tagFetishTammy's Panties Ch. 2

Tammy's Panties Ch. 2


Since my encounter with Tammy in the laundry room, I had made a conscience effort to steer clear of any one on one encounter with her. Mike, Maria, Tammy, and I had continued our double dates, but I always had Mike and Maria as a buffer. Maria and I had also stopped spending the night at mike and Tammy's house as we had so many times in the past.

About two months after Tammy had caught me in the laundry room with her panties, Mike informed me that he was having a big party at his house Friday night. He also mentioned that it would be a late night and that Maria and I were welcome to spend the night afterwards. I tried my best to make an excuse so Maria and I wouldn't have to go, but mike wasn't going to hear of it.

I spent the whole week trying to figure a way out because I knew that it would mean at some point Tammy and I would find ourselves alone. I could only imagine what she would have to say to me if I were exposed to such a situation. I already felt uncomfortable around her now, but somehow I found myself getting horny just thinking about what might transpire.

When Friday night rolled around we made it to the party well after the start time. I did this on purpose so that more people would serve as a buffer between Tammy and I. The party had grown to about fifty people by the time we arrived and I was relieved to see that I had plenty of buffers between Tammy and I. When we walked in Tammy greeted us at the door. She was dressed in a little summer dress that was sort and so transparent that I could make out the outline of her panties right away. I knew that I was in for a long night because I couldn't keep my eyes off her! I think she knew what effect that dress would have on my dick and me.

As the party drew on and I drank more, I could sense the number of people was starting to dwindle. Whether it had to do with the alcohol or lateness I don't know, but I soon found myself in the situation I had been dreading for months. I was sitting on the couch in the basement watching TV with a couple of friends when Tammy came and sat on the couch directly across from us. She started up some conversation with some of the people in the room and I started looking for Maria or another excuse to get up and leave. Tammy hadn't sat there for more than a minute when I noticed she wasn't sitting with her legs to close together. I found my eyes drawn to the pink lace panties between her thighs.

After staring for what seemed to be an hour at this most wonderful site, I happened to glance up and lock eyes with Tammy. She had caught me staring at her panties and I immediately started to turn red with embarrassment. Not only had I been caught jacking off with her panties a couple of months earlier, but now here I was caught staring at her panty-clad pussy and growing hard at the same time! To my surprise Tammy just grinned and winked at me to let me know that she knew what she was doing to me! I rose and walked away only to find myself heading to the bathroom for some release. I beat my dick furiously just thinking about Tammy and her panties.

Shortly after coming out of the bathroom Tammy caught me in the hallway and walked straight up to me.

"What have you been up to in there Pete?"

"Nothing! Just using the bathroom," I said with some anger in my voice.

"I bet your were in there stroking that little cock of yours thinking about what you just saw downstairs."

"What are you talking about?"

"Come on now Pete, we both know you were staring between my legs at my panties. I've caught you several times already tonight staring at my dress and what's underneath."

I couldn't deny it. I had been transfixed on her panties all night long. What she said next caught me off guard.

"I noticed you didn't put my pair of green panties back in the laundry basket like I asked you to. I bet you have been masturbating a lot with those panties haven't you? You little panty boy! You've probably even worn them again haven't you?"

Her words were like bolts of electricity running to my dick. She was right I had almost worn a hole in her panties beating off with them so much. I didn't know what to say. I was busted again.

"Mike has a soccer game tomorrow. After you take Maria home I want you to come back over to the house because I have something I want you to do for me!"

"Tammy I can't! I have stuff to do tomorrow!" I said, but I knew that was a lie. I didn't have a damn thing planned.

"Well if that stuff is more important than Maria and Mike finding out you wore my panties the last time you were over here, then go ahead and do what you must. I guarantee you if you don't show up then I will be forced to tell them all about it!"

I knew that I had no choice. If I didn't do exactly what she said then my relationship with my best friend, and girlfriend would be over. How had it come to this? Why did I ever let myself get caught with Tammy's panties? She had me and she knew it!

