tagSci-Fi & FantasyTalla's Fallen Temple Ch. 08

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 08


Hello everyone. I've included a couple of Appendices at the end of this chapter. I'd prefer to make them a separate file, but they're too short for Literotica's standard. There's enough there, as a reference, to keep track of the ranks, the clothing and the Disciplines and Divisions.


Endowment Hall was just starting to fill up with women returning from an evening of Service. Girls in white were quietly doing their rounds, stoking fire pits and preparing drink bars. The echoing voices of the first to arrive were being drowned out into the more comfortable background rumbling of conversation and laughter.

Far out of the way of the commotion, Talla was sitting with her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands, staring at the empty drink glass in front of her. Having recently returned from a night of Service, she wasn't wearing any underwear. With her legs spread as they were, anyone passing by would quickly become aware of that fact.

But this particular Initiate didn't care.

"Did you know about that?" she asked her friend, her voice a bit slurred.

Tina was sitting on the low table, next to Talla's drink.

"Hittin' the alcohol a little hard tonight?" she asked.

"Did you know?"

"Of course," Tina said. "It's one of the first things they told us. I guess I haven't thought about it since."

"So you don't realize," Talla exhaled, "how ridiculous it is?"


"Stunting our growth."

As much as she wanted to console Talla, Tina clearly didn't agree.

"It's for your protection," Tina explained patiently. "It keeps us away from sexuality until we're old enough for it. I was eleven the first time I menstruated. Look -"

She lifted Talla's chin in her hand, forcing their eyes to meet.

"Look at the eleven year old girls in those dormitories," Tina commanded. "Imagine them being sent out to do what we do."

"Who says they'd have to?" Talla asked defensively. "They could go or not go as they please, or masturbate until they're eighteen."

"Really?" Tina asked. "I'm two ranks above you when it comes to education. I'm telling you that you're not thinking through the consequences."

"Consequences?" Talla said, twisting her chin out of Tina's grip. "Of course I am. The consequence is that I have to beg the Temple for the scraps of my own natural body."

"Natural?" Tina asked. "What does that means?"

"Natural," Talla repeated. "The way things happen in Nature."

"I've already seen Nature," Tina pointed out. "Cows in little groups around the bull. Weeds overrunning crops. Horses going untamed and useless. Water going where we don't need it. Everything we've done is to break Nature down and make it work for us."

"Which lecture are you repeating to me now?" Talla asked, her voice full of accusation. "Is that Initiate History or Neophyte? First section or second?"

Tina's lips firmed up as if to protest, but she stopped. Talla watched as calculation crossed her friend's face. Finally, Tina's shoulders sank.

"Neophyte, first section," she admitted.

Talla returned to contemplating her empty drink. She'd drunk it far too quickly while waiting for Tina to show up. The lightheaded feeling was coming on pretty hard.

"The question is," Talla said thoughtfully, "what can we do now?"


"What if I stopped taking Aloysia Castus?"

"It wouldn't matter," Tina said. "You've been on it for, what, six years? By that point, they don't even have to give it to us anymore. If I remember right, it's not even in the food of adult women."

"It isn't," Talla confirmed. "Orella told us so."

"Look," Tina said. "I hate how they do things here. So do you. It's just that they've gone too far. They have too much control. But this part, protecting us from sexual predation – that's a good thing, Talla."

"How do you know? Have you seen men attacking us? What makes you think that ever actually happened?"

Tina pursed her lips.

"I haven't seen it," she admitted. "But think of how they raised us."

Talla raised her eyebrows.

"The games, remember?" Tina asked. "When we were little?"

"There were a lot of games," Talla folded her arms impatiently.

She mostly remembered the resource based ones, where players were required to collect tokens representing various food staples or construction materials in order to achieve certain goals.

"Sister-Says," Tina said.

Talla remembered that game mostly for how boring it was. It was one of the games they played in the youngest dormitories outside the Temple, when the boys and girls were still mixed together. One girl would stand at the front of the room, facing the wall. She would call out, "Go!" and the boys at the other end of the room would start walking across the floor. Whenever she felt like it, she would shout,

"Stop!" and quickly turn around to see if she could catch any boys still moving.

