tagGroup SexTammy & the Electrician Ch. 3

Tammy & the Electrician Ch. 3


John lay there next to the woman that he had just met hours earlier. He had just met her at the school where he had been working for an electrical contractor. He’d traveled a lot but he had never had any sexual experiences like this. There had never been anything happen to him back in Kansas like it had there. He loved Washington and now that he had met Tammy, he had more reason than ever to like it there. He moved closer to Tammy and kissed her gently on the cheek. She snuggled close to him and laid her head on his shoulder. He loved the feel of her breasts against his side and the feel of this woman with her head on his chest. For the first time in a long time he started to relax. He drifted off to a much-needed sleep.

Several hours later, John was awakened with the soft touch of Tammy running her hand down his body. He could feel her breasts touching his body. He could feel the stubble of her legs against his. He lay there with his eyes closed enjoying the feel. He felt Tammy move away and started to reach and pull her to him again but right then he realized something wasn’t right. He couldn’t move his arm. “What the…” he said out loud and then stopped in mid sentence. He opened his eyes and he soon realized why he couldn’t move. His arms were tied to the headboard of the bed he was laying in. He tried to move, but could only move his arms a few inches in either direction. He also could realize that he could not move his feet. After a few seconds he regained his focus and looked at the side of the bed. Tammy was standing there beside it; nude from head to toe standing they’re with a big smile on her face.

“What the devil is going on Tammy?” he asked as he pulled his arms and tried to free himself.

“Oh nothing honey,” she smiled a naughty little smile like a kid that had just gotten something over on an adult and knew that they were in control.

“Come on baby, untie me,” he said.

“No,” she said, “I’m not untying you until I am ready to.” She laughed, or was it more of a snicker, and then turned and walked away from the bed. He watched as her naked ass moved away and he suddenly realized that this was no longer funny and he was really tied securely to the bed frame.

“Damnit, untie me NOW!!!!” he insisted.

Tammy just ignored him and walked out the door. John lay there and tried and tried to get away but after a few minutes of struggling he saw that there was absolutely nothing that he could do. He lay still and thought about what he had gotten himself into. He thought about the situation and then after a while, decided that he might as well go along with whatever Tammy wanted because short of crying for help, he was totally helpless to this woman. John closed his eyes, trying to imagine what she had planned for him. He suddenly realized that he heard Tammy talking to someone. “Oh shit, what is going on?” he asked himself. He tried to make out the conversation but he could only hear Tammy’s voice but he couldn’t tell what she was saying. After a minute or two he heard the sound of her hanging up the phone. “Thank God,” he said softly to himself.

Tammy walked back into the room and slowly walked up to him and then stood at the foot of the bed. She still had a smile on her face. “Come on Tammy, please untie me,” he pleaded. “No way babe,” she said. She moved closer to the foot of the bed and then she sat down and looked at him, eyeing him up and down. “The police will be here in a minute,” she said.

“Police? What’s going on,” suddenly angry that he had gotten himself into this mess. “Why the hell did you call the police?”

“Well, the way I see it, you came into my house uninvited, which is breaking an entering. Then, you walked into my bathroom while I was in the tub and took your clothes off, which is exposing yourself. And then on top of that, you picked me up and without asking me permission, you took advantage of me which is at least sexual assault.”

“Sexual assault???”

“Yeah, sexual assault,” she said.

“But I didn’t assault you. You never even protested.”

“Well, in the state of Washington, I am sure that at least one of these are felonies and I am going to see to it that charges are brought against you.”

“LET ME GO DAMNIT,” John pleaded. “Please, don’t do this.”

Tammy laughed and then she heard a knock on the door. She quickly got up and slipped her robe on and headed out the bedroom and went to the front door. “Hello officer,” he heard her say. John heard footsteps and then knew that he was in deep shit. He heard footsteps down the hall and then Tammy walked in with a police officer behind her. “See officer, I told you I had him in custody, Tammy said.

When the officer walked through the door, John couldn’t believe his eyes. It was a female cop, not just any female cop, but a beautiful blonde female cop at that. “Oh my God,” John said under his breath. Not only a cop, but a woman cop. The officer walked over to the bed and looked down at John, and as she approached, he could see that she was indeed a real life police officer. The officer looked at him lying prone and completely naked on the bed. She ran her finger down the length of his torso, coming within a few inches of his semi hard penis.

“Ok Tammy, tell me exactly what happened,” the lady cop said.

Tammy proceeded to tell her the events of the day. She told how he had made love to her at the school in the locker room that afternoon. She went on to tell her how he had just invited himself into the house and walked into the bathroom and took his clothes off and just stepped right in and then started running his hands over her body. She told her how he had stood up and carried her into the bedroom and then started running his tongue all over her body. The officer took notes as Tammy relived every detail of the sex that she and John had just had.

“And then what happened.”

“And then when he was asleep, I tied him to the bed and then got up and called you,” she said.

