tagFetishTammy Takes Me on a Tour

Tammy Takes Me on a Tour


Last week, on a sunny summer morning, Tammy called me up and asked me to come out to her large country home for a fun afternoon. Specifically, she asked me to meet her in the stable. I knew what that meant, so I went there, prepared to be taken on a tour of the property, dressed in Levi's, cowboy boots and a western style shirt with a baggie full of sugar cubes in the pocket. I also carried an insulated container with bottles of water packed in ice, because the day would be warm, and I knew the water would be needed.

After parking next to the stable, I went inside through the open door. The house is quite old, and the outbuilding used to be the home of saddle horses or horses that pulled the carriage that the owners used for transportation. There have been no horses there for close to a century, but a light, two-wheeled carriage, the kind sometimes called a trap, stood waiting just inside the doorway. Normally, the doors to the stable would be locked, but I knew they had been left open for my convenience. I walked inside, set the container of water on the seat of the carriage, and called out Tammy's name, to be answered by a realistic whinny. There may have been no horses in the stable for many years, but there was a lovely ponygirl waiting there for me.

Only one stall is ever used, and I walked over to it. There, about four feet off the dirt floor, I saw a smiling, pretty face peering out over a feeding trough that contained a pile of Cheerios. Since Tammy is almost six feet tall, I knew how far she had to be bent over. Some of the cereal was stuck to her face; apparently, she had been eating from the pile to help her get into character. A heavy wooden plank just above the back of her neck kept her from either leaving the stall or reaching out to brush off her face, so I took care of the latter. When I was through with that, I took some of the sugar cubes out of my pocket, and fed them to her one at a time. Using her lips only, Tammy picked them out of the palm of my hand and pulled them into her mouth. After enjoying this affectionate treat, she whinnied her appreciation.

"Good girl," I said to her. "Good girl, Tammy." I patted her head and bent over toward her to rub my cheek against the side of her face.

Tammy responded by moving her head to nuzzle her lips affectionately against my cheek. It was the closest thing to kissing that we would do, until much later. Her long black hair was gaily festooned with red ribbons and combed up into a pile on the top and the back of her head, and down her neck, and held in place as a mane through the legerdemain that women are able to accomplish with bobby pins.

"Pretty pony," I told her. "Preeetttty ponygirl." Tammy whinnied again in appreciation of the compliment, which was an honest one. Her face really is pretty, with big, dark eyes, strong features, a generous mouth, and a smooth, fair complexion. She was not wearing any kind of makeup, because that is not something that ponies do.

Hanging next to her stall was a wide, red leather collar and long matching leash. I buckled the collar around Tammy's neck and attached the leash. After pulling the long strip of leather tight and wrapping it around a wooden beam that was one of the supports of the stall, I raised the heavy plank that had been keeping her in place. The bottom of this board and the top of the one below it had long crescents that had been carved out and very well padded. There was enough space between the planks for her neck, and for her to move sideways, but not enough for her to move her shoulders forward or her head back between them. Someone who saw her would think she was a prisoner in the stall, but I was well aware that she could have easily removed the plank that was under her face. In fact, that was the one she had placed there to make it look as if she were a prisoner in the stable.

With Tammy able to move around more, but still securely tethered, I went around to the back of the stall to prepare her further for the ride she was going to give me. Unable to see me, she stamped her feet nervously when I entered, but remained tied in place, leaning forward over the lower plank.

Her feet were encased in high, red leather boots. I tapped her leg; she obediently raised that foot, and I inspected the sole of the boot. It was thick, and on the bottom was a ridge of silvery metal, probably aluminum, that extended from just in front of the heel all around the toe and back to the heel on the other side of the sole. This horse shoe, because what's what it was intended to be, was what I was inspecting. It looked fine to me, and I actually tried to move it, but it was solidly nailed to the sole, so I lowered that foot to the dirt floor of the stall. Staying in character, I tapped the ponygirl's other leg and inspected that shoe the same way, with the same results.

