tagMind ControlTaming Lorna Ch. 02

Taming Lorna Ch. 02

byDonald Miller©

Author's note: This story is part of a series, and will be most enjoyed if you have first read chapter one.

As soon as I awoke, I looked at my watch. Timing was going to be important this morning. It was just gone 7.30am, and I smiled. Perfect.

I looked across at Lorna, who lay with her shapely back to me in a loose foetal position. At some point during the night she had stirred and slipped out of my arms, rolling from on top of me and settling onto her side, the stunning young blonde never really waking up throughout the whole process. It looked as though Lorna hadn't moved since, and her breathing was slow and restful beside me.

Careful not to disturb her, I slid from under the sheets and padded to the bathroom, pausing to pick my mobile phone from my jacket as I passed. I allowed myself a silent chuckle as I also fished out my toothbrush, secreted in an inside pocket during my preparations the previous night. I had planned diligently.

Although I knew Lorna would still be sleeping off the effects of the sedative I had been feeding her with throughout the previous evening, I didn't want to risk waking her with the noise of the shower, so I ran a full bowl of water and washed myself all over with the hotel's complimentary face-cloth. I left my penis until last, running the flannel gently over the slightly reddened skin of my shaft, smiling at the hardness of it. Although I had climaxed both into, and onto, Lorna just a few hours before, my erection was pulsing with eagerness for her once more. I peed, then brushed my teeth, and then picked up my mobile phone, calling up Scott's number. After a few rings the connection went through.

"Hello?" Scott murmured sleepily. In the background I could faintly hear a shower running.

"Hi Scott. You're still at Wendi's then?"

"Yeah." I could hear the smile in his voice. "Have you seen Lorna this morning?"

Yes I have, I thought. I just rolled over in bed and there she was, right next to me. My penis, softened after passing water, stirred and began to slowly lengthen at the thought of her.

"Yes, that's what I'm calling about," I replied. "She's not happy."

Scott sighed. "Surprise, surprise. I tried to call her last night, but her phone was off."

That's right, I smiled. Lorna's phone was off because I turned it off. Just before I stripped her naked and fucked her. The blunt tip of my cock began to swing upwards past horizontal as I came fully erect. "How was Wendi, then?" I asked.

"Oh God, fantastic," Scott chuckled. "She's only eighteen, but she fucks like a rabbit. Her body is fabulous."

"Great," I smiled. Wendi had certainly looked a real honey when Scott had picked her up the previous afternoon, but I still thought Lorna was better. A lot better. My penis stood almost vertical as I thought about the gorgeous young blonde lying asleep in the bed just a few feet away.

"So... what do you think I should do?" Scott broke into my reverie. "I guess I should come back and face the music."

"Yes," I agreed, "but not yet. Lorna's royally pissed off, and Wendi's a glorious little sexpot who wants to sit all the way down on your cock and wriggle delightfully on top of you until you go off inside her. Again."

Scott laughed.

"So if I were you I'd stay where you are and let that gorgeous, raven-haired little beauty empty your balls a couple more times, then head back here about lunchtime for the journey back."

"Okay..." Scott replied slowly.

"Send Lorna a text saying that you only got back from the hospital in the small hours, your friends condition was more serious than originally thought. You're coming back via the wards again, and you'll arrive about... what, one o'clock? Many apologies, etcetera."

"Lorna will go ballistic," Scott sighed.

"Oh, quite probably." I lounged against the bathroom wall, one finger gently running up and down the length of my purple erection. I very much wanted to enjoy Lorna again. "But that's going to happen whatever you do. So you can either come back early and stare at Lorna's sulky face all morning while she yells at you, or you can spend all morning thrusting your cock all the way into every opening Wendi has to offer while she moans excitedly in your ear and rubs her breasts in your face as you're squirting helplessly into her. Now, what's it to be?"

"Christ, I'm getting a hard-on just listening to you!" Scott laughed. "Okay, I see your point. I'll text Lorna now, while Wendi's showering." He lowered his voice slightly. "Wendi doesn't know about Lorna. She thinks I'm just here with you... a bloke's weekend."

"Good." I checked my watch. It was still only 8am. "Do that now, and if you're quick you can join the lovely Wendi in the shower and give her the good news."

Scott sniggered. "That might not be the only thing I give her in there. I've got a huge stalk-on now."

I smiled. "I'm sure Wendi can find a good home for it. Enjoy yourself."

"Cheers, mate."

