Taming Teacher


An hour later, Rayla screamed. If the doors had been open, security would have come back.

Playing with her awesome body had given me the hard on of my life. I was about to wipe her fluids off of my face when a thought came to me. She was laying out over two desks when I spoke to her again. She was tired so I let her lay down while I moved across the room to watch her recover. Being to close made me want to play with her.

"Rayla, can you get up?"


"Come here."

Her thighs were still wet and she moved slowly towards me. The hesitation was gone, but the exhaustion was setting in. When she was in front of me I reached out to hug her body to mine.

"Lick this off my face," I ordered.

Dutifully she gave my face stroke after stroke with her soft tongue until I was clean again. Then I kissed her while running a hand up her side to her breast, rolling the still hard nipple between my fingers.

"I have a problem," I said.

"What's that?"

"My cock is hard as a rock right now," I said as I hopped up onto the table behind me.

Before I could tell her anything, Rayla opened my pants and freed my erection. She gasped as it bobbed obscenely before her. Not wasting another second she began kissing and sucking at it. It felt so good! It was like warm wet velvet on my dick. Watching her of all people do this was almost more than I could take. I stilled her efforts, placing a hand on her cheek and having her look up at me with my meat still wedged between her pouty lips.

"Lay down, I'm about to come," I ordered.

She lay back along the desks and I rushed her, rubbing my engorged head against her lips firmly.

"Skyler, stop it! You're not wearing a condom!"

"I know, just relax. I won't do it in you..." I trailed off as I kept rubbing my dick against her.

Still wet, still soft, still hot. I could just imagine getting into that pussy. Would my dick change the taste, would my jizz change the taste? I pulled away just in time to fire my load in a splattering up the length of her body.

"Skyler... Oh..." she began moaning as I licked up every spot of cum on her body to offer it to her in a kiss.

I watched as she accepted it all and swallowed. I kissed her again.

"I want to play with you again, tomorrow," I said.

"There's no school tomorrow, its Saturday..."

"I want you to pick my up here tomorrow morning. I want you to buy some condoms. Tomorrow I want to take all of my dick into your pussy."


"And if you give me any lip about it, I'll put all of this cock up your tight little ass. I like you Rayla, you just need to learn to obey."

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