tagNonHumanTaming the Cat Ch. 03

Taming the Cat Ch. 03


Sorry for the delay, its a bit of a mission finding time to write between work and study (I am still continuing with both stories!)


Rider strode heavily down the stairs. He had left Alexia in the shower, knowing that she wouldn't appreciate him waiting for her. He would have to watch himself when it came to things like that - she enjoyed her 'alone time' and wouldn't take kindly to Rider forcing himself into all aspects of her life.

He wasn't looking forward to facing Jeremy today. He would have heard the two of them together, and knowing Jeremy, he was going to want to protect Alex. It was his job description after all. The thing was, Rider didn't think she needed protection. Not from him in any case. She was more than able to take care of herself in that area.

Jeremy was sitting with his back to the door, reading a newspaper when Rider entered the dining room. Deciding to leave the inevitable a little longer he continued skulking towards the kitchen, interested in finding something to cook for breakfast.

"Sit down." Jeremy commanded without looking up. Rider obeyed.

Jeremy was the closest thing to a pack leader he had in his life and Rider owed him a lot. He settled into a chair directly opposite the older man's and waited patiently as Jeremy finished reading the article. He would continue when he was ready.

Finally finished Jeremy looked up and glowered at him. "Alex is not like the other women you have been amusing yourself with. You will not use her and toss her aside. I am aware that she is more than capable of defending herself against you, but she is, in my mind at least, my daughter and I would be remiss in my duties as her father if I didn't warn you that I will not hesitate to rip you to pieces if you hurt her in any way." He annunciated his words very carefully and Rider had the sense that he had thought them through with great care.

The younger man wasn't quite sure what Jeremy was wanting him to say. "I won't hurt her Jeremy, I'd hurt myself before I let anything happen to her. Alexia is special."

Most of the tension that had been clogging the room left when Jeremy grinned "Good to hear." Alex strode into the room as he finished "I've been waiting for you two to get together for a while now. You took your time about it."

"So what am I worth, two cows, a camel and a large bag of rice?" Alex tried to contain her anger, but she was finding it difficult. She didn't like being talked about behind her back, and this felt a lot like the two men were conspiring together. She moved around the table so she could glare at Jeremy.

"Actually we decided on one cow, two camels and a duvet. Much like the one you destroyed yesterday." Jeremy said mildly before turning his attention back to his paper. She hadn't known he knew about that.

Alexia stared across the table at Jeremy for a beat before Rider grabbed her wrist pulling her into his lap. Ignoring her outraged growl he bit her gently on side of her neck. Alex shivered a little when he followed the harsh nip with a soft lick.

"What would you like for breakfast Red?" Rider asked grinning at her scowl.

"Pancakes. And coffee. Lots of coffee." Alex said perking up at the thought of coffee.

Jeremy seconded her vote and Rider got to work in the kitchen as Alex and Jeremy discussed the day's news together.

After a huge breakfast the three of them separated. Rider went to the kitchen to clean up the monumental mess he had made, and Jeremy spent the majority of the day in his study on the phone.

Alex went for a long run, and avoided Rider until later that evening. She had sort-of been expecting him to seek her out. Instead she did, finding him in the library stretched out along a couch and reading his way through a pile of Jeremy's daily newspapers.

Rider kept his attention on the newspaper, forcing her to take the initiative. Alex, much to his surprise, stepped up behind him. She untied the leather thong that he had been using to keep his hair out of his face, embedding her fingers in the strands and lightly scratching her nails against his scalp. After a few moments of delicately combing through his hair she amused herself by coaxing it into a complicated plait.

Rider sat silently throughout her attentions. He was glad she couldn't see his face, he was practically drooling. He was also hard. He didn't know why but having his hair played with seemed to affect his whole body, raising goose bumps on his arms and electric tingles down his back that pooled in his groin

She had just finished retying the leather when he tipped his head back and grabbed her by the front of her tee shirt, dragging her mouth down to his. The new angle made Rider's mouth feel completely different under hers, and she explored it with her tongue making him purr as she tickled the roof of his mouth.

Rider gave up the pretense of the newspaper sweeping it off the couch. Alex circled around to slide herself over his body. He moved to touch her, stopping abruptly when she growled deep in her throat.