If the boys were caught, they would have to go back to the start. The first one to cross a certain line on the floor without being caught would win something, usually a special dessert or a wooden toy.

"You've worked in the dorms, haven't you?" Tina asked. "Do you see how hard it is to get the boys to listen to a girl?"

Talla thought about that.

"So what?" Talla shrugged. "They're kids. Nobody likes being told what to do. That doesn't mean they'd grow up to beat us and turn us into 'wives'."

Tina didn't reply. She merely stared at Talla, her lips pressed together in a sympathetic smile.


"You'd make a great Primer," Zhair'lo said.

Zoe slid his erection out of her mouth with a long, tongue-fluttering lick.

"You're just saying that because you've spent all your time with those Endowment girls," she reminded him, the ghost of a smile on her lips.

"I've had two Primers from Form," he protested. "Honestly. You're really good at that."

Zoe considered this.

"It must be enthusiasm."


"Well it's certainly not practice. I've had access to, like, one cock a month since I turned eighteen – and I wasn't supposed to put my mouth on any of those."

"We can have sex again, you know?"

"I know," she said, licking him from balls to tip. "But I like this. It's fun to do what I want. And right now, I want to do this to you."

Conversation was placed on a back burner as she entertained him with her mouth once more. Lying as she was, across his lap, he was able to reach over and cup her small breasts, one at a time. She smiled in appreciation.

"How is it you have breasts?" he asked.

Comically, she paused with his erection still in her mouth and a confused look came over her face. She slid off him again.


"How is it that you have breasts?"

She looked down at her body.

"What? These?" she asked. "They don't count."

"Yeah, they do," Zhair'lo said.

"It's my body," Zoe pointed out, somewhat haughty. "I'm pretty sure I know better than you."

Zhair'lo snickered.

"I'm pretty sure I've been doing nothing but weeks of Endowment upgrades," he pointed out. "With the Priming and the Serving, I've seen girls with zero, one, two – and in one case, four – Abundance upgrades."

Zoe eyed him curiously, as if suddenly becoming aware of him as a human being.

"Well," he said, jogging his head from side to side. "And some Sorceresses and stuff."

"So you're a boob expert, now?"

Zhair'lo cupped one of her breasts in his hand.

"I can tell you that you are carrying around about half an upgrade," he told her with a note of finality.

She rolled over so the back of her head was nestled between the lower part of his thighs and took her breasts in her own hands.

"I'd never noticed," she said, astonished.

"Grew slowly, then?"

"Must have."

In stunned amazement, she squeezed and lifted her breasts for a moment before turning her attention to her nipples, turning them between her thumbs and forefingers.

"You see any Point?"

He shook his head.

"No, just the Abundance."

She let out a breath.

"I hadn't noticed," she repeated. "I guess I just thought I was, I dunno, getting bigger everywhere. Y'know? Growing up?"

"But you don't 'grow up' without upgrades, right?"

Zoe bit one side of her lower lip and stared at the wall of his bedroom. One hand ran searchingly through her red-streaked hair, as if grinding her scalp with her fingertips would stir up her memories.

"No, we don't," she said, still staring at the wall.

"When was the last time you remember, for sure, not having breasts?"

She was still staring at the wall.

"For absolute certain?" she said, nodding her head.

She ran her fingers through her hair, plumbing the depths of her memory to try to find a black and white divide for something she knew was all about shades of grey.

Then she seized upon it.

"For absolute certain? The day I entered the Temple."

"What's so special about that day?"

Zoe's face reddened.

"There this thing we do, when we enter the Temple," she explained. "A teacher sits with us and we compare our bodies – we're naked, right? And so she shows us what upgrades she has and shows us how we have none. We cover each Discipline."

"Lips and Pussy and ... everything?" Zhair'lo goggled.

Zoe finally rolled over to face him.

"Yep," she confirmed. "Can't show Within, mind you."

Zhair'lo was busy imagining two women doing that with each other.

"So I was definitely completely flat, that day," she said, her voice having found a note of confidence. "That was almost six months ago, though."

"Six months?" he replied. "That was really gradual then."

"Yeah," she said, looking back at her recently acknowledged breasts. "But why just Abundance? Why not Point, or Strength or ... wait ... what about Lips or Pussy?"