Tammy's beautiful black tail, which exactly matched her main, was fastened to a butt plug that was firmly lodged inside her ass. The entire conical part had been wedged inside, so it was held in place by her anal sphincter, as well as by a short, rigid piece of red leather, which was fastened to the base of the butt plug and to a wide, red leather belt that was buckled snugly around her waist. Except for the belt and her hoof boots, Tammy was naked. Before I went any further, I patted her ass affectionately, while admiring her large breasts and the way they swayed when she moved restlessly around, and I placed my arm over her back. Wanting to counteract the nervousness that she seemed to be feeling, I petted her back and sides and hips for a few minutes and spoke to her soothingly. We were both playing our parts as well as we could.

"Gooood girl. Gooood Tammy. Pretty ponygirl." She settled down then, and I continued preparing her.

The belt around Tammy's waist had been made to order in a neighboring city by a BDSM shop that specializes in such things. Besides the butt plug attachment, there were two light shackles connected to the belt, and I gently pulled Tammy's arms, one at a time, behind her and locked them into the restraints. I wanted to immobilize her arms, not spook her or hurt her, and I was careful to make sure the shackles would hold her, but not tightly enough to cause any pain or other problem. She was now ready to be harnessed, so I yanked on the leash to pull it loose from the beam, guided her out of the stall and led her to the carriage, where I backed her in between the wooden poles that extended from the body of the conveyance. To keep her from straying, which she was enough into her ponygirl role to have done, I wrapped the leash around the nearer of the two poles.

The rest of the tack was hanging on the wall of the stable beside the trap. I got down the ponygirl harness and placed it against the front of Tammy's body and over her shoulders. She shied a bit, so I stopped what I was doing and calmed her, holding it in place with one hand and stroking her shoulder and side and speaking to her in a gentle, soothing voice. When she was settled down again, I continued with what I had started doing. Affectionately brushing her beautiful mane out of the way, I fastened the harness over her body. The ponygirl tack was made of soft red leather and, including the collar and leash and belt and hoof boots, the gear had all been part of the same order from the BDSM shop. They charge high prices, and make a high quality product, and part of what they offer is confidentiality. Tammy is a successful professional athlete, and easily able to afford the property where she lives, and to support her fetish. Confidentiality is important, and she would be very embarrassed if word of what she likes to do sexually were to get out to certain envious competitors or vindictive sports writers.

The upper horizontal strap of the harness went just above her lovely breasts and under her armpits. Other straps were connected to the front of it and were resting across her shoulders. The top strap went under her shackled arms and through loops in the ends of the shoulder straps, to be buckled securely in place. The middle horizontal strap went under her breasts and under her arms and buckled directly under the top strap. Both of them had to be fastened tightly, but not so much that they would restrict her breathing or cause Tammy any pain. She enjoys her fetish of being a ponygirl, but only if her master or mistress for the day refrains from inflicting any unnecessary pain on her. Being very fond of Tammy, and wanting to continue to enjoy a good relationship with her, I would never even consider doing anything that might hurt her, or even distress her.

A vertical strap was securely riveted to the top horizontal strap and the middle one on either side of the harness, and extended as far as the leather belt around Tammy's waist, ending in a loop. The lowest horizontal strap, which is not attached to the rest of the harness when not in use, was threaded through loops fastened to the top of that belt and through the loops at the ends of the vertical straps, and also buckled at Tammy's back, under her pinioned arms.

As I pushed the last strap through the loops attached to the belt, my face was inches away from Tammy's delectable pussy, and I could smell fresh juices. Being treated like a pony was already causing her to become highly sexually aroused. I had a strong urge to use my tongue and lick them off her or, at least, catch some on my finger and lick it off there. I didn't, though, for the same reason as I hadn't fondled or licked her breasts while we were in the stall or while I was harnessing her. She was staying in character, and I wanted to do so also, to make our afternoon as much fun as we could. I also didn't mind waiting, because I knew my tongue would spend a long time caressing Tammy's truly delicious pussy later.