You're welcome, I thought as I broke the connection and strolled back into the bedroom. Lorna still lay curled up under the sheet, deeply asleep. Her immaculate face was smooth and relaxed, her lightly painted eyelids flickering occasionally. She was so beautiful it took my breath away just looking at her.

I picked up the hotel telephone and got through to reception, keeping my voice to a quiet murmur as I ordered two continental breakfasts to be sent up to the room. Retrieving Lorna's tiny handbag from my jacket I placed it on her bedside table, then I settled into the room's single armchair and studied Lorna as she slept, watching her pretty face, her long, silken blonde hair, the sinuous curves of her body wrapped in the thin sheet. Presently my lips parted and my breaths became heavier as I stared at Lorna, my erection pulsing with desire for her. I wanted to pull that thin sheet from around her and gaze down at her smooth, naked body, running one finger feather-light up and down my long, purple shaft until the simple sight of her overwhelmed me and my semen squirted over her flawless skin in long, glorious jets.

After a few minutes, a discreet tap on the door signalled the arrival of our breakfasts, and I wrapped a towel around my waist as I went to collect the trays. Returning, I set the platters of croissants and pots of coffee on the dressing table, then threw the towel into the bathroom and walked back to the bed, slipping back under the sheets alongside my gorgeous companion.

Reaching out, I slid one arm around Lorna's slim waist, relishing the silken feel of her skin for the first time since last night. My hand was cool from holding the breakfast tray, and as I ran my fingers gently across her flat belly, Lorna stirred and a tiny noise came from deep in her throat.

Carefully I eased Lorna over onto her back and, as she hovered on the edge of consciousness, slipped my other arm around her slender shoulders and encouraged the girl to roll over halfway on top of me. I gasped in delight as the gorgeous blonde nestled sleepily against me, one slim hand creeping around my neck and one long, sculpted leg sliding between my thighs, her pretty head settling onto my chest. Lorna murmured softly again, then her fabulous young body relaxed completely in my arms and her breathing grew deep and slow as she drifted into sleep once more. I tightened my arms around Lorna for a while, savouring the simple feel of cuddling her as she lay snuggled against me, then presently I relaxed my grip and began to stroke Lorna's flawless skin as she slept, enjoying the feel of her rounded buttocks, her curvy hips, her flaxen hair. My erection was huge against her silken thigh. After a few minutes I bent towards her and began to gently caress the top of her pretty head with my lips, unhurriedly covering Lorna's forehead with soft kisses. My hands stroked her smooth hips, her slender shoulders.

Lorna stirred as my soft kisses drew her slowly back to consciousness, her magnificent body moving lazily in my arms, a tiny sigh of enjoyment escaping her at the sensation of my fingers gliding over her silky skin. Lorna nestled more tightly against me, moulding herself into the contours of my body, her flaxen hair spreading across my shoulders as she gently rubbed her porcelain-smooth cheek against my chest. I caressed Lorna's rounded buttocks and hourglass waist, drawing a sleepy murmur of pleasure from her as my gliding fingers found one of her special zones, right at the very base of her spine.

"Mmmm..." Lorna sighed contentedly, her long fingernails brushing across my neck as her slim hand slid round behind my head. My erection was enormous now. As I ran my hands over her fabulous, naked body I watched Lorna's pretty eyes flutter open, then felt her hand freeze on my close-cropped scalp, and I knew the realization had hit her. Maybe she was used to burying her beautiful head in less chest hair than I had. I was pretty sure that whatever chest hair Lorna was used to seeing in front of her eyes in the morning wasn't sprinkled with grey, as mine was. Or perhaps Lorna had simply begun to remember fragments of the night before.

In any case, her lovely head jerked upwards to my face, her smooth body tensing suddenly against me. Lorna emitted a squeak of horror and recoiled away from me, slipping from my arms as she retreated to the far side of the bed.

"Oh my God," she whispered, her beautiful eyes wide. I smiled benignly at Lorna as she clapped a manicured hand over her sensuous mouth, her pretty face flushing a dull, brick red. "Oh my God... did we..." Her other hand joined the first, slim fingers holding her burning cheeks. "Oh God, we did, didn't we?"

I was still smiling at Lorna, her mortified expression rather amusing me. "Actually we did, yes. It was lovely."

"Oh God, no," Lorna moaned. "Where's Scott?" Her beautiful, green eyes swept the hotel room in a panic as though she expected to find him standing there, watching us.