"What about them?"

"You've seen Sweetness women, right?"

"Um, yeah."

"Up close?"

Zhair'lo nodded.

"They do like to be licked," he pointed out.

Her curiosity now overwhelming any other concern, she swivelled her body so she could sit on the bed and spread her legs in his direction.

"Check me out, then," she insisted.

Zhair'lo's eyebrows twitched and he tilted his head in acquiescence.

"Alright, then," he said. "Lie on your back."

Watching him eagerly, Zoe propped herself up on her elbows and tilted her hips.

Zhair'lo moved down to the floor and looked at her carefully. Her lips were already pretty soft, given that they'd already had sex once.

"I don't see any hair at all," he remarked. "Not even stubble."

"So no Pussy, then," she grimaced. "What about Lips?"

He pushed her lips apart gently and looked at the pink skin behind. Experimentally, he wiggled his tongue against her clitoris and felt it harden instantly.

"I don't think so," he said. "It looks just like this Endowment girl I licked once. The girl from Lips I had, well, I could see the difference."

Zoe wasn't listening anymore. Her eyes had gone bleary.

"Could you do that again?" she whispered.

"If you say 'please'."

"Please," she begged, but he was already applying his tongue, ever so gently, to the thin folds of skin he had exposed.

"Oh, yes," she muttered. "Zhair'lo ... Zhair'lo ... I ..."

It seemed as if she were trying to say something important, but couldn't get it out. He pulled away from her genitals for a moment so she could catch her breath.

"Are you sure -" she asked, after moment, "are you sure I don't have any Lips upgrades in there?"

He looked her over again and shook his head.

"Very sure," he said firmly. "Their clits look different."

There was a pause as Zoe took another deep breath. She looked down at her crotch, glistening now with his saliva, and looked back up at Zhair'lo.

"Could you? Please?" she asked with a squeak.

"Least I could do," he said with a shrug, taking this for a request to take her to orgasm. "I came all over your face, didn't I?"

She nodded as he dove back in. She let out another squeak of pleasure as his tongue touched the edge of her vagina.

"And you can again if you want," she promised. "Come on my face, I mean. You did ... you did such a good job."

That was certainly true. He had barely recognized her when she had entered the lodge. Her features had sharpened even further: the nose becoming more delicate; the cheekbones more refined. Even the streaks of red in her hair seemed to have become more alive, more vibrant. When her head had first bobbed up and down on his cock, the shimmering of her hair in the light of the candles had given him the impression of flames.

"Fantastic," Zoe murmured breathlessly.

She was lifting her hips, begging with her body for him to go at her harder. No matter how he pushed, nor how quickly he flitted his tongue, it wasn't enough. She reached a point where she could take no more. Her hands found the back of his head, pushing him into her crotch. Her hips bucked, jamming her genitals against his mouth.

Zhair'lo could only call out his muffled approval as he felt the entrance to her tunnel seize up and begin twitching. Juices from her insides leaked out around his chin, dripping down his neck.

"Nine gods," she declared to the ceiling, when her breath returned. "My first upgrade when I hit Keeper is going to be Lips."

She looked at him.

"That was so good."

Zhair'lo stood up, wiping his chin with the back of his arm.

"Nine gods," she repeated, her tone changing from divine summoning to sheer surprise. "Was I that wet?"

He nodded.

Her eyes, then, fell to his erection. Her body followed to the floor.

"What do you want?" she asked earnestly. "You can come anywhere you want."

She began stroking and licking him.

"My face again? Like at the upgrade?"

Her voice was so honest, he nearly exploded in her hand.

"Suck a bit?" he asked, to bide his time.

Zoe nodded eagerly, taking him into her mouth.

"I'm the only one you've done this to?" he asked, more for the hell of it than because he really needed an answer.

"Of course," she said. She gave one long bob on his shaft before adding, "in my mouth or my pussy."

He murmured approval.

She continued stroking and whispering to him, even as she spaced her words out with long, wet licks.

"Now where do you want to come?" she simpered. "My face is prettier now, isn't it?"

He shivered, trying to reply.

"Did that last night," he stammered out.

"Oh, that's true," she said thoughtfully. "I wouldn't want you getting bored, but this pretty face is all I have."

