished, when he wished it, and she had no say in it. She took a deep breath and let her mind wander while she waited.

Tali. Yes, that was her name. The name she was given, before everything changed. Tali had let herself forget everything about her past life. Forget everything, except her own name. That was the only thing she held onto. She didn't know how much time had passed before he answered her.

"Take this letter to Kien." With that, he folded up a piece of paper and handed it to her. He didn't bother putting it in an envelope -- he knew there would be no problems with secrecy... Tali would never open a letter to even peek at a word, and both of them knew it.

When she opened the door, a gust of wind swept into the room. Afraid of being scolded, the girl stepped outside, and closed the door, quickly, but quietly. As Tali began walking, another gust of wind blew. She only wore a short-sleeved shirt and a thin pair of pants, but it didn't bother her. Her body knew she was cold, but she wouldn't let her mind know it. The only thing on her mind was to deliver the letter, and please her master...


The day was as normal as could be. Tali pulled on a cloak with a swirl and stepped outside, smiling at the cool, sunny day. Inside the house it was too noisy, and she just couldn't think. If she sat still, someone asked what was wrong. If she lay in bed, she always fell asleep in minutes. Outside, Tali could walk the streets and let her mind wander as she pondered matters, for just about as long as she wanted.

For some reason that she wasn't sure of, Tali took a path that lead her to an isolated lake. There was never anyone there during the winter. The water was frozen, but too thin to even send a toddler on it. The little bits of snow mixed with dirt couldn't be enjoyable, mixed in from those like herself who just wanted to find time to themselves. These walks around places as close to nature as could be brightened Tali. Here, she was away from all responsibility. Nobody knew where to find her, and if they did they certainly wouldn't go all the way just to ask her to do something. At this thought she smiled. They were too lazy to do the job themselves, but didn't want to make the trip to call upon her either.

As the girl sat on a small boulder, staring at nothing, she was completely unaware of the silent footfalls of another as he stalked up behind, and slipped a knife to her throat. Tali didn't have to freeze, she was already as still as a rock. Instead she cocked her head a little in a question asking what the knife-holder wanted.

"You have two choices... either I can relieve you of your problems... or I leave, never to be seen again," this he said quietly into her left ear.

Silence stretched for an infinite amount of time. The knife to her throat was starting to feel sharp. She thought of her choices... hadn't she always wanted to leave this cursed place? Get away from everything... It seemed like the perfect opportunity. There were so many quarrels at home nobody would miss her. Nobody even noticed her leave the house.

Before she realized what she was doing, her head gave a slight up and down movement. "The first one? Make sure you understand that might be one of the last choices you ever make again." Again she nodded. "Alright then, stand up." It was strange to her. His tone wasn't gentle, yet it wasn't harsh. She didn't feel threatened, yet she knew what was happening.

Suddenly, a strip of cloth was placed over her eyes and she was blindfolded. It wasn't too tight, but wasn't loose either. With slight nudges she was guided a short way to a coach. When he opened the door, she entered without a word, and felt him climb in after her. The man uttered a few words to the driver, and the coach started ahead.

Tali had no clue how long she had been in the coach. Time seemed to drag for her. When they had reached the destination, they didn't take the blindfold off until the next day, or so she assumed by how long she slept, so she couldn't tell by the lighting from the sun either.

When finally someone came to take the blindfold off, it took her a while to become used to the light again.


Tali's body was chilled to the bones, but it didn't appear to bother her at all. She was to reach her destination in a decent amount of time, but not appearing to hurry or draw any attention. Rounding a bend, she saw the house where the letter was supposed to go.

Controlling her shivering in the wind, Tali reached the door, and knocked in a short pattern: long, short short long, short. She used it to announce who she was to those who were familiar with her.

After a little time, the door opened, and Kien appeared.

"Girl!" he exclaimed in surprise. It wasn't that he was surprised to see her, but she was wearing almost nothing compared to the cold of the weather. "Come inside and warm yourself up."

Tali shook her head. "Please, sir, I can't. Master will want me back as soon as possible." She raised the letter that she carefully held in her shaky hand. "Please, take it."

Kien raised his eyebrows. "Come in. Now. You don't want me to tell him you disobeyed my direct order would you?" He didn't put any venom in his voice, but kept it calm. The effect was just as great.

"No... please sir, I'm sorry, I just didn't want to bother you," whimpered Tali.

Kien smiled, and stated simply, "Good. It's no bother to me, I just didn't want you to freeze to death." He gently took the letter from her hand.

Tali slowly stepped into his house. She knelt by the doorway and let the warmth run through her body. Kien tossed her a blanket. "Warm yourself up. I'll let you leave after you drink some hot tea and stop shivering."

She groaned inwardly as he started making tea. This wasn't going to be a short stop, it would take several minutes to heat the water, then another couple to steep the leaves. She also stared in horror at the blanket, but knew that if she wanted to stop shivering, her best option was to use it.

She wasn't supposed to accept any form of comforts. Nobody should have even offered her any. She was a nobody, what would her master say? However, this man wouldn't let her leave until he was satisfied she was feeling okay. With haste, as Kien finally showed up, she accepted the cup from his hands. He turned away to sit down and read the letter. She gulped down the tea, burning her throat. Practice let her stop herself from choking.