Alexia was pleased when Rider offered her his throat. She had found she didn't mind letting him lead her, but by nature she was a dominant person, and Rider would have to be prepared to acknowledge that occasionally.

Licking her way down his neck she tasted him thoroughly, nipping occasionally to encourage his small groans. She slid a knee in between his thighs, feeling him rub himself against her leg.

The sound of Jeremy coming up the hallway woke them both from the haze they had fallen under. Rider pushed himself up to sit, and grabbed a newspaper from the stack beside him. Alex slid down beside him, propping herself up on his chest. Jeremy probably knew exactly what they were doing, but they all preferred the pretense.

When he entered the room Jeremy grinned at Alex's flushed face. He looked tired as he settled into an armchair opposite them.

Alex pushed herself up a little higher - she had a feeling she wasn't going to enjoy this. Rider dropped the newspaper back onto the pile and set his face into an empty expression.

"While I have you both here and paying attention, I need to tell you of my plans for the future." Jeremy said looking levelly at Alex. "My family in Aruba need me. My Mother is unwell, and my sister is not coping with the illness. I need to go back."

"You're leaving me here? When are you going?" Alex asked, shocked.

"I leave in the morning, yes I'm leaving you here. Its not safe for you in Aruba. The people suspect your bloodline and there is something big going on in the royal court. None of my contacts back in Aruba know what it is, they suspect it is the Theris Family" Alex sat up away from Rider, knowing that the blood had drained from her face.

She wasn't aware that Rider had told Jeremy that she knew. Rider went further into silent bodyguard mode. He was going to be blamed for this.

Sure enough Alexia turned accusingly towards the man at her side. He met her eyes without showing remorse. "You knew. You knew that he was going back, and that I would be left alone with you. What was it you said? I'd be stuck in this run down old mansion with Jeremy, and after he's gone, you for the rest of my life?"

"I was angry there Alex. But yes I knew." Rider said emotionlessly. He had agreed not to tell Alexia when Jeremy had told him, but now he was regretting it.

"You two can't keep me here forever. I've tolerated it for as long as I have because I respect you Jeremy, and where else was I going to go? But I need more than this. I know its dangerous. I know there are people out there who think I would be better dead for the disruption I have caused, but no one has to know who I am." Alex pleaded with Jeremy for understanding.

"Alexia, you can't be inconspicuous. You were born to lead, you are a Devon and a Theris and that will endanger those around you. You will be seen as a threat to the Royal family, and as such, a threat to the council." Jeremy said sadly.

"You can't force me to spend my life here! I'm strong. I can protect myself and the people around me!" Alex yelled, frustrated.

"Where would you go? Brahan? That is where the council is situated and they would know you were there in seconds Alexia." Jeremy sounded as level headed and calm as always.

"You would be picked up trying to enter a foreign country. The Council have people in every country checking through visa's for errant Changers, so you are confined to Dartmouth." Jeremy was glowering at her as he said this.

Alex knew he was right, but wasn't quite ready to concede the fight. "I'll go to Paradise City." She said. "Its big enough to hide in, right under the noses of the human Royal's, and its practically at the other end of the country compared to Brahan."

"No. Its too dangerous." Jeremy thundered.

Angry and frustrated beyond belief Alex stood and stormed out of the room. She reached the front door and walked out through it, slamming the heavy door with a satisfying bang.

Once outside she was tempted to get her bike and go. Fortunately she wasn't that impulsive and Instead she headed through the garage to the huge swing set Jeremy had built her in the first year they had lived in the mansion.

It was huge because it was part scratching post, part climbing gym and part swing. It was made out of thick interlocking logs with four thick metal chains suspending two curved rubber swing seats. As a teenager she had sharpened her claws on the four angled logs holding the contraption up, giving them uneven ridges and furrows.

Once she had grown older she learnt to climb to the top, lying across the thick top log for hours at a time. It had been her haven when Rider had moved in. She would lie up there for hours on end as he paced below yelling and swinging the heavy chains. He had come to them not knowing how to climb a log without branches, and thankfully it had taken him a while to learn.

