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Tammy's Mom

byFrederick Carol©

That Tammy Burt and I were friends, good friends, was a fact, but I was never quite sure how it started. Okay, a shared love of programming helped, as did the fact that Tammy and her divorced mom lived just a block away, but at the time our friendship began, Tammy was only twelve and I was sixteen. Four years in middle teens was a lifetime!

We met, I guess, in one of the high school computer labs during a free period. Our town wasn't big enough to have separate facilities for junior high and high school, and seventh graders like Tammy were allowed to use the high school labs. I was the only other one there, trying to debug a C++ routine I'd been working on, and she asked me a question about nested subroutines. By the time I'd answered the question, and we had worked out what she needed to do, she had rewritten her code, and it worked first time! She debugged my routine for me as well.

I quite often saw her in the lab after that, but if anyone else was there she'd only say 'hi' and get on with whatever she was doing. For a twelve-year-old, Tammy had a wise head on her shoulders, because she knew if it became common knowledge that we had become friends, high school would have had a good chance to become hell. No, she asked me if I would help her at home, where she had a couple of PCs and a laptop networked together. I was happy to agree, as there were things I needed a network for, to test my code, and Tammy was happy to let me use hers. I reckon that over the next few years it was as much Tammy helping me as me helping Tammy. Call it a partnership.

Tammy's mom? I think she might have been a little doubtful at first, given the discrepancy in ages between me and her daughter, but it wasn't long before Jane Burt accepted me, and I became a frequent visitor to their home. Jane's ex-husband was a wealthy man, and the ranch-style house where she and Tammy lived had a big swimming-pool out back, a pool where I'd swum many a mile now. Usually just with Tammy, but sometimes Jane would join us. On those days, I'd always have to jack off when I got home, because Jane Burt was a very good-looking lady, especially in a bikini. Not that her bikinis were particularly revealing, because they weren't. Well, no more than you'd expect from a bikini worn by a nice suburban mom in her thirties. They were certainly less revealing than Tammy's. Not that Tammy had a lot to reveal in the early days of our friendship. Beanpole just about sums up her figure. It's just that Jane seemed to ooze animal magnetism, at last to my teen-and-twenty hormone-fuelled libido she did. I tried to hide my lust for her, because she was so nice, and I didn't want to repel her, or spoil my friendship with Tammy. Tammy was a late developer, and the tomboy I first met was turning into a startlingly good-looking young woman. Taking after her mom, I think, and I found myself peopling my jack-off fantasies with imagined nude images of both of them.

It's not that I was a stranger to sex, because I wasn't. In my second year at college I'd hooked up with Lara Svenson, cool, blond, and initially intimidating, until one night we'd gotten slightly drunk together in her room-mate's absence - a family funeral, if I remember right - and Lara confided to me that what she wanted was a fuck-buddy pseudo-boyfriend. Someone to share sex with, but without a long-term commitment, just for fun, because she enjoyed it. And to keep away the unwanted would-be boyfriends as well. Well, hell, I could do that!

'I'm your man,' I'd said, and the next thing I knew she was leading me to her bedroom for our first fuck. Good, very good, and it got better as we practiced on each other. We'd graduated together, had one final night of great sex, and parted friends. I missed her!

Now I was twenty-two, I had a good degree in computer science, with a minor in electronics, and Tammy was all set to go to the same college that I had just graduated from. I was confident that her degree would probably be better than mine. Jane phoned me, the day before Tammy was due to leave.

"Bill? It's Jane Burt. Can I beg a favor?"

"Of course."

A laugh down the phone. "Without even knowing what it is?"

"Hey, I trust you. What can I do for you?"

"Doing anything tomorrow?"

"Nothing that can't be put off."

"Will you drive me and Tammy to the airport? I sprained my wrist, couple of days ago, and it's uncomfortable to drive."

"Of course. What time?"

"Flight's at eleven. Say, nine-thirty?"

"I'll be there."

We saw Tammy off, slightly late, and at eleven-thirty Jane and I were back in Jane's SUV. When I reached to turn the ignition on, she stopped me. I glanced across at her, curious. She gave me a faint smile.

"Any plans for today?"

"Like I said on the phone last night, nothing that can't be put off." I studied her for a moment, curious. Jane was usually very decisive and she seemed to be unsure of herself. "Something on your mind?"

She shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe I'm missing Tammy already."

