tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaming the Teaser Ch. 3

Taming the Teaser Ch. 3


A week had past since Catherine's ordeal with the wife and girlfriends. She had seen Mick from a distance as well but had managed to avoid him. She didn't know how she would ever face him again.

Catherine's dad was out of town for a week on business leaving just Catherine and her mother at home. It came as a shock when Catherine entered the house to find her mom standing there with tears in her eyes. "What is the meaning of this?" Her mom asked, holding a videocassette. Catherine's heart sank as she realized that her mother must have found the copy she had of her being gangfucked by six men.

Catherine tried to come up with an excuse, but basically sat there stammering like a fool under the glare of her mother.

Brenda was 41-years old. But could easily pass for a woman in her early thirties. She had a shapely figure. Her breast weren't as big as Catherine's but she worked out regularly and did excursuses to keep them from sagging. She had black hair and a pretty face that showed no signs of aging.

Brenda got part of Catherine's story. She knew enough to determine that it had something to do with Professor Johnson's class that she had taken last year. And one of his aides named Tommy. And some cheating. And that she had somehow been blackmailed into this. Brenda wanted to get to the bottom of this so she called the college and demanded a meeting with Professor Johnson. The fall semester had not yet started but most of the teachers were there planning for their classes. He agreed to meet them on Thursday afternoon. In the meantime Catherine begged her mother not to say anything to her dad.

Professor Johnson had no idea of what was going on, so he decided to begin by calling Tommy. He had his parent's phone number so he called there and they put him in touch with Tommy. Then he asked Tommy what was going on.

On Thursday afternoon Brenda and Catherine arrived at the college offices. They were surprised to find the office empty. It appeared that most of the people left at 3:30 and Professor Johnson had scheduled them for after hours. Brenda picked up a phone and dialed his extension. Professor Johnson came out to meet them. He was a handsome man in his mid-forties, with short hair showing signs of graying. As Brenda began explaining the tape and the brief information she had to the Professor he simply said, "Let's just wait till we get in my office and I'm sure we can settle everything there."

When they entered the office Catherine was surprised to see Tommy, Robert, Paula and Mick already sitting there.

"What is the meaning of this?" Brenda demanded, recognizing Tommy and Robert from the videotape.

"Relax," Mr. Johnson said. "I need to get all the facts before we can proceed."

He had Brenda and Catherine take a seat. Catherine looked at Mick and asked what he was doing there.

"Oh, Mick. I was asked to have him come along as well." Johnson replied. "Before we start I have something to show the two of you."

Professor Johnson picked up a remote control and turned on the TV in the corner. He hit play and a tape came on. It contained a compilation of scenes showing Catherine getting fucked and sucking cock, while crying out with pleasure. This was followed by scenes of Catherine having sex with several women. And then getting fucked by Mick. Brenda could not believe the size of Mick's dick when she saw it. She blushed while looking at him.

Professor Johnson turned the player off. "Let me see if I got this straight," He began. "Apparently, Catherine was having some difficulty in my class. So she seduced Tommy here into helping her to cheat on her exams. She agreed to also make some porno movies with him and his friends. Then when it was discovered she agreed to allow their wives or girlfriends to have their way with her in order to keep them silent. Is this true?"

"Fuck no!" Catherine shouted. But Tommy and Robert both said "Yes." Paula chimed in with her own agreement.

Brenda was aghast. She couldn't believe that what the Professor had said could possibly be true. "Mick, I know I can trust you. I've known you for years. What can you tell me?" She asked.

Mick looked Brenda in the eyes. "I heard about her having sex with those men. When I asked her she told me that I could fuck her and some other girls if I kept my mouth shut."

"Mick!" Catherine yelled.

"I'm sorry, Catherine. But I have to tell the truth."

Professor Johnson shook his head. "Catherine, I have signed statements from everyone in this room stating the same thing. I interviewed each privately and their stories concurred. I am planning on reviewing your records for last year to see if your credits should be revoked and if expulsion for cheating is in order. Not to mention that I will have to send that information, as well as a copy of this tape, to the review board that handles your scholarship."

"What about Tommy?" She asked.

"There's not much I can do about Tommy," He said. "He's already graduated. And he's agreed to come clean with the entire story in return for any post-academic review.