To each junction of the straps, including from the loop at the end of the vertical ones, a long strap is fastened, three on either side, or six all together. I hooked these long straps onto the three metal rings that were imbedded in either of the two wooden poles of the carriage. Because of the spacing of the metal rings and the varying length of the six connecting straps, all of the latter were taut, and Tammy was bent forward by the time I finished, although not as much as she had been while in her stall. The straps were designed so she would be able to lean into the harness when she pulled the trap, allowing her to act out her fetish in greater comfort and for a longer time.

With the ponygirl harness securely in place, the next thing was the bridle and bit. These can be very elaborate and decorative items, but Tammy had selected a rather plain model. She is justifiably proud of her beautiful mane, and the more elaborate bridles include straps that would mash that crowning glory, or plumes that were redundant. Some of them include blinders, but she likes to look around while in harness, so those were rejected also. The one she selected is a "U" shaped piece of spring steel, with the bit consisting of a hard rubber cylinder -- also red - that surrounds the entire length of the center piece of the "U". That piece is about eight inches long, so it protrudes past either side of her face. The side pieces are longer, and extend along her cheeks and below her ears to the back of her neck, where they would be connected to each other through the use of a flat piece of steel.

I got the bridle/bit down from its hook on the wall and approached Tammy with it. Sometimes she is somewhat balky at wearing this, because it isn't very comfortable, so before putting it in place, I petted her and talked to her. "Pretty pony," I crooned. "Pretty Tammy." I bent down and rubbed my cheek against hers also, and stroked her shoulders, before showing her the piece of tack I intended to put on her.

She still shied somewhat, so I got the last of the sugar cubes out of my pocket, and held them in my hand to offer them to the ponygirl. She picked them out of the palm my hand with her lips again, and this time, when I held the bit and bridle in front of her, Tammy opened her mouth to accept it. I gently placed the bit between her upper and lower teeth, being careful not to push it in too far. She was more docile now, and I continued patting her shoulder while I held the bit in place and slipped the flat piece of steel onto the end of one of the side pieces. Those pieces have a series of notches cut onto their outer edges to hold the flat piece in place. I squeezed the two side pieces together and slid the flat piece of steel along them until it was pressed against the nape of Tammy's neck. After I released them so they would spring apart again, I checked to make sure the bit was snugly enough in her mouth, so she had to bite it, but not so tight as to cause any kind of pain or excessive discomfort. It was intended to be somewhat uncomfortable. The fit was just right, and the bit and bridle would continue to be held in place by the flat piece of steel, which was securely held against her neck by the notches on the side pieces.

The last items were the red leather reins, and I hooked one to either of the eyes imbedded in the ends of the bit, and carried them with me as I mounted the carriage. I left the leash fastened to her collar and to the carriage's side pole; I wouldn't need it until I led Tammy back to her stall after my ride and whatever else we decided to do. Everything was set so, holding the reins in my left hand, I brushed them against Tammy's shoulders, while ordering her "Giddyup", and she started walking slowly out of the stable, pulling the carriage, with me aboard, behind her.

Her pace was what would be called "The Ponygirl Walk", or "The Ponygirl Strut", and is a series of steps where the hoofs are raised high and thumped down on the ground. It was quite impressive, but not fast enough, so I took the whip, with its red leather haft, out of its socket and slashed Tammy once across either cheek of her ass. That got her attention, and she picked up the pace considerably, pulling the carriage, with me aboard, down the dirt path that led from the stable. Satisfied, at least for the time being, with her speed, I replaced the whip in the whip socket, and held the reins with both hands. As I said earlier, Tammy has no desire to feel any more pain than necessary, nor would I ever inflict any on her. The whip, instead of being made of braided leather, is made of braided feathers, and they tickled rather than stung her ass.

I truly enjoyed the ride Tammy gave me that day, and I know she did too. I wanted a fairly complete tour of the property, and I steered her along the many bridle paths with gentle tugs on the reins, which she answered willingly. It was truly delightful to see the voluptuous young woman, high stepping along at a steady trot, with her tail swinging from side to side. I also enjoyed the other pleasant scenery, such as trees and clouds, and I know my ponygirl did too. However, the best parts of the ride, up to that point anyhow, were watching Tammy's naked form trotting in front of me, and hearing the steady thump of her hooves on the hard-packed dirt. Occasionally, I would tickle her lovely ass with the whip, and she would increase her speed slightly in response. The ride was a lot of fun for both of us and she was also getting some good exercise.