"Well? What's it going to be?" she said as she smiled at me.

"I guess I have no choice when you put it like that!"

"You are right! Don't ever forget that sissy boy!"

That night I made love to Maria several times just thinking of what Tammy had in store for me the next day. My imagination was running wild. Was Tammy going to let me taste that sweet pussy of hers again? Better yet, was I going to get something else I had been dreaming of ever since I tasted her pussy? Maybe she would let me enter that sweet love tunnel of hers with my dick. Am I going out of my mind? I am actually thinking of fucking my best friend's wife. What was even more strange was why was my best friend's wife cheating on her husband with me. Which should I be more ashamed of? Was it the fact that I would be cheating on my girlfriend, or the fact that I would be cheating with my best friend's wife? Should I not tell my friend that his wife was being unfaithful to him?

I dropped Maria off at home the next morning and told her that I had some errands to run and that I'd see her for dinner that night. As soon as she was out of the car my dick got hard thinking of what was waiting for me at Tammy's house. My hard on had barely gone away when I got to the house. Tammy greeted me at the door in a mid drift t-shirt and a pair of sexy little purple panties.

"Wow, what a nice greeting Tammy!"

"I thought you would like my outfit. I bet you're getting hard thinking about me giving you these panties to cum on."

"Is that what you asked me to come over for? You want to watch me jerk off in your panties again?"

"Settle down panty boy. Don't get too far ahead of yourself. I think you will enjoy what I have in store for you, but I think we will enjoy it more than you!"

We? What does she mean by that? What does she have up her sleeve?

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You will find out soon enough. Now follow me to my bedroom I have a surprise for you."

As she led me to her bedroom, my eyes were locked on that voluptuous ass of hers barely covered only by a pair of purple sting bikini panties. The way her ass shook and moved in those panties was driving me wild. I couldn't wait to see what she was up to. Once in her bedroom, she walked over to her dresser and opened up her top drawer. As it turned out, the drawer was full of all her sexy lingerie. The wheels in my head were spinning away.

"I want you to pick your most favorite pair so that you can wear them for me today."

As much as I was enjoying these panty games of hers I was really more interested in a way to get my dick between those long thighs of hers, or at the very least another taste of that sweet little nectar hole.

"Tammy, I was hoping that these panty games of yours would progress to something else. Don't get me wrong, I love your panties, and you're my best friends wife and all, but I was hoping today we could go further on what we started a couple of months ago."

Puzzled, she asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well I know you enjoyed me eating your pussy and I was hoping that I could get a little more out of this for myself. Like getting a chance to make love to you."

"You've got to be kidding me," she laughed. "Not only would that be cheating on my husband, but do actually think I would waste my time fucking a little cock like yours?"

My head dropped and she could see I was disappointed. "I tell you what. Since you did do a great job of eating my pussy, and since you have played along with these little games, I will give you a reward."

With this I became very excited. She was going to let me eat her pussy again at least! Although her comments about my dick did disappoint me, I was up for the reward.

"I will let you dry hump my panties while I'm wearing them, but if you come on me or try to stick that little cock in me you will be very sorry. The level of your humiliation will go way beyond what I had planned for you today. Is it a deal?"

Not quite what I had expected, but I graciously said yes.

I bent Tammy over her bed and removed my shorts. My 5.5" cock was harder than it had ever been. I moved in behind her and placed my dick between those lovely ass checks that I had been admiring earlier. I began moving my cock up and down her panties. I knew I wouldn't last long, but I also knew I couldn't come on her.

"Does that feel good panty boy?" she said as she smiled up at me with a devilish grin.

"Oh yeees Tammy. It feels so good!"

"Do you like the way my panties feel on your cock?"

"Oh yes Tammy. I love your panties and the way your ass feels against my cock!"

She would flex her ass cheeks just to add a little stimulation to the already mind numbing sensations I was getting from her panties.

"Remember. You better not come on me or try anything funny!"