"I spoke to him last night," I lied. "I'm surprised he's not called you."

Lorna looked around her, spying her handbag on the bedside table. Reaching over, she plucked the tiny purse from the table and her pencil-slim fingers riffled gracefully through its contents, one of her manicured hands unconsciously pushing her long, white-blonde hair back over her bare shoulders with a tiny tinkle of her thin, silver bracelet. The sheets had slid down to Lorna's waist, and I gazed at her smooth, plump breasts trembling gently as she leaned forwards to peer at the phone's screen. Between those wonderful tits, the soft skin of Lorna's cleavage glowed a soft pink from where I had fucked her there the previous night.

Lorna frowned at her phone. "It's turned off. How did that happen?"

"You did it last night," I murmured. "Don't you remember?"

"No." She shook her head, and finally noticed me admiring her superb upper body. "And please stop looking at me." She glared at me and drew the covers primly up to beneath her shaven armpits.

I grinned at Lorna as her phone peeped into life, and she glanced a trifle sheepishly at me, tilting her beautiful head to one side. "I know, I know," she sighed, almost smiling. "You've probably seen everything already, last night. Just humour me, okay?"

"No problem," I said graciously, watching Lorna as her slim fingers bustled over the phone's touch-screen. The Lorna I knew, having woken up in bed with a strange man who had quite obviously taken full advantage of her the night before, would have been either trying to call the police or trying to claw my eyes out by now. Instead, she was amazingly calm and accepting of the situation. I had been whispering persuasively into Lorna's jewelled ear throughout my prolonged sexual conquest of her a few hours earlier, as Lorna had lain helpless and transfixed with sedative beneath me, and now it was clear that she had drawn my repeated suggestions deep into her subconscious mind. I tried to keep my breathing steady, my excitement already building.

"Oh..." Lorna scanned the screen. "Scott's texted."

I know, I thought. I just told him to.

"He..." The gorgeous girl was silent for a few seconds as she read. "Okay – he won't be back before one o'clock. Christ, we'll be leaving by then! What a bust this weekend has been."

"Not completely," I murmured, and reached out my hand. Lorna drew in a sharp breath and flinched as my fingers gently slid over the smooth skin of her shoulder... but she didn't pull away. I began to caress Lorna's back. "It's not been completely wasted... has it?"

Her pretty head lifted slightly, her eyelids fluttering at my touch. "Please..." she whispered. "Don't."

"It's been great," I purred, easing my body a little closer to Lorna. "We've had a lovely time. You had a lovely time." I stroked Lorna's narrow waist, watching the young blonde's beautiful face as her head tilted a little further back, her sensuous lips suddenly parting with a soft click. She wasn't even trying to pull away. My erection thudded with desire for her.

Lorna drew in a not-quite-steady breath. "I – I don't remember," she whispered, her voice small, her eyes half-closed now. Her slender back arched just a little under my touch.

"Yes you do," I purred. My fingers glided sweetly over Lorna's velvet skin, and her painted lips quivered in response.

With a visible effort, Lorna gathered herself together and turned to face me. "Please..." she murmured, her slim hand gently taking my wrist and drawing my fingers away from her lovely skin. "This is just too weird."

I turned my hand in her light grip and slid my fingers between hers, holding Lorna's hand entwined in mine. "Okay," I smiled, lifting her slim arm towards me and gently kissing the back of her hand before releasing her. I didn't need to push the pace. Not yet, anyway.

"By the way," I told her, "I ordered breakfast earlier, whilst you were asleep. You must be hungry – you didn't eat last night."

Lorna spotted the trays arranged on the dressing table. "Actually, I'm starving." She turned to me, her gaze hovering between haughty at my presumption and soft at my thoughtfulness. "...Thanks. That would be nice." Lorna raised her voice as I made to slip out of bed. "And while you're up, could you get me a towel, please? I need to pee."

"...And you're not ready to let me see you yet," I smiled, and Lorna gave me an honest-to-God genuine smile in return, her pretty eyes looking away demurely. "I know," I assured her. "I'll fetch one for you." I could sense Lorna's confusion at what she was feeling, could sense her trying to call on all her reserves of bitchiness to put me in my place... and coming up with nothing but a small yet growing kernel of softness towards me.