“I see,” said the officer. She put her notepad in her shirt pocket. She walked over to the bed and looked down at John, looked him from head to toe, tied up there. John looked over at this officer of the law and couldn’t help but notice that underneath the uniform stood a woman, a woman who was attractive in every sense of the word. He could feel himself start to get aroused at the thought, but soon put it out of his mind because he didn’t want to get a woody with her standing there over him. The officer walked back over to Tammy. She leaned close to Tammy and whispered something into her ear. Tammy smiled and nodded her head. What the hell are they going to do to me, John wondered. The cop once again walked toward him and stood over his naked body and looked at him. She took her finger and once again ran it up and down his body and as she did, he could feel his cock start to rise even though he was trying to do everything to keep it from happening.

The officer turned back toward Tammy and walked over to her. She reached forward and touched the belt that was holding her robe together and untied it; slipping it off of her shoulders and letting it slip to the floor. John watched in amazement as she moved close to Tammy and placed her lips on hers. The woman put her arms around Tammy and she put her arms back around the officer’s neck. The cop slid her hands gently down Tammy’s back and touched her butt cheeks with both hands. Tammy responded to her touches and pressed her naked body up against the police officer. She raised one leg and wrapped it around the woman and the woman slid her hand down a little farther and then she grabbed her by the ass cheek and moved her toward the bed.

“What’s going on here?” John asked out loud.

The women didn’t respond to his questions because they were either ignoring him or too engrossed in what they were doing to each other. The woman removed her hand from Tammy’s ass and then they broke off their kiss. She then stepped back and bent down slightly and started to kiss on the neck and then working her way down to her breasts. She kissed first one nipple and then the other. John looked at Tammy’s face and could tell by the look of ecstasy on her that she was enjoying the attention to her body. John could feel his cock start to grow at the sight of this woman in uniform kissing this naked woman in front of him.

He watched in amazement as she moved down Tammy’s body and then dropped to her knees and put her face into her pussy. Tammy raised her leg and put it over the shoulder of this woman that was kissing her. The woman grabbed Tammy’s buttocks and squeezed them, pulling her into her face. Tammy let out a little moan of pleasure as the woman licked and kissed her pussy. John started to stir and he could feel his cock growing harder and harder as he watched this woman take her tongue and put it into Tammy’s pussy. “Oh Carol,” Tammy said, “oh yes Carol. Mmmmmm yes, lick my pussy babe.” Carol continued to lick her pussy and Tammy seemed lost in the touch of this woman that was kneeling in front of her and didn’t even seem to notice that he was tied up on the bed.

Carol took her hands off of Tammy’s ass cheek and moved back, holding onto Tammy’s hips as she removed her mouth from her pussy. She slowly stood up and started to kiss her way back up her body and kissed and licked her nipples and then moved her way up and kissed her on the neck and then gave her a long, passionate kiss on the lips. When Tammy tasted the juices from her pussy it seemed to trigger something in her. She took a handful of Carol’s hair and pulled her face against hers and John could tell that her tongue was going into Carol’s mouth, licking every drop of her flavor from her lips. Carol pulled herself from Tammy’s tight grip and stepped back. She reached down and unbuckled her gun belt and tossed it out of the way.

As if on cue, Tammy moved her hand to her blouse and started to unsnap it. Slowly, one by one the snaps of her uniform shirt came undone. As soon as she had it unbuttoned she pulled it out of her pants and slipped it off of her shoulders. John could see that her breasts were very nice shapes as she stood there in her bra. Tammy reached forward and undid the snap on the front of her bra and it was if her tits sprang out of the tight material. Tammy cupped the breasts in her hands and took one of them and pressed the nipple up to her lips. Carol let out a moan of delight as Tammy’s skilled tongue flicked across her nipple while she squeezed her soft breast.

Tammy continued to suck on her nipple and then moved Carol back toward the bed until she was up against it and then she laid her back and released her nipple from her mouth. She reached down and unsnapped the button on her pants and then slid them down the legs of her policewoman friend. She stopped and removed her shoes and then her socks. She lifted her feet and then kissed the bottom of her foot. John could see that she liked the attention that Tammy was giving to her feet. He could see Tammy take her toes into her mouth one at a time and suckle each one, paying attention to them one at a time like she had done his cock earlier. Tammy stopped sucking and pulled the pants off of Carol and then moved forward and hooked her fingers into the panties of this woman.

She slid them off of her hips and down her legs. She took the panties and put them to her face and took a deep breath as if to savor what John knew she was about to do. She tossed the panties toward John and they landed against his cheek and he could smell the fragrance of her pussy on them as Tammy moved forward and licked Carol’s body. He watched as Tammy kissed up her thighs and then put her face between Carol’s legs. As soon as she put her tongue to Carol’s pussy, John could see her grab her head and pull it into the folds of her vagina and could hear her moan with pleasure. Carol wrapped her legs around Tammy’s head and tried to pull her face in farther into her pussy. Tammy pulled back and Carol released her leg lock on Tammy’s head.