I laughed. "After fifteen minutes? I thought it would take at least until tonight."

"Yes, I know, I'm being silly, aren't I? Mom's privilege, worrying when her chick flees the nest. I worry about my little girl, except she's not so little, now, is she?" She gnawed her bottom lip for a moment, then took a deep breath. What she said next almost stopped my breath. "Bill, have you ever wanted her? I mean, sexually?"

I stared at her, seeing her bright eyes, her flush, a flush that deepened as I tried to frame a reply. I sensed, somehow, that unless I answered honestly, our friendship might be over. I nodded. "Yes, I have."

"When? How?" No anger in Jane's voice, which relieved me, just honest curiosity.

"Only since I finished my college course and graduated. Coming home and seeing my little tomboy friend Tammy suddenly a beautiful young woman. Well, I'm male. I have hormones." I shrugged and gave her a rueful smile. "I've never touched her. Not that way."

"I know," said Jane. "I will say, I would trust you with her, Bill. I don't mean to keep your hands off, I'm not that stupid. If she wanted you, what chance do I have of stopping her, short of locking her up? I mean I'd trust you to make her feel good. Not do anything to hurt her."

I was feeling slightly stunned at this, but rallied. "Thank you for that."

She shrugged. "I've tried to tell her everything she needs to know about the man-woman thing, but she needs to find out for herself before it's real."

"Yeah, I guess she does."

She nodded, giving me a faint smile. "Enough about Tammy, at least for the moment. Any ideas what we might do today? I say 'we' because I have elected you to the post of Jane Burt official cheerer-up for today, while I get used to the big hole in my life of Tammy being away."

"She'll phone, surely?"

"Of course she will, Bill. I'm just feeling lonely and selfish."

"Never that, Jane. Come on, think! What would you like to do?"

She shrugged. "Just play, I think, something silly."

"Something silly, eh? How about we drive down to the cove, have a walk along the cliff path, get a burger and fries and a soda, maybe some ice-cream, and just be kids for the day?"

"Yes!" She pointed. "Tally-ho!"

Midweek, kids mostly at school, it was relatively quiet, and we headed off along the clifftop path. At one point I took Jane's hand to help her over a steep step and when she was safe I moved to release her, but she kept my hand in hers. It was a nice feeling, and I was happy to hold the hand of a lovely woman, even if she was fifteen years older than me.

When we got back to the concession, it was almost one o'clock. I turned to Jane. "Burger and fries, Mrs. Burt?"

She made a face. "The idea appeals, Mr. Evans, but the smell of burnt grease rather puts me off, so take me home. There are burgers in the freezer, and sodas in the refrigerator. Not sure about the fries, but there are potato chips."

"Sounds good. As you said before, tally-ho!"

The roads were quiet and it didn't take long to get back to the house. Jane led me straight to the kitchen.

"Keep me company while I get us some lunch, Bill. The local paper is there if you want to read something."

"Can I help?"

Jane laughed. "How much effort does it take to broil a couple of burgers and open a bag of potato chips? No, you just relax."

"Okay." I opened the paper and flicked through, reading snippets at random. A headline on one of the centre pages caught my eye, and I read through the article, wondering.

"What is it, Bill?" said Jane. "Something got your attention, there."

I flushed, hesitating, and Jane came up to read over my shoulder. "Oh, my," she said, her voice soft. She moved around to sit opposite me, a spot of colour in her cheeks. She looked down for a moment, then held my eye. "Shall we?"

I looked down at the article for a moment, my mind racing. Did she mean it? I gestured at the article. "You're referring to this?"

She nodded. "Yes. National Nude Day. Today, isn't it? We can have a swim after lunch. The pool is private, no-one can see in. As you don't have your suit with you, and it's National Nude Day, we'll skinny-dip."

I stared at her for a long, long, moment. "You're sure?"

She nodded. "Yes. Tammy and I often swim and sunbathe nude when you're not here." She grinned. "I think you'd enjoy the view, especially now that Tammy has actually got a figure to worry about. A very nice one, too." Her grin faded, and she held my eye. "We discussed whether we should ask you to join us. I think Tammy was ready, but I wasn't."

"And now you are?"

"If I make a fool of myself, there 's only the two of us here, and I know you're a gentleman. So yes, I think I'm ready."

"I'm honored."

Her grin came back. "Yes, you are!" She gestured. "Lunch is ready."