After a couple of minutes I knew I was going to lose. The pressure in my balls was building with each stroke. My mind knew that I wasn't supposed to come on her, but my dick wasn't on the same page. With one last stroke my dick sent a stream of come all over her panties and up her back. Tammy recognized the hot liquid immediately.

"You son of a bitch. I told you not to do that! You're going to pay big time for that mistake!"

"Tammy I'm sorry I just couldn't hold back and I didn't want to make a mess of your floor or bedspread!"

"You should of thought of that before you started. That's your own fault!" Secretly I knew that she had known that I wasn't going to be able to resist cumming on her panties. She had planned it that way all along. She pushed my to the side and said, "wait right there."

She walked to her bathroom and removed her panties and cleaned the cum off her back with a towel.

"Bring me another pair of panties. You little sissy freak!"

I picked a little white thong and took them to her. She was standing in front of me with a neatly trimmed bush and her clit was sticking out about 2 inches. Obviously she had enjoyed the panty humping as much as I had.

"Well now your going to pay for that mistake." Take off all of you clothes and bring me the shaving cream and razor. We're going to shave you like the little sissy you are!"

I did as she asked and prepared to start shaving. She took the razor out of my hand and said," I think I will do that for you because you obviously can't follow instructions!"

She started with my legs and then began to lather my pubic area. The sensation of Tammy's hand caused my dick to stir. Before I knew it I was at full mast.

"If I didn't know your dick was there, I could easily cut it off because it's so small," she said as she laughed at my embarrassment.

Once she had me completely shaved, she led me back into the bedroom and said," Now that you are shaved clean like a little girl we are going to dress you up like one."

She picked out a sexy little pair of blue satin panties and pulled them up on my hips. I was getting completely aroused again. Next she pulled out a pair of thigh high stockings and pulled those up my legs. She completed the ensemble with a matching bra and garter belt. This was the first time I had ever been cross-dressed in complete womanly fashion.

Tammy sat back and admired her work.

"If it weren't for that hard little cock of yours, then you could easily pass for a woman now! You are so cute in those panties! Now, unlike the last time, don't come in those panties! I want you to wait here and I will be back for you in few minutes."

Tammy had been gone for a while and I was wondering what the heck she could be up to. I kept an erection the whole time and even began admiring myself in the mirror. She was right. Other than the bulge in the front of her panties, I did look like a little girl. I was embarrassed, but completely turned on at the same time.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Tammy returned and said, "Well, are you ready for your punishment?"

I really wasn't, but the way things had been going I knew it would be highly erotic. So with some hesitation I said, "Yes Tammy."

"Well I have to tell you that I have been enjoying these little games with you so much that I had to invite over a friend that I knew would enjoy this as much as I have."

"No way," I screeched, "it's bad enough I have to put up with this humiliation from you, but now I have to succumb to this embarrassment with some on else! Who is it? Do I know this person?"

"Calm down Pete. I've already spoken with her about what has been going on. She already knows now anyway, but she is completely turned on by the thought of seeing you in those panties. Come on it will be fun for all of us. If you do this I may even give you another reward. We know how much you enjoy those! Plus you don't want me to tell Mike do you?"

At this point I almost wished she would tell Mike so all this would be over with, but I know I could never face him again if she did. This humiliation wasn't worth losing my best friend over.

So hesitantly I agreed although I hated the idea that another women would know my secret love for panties, and see my in such an embarrassing wardrobe. To be honest though, I was very turned on.

Tammy led me to the living room where she told me to sit while she went to get her friend. Who could it be? My mind was working overtime. I hope it was someone I had known or lived in the same town.

What happened next sent the worst feeling to my gut that I have ever experienced. I heard the girls giggling as the came down the hall. As they rounded the corner, I was shocked to see that this friend of hers turned out to be my girlfriend. Maria was standing there with me exposed wearing panties! I wanted to disappear and hide. Tammy had turned on me and told my girlfriend. Maria not finding out was one of the reasons I had been going along with Tammy in the first place. How could I ever expect our relationship to be the same or if there would even be a relationship!

To be continued...

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