tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaming Her Mouth

Taming Her Mouth


In my experience, the last job on a Friday – which is the last job of the week – is usually a pain in the ass. Something always goes wrong: we're missing a part, the people have water pipes from 1922, hell, the van even ran out of gas one week. So when Ray and I walked up a flagstone sidewalk through a picture-perfect little suburban lawn on this particular Friday at 4:10 I just knew something was gonna be fucked up.

Ray knocks on the door and calls out "Miller Plumbing!" After a couple seconds we hear the pounding of someone running barefooted and suddenly I started thinking maybe this job wasn't going to be such a disaster after all. The door was opened by this little blonde, couldn't have been more than 5'2", with blue eyes and these puffy, Angelina Jolie type of lips. She looked fresh out of high school. She had on one of those swimsuit cover-up things; it looked like an oversized shirt made out of gauze, and I could see right through it. She had a banging body, flat where it should be flat and curvy where it should be curvy. The only thing that kept her from being naked was that gauzy shirt and a light pink bikini. She gave us a deprecating glance and asked "Can I help you?" as if we were alive only to annoy her.

"Miller Plumbing," Ray repeated. "You have a four o'clock appointment to have a toilet serviced?"

The girl rolled her eyes. What a little snot. "Oh ya," she sighed, already turning and walking away. "Mom said you were coming. It's the guest bathroom, this way." We stepped over the threshold and followed her down a hallway. Her tight little ass sashayed back and forth in front of us. She wordlessly pointed to a door on the left and then walked to the kitchen, leaving Ray and I to work in the bathroom. The job looked simple enough, and all their fixtures and plumbing were practically brand new. Across the hall in the kitchen the girl was blabbing on the phone about somebody else's boyfriend and giggling incessantly. I eavesdropped as I unscrewed the bolts on the back of the toilet seat. She was laughing and said "Oh my God, I can't believe you sucked his dick!" My ears perked up. "I can't believe you sucked a dick at ALL," she continued. "It's disgusting...NO I will NOT!" the girl shrieked, then erupted in another peal of laughter. "You have NO idea who the first guy I would see is – there are these two nasty old guys here working on the toilet. If I didn't blow Ryan Draffen there's no WAY I would do it to these guys – GROSS!" and then more laughter.

I don't know if this dumb bitch didn't think we could hear her or just didn't care. Either way, I wanted to go smack the phone out of her hand. For one thing, I'm not old. Forty three ain't old. And I'm not nasty. I'm just a regular Joe Six Pack. I gave that stuck-up cunt 20 years before she has skin cancer and a couple of failed plastic surgeries under her belt. I was getting more furious by the second. "Are you hearing this shit?" I asked Ray. He grunted as he squeezed his body back between the bathtub and the toilet.

"Little bitch," he muttered, but without much conviction.

"I'd like to teach her a lesson," I griped. I handed Ray a clamp. "Let's do it," I suddenly blurted.

"Do what?" Ray asked, his attention focused mainly on the task at hand.

"Let's teach her a little lesson in respect," I elaborated. Ray stopped working on the toilet and looked up at me. "C'mon, mommy and daddy are gone...She needs to learn when to keep her fucking voice down."

"Are you serious?" Ray asked, and by the look on his face I could tell that he knew I was serious and was trying to figure out if he wanted to get serious, too.

"Just have a little fun with her...She'll like it," I urged. Ray gave me a long, silent stare, then said "Let me finish this fucking toilet first."

Twenty minutes later he was standing up and we were putting our tools away. I went to close the toolbox when Ray stopped me. He flipped the lid back open and grabbed a roll of duct tape. "In case she needs a little convincing," he whispered. I nodded. We walked out of the bathroom. "Hello?" Ray called out. There was no answer. "Hello?" he said, louder this time. There was still no answer. Then came a faint thump from the ceiling. "She must be upstairs...should we go find her?" Ray asked.

"Well she ain't coming to find us, obviously," I answered. We found the stairs and climbed up to the second floor. She was in the first room off to the right, putting some clothes away in a dresser drawer. Her room was obnoxiously girly – frilly pink shit everywhere, a four poster canopy bed covered with stuffed animals, all white furniture. This bitch needed to grow up. I nodded toward her, and Ray and I stepped into the room. I cleared my throat. The girl practically jumped out of her skin and whipped around.