I strolled unhurriedly towards the bathroom, letting Lorna get a good look at my rear view. Though I was forty years old, developing a few facial lines, and my close-cropped hair was balding and turning grey, I was still fit and really quite well preserved – over six feet tall, broad shoulders, slim waist, small, tight buttocks. To be honest, from the neck down I would put myself up against most men half my age – including Scott. And I wanted Lorna to make that connection too. I took my time, lingering in her sight-line as I fussed over the coffee pots.

I returned with a bathtowel folded over one shoulder, and Lorna's beautiful eyes widened slightly as she gazed at my penis. I was still extremely erect. I stopped close to Lorna where she sat upright against the headboard, my long, upright shaft pulsing gently less than twelve inches from her pretty face.

"...Well," Lorna finally murmured softly. "You never had to worry too much in the showers at school, did you?"

I eased my hips an inch or two closer to the gorgeous teenaged blonde. "Do you like it, Lorna?"

The girl's sensuous lips suddenly parted, her eyes fixed on my erection. A tiny breath escaped her.

"You're very big," she whispered, and swallowed nervously.

"You like it?" I purred, more a command than a question. The blunt tip of my glans was six inches from Lorna's petite nose, and I could feel her breath, soft and warm, on the underside of my shaft. I was so hard I felt like I might explode.

"You like it, don't you Lorna?" I breathed. "You want to touch me."

Unable to stop herself, Lorna lifted a wavering arm, and I gasped as she ran one long fingernail slowly along my shaft from root to tip. Her sensuous lips opened a little wider, her pretty eyes growing vacant as my carefully seeded suggestions began to swirl through her mind and overrun her own will.

"Oh God..." she breathed, her slim fingertip gently running up and down the length of my erection.

"You like it," I told her, "so much. So much." My voice quivered with enjoyment as Lorna stroked my cock.

Lorna's tongue peeped from between her full, sensuous lips and ran slowly across their painted surfaces. Her pretty eyes stared fixedly at my heavy penis, unable to look away.

"It's beautiful..." she whispered. I eased myself towards Lorna, my purple dome four inches from her open mouth. Her soft lips were beginning to pout with anticipation.

Then she shuddered, closing her eyes and drawing that wonderfully gliding fingertip away from the underside of my throbbing cock. I was disappointed – but I also knew that it had taken a massive effort of will, dredged up from what remained of Lorna's independent mind, to stop herself from simply leaning forwards, slipping those sensuous lips around me, and sucking me smoothly into her mouth, her pretty eyes fluttering closed with contentment as my penis slid between her eager lips. And I knew she couldn't hold out much longer.

"...Anyway," she pouted, glaring up at me with a weak flicker of defiance. "I don't know what you think you're going to do with that."

Smiling down at her I took the folded towel from my shoulder, shook it out, and hung it ceremoniously on the long peg of my erection. I was so hard, the weight barely pulled me down at all.

Lorna stared open-mouthed for a second, then burst into giggles.

"A thousand and one uses," I informed her cheerfully.

"Oh God, stop it!" she laughed, lifting one hand and carefully slipping the towel off of me. "Go and get our breakfast stuff, or I'll hang this towel back on there and pull down so hard you'll snap in half."

I hissed, my thighs clamping shut. "Ow! Either that or it'll bounce back and break your wrist." Lorna giggled, her pretty eyes straying to my purple penis once more as if drawn there by magnets. Presently her giggles tapered away and her painted lips parted in a tiny breath of excitement at the sight of me. Lorna was beginning to lose control of herself now.

I retrieved the breakfast trays and set them on the bed, pouring the coffee and then slipping back under the covers so we had the platters of croissants on our laps. Lorna picked up a pastry and tore a chunk off, popping it daintily into her mouth. We ate in silence for a moment.

"Feeling better?" I asked her, watching her.

Lorna was onto her second pastry. "Yeah, I really needed this." She turned to me, a lovely, open smile breaking out on her pretty face. "Thank you," she said softly, "this was really nice of you." Lorna looked away, her smooth cheeks flushing slightly. "Scott never does things like this."

I sipped my coffee. The covers were gradually slipping from under her shaven armpits, and as I watched her Lorna's nipples suddenly popped elastically over the edge of the sheet. My lips parted at the sight of her breasts gradually emerging from their covers. The girl had dropped the towel beside the bed, and it lay there forgotten.

"Lorna, can I ask you a question?"

She turned her pretty head towards me. I knew that she knew her fabulous breasts were completely exposed now – but she wasn't trying to cover herself up any more. "Yes, of course," she replied.

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