"Thank you, sir. I best be going," Tali said quickly. She rose, opened the door, and went on her way before he could do anything. The blanket lay on the ground inside the house. Tali wished desperately that she could sprint back to her master's house to make up for lost time. He wasn't one to miss small details. She decided it was a consequence that she would have to suffer.

As Tali walked into the house, she noticed her master was still seated in his chair. She walked up to it and knelt next to him again.

"What took you so long?"

"Master... I'm sorry, I was foolish and acted without thinking... I went into his house and had a cup of tea to warm up..."


"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gone in."

"So why did you?"

Of course, there was no one to blame but herself. It was improper to fault another person for her own actions, even if they forced her into them.

"I... I don't know, master. Please, help me stop myself from doing it again!"

Just then, someone made a sound from his throat. Kien was standing there, holding two cups of drinks. Tali stared at the job that should have been hers. Kien must have ran from a different route and got there before her. She stood and tried to take one of the cups for her master. To her surprise, Kien moved his arms out of her reach and walked past her, setting the cups down on a table, one in front of her master.

Kien sighed, "I'm afraid she hasn't told you the full story."

"Oh? What did she miss?"

"I made her go into my house and accept the comforts... I threatened her with telling you she disobeyed me." He shivered as he said this.

"Kien, we've had this conversation many times. The end has always been the same."

While the two men talked, Tali had walked back to her master's side and knelt back down.. She put her head down and tried not to listen, but it was hard.

"She's yours to command," her master continued, "but you really shouldn't do anything for her. I have her trained to dislike comforts, and she doesn't seem to mind." He petted Tali on the head as he said it, and she relaxed a little.

In response, Kien growled, "She's a human, a person, just like any-"

"She's my slave! Under my care. I provide for her, and I shelter her. Why acknowledge her as if she's an equal...she's not."

"How can you say that?"

"She gave herself over. She willingly put herself in this position. Girl, two hours," he waved off whatever Kien was going to say in response to that, "to make sure you don't get used to any...comforts." He looked at Kien as he said that, but his friend simply shrugged. "I'll be there when I'm done here."

Tali knew what to do. It wasn't the first time she would be punished for an action that was beyond her control, or not her own fault. At least it's only two hours, she thought to herself. Somehow, though, the punishments never really mattered. They were given to her by her master, and she lived to accept them, though it wasn't pleasant and she never tried to get into them. Nevertheless, she always lived on to fear whatever she was punished for, for it had its effect.

The girl walked into a room. Not her room, but one set up for her. She walked in and stood in the middle of the room, waiting for the inevitable. She wondered... why was Kien so nice? How could he be so nice? The warmth of the tea and blankets was nice -- no, she couldn't think of that. Never that. Not again. Suddenly she heard the front door close, and seconds later her master walked in.

As soon as Tali saw him she collapsed onto her knees, adding a twist as she fell so she ended up with her back to her master. She took a rope from beside her and held it out behind her, where he took it and swiftly tied her wrists together in practiced motion. The next thing Tali knew, she was being lifted by the rope, grimacing in pain as she was hoisted up until her feet were off the ground.

"Perhaps this will teach you to fear me, not Kien..." he said, but Tali barely heard him. From the moment her feet lost contact with the ground the only thing that seemed to exist was pain. She could only take the pain for so long, until a whining noise escaped her... which turned into a screaming that began soon after the door closed behind her.

After a time that she wasn't able to tell, Tali could scream no more. Her screams of pleading and apologizing, gone unheard or ignored. Instead, she hung there, crying in hopelessness until the sound of the door opening caught her attention.

"Please... I'm sorry," she tried to say, but it came out as barely a whisper. When her feet touched the floor she almost wept again in joy. "Th-thank you master." Her wrists were unbound, and the next thing she felt was more pain when her hands swung around again.

She collapsed and continued crying. He hadn't forgiven her for her transgressions yet. Even as her pain from her arms subsided, the grief of disappointing him welled up inside her. "Master, I'm sorry... I'm so sorry, pl..." Surprisingly, he scooped Tali up in his arms and gently lifted her off the ground.

"Shh... it's okay. You've learned. Everything will be alright now... Forget it." And as he said this, he soothed her with his hands, rubbing the soreness out of her arms and combing her hair. However, all Tali could think about was how sorry she was for disappointing him.

"Master... I'm sorry, please forgive me." She squeezed out the words through gasps for air. For a moment when she turned her head slightly to look at him, she saw something strange in his eyes -- something that seemed like sorrow.

"Of course you're forgiven, girl. Forget about it. You've learned, that's all there is to it." He sat down in his chair, and Tali squirmed, trying to get out of his lap and onto the floor. This didn't feel right. She should be on the ground before him.

"Please master, let me go, I -- "

"Stop struggling. Now," but his command had no force in it. He held her securely, keeping her from moving anywhere. She knew her struggle was pointless, so she collapsed and let his soothing take hold of her, slipping into a sleep she never meant to...