"Do you guys MIND?" she snarled. "You scared the shit out of me!"

"Sorry about that," I said. "We're done with the bathroom. Anyone here we can talk to about payment?"

"You're gonna have to talk to my dad about that some other time, I don't have any money for you," the girl said. She started to turn back around and I seized my opportunity. I lunged at her, grabbing her arms and pinning them behind her back. Ray quickly ripped off a piece of duct tape and slapped it across her mouth just in time to stifle what probably would have been a piercing scream. The girl started flopping and flailing and kicking in my arms like a bronco, although she was so tiny that it was practically no effort at all to subdue her. Ray and I looked at each other for a second, like we were unsure of what to do now that we had her.

"What do we do with her?" Ray asked. I looked around the room.

"Help me take her over to the bed," I said. We dragged the girl over to the bed. I first had thought about getting her up on the mattress, but then I noticed the cross bar at the foot of the bed between the bedposts. "Tape her arms to that cross bar down there." Ray got the duct tape back out and we got her down on her knees, her feet under the bed and her back against the footboard, and then taped her wrists and elbows to the cross bar. We stood back and looked at her. She glared back at us before giving a muffled scream and throwing her body back and forth against her restraints. They held beautifully.

"I wanna see those titties, " Ray said. He squatted down beside the girl and ripped the flimsy cover-up off in one easy tear, then pulled the cups of the girl's bikini top down so that they bunched up under her breasts, pushing them up and together. She had great tits. I'm not really into girls with gigantic breasts. This girl had Cs at the most, with puffy little pink nipples. I went and knelt next to Ray and we both took one of her tits in our hand and started squeezing them. They were nice and firm. I fiddled with her nipple a little, got it nice and hard, pinched it and rolled it between my thumb and index finger. It had been a long time since I had a pair of tits this young in my hands and I was enjoying it. I licked the pad of my thumb and rubbed my spit over the tip of her titty, getting it slick and shiny. The girl was still grunting and struggling – futilely, I should add. Ray bent down and started sucking on the tit he had been fondling. I stood up and looked around the room a bit. On the wall over her bed the name "Brittany" hung in carved wooden lettering.

"I heard you don't like sucking cock, Brittany," I said, stepping nearer to her. Ray pulled his mouth of her nipples and looked up at me.

"How did you know her name?" he asked.

"It's hanging on the goddamn wall, you moron," I said with a gesture. Ray looked up and then laughed. I reached out and buried my fingers in Brittany's bottle-blonde hair. I pulled her head toward me and pressed her cheek up against the crotch of my jeans. With my free hand I pulled down my zipper, and when Brittany began to struggle again I held her tighter. I stuck my hand in my fly and after some awkward struggling managed to pull my cock out. Brittany's eyes got as big around as hubcaps. I was only semi-hard. I held Brittany's face against my hip while I stroked my cock in front of her face.

"I think you want to suck cock, baby, you just haven't found the right man yet," I said softly. I stepped to the side so that I was directly in front of her and continued to hold her firmly by her hair. As I jerked myself off with short, slow strokes I stroked Brittany's face with the head of my cock. I ran it over her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, and over the tape that covered her mouth. Every now and then I would leave a little snail's trail of pre-cum on her skin. Now I was fully erect and aching for her mouth.

I let go of my cock and wriggled a finger under one end of the duct tape on her cheek. "Don't scream," I whispered, and then whipped the tape off in one, clean jerk. Brittany winced but didn't make a peep. Her eyes looked up at me, wide and blue, and ripping the tape off of her mouth had made her lips appear even fuller and pinker. "Sweetie, you have such a beautiful little mouth," I moaned. I guided my cock toward her face and nudged the tip of it against her lips. She tried to pull away but I held her fast by her hair. "Open up, baby," I urged, tracing her lips with the head of my cock. She waited ten or fifteen seconds, then slowly opened her lips. "Just a little more," I whispered, breathlessly watching every movement of her face. As soon as it would fit I pushed the head of my dick into her mouth until it bumped up against her hot, slick little tongue. She flinched and squeezed her eyes shut. "Close your lips on it," I instructed, and she obeyed. "Now suck on it a little, like a straw."

I watched her plump little lips purse around my cock and felt her slippery tongue pressing against the underside of my head as she reluctantly gave a few light sucks, then yanked her head back and away from me. I let go of her hair and stepped back, grinning at her. "How did my cock taste?" I asked her.