After about an hour of mostly aimless travel, she was pulling the carriage down one path, when she turned right onto another. I had not pulled on the rein to order her to do that, so I had a good idea of what Tammy had in mind, and I relished the thought of it. As we approached a wide place in the bridle path, surrounded by shade trees, she slowed down, and I knew what she wanted. It was something I wanted also, although maybe not as much as she did.

"Whoa," I called out, pulling on the reins. Obediently, Tammy stopped and stood, tossing her head and mane and moving her hooves up and down, but not going anywhere.

I wrapped the reins around one of the poles and, carrying the cooler of water, I got out of the carriage and walked up to Tammy to put my arm affectionately around her shoulders. She raised her head and shook it in a very equine fashion, and nuzzled the side of her head above the bridle against mine. I felt a great fondness for her, and bent down and hugged her around the neck, and petted her shoulders and sides. In a few minutes, I would be doing the same thing for her luscious breasts, but there were other things to attend to first.

"Good girl, Tammy. Gooood girl. Do you want some water?"

Without waiting for an answer, I twisted the cap off one of the plastic bottles and held it up to her lips. There would be some difficulty in giving her a drink while she had the bit in her mouth, but I didn't want to break character and remove it. She arched her body downward, tipped her head back and opened her mouth as wide as she could. The rubber bit is only about as thick as my finger, so I placed the neck of the bottle between its top and Tammy's upper teeth and tipped it up slightly, so I could pour the water into her mouth. Patiently, I stood there, slowly feeding her the water, making sure she had time to taste and swallow it, until the first bottle was empty. With almost none of it spilled, she had drunk a half liter. Because it was a warm day, and I could feel that she had been sweating quite a bit, I thought she would probably want more.

"More water, Girl?" I asked, my hand still affectionately on her shoulder.

Tammy tossed her head up and down, as if to say "Yes" so I opened another bottle and held it to her mouth the same way. This time, after drinking about half of it, she moved her face away. I was a bit thirsty too and, not wanting to waste it, I drank the rest of the bottle and replaced the empties in the cooler.

The respite and the drink were pleasant for Tammy, but I knew they were not the real reason she had chosen to stop at this pleasant, shady spot, and she started stamping her hooves, as if impatient to tell me what she wanted. I very definitely wanted the same thing, so I started by rubbing my face against the side of her head. What we were doing then was as close to foreplay as we could do and still remain in character.

I am a couple of inches taller than Tammy is, so I came around and knelt in front of her. Because of the way she was bent forward, her breasts were at the same level as my mouth, and I held them gently in my hands and started licking her nipples. This is not a customary form of communication or sexual foreplay with ponies, but we were both more than willing to accept a bit of latitude when it is as much fun as we were both having. Her nipples were quite rigid, and I could smell and see the juices running down her legs from her pussy. Tammy gets highly aroused from being a ponygirl, as we both knew she would, and I wanted to use my mouth to alleviate her horniness. I was definitely not being altruistic; I truly love eating her pussy, maybe as much as she loves having me eat it.

Since her juices were already running freely, I didn't spend as much time on Tammy's breasts as I might have, before licking and kissing my way down her front, avoiding the leather, until I reached her mons. I was well aware that she had stopped in this spot so that I could eat her pussy, and she knew that was also very much what I wanted to do. In order to get comfortable, I sat on the dirt and slid between her legs, which she spread wide to give me room. Fragrant juices were trickling down her thighs, as they had been ever since her harnessing, and I started by breathing in their delightful aroma, before licking them off. They were delicious, and the salty taste of her sweat added a little more spice. Tammy would refrain from speaking, which she couldn't do anyhow, with the bit in her mouth, but she happily expressed her pleasure by stamping her hooves beside me and tossing her head.

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