She kicked off her trainers and grabbed one of the chains, hauling herself up hand over hand. It would have been quicker to change and claw up the posts, but the burn in her arms and shoulders gave her something else to think about which she welcomed.

Once up the top she stood and walked confidently to the centre of the log before lying down. She had discovered that if she got the exact right point of the log it hugged her curves, and she could reach a small hollowed out knot in the wood, where as a teenager she had kept top secret notes from her friends and trinkets from the boys she liked.

She had also engraved here as a lonely 14 year old 'Princess Alexia Elizabeth Devon' Then a year later she had partially scratched out the words 'Princess' and 'Devon.' Now she lay watching the stars appear, and ran her fingers over the words.

After an hour of sitting several meters off the ground she began to get cold, so slid back down the chain, sitting on the swings to put her shoes on. She wasn't sure what she was going to do. She didn't think she could stay in Fern for the rest of her life. It was pretty, and she had her forest, but she needed more.

Alexia needed stimulation, new people. Sometimes she was sure there was something else she was meant to be doing. It was an indistinct thought though. Much like the feeling she got sometimes in the supermarket, knowing she had forgotten something from the shopping list, but unable to work out what it was.

Rider padded up behind her. "Red you have to understand..."

She exploded. "NO. Rider YOU have to understand!" She stood, and paced towards him, anger in every line of her body. Rider began to back away from her, bumping into one of the logs. "You know I can't live my life cooped up here. I need more than the house and the forest."

Alex began to circle, driving him back towards the swing she had been sitting on. "Its not enough. As my 'mate' you should understand that. Its not who I am."

Moving faster than he had anticipated she kicked him in the stomach, Rider sat gasping into the swing. He hadn't thought she was angry enough to hit him. He didn't bother looking up, figuring that she would stop after the one kick.

Alex had slipped off her belt while Rider was bent gasping on the swing. She slipped the looped belt over his wrist and gave him a solid knee to the belly, using the pain to distract him as she stretched his hand above his head and tied the belt to one of the chains.

That done she twisted his other wrist behind his back and used one hand to unbuckle his belt. He was beginning to struggle as he realized how much trouble he was in, but it was too late as Alex tied the other wrist to the opposite chain.

"You stand up and I'll kick you again. You won't be able to do much any way, not tethered to the swings like that." Alex said, her voice sounding falsely calm.

"Alex untie me. Alex I'm..." Rider was beginning to get a sinking feeling in his stomach. She wasn't going to listen to him.

Rider tried to look on the bright side. Alex in charge was not necessarily a bad thing. He could think of worse things than being tied up for her. And to be honest he had always enjoyed a little pain. Alex looked him over before walking past him to the garage, she had an interesting gleam in her eye. Rider swallowed. Alex angry and in charge, now that was just a little bit scary.

Alex knew exactly what she was looking for, so it didn't take her too long to return to the swings. She took her time however, enjoying the sight of Rider bound to the chains with his arms over his head. He hadn't tried to stand and get himself free, which was a good thing. She wasn't sure how long the belts would hold if he really put his mind to breaking them.

Alex stepped up behind him, kicking her shoes off, and growing kitty claws. With a few swipes Riders tee-shirt was in pieces n the ground. Rider sat tense on the swing. Alex stepped around him coming into view. She was holding a bull whip that had recently been brought out to the garage for repairs. Rider tensed again, she could do some real damage with that if she put her mind to it. After a moments indecision he decided to let her play it her way.

Alex settled the whip around her shoulders and crouched in front of him. She held his gaze as she slid her hands up his thighs, her claws occasionally snicking at the fabric of his jeans.

Riders head dropped back as she cupped his groin. He almost pushed himself against her hand, only stopping when he remembered her claws. Alexia caressed his cock, feeling it grow harder under the heavy fabric.

"Lets give you a little room to move huh?" She said huskily before extending her claws entirely and slashing the jeans away from his skin. Rider sat motionless almost afraid to breath as the cloth fell in tatters around him. She hadn't once scratched him.

Alex stood, roughly jerking the remainder of his jeans from under his thighs. She ran a critical eye over his body and was a little annoyed that even now she could find nothing to fault with his body.