"This is bullshit!" Brenda bellowed. "You're trying to railroad my daughter!"

"Take a look at the evidence." Professor Johnson continued. "The tape shows conclusive proof that Catherine was a willing participant. That alone revokes her scholarship on her morals clause. Plus, I can probably prove the cheating. And I have the sworn statement of four other people, one of whom was an honor student with an impeccable record…"

"Who helped my daughter cheat and was fucking her!" Brenda interrupted.

"Well, just look at Catherine. It would be difficult for any young man to turn her down. From what I've seen on that tape she can be very persuasive."

"Alright, what do we have to do to get this matter dropped." Brenda asked.

Professor Johnson eyed Catherine up and down.

"You've got to be kidding me." Catherine said.

"You're not fucking my daughter!" Brenda insisted.

"Your daughter and you." Professor Johnson said. "All on tape so we have proof that you consented.

Brenda grabbed Catherine's arm and started for the door. Only to find the way blocked by Robert and Mick.

"Either strip and consent, or else Catherine has a future as a waitress." The professor said.

"Oh fuck it." Catherine said and began disrobing.

"Catherine!" Brenda cried out in alarm.

"Look, you all can fuck me. But leave my mom alone."

"Very well." The Professor agreed.

Once naked, Catherine was instructed to come around and lean over the desk. Brenda watched in horror as Professor Johnson dropped his pants and stood behind her daughter. The shoved his cock into her pussy. She saw Robert holding a camera capturing the entire moment on tape.

Johnson couldn't believe his luck. He had lusted after Catherine while she was in his class. When Tommy had told him what was going on the two quickly plotted a way to get them all out of trouble while giving him the opportunity to fuck the beautiful girl. He rammed his cock up her cunt with increased desire. Catherine lay still while her former teacher continued to bang her pussy. Then the professor came inside her.

When he pulled out he said, "Now let momma suck me clean."

"No!" Catherine shouted.

Tommy grabbed Brenda from behind. When she struggled Mick assisted. The older woman was forced to the desk where the Professor sat on the edge. She was made to kneel down and her face shoved into his crotch. His cock was already getting hard again at the sight of Catherine's mom coming close to his dick. Brenda couldn't believe that this was happening to her. She had never sucked a cock in her life. Her husband had never even requested it. She tried to resist but ended up having to open her mouth and take the Professor's manhood into her mouth. He began swelling as soon as she closed her lips around his shaft. She could taste her daughter's pussy on his dick. She wasn't sure what to do, but remembered the scenes of Catherine sucking cock and began imitating them. While she was sucking his cock Tommy was busy reaching around her blouse and unbuttoning it.

Catherine watched as her mother gave the teacher head. Mick approached her, pulling his own 12-inch cock out of his pants and ordering her to suck him. Catherine took him into her mouth, but could only suck half of him. Then Paula directed her to lay on the desk with her head hanging over the edge. Mick took his cock and pushed it into her mouth. At the urging of Paula he pushed deeper and deeper until he had his entire cock deep in her throat. Catherine was gagging as Mick began fucking her esophagus. While Mick fucked her throat Robert went around the other side of the desk and started fucking her pussy.

Tommy had Brenda get up from Johnson's cock. He held her tight while Paula helped him to remove her shirt and bra, then unhooked her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Paula then slid her panties down her legs and she was once more forced to bend over and begin sucking the Professor off. While doing this she felt Tommy pressing his cock into her pussy. She wanted to resist but was afraid to do anything. She felt what was the first cock other than her husband's in twenty years enter her pussy. Brenda had been very sexually active as a teenager. She had fucked many men between the ages of 17 and 20. But all that stopped when she met her husband just over 20 years ago. Now she was getting fucked by someone the same age as she was when she had Catherine.

Paula watched the two women with interest. Catherine was struggling on the desk as Mick fucked her throat and her husband was banging her pussy. Brenda seemed to be struggling against Johnson's cock, but she was acting as if she welcomed Tommy's cock in her cunt. She sat back in a chair and began fingering herself while watching the two women getting fucked. Making sure to stay out of the way of the camera as she did so.

"Oh yes!" Mick cried out as he blasted his hot load deep into Catherine's throat. When he pulled his dick out she was gasping for air. Her throat hurt from the immense size of Mick's pecker. Robert was still pounding her pussy. She turned her head to see her mother getting fucked by Tommy and sucking Johnson.