"Disgusting!" she spat, defiant.

"Ever had a cock in your mouth before, Brittany?" I questioned as I completely undid my pants and dropped them to my ankles along with my jockey shorts.

"NO!" she cried.

"I think she liked it a little," Ray said. He knelt down beside the bound girl and started to play with her titties again. "Maybe you should give her another chance to change her mind," he added before he put his mouth back on her tits. I grabbed Brittany's hair again and tilted her head back.

"Open up, baby," I murmured. She didn't hesitate as long this time before half-opening her mouth. Once again I pushed the head of my cock past her lips and pushed a little further in this time, stopping when the head of my cock scraped one of her molars. "Suck it," I ordered. She started sucking again half-heartedly. Her mouth felt hot and slick, and I couldn't keep from pushing in further until the hot, throbbing head of my cock nudged into the back of her throat. She gagged, her tonsils spasming rather pleasantly around my dick, and then tried to pull her head back. I held her halfway on me, keeping my cock in her face but allowing her to breathe. "Just relax, Brittany," I soothed. When she had caught her breath I reached down with my free hand, holding her beneath the chin as I used my other hand to steer her mouth up and down on my cock. "Just like that, in and out," I breathed. She had her eyes squeezed tight. I watched as my thick cock slid in and out of her mouth. It was turning me on too much, and I didn't want to cum yet. I pulled out and let go of her hair once again.

"Okay, I sucked your dick, now let me go!" Brittany snapped.

"I don't think we're done with you yet, little lady," Ray chuckled. He got back in his toolbox and grabbed a pair of scissors, then squatted down beside Brittany again. He opened the scissors and slipped one of the blades inside her bikini bottoms at her right hip. With a quick snip he cut one side free. The light pink nylon fell off her hip but still clung to her little mound. Ray switched sides and with a grin in my direction he cut away the other side. The bikini fell to the carpet between Brittany's knees. Her pussy was as little as the rest of her, and I'll be damned if the little slut hadn't shaved or waxed it completely bare. She instinctively squeezed her thighs together, but after a brief struggle Ray managed to force his hand between them. I knew that he had gotten a finger inside when Brittany stiffened up abruptly and made a little grunting noise. "You're wet as hell," he said with a wolfish grin. He looked up at me and added "This girl is tighter than a mouse's ear. I'm not sure I can get another finger in her..." He wriggled his hand around between her thighs and Brittany winced in pain, then let out a little moan. With his fingers still inside her, Ray cupped her mound in his hand, pressed his palm against her clit and started rocking his hand slowly back and forth.

"You like that, don't you baby?" Ray whispered in Brittany's ear. "Your little pussy is soaking wet." He bent his head back down and again started to lick and suck her tits. I gripped her hair and steered my cock toward her face again. This time she opened her mouth readily. I pushed my dick into her mouth and she started to suck in her clumsy way. "In and out," I reminded her, and she obeyed. Below Ray started rocking his hand faster. Brittany was alternately opening her legs and clenching them together, sometimes thrusting her hips forward and sometimes pulling them back. She started to make little moaning, whining noises around my cock. "You wanna cum with a cock in your mouth, Brittany?" I breathed. "You love sucking cock, don't you, you little slut." I pulled her face further down on my cock until her moans were cut off and she choked slightly. I withdrew and then shoved my cock in again. Now she was drooling from her chin onto her own chest and belly, while she moved her hips rhythmically with Ray's persistent fingering. "Go ahead, sweety, cum for me," I told her.

Suddenly Ray pulled his hand away and Brittany gave a muffled whine of confusion. "I think she can take a little more," Ray said. He dropped his jeans and stepped out of them, then sat on the floor and slid his feet between Brittany's knees and under her bed as he positioned his hips below her crotch. Brittany came alive again, struggling and making frantic noises while I held her mouth firmly in place. After some awkward failures, Ray managed to get his cock under her. With his hands on her hips, he pulled her down onto him and impaled her on his prick. The girl opened her mouth around my cock and let out a gurgling cry.