We chatted after we ate, comfortable with each other, although there was a rising edge of anticipation in me, realising that very soon I was going to see my adolescent jackoff fantasy actually naked. We talked about my degree, what I was going to do - I had two job interviews coming up in the following week - and my plans for the future.

"I don't have any long-term concrete plans," I said, "not yet. I'm only twenty-two, and I need to adjust to the realities of working for my living before I think about anything else."

Jane nodded. "Makes a lot of sense." She gestured towards the pool outside. "Now, I think it's time for our swim. I'll get undressed in my bedroom, you use the downstairs bathroom, as usual. Okay?"

"Fine. See you in a minute or two."

I wondered as I undressed, wondered about what the reality of a naked Jane Burt would be like. Having seen her in her bikini I knew there was no fat on her, that she was fit, not overly-muscled, but with that sleek swimmer's build. She'd been her high school swim team captain, and she liked to use her pool. No it was the litle things I was wondering about. Little things like nipples, and pussy hair, the mysteries that a bikini hides. I grinned to myself, glancing down at my partially erect prick. Better take that into the water and cool it down!

There was no sign of Jane as I stepped out to the pool, and I didn't hesitate, just dived in and began to swim a few hard laps for practice, much as I usually did when I came for a swim. It was after I made a turn that I became aware of her approaching the pool. I changed to breaststroke, suppressing a grin at the thoughts that conjured up, so that I could watch her. She turned and slipped her mid-thigh-length robe off, laying it over a lounger beside the pool. As she was standing, I had a three-quarter rear view and I took a moment to admire the curve of her ass. Beautiful! Then she turned.

I knew that her bust was a relatively modest size, but the reality of her bare breasts surprised me, for without the bikini top her breasts seemed larger. I'd expected them to droop a little, with her being a mother, and in her late thirties, and they probably did, a little, but I'd seen late-teen glamour models with more droop than Jane! Her nipples were erect, surprisingly long, in half-dollar-sized areolae. Pubic hair? None! Jane was shaved.

She was at the poolside now, and paused, until she caught my eye. She struck a pose, and gave me an enigmatic smile.

"Well, Bill? Does the reality match your expectations?"

My initial response was feeble, to say the least. "Um, er..."

Jane laughed. "Come on, Bill. I've seen you sneak looks at me when I've been in my bikini. I never minded, you know, because you were always polite and honest, and you didn't stare, but here I am, naked." Her voice softened. "I expect you to look, you know? A woman doesn't take all of her clothes off and expect to be ignored, not when an attractive young man is the only other person here."

I rallied my thoughts. "Jane, I have to say, no, the reality doesn't match my expectations." I paused and her smile faded. I shook my head. "No, the reality far exceeds my expectations; you are one of the loveliest sights I've ever seen."

The smile came back, broad, happy, and she dived neatly into the pool, surfacing beside me, throwing her long hair back. She leaned across and kissed me lightly on the lips. "Thank you, Bill, that was a lovely thing to say."

"No more or less than the truth. You are lovely."

"Thank you." She smiled again, then let herself fall forwards and began to swim away. I watched her for a moment, then resumed my own swim, trying not to let the lovely sight of her excite me to the point of embarrassment, fighting the urge to let my erection grow. Think icy thoughts, Bill, I told myself. Icy thoughts.

We swam for a while, just enjoying the cool water on a warm day, until Jane signalled me to a halt as we passed each other.

"I'm thirsty. Want some lemonade? I made it fresh yesterday, and it's been chilling ever since."

"Sounds great. I'd love some."

"Keep swimming, and I'll bring it straight out." I watched as she got out, watched as she walked into the house, loving the roll of her ass as she moved indoors. The icy thoughts weren't working too well at that moment. She was back very soon carrying a tray with a big jug of lemonade and two glasses. She called over to me. "Lemonade, Bill. Come and get it."

Praying that my erection was mostly down, I hauled myself out of the water and took a seat at the poolside table. Plastic mesh seats, so any water drained straight off. Jane poured, and it was only a moment or two more before we were sipping on the lemonade.

"Delicious," I said. Like you without clothes, Jane Burt.

"Thank you." She took a sip of her own. "I do like home-made lemonade, I have to say. So much nicer than ready-made off a supermarket shelf."

"Absolutely." I leaned back, slightly bemused. Sitting opposite me was a naked woman, a very lovely, older, naked woman, a situation I had never been in before. Jane seemed quite relaxed, too, although there was a look I didn't recognise on her face, and I noticed that her nipples were erect.