"Please don't hurt my mom." She said hoarsely.

"Hell, it looks like your mom is loving it." Robert said.

Then Robert began grunting as he filled Catherine's pussy with his cum.

Brenda felt Tommy's pace quickening. Then she felt his cock spurting inside her. Her mind was racing with guilt and shame as her insides were loaded with cum from a strange man. One who had filled her own daughter's holes up many times now.

As Tommy pulled out of her pussy Professor Johnson began throbbing in her mouth. He exhaled loudly and she felt a blast of cum spill out in her mouth. He filled her mouth and Brenda did her best to swallow it all, but much of it spilled out over her cheeks.

"Bring her over to me." Paula said, pointing at Catherine. "I need her to get me off now."

Catherine struggled as Mick and Robert dragged her over to the chair where Paula sat with her legs spread. Brenda watched in shock as Catherine was made to bury her face between Paula's legs and begin to eat her cunt. Paula was moaning with delight as Catherine licked her.

Mick got down behind Catherine and shoved his giant dick into her cunt. Brenda wondered how he could get it all the way inside her daughter. Catherine gasped as Mick began fucking her.

Brenda was quickly pushed up on the desk. Robert began sucking her nipples and fingering her cunt. Then he raised her legs and shoved his cock into her. Brenda never took her eyes of the spectacle of Mick fucking her daughter while she was eating another woman's pussy. Then Tommy got behind the desk and pulled her down so that he could shove his cock into her mouth and face-fuck her.

Professor Johnson made his way over to Paula and stood next to the chair. "Why don't you suck me for a while?" He asked.

Paula wasn't interested in the Professor. But he was helping her and her husband to keep out of serious trouble. And she was enjoying having Catherine licking her cunt, so she opened her mouth and took his cock and began giving him the best sucking he had ever had.

Catherine was crying out as she licked Paula's cunt. Mick's cock was bringing her to an orgasm. Her body shook as he filled her, sometimes painfully. She climaxed on his cock but he continued pounding her pussy. Paula's hips were bouncing up and down as Catherine licked her clit. She began cuming, spraying Catherine's face with her female jizz just as Mick blew his load inside her cunt.

Robert was pounding Brenda's pussy without mercy. The older woman was gasping for air around the cock in her mouth while being plowed by Robert. Then he spilled his seed into her only moments before Tommy emptied his balls into her mouth.

Brenda lay on the desk panting as the two men pulled away from her. Paula stopped sucking the Professor's cock and said, "Time to eat mommy."

Catherine and Brenda both protested. Brenda was quickly held down on the desk while Catherine was dragged over to her. With Paula's cum still on her face she was forced between her mother's legs and made to suck on Brenda's clit. Paula came around the desk and started sucking Brenda's nipples. Seeing her ass in the air the Professor came behind her and shoved his cock into Paula's wet pussy. "Oh yes." Paula said as the older man began fucking her. The professor was already on the verge after having her suck him for several minutes so he quickly coated the insides of her pussy with his semen. When he pulled out she looked at Mick and said. "Shove that moster-dick in me." Mick quickly complied by coming around the desk and fucking Paula's cunt.

Tommy got behind Catherine as she was eating her mother's twat and shoved his cock into her pussy. She had been loosened way too much by so he pulled out and pressed his dick into her asshole. Catherine whimpered as he pressed in but didn't resist as Tommy began fucking her ass. She continued sucking her mother's clit as Brenda squirmed beneath her. With her daughter licking her cunt and Paula sucking her nipples she was rapidly losing control of her senses. She began crying out loud as Catherine brought her closer and closer to orgasm. She was humiliated at the thought of cuming as a result of her daughter's tongue in front of these people. But Catherine continued to lick and her passion continued to grow. "Oh my god!" She yelled as her pussy climaxed.

Catherine was appalled that she was licking her mother to an orgasm. She could feel her mom's juices dribbling as she continued licking her clit. Her mom's hips were bumping up and down on the desk as she came. Just as her mom was calming down Tommy shot his load into her asshole.

Brenda lay on the desk delirious as Paula continued sucking her nipples. Paula stopped only to scream out loud as Mick's cock brought her to another orgasm. The young boy continued fucking Paula until he had cum in her tight hole.