"Oh my god," Ray moaned. "This pussy is fucking amazing..." He started fucking up into her as I resumed fucking her mouth. It wasn't long before Brittany was moaning even harder than before. "You like taking all this dick, don't you?" Ray panted from the floor. "Cum on this cock, baby..." Brittany gave a desperate sounding moan. I thrust deep into her throat and as I did she started to writhe and jerk on Ray's cock. "Ya, you little whore!" Ray hissed. "Oh man, she's squirting all over me," he reported. He reached between her legs and gave her clit quick little slaps, prolonging Brittany's convulsions. I couldn't hold back anymore. My balls pulled tight against my body and I flooded her mouth, my cock twitching with every spurt of cum I pumped into her throat. Brittany gurgled on my cum. It started oozing out of one side of her mouth. Finally I pulled my cock out, then quickly clapped my hand over her wet, sticky mouth.

"Eat it all, Brittany," I said, still out of breath. "This is what good little cocksuckers get as a reward." When she had swallowed every drop I took my hand away. She panted softly and was still. Ray pulled himself out from underneath her, still rock hard as he hadn't cum yet.

"It's my turn with her mouth," he announced.

"Let's move her somewhere else, I wanna play with her pussy," I suggested. We decided to take her over to the chair in the corner. After cutting the tape away from the cross bar of the bed, we re-taped her wrists behind her back and pulled her over to the chair and bent her over the ottoman. I pulled long strips of tape off of the roll and secured her knees to the feet of the ottoman, spread nice and wide, while her head hung off the other side. She wasn't fighting at all now.

Ray sat on the chair in front of Brittany and scooted forward, holding his cock out for her. She started to suck it with no prompting. I ducked my head down and took a good look at her wide open pussy. Her gash was slick and pink, the color turning almost red around her cunt where Ray had just been fucking her. Her clit was swollen and juicy looking, laying between her spread lips like a fat little pink caterpillar. I leaned in and licked her clit with a wide, flat tongue, then flicked it from side to side with the point. Her thighs twitched and she groaned. I sucked on it briefly, then decided to see what she thought about having her ass played with. I slapped both hands down on her ass and wrenched her cheeks apart, which was enough to start her howling. When I delved my tongue into her tight little asshole her howling terminated in a short shriek and vigorous wriggling. Unfortunately for her, there was no place for her to wriggle to, and I continued to tongue-fuck her ass. With my right hand I diddled her clit. In no time I had the whore bucking back into my face. I took my face away and slid a finger up her slightly loosened and very wet asshole and resumed nibbling on her clit. She writhed and coughed and sputtered on Ray's cock.

By now I was hard again and wanted to get into her tight little pussy. I knelt up behind her and put my cock between her thighs, slapping her clit with it and teasing the outside of her hole before pushing it straight in her. Ray was right – she was tight as hell. For a second I just enjoyed being inside her up to the hilt, my balls pressed against her clit. Then I started to fuck her. I wanted to make her squirt like Ray had. I leaned over her back and started thrusting down into her pussy, aiming toward the front where I knew her G-spot was hiding. When I was sure I was hitting the right spot – when Brittany started grunting with each shove and grinding her ass back against me – I reached up and started shoving her head down on Ray's cock.

"Suck his cock, baby," I urged. She was groaning shamelessly now and drooling all over the place. I fucked her harder. "You wanna cum on this cock, Brittany?" I panted. She garbled some sort of reply. "Tell me you want to cum on my cock!"

I jerked her head back off of Ray's prick and, after gulping a huge breath of air, Brittany yelled "I want to cum on your cock!" I started driving into her even harder, my hips and balls slapping against her. She started to ramble "Oh god, oh god, make me cum make me cum!" In front of her Ray was jerking his dick furiously. Suddenly Brittany made a straining noise and I felt her cunt clench around my cock. A spray of hot liquid gushed out of her onto my stomach and thighs while her pussy convulsed and twitched around me. That was all I needed to cum again. I didn't bother to even make an attempt at pulling out, instead thrusting as far as I could as I dumped my second load of semen into that little cum slut. I squeezed my eyes closed as I did and opened them back up when I noticed Brittany had fallen silent. When I looked up I realized that Ray had pulled her mouth onto his hard-on and was unloading in her mouth. Her pussy was still having the occasional spasm on my softening dick.

We finally pulled our cocks out of her and for a minute we all three breathed in silence. Ray and I got dressed and Ray put his toolbox back together. "Should we let her up or should we leave her there for her daddy to find?" I asked, nodding my head over at where Brittany was still bound to the ottoman.

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