"Bill?" she said, "I'm going to catch myself some sun. Would you put the sunblock on my back for me? Tammy usually does it."

"Sure," I said, "I'll be glad to." And get to touch you, Jane Burt? You betcha!

"Okay, I'll fetch it. Back in a moment."

She moved away, into the house, and I watched her go, watched the pure poetry of the movement of a lovely woman's ass. Icy thoughts, Bill! She was back in moments, brandishing a bottle. Yeah, and watching a lovely naked woman coming towards you has poetry, too. Nice bounce!

"Want it on now?" I said.

"Please. I'll just get set up." She went back into the house for a moment and came back out carrying a rolled exercise mat, which she spread out beside the pool. "Okay, Bill, now, please."

I heaved myself out of the pool and mopped up the drips with a towel. My prick was half erect and I kept my back to her. I was aware of her moving, and then she spoke.

"Okay, Bill. My back first, please."

When I turned, she was lying on her stomach, her head pillowed on her folded arms. The bottle was beside her, and I poured a little onto her upper back, spreading it over her shoulders and upper back, enjoying the touch of her body. I moved down, towards her waist, then poured a little more sunblock. I hesitated.

"Yes, Bill, do my butt." I could hear a smile in her voice, and an answering one was on my own face as I rubbed the sunblock into the smooth muscled contours of her ass. She moved her legs apart, and I got a glimpse of her pussy, reddened, a hint of moisture.

"Do my legs, Bill," she murmured and I kept on moving down, until I was rubbing block into her soles.

"Okay, Jane, that's your back done."

She rolled over, onto her back, arms above her head. "While you're going, Bill, you might as well do my front, too," she said. I blinked, hesitating, and she nodded. "Yes, Bill, my tits, too. Please?"

I started at her feet, working my way up her calves, her thighs, her hips. Bent over her, I could smell the familiar smell of a sexually-ready woman and my prick stiffened. I kept on moving up, fighting the tremble in my hands, and I sucked in a breath as I felt the soft contours of her breasts, an intake echoed by Jane as she felt my hands on her. I gave up fighting my erection, just let it grow, because it was the little head that was in charge now, and I was running on pure animal instinct. The hardness of Jane's nipples under my hands was a good indication that she wasn't immune to the moment, either.

Jane's eyes held mine for a moment, smoky fire in their depths. Her eyes moved down. I knew what she was looking at, and sat back to let her look. A smile flickered across her face.

"Did I cause that?"

I nodded. "Yes, you did, and you know that fine well, don't you?"

"In that case I should do something about it, shouldn't I?" she said, affecting innocence.

I got even harder. "I think you should, yes."

"Now that I've finally decided to do this, I want to make the most of it."

"Whoa! 'Finally,' you said. You mean you've been thinking about it?"

Her smile was crooked. "Afraid so. Since a week past Sunday, in fact. You can blame Tammy. We were having a serious mother-daughter conversation about college, mostly about sex, and what she should expect. She asked me what I did about it, and I told her I did without. She said I was silly, and I should get myself a nice man. I said, like who, and she said, like Bill. That's when I quizzed her about you. What she said then surprised me, shocked me a little, but it made a sort of sense when I thought about it."


"She said that first I should get you swimming nude, then get you into bed, and get you broken-in for her, when she comes back at the mid-semester break, so that her first time would be with someone who has some experience."

I felt like a mountain had fallen on top of me. "Tammy wants me?"

Jane nodded, solemn. "She does. She's still virgin, and she wants to lose it to someone she loves."

I gestured helplessly. "I don't know what to say. She never even gave me a hint."

Jane grinned. "Just say yes. It will make life much easier for you."

I held my hands up in surrender. "Well, yes. Of course it's yes."

"Good. I'll tell her when she rings."

I laughed. "I get the feeling I'm being railroaded here."

Jane pouted, looking very cute. "Only in the direction you want to go."


"Glad you agree. Now, Bill, we may not actually be in bed, but this exercise mat will do very nicely." She giggled. "Sex is supposed to be very good exercise, so we're improving our fitness, too. As I'm soaking wet, and you're hard, what say we introduce my pussy to your lovely weapon, and have ourselves a ball."

I grinned at her. "Sounds like a plan."

"This first time, I just want to be fucked as if there's no tomorrow. Later, we can take our time."

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