His eyes were a little wide but he was excited. She could tell by the short pants of breath he was taking. He was also hard, his cock was already resting against his flat stomach and his legs were a little wider than they had been when she had started. He wanted her to touch him.

Flicking the whip from around her neck Alex brought the tasseled end against his inner thigh. Rider gasped with surprise. It hadn't hurt. It was just a small sting to get his attention - she had it.

Alex circled around him dragging the whip behind her. The platted leather slid along the crease between his torso and his legs.

Closing his eyes Rider concentrated on slowing his breathing. Every time he inhaled his cock slid a little on his stomach leaving damp spots.

Alex flicked the whip back and brought it down across his shoulder leaving a light welt. Riders breath huffed out and his belly clenched.

Alex kept the lashes light working her way dow his back before giving her attention to his arse. Rider was squirming on the seat and crying out before she was finished. Even with the light whipping his arse was a deep pink.

Alex wanted to rub herself over him. She dropped the whip to the side, instantly forgetting it, and ran her hands over his smooth shoulders working her way down soothing the path her whip had made.

She breathed in his unique Rider scent and placed her ear against his back listening to his breathing and the steady rhythm of his pulse. She wanted him inside her.

She shifted her hands back to their human form, and slid out of her clothes, leaving her bra on. Walking around to Riders front she gripped the chains and lowered herself into his lap and onto his cock.

Riders head dropped back as Alexia rode him aggressively. She was using him to satisfy her craving and dampen down her anger and it felt great. HIs fists clenched around the belts binding him and hung on with what felt like his last gram of control. He was waiting for her signal.

The chains in her hands felt icy cold, a huge contrast to the warmth between her thighs. The pressure mounted quickly and Alexia held out for only another two strokes before before her orgasm was too close to hold back "Now Rider" she commanded before curving forwards and her tensing muscles took over.

She cried out with the force of her orgasm and rider felt her clamp wetly around him. He began thrusting up into, instinctively curling into her body. He brought her closer by pinning her shoulder to him with his chin and finally let himself come, spurting inside her.

They sat together like that for a while, Alex huddled in to his body and him curving as protectively around her as he could.

She used to the time to gather herself. She had done something unforgivable. Finally she took one last breath of him and stood, whimpering a little as he slid out of her. Not meeting his eyes she scooped up her clothes and hurried back towards the house.

Rider watched her go, puzzled, before turning his attention towards his bonds. once he had freed himself he picked up the forgotten whip and headed around the house to the laundry - his clothes were unsalvageable and he didn't really want to explain the marks on his back to Jeremy.

In the laundry he picked up a pair of worn leather pants and headed to the gym to drop off the whip. He also had a feeling that that would be where Alexia chose to hide and berate herself. He was right.

She was hugging her knees surrounded by racks of weapons, a place where she no doubt felt safe. He walked past her to hang the whip back on its peg and then turned back towards her. His throat tightened, she looked miserable.

"I'm sorry Rider." Alex said not looking up from her knees.

Rider moved to crouch in front of her, forcing Alex to meet those amazing blue eyes. "You didn't force me to do anything Red. You and I both know I could have been free in a minute if I had wanted to be. So what's really bothering you? Is it because I enjoyed it? Do you think less of me because I enjoy a little pain with my sex?"

"No of course not, I like a bit of pain too. Its just... Did you really enjoy that? If you had done it to me I would be furious. I would be halfway to Brahan by now." Alexia confessed.

"Ah. You were worried about me leaving." Rider smiled and moved to sit. He dragged her unwillingly into his lap. "Listen Red, you really don't have to worry about that. I'm here to stay. In fact if you don't do that again I will be very disappointed."

Alex slowly relaxed into his arms, liking the feel of his bare chest against her face. He wasn't going to leave her. More than that he had like what she had done to him.

Finally Rider got to his feet lifting her to hers too. "Lets go talk to Jeremy." He said.

Back in his quarters Jeremy had finished packing. He wasn't taking much, but he also wasn't expecting to come back. Neither of his charges knew that yet, and his heart was heavy with the knowledge. He felt guilty, but knew he was doing the right thing. He could be infinitely more useful to them in Aruba.

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