She paused a moment.

"Unless you mean these little breasts?" she asked, taking a break from her tongue work to look down at her chest. "No one's come on them in six months, and they weren't even here back then."

"Is that what you want?" she asked, blinking at him through her recently lengthened eyelashes.

She put her lips, pressed together, to the tip of his erection. Opening them only enough to let his manhood into her mouth, she pushed forward.

Zhair'lo exhaled sharply, twitching inside her mouth. When she moved to back away, he slid a hand through her glittering hair. He didn't use enough force to hold her in place, just enough to let her know that he didn't want her backing away.

Zoe let out a muffled protest, understanding that for which he was asking, and slid clear once more. Zhair'lo did nothing to hinder her.

"That," she said, trying to look as indignant as she could, kneeling there on the floor, "is for very special occasions."

Zhair'lo looked upwards and bobbed his head from side to side. Zoe paused a moment in thought.

"Which, I suppose," she admitted. "This is."

She pursed her lips a moment.

"Well, it is your second time tonight," she said, speaking practically with barely a hint of apprehension. "So let's hope you don't come too much."

Zhair'lo couldn't believe she was going to do it just for the asking. Her mouth went to his cock, subsuming only the swollen head, and her hands went to stroke him. He felt himself swelling inside her mouth.

Warily, she looked up at him, eyes wide with concern, and gave him a go-ahead nod.

That moment of permission was all that he needed. The feeling welled up from deep inside his stomach as muscles tensed. He tried to hold off, to savour the moment when she accepted his request, the moment of anticipation, but sheer incredulity overwhelmed his willpower.

Besides, her hands and her tongue were so quick.

Without any memory of having decided to release himself, he felt his body go, a spasm that hit his abdominal muscles so hard his shoulders convulsed as he doubled over. The first load of semen fired into Zoe's mouth. He managed to open his eyes so he could see both the surprised expression on her face and the movement in her throat as she quickly swallowed – narrowly in advance of the second shot.

She took that down, too, though with considerably more effort.

When the third volley came, she couldn't take any more. She pulled him out of her mouth and continued to jerk him out over her neck and her slim breasts.

After forcing down the bit of semen left in her mouth, she spoke.

"Sorry," she muttered. "Couldn't ... take it all."

"It's alright," Zhair'lo smiled. He smirked then, and added, "The part you did was still amazing."

She smiled shyly, using her skirt to wipe off her chest.

"Thanks," she said. "A little rest and I want to go again, okay?"

Zhair'lo nodded.


"Eight hundred years ago," Pussy explained, "we thought we could do better with what the gods had given us."

Maksa watched her Mistress's lips twisting.

"Thought we could do better than the gods," the Sorceress corrected herself. "The gods had told us they had only given us enough to get along with and the rest was up to us. Maybe they didn't know what we'd do. Maybe they didn't think we'd do what we did. We know they've given us gifts since then..."

She shook her head as if to remind herself to stay on topic.

"We wanted to make our world a better place and a hundred years of expanding our frontiers had given us the resources to try. So we developed a way to tell the men apart. You see, when pacified by the magic of the Goddess, the Enraged, Catatonic and Heroic were scarcely distinguishable. It wasn't until a Temple fell that we knew who was who and what the ratios were."

"The ratios," she said firmly, "were disturbing."

"We were so frightened by the large percentage of Enraged that we sought to breed them out. We tested men by taking them away from the city and seeing what became of them before bringing them back. It was dangerous work, but we found – after testing a great many things - that the taste of their semen was a reliable way to tell them apart. Much later, we developed a potion to push their loyalty, intensify their emotions, and test them more accurately, though the semen test is still considered valid."

"With that in hand, so to speak, our ancestors proceeded."

Pussy glanced to the ground, as if a slight shame overcame her on behalf of her eight centuries dead predecessors.

"They were wrong, then. Too naive. Their genetic analysis was so trivial ... it's not worth going into now. The important thing to know is that there are more factors involved in determining a man's disposition than we can count and breeding out the Enraged while keeping the Heroic was nearly impossible. We're still trying of course, but the whole thing is more tangled than you can imagine."

The Sorceress paused, straightening her olive drab work skirt, and twitched an eyebrow.

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