When next Tali awoke, she was on a bed. In a panic she tried to sit up, only to realize that she was bound to it. Her shoulders ached, but that was nothing compared to the fear she had of being found. She took a look around, but realized it was her master's room. Why? All she could do was lay down and eventually doze off again...

"...wake up... girl!" Tali snapped awake and automatically moved to sit up again, only to cry in pain when her arms were snagged back.

Looking at her with a glint in his eyes, he said, "Enjoying the bed, are we?"

After remembering the last time she accepted comforts, Tali shook her head frantically and futilely tried to break loose of the bed. She pulled and tossed, but nothing freed her. All she could do was to weep silently as she looked fearfully at her master and plead hoarsely, "No, master... please..."

"Shh, calm down. I was ... joking," he said quietly, "are you feeling well?" Tali look at him, puzzled. "Well?" he continued, "I asked you a question girl..."

"No! I'm sorry, I mean... yes, master, I'm feeling well, I'm sorry for my delayed response. Please forgive me." She looked away at that moment, afraid again, but all she could do was lie there, with no way to show how sorry she was. Surprisingly, her master only laughed. He walked over and untied her.

"Now that you're rested, I'll send you over to Kien. Behave. Do everything he says, understand?" She nodded. "Good. Now leave me."

As Tali left, her master pondered the shift in behavior himself. Kien had said something that stuck a chord within him. "If she really wants to be here, you'll show her everything she could have, and let her make the choice herself," he had said. It made sense, to some extent. Tali had entered the world of slavery at an early age, never having really experienced life or the world. He would at least educate her in the ways of being someone's equal instead of just a slave.

Before Tali reached Kien's door, it opened. She saw Kien standing there, waiting for her.

"Hurry up, I'm getting cold!" She hurried through the doorway and turned around to shut it, but Kien had already done it.

"Take a seat," he said, waving towards one of his chairs lined with pillows.

Tali dropped to her knees where she stood and pleaded, "I can't... please sir, I ... master will find out, I can't..."

"What was the last thing he told you? Do you remember? He told you didn't he?"

Then she remembered. Do everything he says, understand? Tali shuddered and nodded, slowly getting up and moving towards the chair. When she sat down, all that ran through her memory was the 2 hours of pain she went through, never again did she think she'd accept comforts again... but she was ordered to accept it. All of a sudden, the tears came again as she cried for fear of her master, what would happen when she went back.

Kien growled and she cut off her tears immediately, but what he said was, "Damn him for making you like this. Damn him for taking away a human's rights from you!" Tali looked down at her feet, avoiding his eyes for she knew all she would find would be anger in them. She said the only thing she knew to say given this situation.

"I'm sorry sir..."

Kien raised his eyebrows at that and asked, "And why are you sorry? There was nothing you did or said, nothing you should feel sorry for at all."

Tali had no response to that. It was how she was taught to respond, something that never did her harm.

"I... I don't know, sir."

"And don't call me sir. It's Kien," but she started to shake her head to that, "Are you trying to defy me again?"

The fear welled up in Tali again, and she slipped off the chair to drop to her knees, whispering, "No, I just... I c-c.. it doesn't seem right," and as she said this, memories of past hours before yesterday's sprang up to fill her mind. Suddenly she started shivering despite herself, and her mind fought with itself between what Kien was saying and what she had lived with for so many years. "Do as you will, sir... I'm sorry."

Kien only shook his head and responded quietly, "Get up, girl, I didn't really mean anything... Sit down again, please," to that Tali looked up and her shivering stopped abruptly. Did she just hear someone say please to her? That was stranger than anything else. She realized she was staring at him, still kneeling.

Shaking her head to herself, Tali got up again and sat back down. Building up all the courage she had left in her, and against all rules she lived by, she asked, "Sir... why are you so nice to me?" And as soon as the words left her mouth she wished she could take them back, but the words were already out in the open.

"Why shouldn't I?" he replied, "You're a person just like everyone else. Shouldn't you be treated the same?" Tali shook her head to that. All she wanted in life was to make someone happy...her master.

"I don't... I don't want to be treated the same. I serve Master, and whoever else he tells me to. I think I live to serve, sir." She wasn't ready for the next question.

"What's your name, girl?"

The one thing she knew that nobody else did. Her only secret, never before asked for. The one thing she wouldn't tell, for it wouldn't do for someone to address her by name, to be an equal.

"I'm sorry sir. I'm afraid... I'm afraid I can't do that." At this point in time, Tali knew that she would be in for it when she returned to her master's house. He told her to behave and do everything Kien said, but already she defied him thrice.

"What if I told you I'd have your master give you hours for not telling me? For defying me against his will?"

"I... please sir, please don't," Tali pleaded. She didn't know how much she could take at once, but she certainly didn't want two so close to each other.

"Will you tell me your name?" he asked, a little sternly, perhaps with a hint of sarcasm in his voice as well.

Tali wasn't about to tell him her name... but at the same time she was afraid to deny him his wish. The tears threatened to come back, and she started shaking again. As much as she tried to stop them, they only started to get stronger as her mind fought itself, side to side, weighing the options. Then it hit her. An option? She hadn't had one for as long as she could remember...

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