Carol moved farther back on the bed and Tammy got on and turned around so they were in the 69 position. She watched as Tammy sunk her face into the pussy of this woman and he desperately wanted to be able to take part in the sexual orgy that was taking place in front of him. Damn, it sucked to be tied up like this and being tortured watching these two women go at each other. She saw Carol’s face move up and she started to lick Tammy’s pussy while Tammy licked hers. He had never seen two women go down on each other before and it was turning him on much more than anything ever had before. John could feel his cock grow so hard and the skin felt so tight that he thought he was going to explode.

“Come on girls, share some of that with me,” he said.

The girls stopped what they were doing and giggled and then moved away from each other. “Ok John, if that’s what you want, but first we want to hear you beg for it.”

“Please Carol. Please Tammy. Share some of that pussy with me,” John pleaded.

Tammy moved to his legs and started kissing his way up his body as Carol moved to the head of the bed and positioned herself above his face toward Tammy. He looked up and saw her pussy as it was about to be lowered onto his face. Carol sat down and as his tongue touched her pussy, he felt her shudder and moan. By this time, Tammy had worked her way up to his balls. She started licking him, slowly moving her tongue up and down on his cock. John felt her as she worked her way up and then took the head of his dick and slowly pressed her lips over the head of it. She moved her mouth up and down on it and then only after a few minutes she released his cock from her lips and slowly, deliberately licked the way down his cock and then paid special attention to his balls again.

Carol bent forward and he could feel as her breasts touched his stomach and then he felt her lips touch the head of his dick. John felt so helpless lying there while these two women had their way with him but he loved every minute of it. He stuck his tongue into Carol’s cunt and began to shove it as deep into her as he could. As he did this, Carol slid her lips down the length of his shaft and soon had her mouth over the entire length. She could feel as she took her tongue and moved it around on his cock while she held it there in her mouth and Tammy licked his balls.

“Oh God baby, that feels so good,” he said as she continued to deep throat him. Carol could feel his cock start to twitch and she knew that if she kept it up, he would reach the point of no return and they were not done with him just yet. She slowly pulled her lips off of his cock and he felt Tammy stop licking on his nuts. Carol sat up and buried John’s face into her pussy. He could feel Tammy working her way up his body and then he felt her legs straddle his. He lay there while Carol’s pussy was on his face and then he could feel his head touch the entrance to Tammy’s pussy.

Tammy kissed Carol and slowly sank onto John’s cock. It felt like heaven as she slid onto his hard shaft and he knew that he was not going to be able to take it much longer. Tammy knew that he wouldn’t last long either so she started moving up and down on his cock, moving around so he could get a good feel. She felt Carol’s lips move down and kiss her nipples. She felt the hot cock inside her. She started to moan and she could tell that Carol was grinding her pussy into the face of John. Tammy started to move faster, riding on his hard cock as fast as she could and John was doing everything that he could to meet each thrust. She could tell by the way that he was driving it inside her that he was ready to cum.

“Oh yeah John, fuck me baby,” she said as she rode his cock and Carol rode his face. John moved it in and out of Tammy’s tight wet cunt and as he drove it in he could hear Carol moan and then he heard her moan a loud moan and he could tell that her orgasm would soon be coming. John drove his tongue in and out of Carol’s pussy while he drove his cock in and out of Tammy. He couldn’t tell if Tammy had started to cum yet but at this point all he could think about was relieving the pressure in his groin.

Tammy felt as if the earth were moving and she could feel as his pecker twitched and she could feel that his cock seemed to get harder and harder by the second .and then she could feel her own orgasm begin to start.

“Fuck me John, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!!” she screamed as she pulled Carol to her breast and then she bucked and rode his cock. John pumped into her pussy and then when he could stand it no longer, he released his hot sperm into it. “Yes babe,” Tammy moaned as Carol sucked her tits and then it hit her like a wall of water, that feeling of total pleasure as her body gave into the waves of orgasm. She came and came and then came some more. She felt wave after wave of pleasure took over her body. Slowly she stopped riding John’s cock and it stopped pumping it’s fluid into her depths and then as soon as it started, it was over.

John felt Carol grinds her pussy into his face and she fucked his tongue with everything she had. Tammy knew she was about to cum so she leaned forward and took Carol’s nipple into her mouth and sucked it into her mouth hard and then reached around Carol and inserted her finger into the opening of her ass. When she did this, Carol let out a sigh and she shook slightly and she slowed down her movement but continued to let John push his tongue in and out of her pussy. Finally, she quit cumming and she pulled her crotch off of John’s face. She looked over at Tammy who had just pulled herself off of John’s dick and smiled. She moved her face to his and pressed her lips hungrily to his. She put her tongue in his mouth and greedily licked her pussy juice off of his face.

They both got out of bed and looked down at him.

“Well Tammy, do you still want to press charges?” Carol asked.

“Hmmmmm. I don’t know, you think he’d make it in jail?”

They both just laughed and then kissed deeply like a couple of teenage girls. John just lay there, wondering what these two were going to do next.

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