Catherine was lowered to the floor and made to straddle Professor Johnson. She sat on his cock, which filled so tiny after being fucked by Mick. Then Robert got behind her and sank his 8-inch cock into her asshole. Catherine rode the two cocks, feeling another climax coming on. Tommy stood beside her and shoved his cock into her mouth. Now Catherine was once again filled in all three holes.

Brenda sat up on the desk. Still unable to comprehend the fact that she had just climaxed with her own daughter. Mick came around the desk and the two of them watched as Catherine was being triple penetrated. The older woman looked down at his giant sized dick. Without thinking she reached out and grasped it in her hand. It began growing stiff immediately. She marveled at it's obvious 12-inches. It was as thick as her wrist. She couldn't believe that something so large could have fit into her daughter's snatch.

"Give it to me." She said.

"What?" Mick asked.

"I said give me that cock. I've gotta have it."

Brenda couldn't believe what she was saying. But she couldn't resist the temptation to have Mick's cock inside her. She bent over the desk and allowed him to shove his cock into her cunt. Brenda gasped as he stretched her insides out. When he slammed into her cervix she cried out with alarm. Mick just continued fucking her hole.

Paula saw the radical change in Catherine's mom. She was horny once more so she slid up onto the desk so that her crotch was in Brenda's face. "Eat my cunt." She said.

Without a moment's hesitation Brenda began licking Paula's clit. Paula laughed with excitement as the older woman pleasured her.

Catherine was orgasming on Professor Johnson's cock. She wondered how long these three could keep it up before cuming. She was climaxing again and again. Tommy filled her mouth with his seed and pulled away. Revealing the sight of her mother being fucked from behind by Mick and eating Paula's pussy. She would have cried out but yet another orgasm overtook her.

Paula came all over Brenda's face. But the older woman just kept on licking, enjoying how filled she was by Mick's giant cock. The young man pounded away at Brenda's cunt. "Oh mad god, yes, fuck me. Fuck me goddamn it!" Brenda cried out as her climax neared. Catherine could not believe how loud her mother was getting. The older woman's cried must have excited the two men still inside her as Robert began cuming in her ass. He remained inside her until Professor Johnson blew his load into her cunt. As the two men were going soft Catherine continued fucking them as her body incurred another orgasm.

Brenda was shouting as she came on Mick's cock. The young man couldn't hold back any longer and blasted his load into her pussy as she finished climaxing.

Professor Johnson stepped over to where the camera now set, still recording everything. He turned off the camera and came around to sit naked at his desk. Catherine sat on the floor unwilling to look anyone in the face. Brenda got off the desk, but her legs were so weak that she barely made it to a chair. The others stood around the room looking at Brenda and Catherine.

"Well, do we have a deal?" Johnson asked.

"What deal?" Catherine asked.

"That you will drop all this nonsense about being blackmailed or raped, or anything like that. I will forget about you cheating on your exams. And I won't allow any of these tapes to get released. At least not as long as you're willing to come by and satisfy me every once in a while. And maybe take care of my friends here."

"No fucking way!" Catherine exclaimed.

"Oh yes you will!" Brenda surprised everyone. "Your father and I worked to fucking hard to get you into college. If you got yourself into this mess by being a fucking cock-teasing bitch then you deserve what you get. You can't afford to lose your scholarship money. And I won't allow you to let those tapes to be seen by anyone. Especially not the one with you eating my pussy. So if you have to fuck these people here for the next three years until you get out of college then you can just live with it. From the looks of things I don't think you mind half as much as you put on."

Catherine could not believe what she was hearing. Her mother had just agreed to make her become a sex slave to Professor Johnson and these others. Maybe Tommy was going to be gone. But she knew that she would still have to fuck their other friends, and probably the girlfriends. And there was no way to get out of it. All she could do was accept her fate and fuck her way through the next three years, then get a job and move away. Unfortunately Catherine had one more surprise in store for her. She didn't know it yet, but she was a little over a week pregnant with Mick's kid after he had fucked her at Paula's house.

Brenda and Catherine got dressed and started to leave. Then Brenda stopped beside Mick. "Oh, and by the way. My husband leaves town for a week almost every month. During that time you can forget about my daughter. I want that giant cock at my house fucking me."

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